[Miss? What's going on?]

"The Red Moon has risen....."

My guess is the moon that brings Mina.

I bitten my lips tightly and looked at the sky.

What the hell happened?

The Red Moon rises eight years later.

'Obviously. I saw it clearly in my first life!'

The thread in my head seemed to be tangled with a staple.

Things get awkward. Mina's coming two years sooner or the Red Moon is coming up now.

'Is this also the farmhouse of Neriad God?'

* * *

I sent Taylor to the mansion first, then hurriedly headed to the office of the Hoff Merchant Guild.

The pre-paged Chairman, Seria and Trigon were waiting for me.

"Young lady."

Seria approaches with a stiff face. Then I looked at my complexion and traded my gaze with the Chairman and Trigon.

The Chairman opened her mouth while she led me to the couch.

"The story was told through seria. Neriad God's child is coming down with the Red Moon?"

I told the story of the Red Moon to Seria through communication in the Imperial Palace.

Other people's expressions were not as good as mine.

Trigon frowns.

"What a mess. If the real thing appears, the lady's position is...."

The reason that the Temple and Marche have not harmed me so far is because I may be a child of destiny sent by Lord Neriad.

The temple thought I might be a fake, but I also had a real case in mind.

'So you didn't attack me for sure.'

If the temple tried to attack me, I wouldn't be able to grow up safely.

If anything had happened to me, I would have been protected.

That was the power that the child of destiny had.

I squeezed my cheeky toes tight.

"We were in a very favorable position. They're in the center of Dublin Red, so I can't attack them right now. But if Mina shows up, this relationship will be completely broken."


"The Temple will attack Dubred at all costs and we will not be able to prepare for independence to stop it."

The Chairman stares at me with his black eyes.

"That's not the biggest problem. If the missus reveals her evil child, she can't even guarantee her life."

"…… yes."

"Everyone in the world will wish for the death of her. In contrast, a real child of God, who will defeat evil gods and bring peace to the world, will ride with the protection of everyone in the world."


"Lady and Mina don't fight in the first place. The fight between you two is a lady's handiwork."

The Chairman is right.

I'm the one who wants everyone in the world to die.

Everyone in the world loves Mina.

I held my head with both hands and groaned.

Why did the evil god choose me? I'll choose me from the God of Shears in that corner, the God of Footwear Soles! '

If they chose me, at least people around the world wouldn't want me gone.

The evil god is the god who will drive the end. For people, I will kill them as well, who belong to the evil god.

Trigon narrows his glans and asks.

"But so far, she has diminished the influence of the temple and has gained the status of a conservative. I was struck by a real God child because I didn't have the strength before, but now I have to fight, right?"

"The Temple's status will be restored when Mina comes! She can hunt demons like me. And the temple is recovering the passage before me. I also knew that the blind man who summoned Glashalavolas was the Devil's Passage before me, and that Adrian and I also had the Devil's Passage of Time that they had sent me to the past. You don't know what this means?"

"Do they all know what minerals the Devil's Passage is?"

"Yes. By that evidence, all the passages in my mother's Etwald were secured by the temple first, right? So if there's a Mina who can use Etwal, she'll bring all kinds of rare demons! Mina will use her power as she sees it, and the temple will be crazed with congregations. Normal, noble, not covered!"

I said, grinding my teeth.

"So I should have finished preparing for independence before Mina came……."

To build a country beyond the reach of the Temple, so that it can live in peace.

I stretched my shoulders with a blunt face.

"I'm just going to leave with my family to the end of the earth..... No, then the family will have to live side by side... If we disappear, the villagers will be persecuted..... I'm crazy!"

When I screamed, Trigon and the Chairman sighed.

At that time, Seria raised her hand quietly.

"Hey, young lady....."

Let's all look at it, she said.

"Are you sure the Red Moon brings the child of Neriad God?"

"According to the information my father stole from the temple, yes. It's likely that Mina came down, but the letters Red, Moon, and Fall were included in the trust."

"But according to the information I found....."

You put the documents that Seria found in Valois's secret ledger on the table.

"The Red Moon is the predecessor to the influence of the lineage to flood the handover."

"Linear system……. The horse-drawn system, the celestial system, something like that?"

"I think it's similar. The red moon rises when the power of the ship is strong, and it happened once before."

"That happened?"

Seria nods as I tilt her head.

"There were reports of two red moons coming up from the observatory recently."

And then Trigon, who was touching his jaw, said, "Oh!" I shouted.

"Yes, I've been contacted. It was a fortnight ago."

"Before the fortnight……."

Seria, who heard my murmuring, put her hand on the paperwork.

"The day you went back in time."

"…… the day when the power of the devil was powerful enough to flood the handover."

"Yes, I think there are two red moons when you send her back in the past, and when you send her back in the present."

"That means....."

I looked down at the paperwork and turned my gaze to Seria.

