A red-haired boy approaches us. It was Victor, the only son of Count Tenedomor.

Ishaq shook his tongue with an impression.

"I've got something to eat. Like a flying bug."

Some of the boys behind Victor frowned. Victor laughed freshly and said, "Haha, puck.

"Well, my parents have decided what to eat, and we're just the errand boys. Like you."

Victor, who said so, respectfully bent his back towards me.

"Good to see you, Dubled Younger. We're both in the same academy as our two evil brothers."

Victor said to me that Ishak, who was full of body and sat on the couch first, knocked on his side.

"I have nothing to remember. Pretending to be angry, he's just the one with the sharpest tongue. Sit down, kid."

Henri also walked on the couch, indifferent.

But I couldn't help it.

'They are the descendants of a family that will dominate Dublin Red in the future.'

This is the current empire's outlook for power.

National Neriad

Emperor of the Empire

4th Duke

Originally, they were five dukes, including the Duke of Valois, but they were extinct and became four.

And when I was 15 years old, this triangle changed greatly, pushing out four Dukes, and only one Dublin Duke family took over the axis of the triangle.

Then, do the other nobles fall like this?

It is not.

The old power will decline and the new family will take power.

They are the centers of temple power.

In other words, they will be the centerpiece of the nobility in the future.

'The powers our family must go through in order to be independent.'

I saluted Victor Tenedomor, then headed to the couch where my brothers were.

Then I shook Henri's sleeve and whispered.

"Why did the Temple send you the best cardinal candidate?"

"Clovis? He says he's coming to the academy this year. I was at an academy native exchange."

"The Temple sent Clovis to the Academy? There's an educational institution in the temple."

"Well, I don't know, but there must be a bar."

I looked at Clovis standing in the corner of the parlour.

He was quiet and timid. In the end, it was Adrian who became the youngest cardinal, but he was better than anyone else in the temple.

There is no way to turn someone who is a Clovis Temple to the outside....

While laughing at my head, I took a hot, breathless thought.

'You're preparing for the arrival of a new destiny.'

I'm not sure I'm a child of real destiny, so I'm preparing after Mina comes.

I have settled deep within the current empire.

As a teacher, I had a godwife, and the Emperor looked down on me, and Dubled was called the Count of Days.

In the meantime, I am prepared to send her to the Academy, the backbone of future power, worried that Mina will come to me.

If Clovis takes his place in the academy first, she'll be easy to penetrate.


But the temple wasn't wrong. The Academy is the centrepiece of future power. A golden field of connection.

Mina is a bright and loving child, and as before, everyone must love her.

Then, even if Dubled pushes the Fourth Duke, Mina will have a new road called the Noble Union.

I whispered to Henri and Ishak.

"You know, how do I put them on my side? If you can't make it on my side, at least I don't want to be an enemy."


"What are you talking about?"

Henri and Ishak stare at me with a puzzled expression.

Ishaq looked suspicious all the time, but Henri, who noticed faster than that, noticed my insides and said:

"They must be the key to the future."

"That's right."

"LeBlaine, you know. Seriously, friendship, relationships are useless. After all, what matters is how helpful the author is to me."


"Show them you're a coveted person. Don't let your abilities get in the hands of new people easily because you're concerned."

"Is there a way?"

"It's a good time. Edgar Schuheil is at the heart of our half exchange. Helping Marquis Shuhail will be the perfect advertising tool to prove your abilities. Because."

Henri looked around, grabbed my back head and whispered.

"At the worst moment in life, they will all think of you. Then it won't be easy to hold the hand of a new destiny."

"... do you mean to threaten me with my life? If you hold Mina's hand, I won't help you when you die."

Henri smiled.


"Henri really....."

Ishak looks at Henri with a tired expression. He said, "Your little brother is a real asshole." Whispering, I shouted.


Henri and Ishak opened their eyes and looked at me, and I laughed.

This is the Dubled way, and it was eaten at any moment.

Sincerely? Justice? A line?

A good LeBlaine, who believed in it, died miserably as a sacrifice in his first life.

And I will never die like that again.

Edgar Schuhale came into the parlour with a superficial face.

I shook my hands and ran to him.

"How upset are you?"

"…… I don't think Dubled Younger meant it."

You falsely accused my father.

I brazenly stretched my eyebrows and said,

"Do you mind if I take a look at your father? In fact, I have a very special ability."

"Special abilities? Are you healing?"

I smiled. Edgar Schuhale, who misunderstood my silence, breathed heavily and told the servant outside the door.

"Bring your father's spirit to his bed!"

In fact, I chased after him with a fresh expression without any healing.

I don't have healing powers, but I had a slave named Uncle Medicine.

* * *

Everyone in the Shhayle family looked reluctant when they asked to leave because they needed to focus on healing.

But the Marquis, who wanted to catch the Jephuragi, took the lead and expelled them.

Edgar Schuheil chewed his lips as he was pushed out of my mother's back.

"Schuhale never forgets the enemy. Never."

I threatened not to stand idly by no matter what I did to my father.

After that, the Marquis's wife grabbed my hand tightly and nodded several times.

"Divine blessing. Please... please."

The crier told her to rest assured and closed the door tightly.

And I picked up Taylor from the mansion with a long-distance mover.

Whether he was eating or not, he frowns and presses the temples.

"Baby, what the hell are you looking at me for?"

"Look at Marquis Shuhail. I'm wandering the slopes."


"Oh, come on!"

When I rolled my feet, I burst into laughter as if I was stubborn.

"Was Dublin's prison comfortable? If you're trapped again, it won't be more comfortable than before."

When I asked him, he kicked his tongue and raised his body.

Taylor meticulously examined Marquis Schuhale.

After looking at the right leg with the problem up to the blanket, he said.

"Secondary infected legs are severe. There's no way without cutting."

"Blessed is the Shrine. Purification. But can it be a secondary infection?"

"Purification means something. If you had cleansed it, it wouldn't be like this. The temple wants the interest to die as soon as possible."

"Can you live if you cut it?"

"If intraoperative cleansing is possible. But will the temple that you let go like this cleanse you properly in surgery?"

It means you can't live without the help of a temple.

"…… if there is a Meria Pool?"

"I can live. Without amputating the leg. Why, will you let me know where Maria Poole is?"

Taylor raises his tail, one by one.

I sighed deeply.

The question now is whether the contract with the Devil takes precedence or whether saving Marquis Schuheil takes precedence.

'A book with demon information. Connection with the future centers of power?'

I groaned and groaned.

At that time, an owl appeared before his eyes.

[If you make a foolish decision, you will be in a storm that cannot be solved by personnel.]

Storas' eyes sank in anger, and a sharp energy came from his body.

Pulmonary pressure is tight.

As my complexion faded blue, Taylor frowned and asked.

"Hey, baby!"

Then I threw up my breath.

'The grudge against Maria is deeper than I thought.'

I looked at Storas, pretending to talk to Taylor.

"If I make the decision you want, can you promise to help me?"

Taylor nods as he understands how to save Marquis Shuhail if you give him the location of Meria Pool.


Storas also nods heavily.

"If you do that, you make a deal. It's a contract for a soul that can never be taken off."

[I promise you in my name. If I can clear Meria's trail from the handover, I will pay for anything.]

Taylor nods, too.

"If you give me Maria Grass, I'll do whatever you want. I promise."

Then my hands glowed red and I remembered two different contractors.

One was the summoning of Storas, and the other was Taylor's seemingly starter.

And I've decided which of the two contracts to fulfill.

"I am Maria Poole……."

The two men's eyes were focused on my lips.