"It's been two years."

I held Adrian's hand and asked him without hesitation despite the violent reaction of his family.

"When did you get here? How did you get here? Yesterday, the Red Moon happened because of you? What do you mean, two years? What have you been doing all this time? Huh?"

Adrian smiles at me, constantly asking questions.

The word "two years," he said, probably means he's been in the past two years.

Adrian was very much changed, just as people in his youth were.

The height, which was similar to that of Ishaq, was large enough to reach John, and the jaw line was sharpened with a slight loss of breasts. Above all, voices! Voices that were close to aesthetics have been dramatically lowered.

It's amazing, it's amazing, and it's nice to meet you.

I felt a bitter glare behind my back as I glanced at my eyes. They were family.

Henri, the first of his family, took me away from Adrian.

"The prince is embarrassed. Let's take it slow."

I look around.


There's no one around us but us, but we need to be as careful as the Imperial Palace.

I nod.

"Shall we go to your palace?"

"Let's go somewhere else. I don't want to know that I'm still here."

A fortnight since Adrian disappeared.

Even though the prince was gone, he was so quiet because he was told to leave the emperor for a change just before he disappeared.

I asked my father not to leave Adrian's vacant position and offered him a bribe.

"Oh, the Emperor knows you're sick. It seems strange that I didn't get in touch even after arriving at the change...."

"Whispers and Adrian knows." I nodded.

"So how do you explain coming to the Imperial Palace?"

"My people have found evidence of a backlash with an immigrant. I'm here for a reason to discuss this with you. Don't worry."

"I see..... Aren't you going to see His Majesty?"

For the Emperor, it would only be a fortnight, but for Adrian, it is the father I see in two years.

When I stretched my eyebrows, Adrian stroked my head.

"A son this big in a fortnight is not suspicious."

He turned his head to his father and brothers and said, "I'll take you to the greenhouse." I said.

My father and brothers glanced at Adrian and followed him, and I stood there for a while and touched the part of Adrian's stroke.

'Obviously, he's grown up.'

It was like a kid, but somehow it felt weird. Is it my sister's heart to see my younger brother sniffing? It's annoying, and something....

'Tired of cheeks. Why?'

Bitten by a bug.

Do you think so, Ishak? "I screamed and scratched my cheeks and chased them.

* * *

The greenhouse Adrian took us to was very desolate.

Henri said, "It's the Emperor's greenhouse." and whispered.


The deceased Emperor Elza.

Emperor Elza is the mother-in-law of Adrian and the only emperor of the current emperor.

So as for Emperor Yvonne, she did not manage the Imperial Palace at all to show off my influence and make Emperor Elza forget in people's memories.

Because of that, greenhouses are weedy and dirty.

There was only one tree among the trees that looked like it had touched a human being, and it was all covered with chopped patches.


The tree was planted after the name of the child that Empress Elza would be born to.

It was like the world of Adrian. It is as lonely as he who stands in the middle of the desolate.

"I am disappointed by the neglect of hospitality to the nobles."

Adrian gave my family a table in the greenhouse.

"I don't know."

Ishak grumbles and sits down and I glance at him.

"…… it's a good place."

Only after Ishaq was flawed and quickly changed his words did I reap my gaze.

Adrian smiles faintly at me and takes something out of her arms and puts it on the table.

"I'm going to have a different schedule, so I'm going to say no."

When I saw Adrian take it out, I swung my eyes.

"Mother's Seal!"

I saw it clearly in the past.

The seal of Duke Dubled, who shone side by side with the wedding ring from his mother's hand.

The sun and the moon are intertwined, with the emblems and jewels of Dublin in the centre.

I remembered that only my seal and jewelry my father gave me were different shapes.

My father and John also hardened their eyes as to whether they recognized it.

"How did the prince have this?"

Adrian answered John.

"After sending me here, I went back to Dublin to bury the Duchess and the maid's body. But this was all that was left of the body."

My father nodded with his mother's seal.

"The body is gone?"

"Yes. When I went to the mountains, Dubled's soldiers were looking for the Duchess and the Honorable Lady, but, you know, no one found the body. Even the cardinal's corpse."

"We also know that we would have organized it to hide it from the temple. What does the prince want to say?"

"It was no coincidence that I found the Duchess' seal."

"…… what do you mean."

"As you can see, it was in a bloody place. It's like giving a hint."

Our families all look at Adrian with hardened faces.

Adrian, who traded eyes with his father, opened his mouth again.

"The temple killed the duchess, so there's no reason to hint."

