Blacio's expression hardened.

"Is that true?"


When I answered loudly, he quickly shredded the cloth in his arms and said,

"I'm going to go."

He added that he looked around.

"It is forbidden to bring the original text of the trust to the outside. Neither I nor the baby you saw are safe. So....."

Blasio seemed willing to take what I had interpreted and leave my accredited sheep alone.

He looked at me with a delicate eye, and I opened my eyes and put my index finger on my lips.

"Shh! I know."

"You're terrific."

What? It's all for me.

It would be best if Mina hadn't come, but if she did, it would have turned out that the interpretation of the trust was wrong.

If Blacio carries that interpretation, it's all his fault. After that, the writer said, 'Le Leblaine has tricked me!' The world will be published in Blacio's interpretation, but who will believe it?

"If you do, baby, go in."

"Yes, goodbye!"

I watched Blacio's back as he went to the temple. I covered his mouth trying to climb to the ground with a sheep fist.

'I'm a greedy little man, so it's perfect for eating.'

Yeah, you greedy bastard. Go and eat the hall of Neriad God!

* * *

Adrian went to change as scheduled, and I settled down with ease.

The first thing I did was to attach Cecilia to the Emperor.

"… gave all the wealth left by your parents to you? It would have been a shame."

In the words of the Emperor Cecilia, she glances at me. I nodded and she replied.

"What the deceased parents left behind was an old house and a few fields in that house. It wasn't worth the money. It wasn't my share of the salary because my sister raised me on behalf of her parents who had died as a child."

"I like the lack of greed."

The Emperor's heart lies with Cecilia. The Emperor, who fell in love with me because of the goddess incident, also played a role in Cecilia.

The Emperor and the Emperor are scouting Cecilia all over, so, of course...

"That's ridiculous! How did half the nobles make it to the finals!"

"Even the Angoise infatuation that Emperor Hu had stamped out was not among the finalists."

"Cecilia Olga recently visited the Emperor's Palace often..... However, half the nobles are the final candidates. Emperor! It's a bust. It must have been a plague in the Empire."

Cecilia was confidently named to the two finalists.

The emperor who knew that all these balls were with me didn't know what to do because I was beautiful.

"How can the Daughter of Dublin be so pleased with her burden? Come on, come on. Come here."

I smiled awkwardly with the cookies the Emperor had given me.

'The Emperor hates the Emperor, but his behavior is quite similar.'

I sat next to the Emperor, chewing on a cookie, and the Emperor laughed with a grumpy cheek. Cecilia looks at us like that and spills the picks and realities.

She looked at the Emperor and said,

"Yes, Your Majesty. You were pretty overreacting yesterday, but how's Oche? I don't know if I've been bothering you too much."

"Uh, what did you say in front of the child……!"

The emperor turned red and coughed.

'Cecilia harassed the Emperor? Why?'

When I looked around with a puzzled look, the servants made a gruesome look.

Seeing Cecilia, she laughed and said nothing, and when she saw the Emperor, she said, "Hmm, hmm, hmm!" I coughed and woke up.

"The burden is a place to go back and see, so let each one of you be upright."

Then I ran away as I did.

Cecilia smiles and stretches out her hand as I raise my head.

"Do you want to go?"

"Yes?? Oh, yeah."

I held Cecilia's hand and walked across the sunny palace garden.

Cecilia made a name change for the last two. There were dedicated archers, and Cecilia was near her favourite Frisian garden, which was the most beautiful of the Imperial Gardens.

"Flowers are still in winter. Unbeatable flowers are beautiful."

Cecilia spoke in a puck sentimental tone and I answered nothing.

"I put a magic stone on it. It's not a flower that doesn't hold, it's an artificial flower."

"She seems to have developed reason rather than emotion……."

She said delicately.

'That's it.'

I am a number rather than a letter, and I take precedence over reality.

So I was still thinking about the day ahead with my head blown off.

Cecilia looks at me with a suspicious look.

"What are your concerns?"

"Mansion. Cecilia should be Emperor....."

"Don't you trust me?"

Then Cecilia smiled and asked me.

"I believe. I believe Cecilia, but don't people believe..... The Emperor Yvonne will definitely be in the way at the final mansion."

It is Emperor Yvonne who will take the final exam, but the mouth of Emperor Yvonne will work.

As the day progresses, the emperor and his affection become more tenacious. Cecilia is like the eyes of the Emperor Yvonne.

Then, if Cecilia gives birth to a choked child, Andre, the son of Yvonne the Emperor, will become static.

Cecilia is even supported by Dubled, so she has a strong back.

So it will never be too soon for Emperor Yvonne.

'How can we stop Emperor Yvonne from taking the final test properly? Ah, to get help from the Emperor...!'

I shook my head.

'After all, the Emperor is Duchess Marche's next of kin, the Duchess Marche. No matter how much you want to hold back the Emperor Yvonne, you won't help me by abandoning my family.'