"Maybe it's not Mina coming down."


If this Red Moon is the signal he sent.

I hastily examined Seria's documents. In the meantime, Seria briefly explained her findings.

"I don't know if it's Mina or Adrian, but when you summon something that doesn't belong to this era, you have to open the door."

"The door?"

"Yes, we need to open the door for you to enter this world. Have you ever brought a creature that doesn't belong to this world?"

"Demon……. But without a passageway..... no way."

"Yes. We know there's a way to summon demons without a passageway."

Descent ceremony.

Even unselected humans can summon demons, just as Duke Valois summoned Glashalavolas.

"Then we need a sacrifice."

I looked at Etwald, who was so raw.

"That's why Pur wanted my heart. Trying to load something that doesn't belong to this world without a passage."

Seria nods.

"Sometimes we use very special souls as sacrifices. But there's another way. Like Duke Valois. He went on human trafficking, with 50 lives."


"Young lady, we can't delay. Tonight, when the Red Moon disappears, we may not be able to bring the Prince back forever."

The Chairman spoke.

"There are executions in the Dublin decree. who are involved with the next generation. The number of people who don't live or die is just fifty."


"We don't have time. It's a life to be broken. In the first place, if they had not tried to harm the young lady and the Duchess, there would have been no harm done to the young lady in her pain, no loss of family, no past."

I was in conflict.

When the Red Moon goes down, there is no chance again. The executioners are ready. If it weren't for the Chairman, I wouldn't have suffered.

'This is revenge.'

I mean, we suffered. It's the lives of those who have caused us pain. Isn't that something we can use for the Hidden One?

I remembered people's faces in my head.

Mom hid me behind her back and confronted Benedict with a blue face.

The day Mireille turned out not to be a real baby bird, Leah cried in secret.

Dad was looking at his mom's picture in a dark room alone.

The samurai grew up in loneliness.



Thinking of her voice, I laughed bitterly and looked around Seria, Chairman, and Trigon.

"I can't do that."


"I can't."

"Do you want to bring the Two Princesses to the lady's heart? Do you really think he wants it? No! That's stupid. You want to give up your life for justice, morality, and such a petty thing? When summoned, I'm not even sure if it appears to be the second prince or the child of Neriad God!"

"Who says justice, morality?"

Trigon narrows his eyebrows as I squeeze his lips.

"If you will."

"I'm not picking that. What do you get for picking it up? In the first life that I worked so hard for, I died as an offering. I'm an evil kid who only picks money now!"

"That's it!"

"I'm an evil child, so I don't want to do anything that I can't do with my feet!"

"…… Yes?"

I swiped my tongue and stretched my arms.

"The executioners must suffer more. Living doesn't seem like living, but you have to suffer when you die a day. Ten years of suffering? That doesn't even follow my regression. I can't send you to one room."


Trigon looked at me with an absurd expression, and I laughed like a bad boy.

"A special soul. I have it, too."

"... No way."

I pretend to be Etwal! I took it out.

"Not devoured by the devil, but a special soul rather than a handover."

And he said, "Come out, Fur!" I shouted.

Purga appeared as if Etwal were shining and bouncing "Profit……." I grind my teeth.

"You wretched little man. You're going to use me as a demon offering?! You want me to be his subordinate, like a foolish Bune? I can't, I can't!"

Bourne became this subordinate.

'Boone..... It was foolish. Everyone knows....'

She's waaah! I started crying and tapped my shoulder with a compassionate expression.

"You are not subordinate."

"…… what do you mean?"

"I will hold you for the rest of my life, subordinate. You are my slave unless I release you from Etwal."


"Wait a minute. Huh? You just have to go up to the altar for a while. Fraud contract. Something like that. You know what?"

Haha, when I smile, Pur's face twists a little. And you are.

"Argh!!! Waaaaah!!"

I hesitated to sit on the floor and start hitting the ground.

"Argh, argh! I'm the owner of something like that for some reason! Ouch!"

When he saw Pur weeping for the earth, he said to Seria, who was embarrassed.

"Hurry up and prepare for the descent ceremony."

"Yes? Oh, yes!"

Seria starts preparing for the Nest Ceremony.

Soon after, an altar was erected in the basement of the office.

I set the summoner Fur in the middle of it, and I made a starter.


I floated the starter and set fire around the summon circle. The fire immediately seeped into the summoner.

I wonder if Pur's eyes are sagging, but I have a door inside that summoner.

Then, the door opened.

"Mina or Adrian. '

I bite my lips tightly and look at the door.

"Please, save me. What a crazy demon...! I only have a few bad things, but hell, demon...! I was just a noose duck!"

It wasn't Mina or Adrian who came out of the door, it was a strange man.

"Oh, I've lived. Where are you? Seoul?"


"Oh, this is an X-system shoot. Come and go, Leritgo. But who is?"

Then who are you…….