"…… the one who concluded the case is not on the side of the temple?"

"The Duchess' corpse, for some reason, followed the temple, but it wasn't entirely on their side."

"The real Trigon. '

At the last moment, he erased the memories of Leah and Cecilia.

I quickly looked at my father. My father nodded, just like I thought.

'Trigon says the real Trigon is a sincere and good man who loves his family.'

[He follows the temple, that's ridiculous! How small of a liver! A fool who can't hurt a rat!]

[But Leah and Cecilia must have been struck by real Trigon gold. Think about it. Was there anything suspicious at the time?]

[I don't know. It's so old...... Ah, Aragon (the father of the real Trigon) was in a wagon accident at the time. I was also accidentally injured, so I couldn't take care of him.]

Thinking of a conversation with a fake Trigon, I squeezed my cheesy toes.

"It's family."


I looked back at Ishaq as if he meant something. I bit my lips tightly.

"The temple threatened the real Trigon as a family. So I guess it's inevitable."

Dad added.

"The son of Aragon is famous for his good sense. I left a seal, La."

"I had no choice but to follow the temple, but the real good Trigon would not have been able to bear the guilt of conscience. So....."

Let me turn to Adrian, he said.

"A smart man would have left evidence. And I gave you a hint. With this seal."

Yes, I would have been under surveillance at Philly Shrine, so I wouldn't have been able to say anything for sure.

So I must have left it on the mountain like I accidentally spilled a seal.

"What the hell is that hint...."

When I muttered, Adrian said,



"The sun and the moon. Anything come up?"

"The sun and the moon...? That's....."

I opened my eyes and raised my body.

"Underground Altar! Dad, there's a sun and a moon in the temple's basement altar tapestry!"

That place where I died in my first life.

I was staring at that tapestry the whole time I was dying.

"By the way, Adrian. How did you know that?"

"Because I've been to that altar before. And I saw a guy who was crumbling down there like dirt."

".... The real Trigon is alive?"

"I don't know if it's him. I don't even know why you think he is. But the obvious thing is, this seal is the hint that will bring down the temple."

I put my finger on the seal that was in my father's hand.

'That was fun.'

Adrian returned safely and now he doesn't have to go to the temple. But I had a reason to go back to the temple to find the real Trigon.

It's like someone led me to a temple.

'I don't know if it's the Neriad God or the Evil God, but there's one thing that's clear.'

If you can get into the underground temple, you can find the real Trigon.

'And if you find the real Trigon, you can destroy the temple.'

My family's eyes sank so low that it was fascinating.

* * *

The paladins and diviners followed Cardinal Blacio and lowered their voices.

"The Pope is very anxious."

"I know."

"Is Red Spinel not calming?"


"But even if we found it, it was definitely a 'passage', wasn't it? Why.... without me.. The Pope used any number of methods to find the Piece of Etwal."

"I don't know!"

Cardinal Blacio stops crying.

The archers who passed by the quiet corridor looked at him with a blemish. It was doubtful that old age had erupted from the benevolent Cardinal.

The Crusader panicked and quickly shook his hand and bit the archers.

In the meantime, Cardinal Blacio sweeps his head roughly.

The hard-earned red spinel has lost its light since the fortnight. Like after the demon disappeared.

'There was a sign of an intrusion in my office. Someone came in. Who the hell is that? Who dared to break into the palace of grace and touch my belongings?'

I wouldn't be a thief.

A thief would have stolen the Red Spinel, but he wouldn't have lost the light.

'Did the user of Etwal put his hand on it? But at the beginning, Etwal was definitely in the temple....'

Neither did I.

The Pope doesn't rush, the Red Spinel doesn't even see the light again, and he doesn't know who broke in.

It was a situation where there was no amnesty.

'In the meantime, I can't believe I have to listen to the Emperor's speech. Damn old man.'

She was still biting the Pope's request for solidarity when emotions broke out in the temple.

The emperor is blinded to reduce the influence of the temple, and Marche does not follow the Pope's instructions recently.

In the meantime, the situation in the temple would have deteriorated if it had not been captured by the Emperor.

Blasio's fist blew a bloodline.

It was then.


I heard a bright voice at the end of the hallway. A little lady with a coveted brown curly hair ran to see me and drew her head.

"How are you?"

"Child of Destiny……."

"It's LeBlaine!"

No one guessed the insides of LeBlaine smiling brightly.

Not to mention that there are hundreds of vipers in that little girl's womb that reveal Donnie, and that the sacrifices she made today are them.