I asked Seria and Trigon, the chairman, who was nodding with their hands together in a voiceless voice.

"Mina Adrian came out."


"Well, the book clearly....."

I pointed to the couch with dark eyes, excusing Seria.

"Then that's Adrian, Mina."


At the same time, the three people who stared at the couch turned dumb and nodded again.

The one who came out of the door was neither Adrian nor Mina. He wasn't even a man.

"I mean, The day was running a game event. I guess I haven't slept in a week. No, it was an event that threw up mythical items even if you hit the Mob. It's a 5 chance. Think about it. When you spin a car, the SSR is going to be one pro? It's a 3-pro, but this event was a 5-pro! How do you sleep in an event like this? I seem to have forgotten to eat for a few days."

"So I lost my mind for a while, and it was a ship?"

"Hell. Hell. Oops, there's sheep, horses, lions on my head running around in flocks, and I don't know what caused the animal. What the hell is a good man like me? This doesn't make any sense. So the guy who showed up blowing the horn was guilty of something. I wrote a couple of bad ones!"


The demon seemed to be probably Pymon.

"It's unfair," said the dog toothpicker, laughing, "Haram will not harm me." "

That seemed to be Glashalavolas.

"Then a girl said, 'I don't want to have this family, so I want to share it with you.... Ha, baby.....' I'm going to do this. He seemed foolish, but he seemed to be the nicest."


I had a headache for a while and grabbed my forehead.

It was the soul that came from another world that opened the door.

Knowing the units such as lottery or circles, he was probably a person in the world like Mina.

The skinny man looks at me and smiles, pointing at the confectionery on the table.

"But can I eat this?"


When I don't say anything, I look at Seria with my eyes open. Seria pushes the box containing the sweets with a trembling expression.

A man with a brighter face starts to squeak sweets.

"Oh, chocolate pie! There's something like this!"

Still saying things you don't understand.

The Chairman, who was watching the man, asked.

"What do we do?"

I shook my head with my forehead.

"Send it back."


"…… I'm crazy."

The coming of the devil is a grave sin.

From the moment you get caught, you will pass on to the Apostolic Tribunal. Then you'll arrest me for saying the temple is good. In the meantime, if Mina comes, I won't be able to escape the death penalty.

By the way, when the one who came down, Shimzhou, the strange one who looks at people other than me, shoots the system in the middle of the day and is caught by the security guard....

[Where did you come from?!]

[A child with brown hair with blue eyes summoned me. From up there!]

When the most likely assumption came to mind, I wanted to stick my nose in the dish water.

I sighed deeply.

Perhaps it was because the author, the soul, opened the devil's door and appeared in people's eyes.

"But how did the soul open the devil's door?"

When I asked, the man replied with a spatula.

"The demons didn't want anyone to have me, so I ended up being pushed by some idiot. Oh, but he seemed nice, but his men were terrified. I'm just running with a whip on my horn. I was running away, and I saw a red light from a distance, and I jumped in."

"What?! Then I could have called Boone?!"

As I shouted, Trigon and Chairman's eyes twitched.

The man laughed heavily.

"Oh, does that make sense? Good for you, too. It's better than coming from a demon...."

"You idiot! Die, just die! Die!"

Trigons who wanted to meet the real Trigons were indignant and would kick their men.

"Argh! Argh! Call the police, police!"

The Chairman wants to meet his son, or Seria wants me to meet her mother.

…… It was an open edition.

* * *

I looked at the sky as the sun began to rise. The red moon is losing. I couldn't open the door again because Pur, the special soul that will be sacrificed, lost his power and returned to the jewel.

As I sigh, Etwald shines thinly and the voice of Pur is heard.

[Why don't you take a personal break?]

"I don't do human trafficking. Maybe we can make it on time. If another demon comes out, the temple will notice. '

If that's the case, it might be a good thing that he didn't have the strength.

[Lie. Isn't it actually scary? Aren't you afraid that the child of Neriad God will come, not the prince?]