I grumbled.

"Without interruption, Cecilia will take over the Emperor."

"I'm glad."

"It's true. Cecilia is supported by Dubled, she's smart, she's a knight, she doesn't fall off the rails, and she's been with Dubled for a long time, so she knows how to raise nobles. Compared to that, the other side is a little off. So the Emperor Yvonne is pressuring the Emperor to put him on the stand."

He is from a quiet, easy-to-swing family and a timid man who can't speak properly. He is the perfect fit for the taste of Emperor Yvonne.

"Really, without interruption...! Obstruction?"

A light flashed in my head.

'I had a good idea! You can't let him get in the way!'

When I opened my eyes, Cecilia said, "Miss?" And he called me.

"I'm going to go somewhere for a while. Cecilia is back in the house!"

I ran for Cecilia.

That was where the Goddess Palace arrived.

I held hands in front of the maid's maid and laughed, and the maid rolled her eyes like a panic.

"What happened to Young-lov....."

"I want to see the goddess."

"You can't do this without scheduling it."

That's tight. I think I have nothing to excuse, but I touch something nasty in my pocket and it's hot! I yelled.



"So my uncle gave her good medicine. I'm going to deliver it..... It's a secret disease, isn't it? I came here myself because I can't let a secret bottle around you that the Emperor didn't give you permission to speak."

This medicine was slipped from Taylor's bag in case of a Haro Flower Allergy.


The stalked servant nods as if he can't help looking at the medicine.

"Please wait a moment."

The servant who entered my palace returned shortly after.

"You have given me permission to enter the palace."


I drove behind the maid and entered the Grand Palace.

Unlike the Emperor's Palace, it is sober. One torch, one ornament, nothing lavish, but it was well-maintained, clean and old-fashioned.

A bride with a braided head on one side looks at me as she enters the visit that the servant opened.

"Good to see you, goddess."

"Dubled's daughter is an errand to my palace. Do you know your father?"

"No, medicine is an excuse for wanting to see the goddess."


The goddess looked at me without a word.

'Wow, pressure isn't a joke.'

When I squeezed my hand, the goddess asked.

"Why did Dubled's daughter make excuses?"

I pondered for a moment. How am I supposed to say it? How am I supposed to hold this guy's heart? Should I offer a deal? Should I offer a bribe?

As I was pondering, I recalled the goddess who was with Mina in my first life.

I immediately bowed down before the goddess.

"I won't do anything pointless. I appeal to the goddess for her recognition, integrity and high ideals. Help me."

The goddess in her first life smiled confidently beside Mina.

It was a look that only those who had confidence in my life could make.

I know another person who can make that look.

'Duke Amitier.'

As far as justice was concerned, he assured me that my choice was not wrong. Because of that, I was always confident and full of bubbles.

If a goddess is like the Duke of Amitier, the handiwork is not eaten.

"Dubled's daughter asks me for help..... For some reason."

"Cecilia Olga is a great person. She was never as lustful as the Dublins. I'm sure. It'll be a good homecoming."

"What do you mean?"

"Please work hard to ensure that the final screening is done correctly."

"I'll ask the Emperor. If you were me, I'd give you the door."

"Even though Emperor Yvonne is holding back the Emperor, they have the same goal. It's Marche's man."

The goddess sitting in the chair stood up with a cane.

"What if I had the same goal as them?"

I looked up at the goddess.

"…… the objectives will be the same and the approach will be different. The goddess is like that. You will never walk the Apostle."

"You haven't lived in a decade. You've lived for half a hundred years. You seem to know me."

The goddess's gaze became sharp.

"What are you? Your eyes are never nine-year-olds."

"If you help me, I will return the glory to the goddess."


I held my fist tight and said,

"She was forced to retreat from the battlefield because of her illness. I will give you the opportunity to address that humiliation."


The goddess's gaze was shaky.

'That's it.'

I know the same person as a goddess. The Duke of Amity was just like that.

Rather than greed the substance, they do not regard honour as life.

"Goddess, the war against Westria is about to break out across the sea."

I've always done that in my previous life.

"There's going to be a sea war. I will help the goddess end the war at the forefront."

".... How can you beat the young general of Westria with your old body?"

I grabbed a little Etwal in my pocket.



'You, keep talking about yesterday. Lee Soon..... What kind of general are you talking about? What were you doing with the turtle ship?'

[Ah, General Lee Sunshin? Tortoise? That's what I mean. How bad is General Lee Sunshin..!]

When I heard that she was talking about the bell egg, I faced the goddess straight.

"The goddess still has twelve ships."


The goddess did not avoid my gaze, but I was sure to see her eyes trembling with excitement.

'It was eaten.'

It's good to be eaten.....

Did you really win the war with twelve ships? Can there be such a great general?