"I know, baby. But what happened to the palace of grace?"

"I'm here to see Blasio."

"Are you referring to me? For what reason...."

"His Majesty has invited the Cardinal! We're having a small tea party at the Emperor's Palace!"

"Your Majesty?"

The Emperor refused my request to meet him all the time. For what reason....

The paladins and priests were greatly delighted.

"Your Majesty has finally broken the spell on the temple! Yes, baby. Please tell us you'll be happy to attend."

The priest laughs and says, "LeBlaine squirms his hand and looks at Blacio.

"That's... that's..."


In the words of the newcomers, the child stretched his eyebrows.

"Cardinal Blacio said that you are the only one who invites....."

"Yes? No, why….. I will treat the healing priests who will govern His Majesty's illness...."

'Last time I was deceived by Atopia, no matter how foolish the Emperor was, I will believe you again.'

Leblanc thought so, but shook his head.

"I don't know. Your Majesty only summoned Cardinal Blasio, and I said I would deliver it to Cardinal Blasio."

Chaplains and paladins stare at each other with confused faces. Rather than not seeing the Emperor, however, he resigned quietly because it was better to have Cardinal Blacio, the representative of the Temple, and the dogdae.

Together with Cardinal LeBlaine, he headed to the palace of the Emperor.

"May the blessing of God be upon the Mother of the Empire."

His Eminence greeted him with a kiss on the back of his gloved hand.

"Have a seat."

The Cardinal sat down, looking at the Emperor.

The Emperor did not seem to have loosened his guilt in the temple. I'm full of resentment at the way you look at me.

She did not even give Cardinal Blacio an eye, but touched LeBlaine kindly.

"Come here, my baby. I have the sweets my baby likes."

"Thank you, Your Majesty!"

"Come or not. What steps did you take to reach the palace of grace?"

She didn't know what to do with Dubled's little lady.

LeBlaine chews on the cookies that Emperor Hu has given her and looks at Blacio, who is trying to figure out the situation.

'Don't you know why the Emperor is so pretty for me?'

The Emperor took care not to let the bride's marriage enter the temple's ears.

Prior to the wedding of the goddess, the Emperor had a planting injury on LeBlaine, so they had no idea why the Emperor was so cute as to change the palms of his hands.

'Because I helped the Emperor!'

It was all for Dubled and himself to help the goddess recover and to prove that the Emperor did not buy the drunkenness, but the Emperor knew otherwise.

I think this cute little girl is going out for herself.

When she first found the Emperor's Palace as evidence, she held LeBlaine's hand and wept.

[You are my benefactor. The baby who almost played in the goddess's wretched barn saved me.]

It was imperial for me to forget that I had made a sequel to the goddess's palace, and to think that everyone was a jealous goddess.

'It's a good thing for me anyway.'

LeBlaine smiled and said,

"Delicious, Your Majesty!"

"Yes. I will give a great reward to those who have made my baby a delightful snack."

The Emperor was really pretty. Really…….

LeBlaine looks at Cardinal Blasio while the Emperor asks you to hand out the sack of gold coins to his servant.

"There you are, Blasio."

"Yes, tell me."

"Adrian did, but the Cardinal is a good man. Oh, so you're the Second Prince! We're friends. My dad says you need to be nice to the Second Prince."

Blasio's eyes shine sharply.

'It looks like Dublin is pushing two princes to the throne.'

And LeBlaine thought,

You think we're pushing Adrian to the throne? '

No, it's not!

We will hammer the royal family.

LeBlaine smiled and said to the Emperor.

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty."

"Oh, yeah, baby."

"I gave His Majesty a bad pill the other day."

"…… yes. There was one of them."

The Emperor looks at Blacio, a member of the same temple, with an unworthy eye. As Blacio nodded, LeBlaine said:

"Blasio insisted on the punishment of the bad priest."

"..... Yes?"

"Yes! My aunt did. Blasio said that he should punish the blind priest for his greed for giving him a terrible medicine to His Majesty."

The Emperor's eyes were slightly depressed. She looked at Blacio and said, "Is that so?" In a subtle voice, "he asked.

"Yes? Ah……. Yes, it is."

It wasn't for the Emperor.

Blacio claimed his punishment for stealing the medicine of youth from the Emperor was nothing more than a tail-cut.

I enveloped him, and I was wondering if it would affect me.

Emperor Taehu said with a cocktail and a cup of tea.

"There was a man in his right mind in the temple."


"Your Majesty, Your Majesty. And Cardinal Blacio is on a big test this time."


When the Emperor asked, Blacio replied.

"Each cardinal has different responsibilities. Much of it is devoted to the faithful, according to the Pope's instructions, but in the case of the first cardinal, a province is established."

