After talking to the goddess, I quickly headed to the mansion. Then I jumped into my dad's room.

"Dad! Dad!!"

When I yelled, my father, wearing glasses and looking at the papers, raised his head.

He took off his glasses and looked at me.

"What's going on?"

"Dad, the turtle ship. Make me a turtle ship."

"Tortoise..... what?"

John, Henri, and Ishaq, who were with their father, looked at me as if they were talking.

"What if it's a ship? What's with the turtles? Kid, there are three more sharks than a turtle. I'd rather be a whale."

"I know. But it has to be a turtle ship."

I don't know why, but he did.

In my words, my family changed their gaze as if confused.

The first thing I opened my mouth was my dad.

"Why do you suddenly need a boat?"

"I need to like her. You have to make a wish to do that, right?"

Just as I've always made a wish to the devil and lost my talent.

"Your wish is to restore honor. So we're going to win the war against Westria."

"It's going to be hard to set up a vanguard, but you have to let me win? LeBlaine, the goddess is a sniffer. If you're not a knight or a princess, who will give you permission? Above all, we may be able to build ships now and join the war against Westria at any time."

Henri calmed me down.

Dad tapped, tucked, and knocked on the table.

"It won't take long to renovate Valois's ship. If you put in some good wizards, including Veronica, you might be able to shorten it."

I said, "Come on!" When I yelled, my dad looked at me.

"But war is no joke. Longevity is responsible for hundreds and thousands of lives. I can't just risk the lives of the elders for honor."

This was the difference between Duke Amitier and father.

Although Duke Amitier placed justice, honour and family first, his father was a thoroughly numbered man.

Who's better? Everyone will raise Duke Amity's hand. But who do you want to live under, it's different.

'I want to be a citizen of my father.'

I took the parchment from my father's office and drew something crooked with a pen.

"What, this is weird."

Ishaq frowns at his chin.

"It's academic merit. Withdrawal..... so, according to my newly admitted family, it's a brilliant morgue."

"Distant siege?"

I said to Ishaq, "What is that?" I asked and was puzzled.

Then Ishaq looked ridiculous.

"You don't even know how to use it as a tactic? A remote siege wraps the enemy in a circle. It's quite a skill to use in a local war. But it's never easy to use in a sea war."

Ishaq, the future leader of the Dublin Knights, explained the shortcomings of the remote siege. And then he said to Zakari, who was waiting outside the door, "Right?" I ask.

Zachari nods after seeing my painting.

"Yes, it is. It's hard to use in a vast space. It takes time to trim a line even if only one enemy force is pierced. In the meantime, it's going to be a mishap. Moreover, it will be difficult to wrap up your allies as long as they are not more numerous than your enemies."

[If yes]

"What about this place?"

Etwal shines brightly and an excitement withdraws from his face.

Families frowned when they saw the black hair and black man with a snot.

Withdrawal took out the map that was in my hands and pointed to one place.

"This place is remarkably similar to the landscape of the Hansan Islands. And what's important is the cannon! Fight your way into the other side of the ship in the sea war? In return, we must make our enemies blunt with rapid, accurate and thorough cannonballs. And the important thing.....!"

"What the hell is this lunatic?"

Withdrawal shook his head, and said solemnly.

"It's a triumphant virtue."


Everyone in the room stares at me like a madman pulling out.

* * *

But the words of withdrawal were useless. Zakari and Ishaq nodded.

I immediately informed the goddess of Dubled's support. And I have a goddess and a loner.....

"Give me the money."

As she stretched out her hands, the goddess narrowed her glans.


"We have to renovate the ship. It's a fleet of Valois, too. He said he couldn't give it to you for free. Because Dubled worked so hard to win Valois."

The goddess said, "Huh...." I looked at me with my eyes sparkling with real blood.

But I really couldn't afford all the war money in Dublin. No matter how hard you make Cecilia an emperor, it's bigger than the belly.

'I can't give you my money, my ball.'

The goddess shakes her head as I shake her hands up and down with sincerity, the incarnation of the water bath.

But soon he told his servant to bring something. It was paperwork and small pockets.

"Land document? Can we solve all the war funds with this……."

"It is a vast land of 30,000 square kilometres. Contaminated land, but cleansing will be over in the next 10 years."

"But it's a resort."

"It doesn't mean you can do anything. Open your pockets."

When I opened my pocket, I was full of jewels.

When I received the jewelry store as a gift for my birthday last year, the goddess blinked with an unemproved expression.

"That's a very special jewel. It comes down to the firstborn of the Imperial Palace of Louerg for generations."


Definitely a good quality, unusual jewel. I touched a jewel in my pocket.

The goddess who saw that day narrowed her glance.

"You don't like it? To do this, take a look at the list of my belongings……."

"No! Great! This is great! Thank you!"

I quickly grabbed my pockets and folded my waist in half.

The goddess looked at me as if she had changed her attitude as if she had changed her palms, but she said, "Glad you like it." I nodded.

"Is that the end of what you have to say?"


"Hey, Dubled Younger."



"….. Yes?!"

I was sold on time by touching a jewel, and it was only after a few blows that I shook my head.

"You look very fond."


"All right, go."


I quickly answered and went to the palace. And where I headed was the Hope Merchant Guild.

Seria and Chairman, Trigon, who were gathering in the office to talk, looked at me and woke up.

"Lady? Oh, my God, your face is so red. Have you had a cold....."

Seria puts a worrying face on my forehead.

I said with my jewel pouch in my arms.



"You have the jewels I asked you to collect to find the Devil's Passage. Sell them all. We don't have to suffer anymore."

"What do you mean..... Did you find it?"

I blew out the pouch that the goddess gave to Seria.

The Chairman and Trigon seemed to be pleased.

"Thank goodness. I should have found a passage before the temple."

"Yes. So which of these is the devil's passage?"

In the words of the Chairman, I said with a brutal expression.





I replied again by holding my pocket in my arms preciously.

"This is the Devil's Passage."

I planted it.

No, I got a lottery ticket.

'No, more than that. What do you call this?'

Then Etwal shined and withdrew.

[Powerball! You won the Powerball!]

Is that better than a lottery? '

[A much bigger scene.]

Then it's a Powerball!

I won the Powerball.

"Hail Goddess!!"

* * *

I left my jewelry pocket on the table, and Zakari sat around after checking the chairs, Seria, Trigon, and the wagon.

The Chairman asked.

"What is the divine power now?"

"I think I can call you one."

Then Seria quickly pulled out the mannequin.

"It's quite a manna you've secured. Would you be able to get one more if you absorbed the Mana beforehand?"


When Seria absorbs Manatsuk's Mana, her body is filled with hot energy.

Seria nods.

"According to the records, there are demons that help, but there are those that don't. We don't need assassinations or war-type demons right now, so we should see them as dropping out."

"I like to give you information like Pymon, or meet the dead like Bune. The Devil of Time is even more powerful."

All those around nodded.

I rubbed my palms and said,

"Let's start with something."

"I'll be the most expensive one."

Trigon solemnly pointed to a single diamond in the palm of his hand.

Boone, come out.

Or the Devil of Time.

I swallowed the drool and grabbed the diamond.

And I poured in the divine power very carefully.

Kugugugugugua Bow!

The earth trembled thinly, and a pillar of light appeared before his eyes.

'Now, who are you?'

I glanced at the one who appeared with the pillar of light.