Ishak's 1st defeat.

The other challenger then climbed into the ring. Henri approached LeBlaine, who began to read and smiled.



"Schuhale is probably distracted by his father's work. It would feel more like coercion than friendship. You wouldn't want Edgar Schuhale to be forced to come, would you?"

It was a very sweet tour. As LeBlaine cleared his mind, he rolled his eyes and replied.

"It's okay!"

"…… what?"

"I'm fine with coercion."

For I cannot do it for all; I will do it for my people first.

Linda turned her back on her sins and said, "All you have to do is wait for the baby to save you. How easy and excited is this?" He laughed at me.

For such a precious person, it was good to be a careless child and a mean child.

As LeBlaine smiles brightly, Henri quietly retreats.

It was the second defeat.

The next challenger was Duke Dubled. In Mannheim, the power of tax evasion declared in a solemn voice.

"There's a lot going on in this mansion. So..."


LeBlaine, who clapped his hands, grabbed my father's neck.

"I forgot to say hello today. Good night."

"…… yes."

"But there's a lot going on in secret?"

Theodore's purchase of a daughter hanging from my neck with her eyes wide open.

"… no."


Lost, too.

Henri and Ishaq, who shot the Duke with their eyes, poked John's side, Cook.

'Are you going to leave it like this?'

'Do something.'

Dubled's reason took a step forward in the fervent gaze of his two brothers.

"It's the youngest."

When LeBlaine turned his head, John looked at his youngest brother with his dry eyes.

Employers who had been watching the situation for a long time waited for the last challenger's attack with a tense face.

John opened his mouth slowly.

"Just for a second, the fireworks are fine."

"…… Yes?"

Henri and Ishaq's face were cruelly distorted by the pathetic words.


'Big brother, are you crazy? Why else is this nonsense!'

At that time, LeBlaine said with an unfair expression.

"I wasn't playing with fire!"

, and

The butler put his forehead on. Then I felt the signs of the storm and whispered to the workers who had gone far away.

"Bring him."

In Dubled's emergency, the Nuanoke Chairman, who always gave the right answer, was called.

* * *

I sat quietly in the library chair, put my hands together, and looked at the chairman.

"No, I didn't know that Johann's brother would talk nonsense with such a serious face....."

"Why did you call Confucius Shuhail?"

Linda's personal history is not easy to tell, so when I shut my mouth, the Chairman's eyes became tinged.

"Young lady, from ship renovations to temple surveillance, Merchant General, to the finishing of the Mansion, I don't have ten bodies. But every time something goes wrong, you let go of what you were doing and chase it to the mansion."


"Neither of our generation has ever encouraged such a man!"

I smiled awkwardly when I saw the chairman with a superficial face.

"Just a little while. I'll cover the people."

"It's been over a year."

"Oh, you still got one Trigon."

"Will the chief court wizard in the Imperial Palace help me with my work every time?"

"…… no."

I had no choice but to open my mouth.

"You only need to know the Chairman?"

"When did I ever tell you anything else?"

"Linda has a son. But his son is Edgar Schuheil."


The pen fell out of the Chairman's hand, tuck.

"…… don't you and the master know?"

"If I'd known, wouldn't I have used Edgar to eat with my dad?"

"I see..... You don't know."

"There's a lot of thanks to Linda. He's so precious to me, I want him to meet my son. I'm Linda's personal, so I don't want to talk to my family."

"…… I lost to Linda in many ways."

The Chairman, who nodded, spoke.

"Very well. I will meet with the trainers and take care of this. But how do you intend to send Storas back?"


"Demand will explode if Meria Pool is the main ingredient of effective drugs. Clearing Meria's trail from the handover will be impossible. Didn't you give Maria Poole to Taylor? We knew that she was not willing to listen to Storas' wishes."

"Leave that to me. Oh, so, by the way, can you move the cancer? I'll ask Henri to help me."

The Chairman frowned when I laughed bitterly.

"I don't know what kind of evil you're thinking..... It's ridiculous to be willful when you look like this."

The Chairman used to squeeze his eyebrows, and he said, "Okay." and retreated.