"So you're looking for the position of first cardinal."


Blasio replied.

LeBlaine puts down the slummy cookie and gathers his hands.

"Your Majesty is the strongest man after the Emperor. Can you help Blasio?"

"..... giving the Pope a word is not a difficult task. Come on, baby. I have no reason to help him."

"Your Majesty, I have always blamed Cardinal Blasio. Blasio is not the only one who reveals authority, like other Cardinals, but he strives for the people. And, and……."


"I will now be educated in the temple, but I hope that Blacio will be my teacher..... But I'm a child of destiny, so I can't be a teacher unless I'm a first-rate cardinal."

In his words, Emperor Hu and Cardinal Blasio opened their eyes.

The Emperor pondered.

'Teacher.... Yalmeun Camilla was the godmother of this child, so I couldn't reach her, but if I put the Temple Teacher as my man, I could push Camilla away and I could be the godmother of this child.'

A child destined to receive the affection of Duke Dubled.

It is literally a child with a tingling heart.

Thanks to this child, Camilla's social influence was growing.

But if this child comes into my hands.....

"You don't have to worry about the rape anymore. Cecilia is a Empress made in Dublin Red. If Dubled mourns, if this dear child is in my hands, Cecilia can swallow it under my skirt. '

The Emperor smiled.

"Yes. It's a baby's request. I can't do anything. I'm not an old man who doesn't know grace."

"If I had a grandmother, would she be like you?"

When LeBlaine blinks, the Emperor laughs.

"Of course. Call me Grandma."


"Bonjour is a member of the Imperial Court. Who would say that you are my grandmother, who was given the title of vengeance? If you're teasing me behind my back, tell me. It's my day."

The Emperor was so cute, he didn't know what to do.

LeBlaine said, 'Oh, the Emperor will catch you again.' I thought, 'but I smiled.

The Emperor rubbed my cheek on the child's cheek and told Blacio.

"I will tell the Pope my intentions."

"Go, conceal, conceal. Your Majesty!"

Blacio bends his back several times.

"What luck is this?" '

Otherwise, the first cardinal position was not mine, but the Pope would be forced to nod if he had the heart of the Emperor.

* * *

Blacio, who came out of the Imperial Palace with me, was a trembling expression.

"Why are you helping me?"

I lean my head, pretending I don't know.


"There's no reason for the baby to help me."

"I really admire Blasio.... Are you in trouble?"

When I stretch my eyebrows and pretend I can't help it, Blacio shakes his hands.

"No, you won't!"


I pretended to be a very happy child and gave my hands to Cardinal Blacio.

"Grab me."


"My hand. My leg hurts……."

"Ah, yes!"

He grabbed my hand with a smile. I glanced at him with a glaring glance at him.

"By the way, Cardinal."

I looked around and whispered.

"I'll only show it to the Cardinal."


I showed Mina a copy of God's emblem.

"Suddenly something like this happened."


Cardinal Blacio's gaze wavered.

"Was the rumor true……. I still haven't heard from the temple, so I thought it was a rumor again.."

Yeah, it's fake.

I made it for Trigon.

But I pretended I didn't know anything.

"Am I a child of real destiny?"

"Of course. Who would dare to call you a fake, even if you were a God?"

"So now you're educated at the temple, right?"

"Yes, if I am the first cardinal, I will try to be your teacher."

Of course I am. The teacher of destiny was coveted by everyone.

'In my previous life, everyone hated me because they thought I was a fake, but I got confused with Mina's teacher.'

"I really want Blasio to be my teacher."


Blacio's eyes were filled with greed.

'Okay, okay. That's why I chose you. He's the greediest of Cardinals, you.'

"But I have a question..... The trust came down....."

"Ah, yes. Yes, it's still being interpreted."

"Actually, I know how to read. Put it on."

"Yes?! How did your baby...!"

"I don't know. I just read it. But people couldn't read it. I'm a child of destiny, so go. Would you like me to read it? Would it help the Cardinal? If it helps you, I'll read it!"

When I spoke brightly, the Cardinal made an impressive face.

"Actually, there's something I've written down in secret. I'm going to interpret it separately."

The Cardinal took a thousand toes out of his arms. Inside, it's shriveled in new language.

[The child of God. The night when the Red Moon rises, let it fall out of the wrong world into the world of salvation.]

It was also a belief indicating the coming of Mina.

I said with my eyes open.

"On the day of the Red Moon, the evil of the Good Lord flows into the handover! That's why we have to keep the door closed! Big deal! Monsters are coming!"

Do you know what God is? Do you think I will continue to suffer?

I'm never just gonna get hurt.