When I answered gently, there was no greenery.

[I hope he comes quickly. That way we can meet him.]

'Who is he?'

[The one in the lost memory.]

'A person..?'

[Very warm, silly fool. I think he was there. Maybe we can meet him when he comes. Even without your heart...]

Blue murmured in a gloomy voice.

I gripped Etwal tightly.

[Please ask a friend.]


I'm not sure, but I just felt like she was the mother that Fur was waiting for.

Then there was something strange. Pure knew everything that had happened in Etwal's mother's past. But the blue I saw in Nimp's Cave did not know me.

Plus, Blue can read my thoughts. Fortnight I came from the past, in the meantime I shared the past with my family and my people.

But Blue knew nothing and was still hostile to me.

If Pur's memory had been erased, and he was being restricted from listening to his past.....

'You were dancing in the palms of God or me.'


Pur asked in a suspicious voice.

I smiled faintly.

[You smile very much like him, sometimes faint.... so I hate it.]



'I'm glad it's similar.'

[…… Idiot.]

[A little friend would call him an idiot sometime. It means affection.]

'Am I that good?'

[No, silly!]

'I like you, too.'

[Well, well, what are you saying! Idiot! Stupid!]

I smiled at Kick Kick, and Pur's voice disappeared within minutes.

I looked up at the sky, naked in a quiet room where no one was.

'What are you doing here, Adrian?'

I want to see you.

Very much.

I didn't know it then.

That the door to the Red Moon may not necessarily be the only one.

* * *

Seria, who organized the Altar of the Fallen, brought me some jewels. It was very cloudy, very similar to the minerals of the 'Military of the Century', which occupied an axis of Etwal.

"I remained at the altar. I think it's the author's passage."

"Yes, I will."

"What would you like to do?"

"Until we find a way to send it back, we'll put it in Etwald and demobilize it."

I sighed and put his minerals in Etwal.

[Hey, I live and do all these experiences. Coming!]

As expected, he became a member of the military or, as he expected, of the Fourth Century.

'I may or may not be able to break the spell, but I can't believe I put a useless spell in only six places!'

I was grumpy, and a man who could read my heart, like all the others, spoke loudly.

[I'm Kim Chul-soo. Let's do our best, master!]

Then he continued to roar.

My father and brothers came to me after the day was clear.

After arriving at the Imperial Palace, Henri asked.

"Are you okay, LeBlaine? I told the Chairman about it."

I caught Etwal quietly and his family stared at me like that.



"It's the youngest."


Families were all sad to see if I was in the mood for answers.

But I wasn't feeling well, I was not feeling well, I was not answering.

[That's why. General Lee Sunshin used the academic team to beat them up.]

Shut up, please!

As I was talking seriously, Kim Chul-soo buzzed, and I was almost out of my mind.

Kim Chul-soo has been chatting about the history of his world since he became a member. Don't stop trying.

Purga [Shut up, you lunatic!] After shouting, Kim Chul-soo closed his mouth.

'Ow, that's my head.'

It was when I was walking on my forehead.

In the garden, the branches went through with the sound of Basrak.




I couldn't move like I was nailed, and the man in front of me laughed jokingly.

"Hello, Ishak."


Ishaque looks at me with a puzzled face and looks at him who says Ishaque.

"Huh? Ugh!"

I bit my lips tightly.

"... It's LeBlaine."

"Nice to meet you, LeBlaine."


Why didn't I know?

Last time I went to the past, I came back without anyone opening the door.

The Red Moon was not only the strongest of the lineage, but the Devil was also able to wield enough power to twist the causality of the handover.


I ran to him and held him tightly.

He smiled faintly, hugging me.

"I missed you. Very much."

"Me too, I missed you too."

Hahaha. My tears burst out and my smile burst into old age at the same time as the families who were looking at Adrian alternately.

"Get away!"

"Fall away!"


"Fall away!"