"Let's go. Ah, do you sleep well these days?"


"Sleep well. Don't worry about it."

The Chairman then made a visit.

I bleed, squeezed my lips and rubbed my face.

'How did you know to set up a night's sleep?'

The Chairman feels strange. Amazingly fast and noticeable.

'If I had a grandfather, I'd be like a chairman.'

I frowned at the portrait of an older generation whose face was molten from the portraits of the former householders on the wall of the library.

"Not the bad grandfather. A good grandfather. '

I squeezed my tongue out of the portrait, and came down from the chair.

'Let's get to work. You can't send the Chairman to Guarosa early!'

That afternoon, my brothers' expressions were bright the whole time.

In the dining room, Ishak raised a large chunk of meat on my plate.

Then he coughed in vain and said,

"… so what am I so proud of?"

I was focused on eating lamb. "Huh?" I raised my head.

Ishaq coughed again and said,

"No, what do you want us to brag about? No wonder we're better than Edgar, right?"

Henri then struck Ishaq and said,

"Stop it. LeBlaine is embarrassed."

I've never been embarrassed.

John gave Ishaq the meat, and said,

"If you wanted to hear about what happened at the Academy, you could have asked us. You don't have to call him."

Now I understand what the Chairman said to my brothers.

'It's to show off the masters that Lady Schuheil is calling. You might have wondered about "school life." He said,' You are my dear brothers. '

I said with an awkward smile.

"Yup. I'm proud of my brothers..... I wonder how you're doing at the academy. I'll be at the academy soon."

"It's me. Kid likes us so much. Oh, this is too much to live in, this is a school."

Then why are you laughing so hard?

When he rolled his eyes because he was overwhelmed, he took John's cut meat and gave it to me in a fork.

"My graduation photos are in the library."


"…… why."


I didn't know when others said my family was abnormal, but I think it might not be the right thing to say.

I felt ominous about why.

And that ominous feeling became a reality a few days later.

* * *

I heard a loud voice coming from the parlour and put it on my forehead.

"I only asked Edgar Schuhell to invite me, who told me to hold a motivational meeting! '

Class students from Ishaq and Henri were invited to participate in the SIN conference.

They were not merely half-exchanges because they were the princesses of an enormous family.

"Ah, Henri is half a teenager, wise and sociable. A lot of people admire..."

"Oh, Ishak, oh, oh, you're still energetic today! Ah, hello. Young-myung, I'm usually assisted by Ishak. Ishak is a pear, a caring friend. Passive. I always buy bread for myself with low activity..!"

I glanced at the students of the Academy, who were talking about Henri and Ishaq's compliments, as if they had memorized them everywhere.

Ishaq hung his arm over the shoulder of a student who conscientiously complimented me.

"I really help a lot. Isn't that right?"

"That, yes!"

"You saved me when you were caught by a boar in the last training!"

"Don't, that's right!.... I wish you hadn't thrown it in the Boar Cage.... Ah, no, Ishaq is the savior of life!"

"Yeah. Smile, smile."

I sighed and touched Ishak.



"You can't ask a friend to buy bread. You can't throw a boar in a cage."




When I gladly stare, Ishak shakes his head.

I spoke to Ishaque's classmate, who, sadly, speaks mechanically.

"If you ever bother me again, call me. My comm seat code is……."

Then the expression of his classmates brightened.

"Yes! Younger! Code, code…… memo!"

"Me too!"

"Yes, I would love to hear from you too!"

The students started looking for Urr notes and the employers started running around with them.

Among them was Linda, who accidentally dropped a bunch of notes after handing over a note to a boy with a redhead.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"I'm good."

Edgar, next to the redhead boy, picks up the note and hands it to her.

Linda and Edgar's gaze hit in the air with their heads raised.


"What do we do? Take it."

Edgar with a note spoke to her, and Linda bites her lips tightly.

It was then.


The mansion began to shake with a loud noise.

'What is it?!'

When I turned my head, I remembered the life of Storas in the air.

[I can't kill you, but I can make you suffer enough to die. Foolish daughter of God.]