"That lunatic! '

I was looking for this time because I wanted to be quiet.

Storas was certainly meaner than any other demon, no, like a demon.

After summoning Storas, I was with all the people who knew I was summoning the devil, except those who went out to Shuhail Street.

This means that even if Storas attacked, he was able to summon Pur and confront him.

But there are a lot of eyes here. Moreover, among the nobles are the children of the top-ranked powers.

If I summon Pur, it will definitely make sense.

The Temple knows Pur's existence, so you will soon notice that he is also a demon. It will not be difficult to guess that the events that caused Neriad to lose their original status were my doing.

'Before Mina came, I was a child of the evil god.'

Bunena Fur was a despicable way to imagine it.

I was evil at it.

Ishak and Henri look alternately at me and the void I'm looking at.

Those who were attacked by Glashalavolas the other day noticed that this was a demonic act.

"Kid, this...!"

I nod at Ishak's words, and Henri hardens his face.

"Let's take them to the safe zone."

"You can't talk to me right now!"

Storas and I can share our thoughts.

If you hear any story from them, it will also be told to Storas.

Henri, who understands what I'm saying, shut up.

Just then, looking for a great place to go, the knights and dad and John came into the response room.

The parlour was Abi Gyu-ryuk.

Surprised by the unprecedented earthquake, the lords trembled and curled.

"The youngest!"


My father and John came running to me.

My father, like Henri and Ishaq, had also been attacked by Glashalavolas, so I speculated it was a demonic act without difficulty.

Henri hurriedly moved his employers and knights to protect his students.

And my father, Johann, and Ishaq surrounded me as students left the parlour with the help of knights.

"The position is clear."

My father asked me.

"Three o'clock. It's about two meters from the ground."

A sphere of magic created in front of my father's eyes flew towards Storas.

However, Storas avoided his father's attack with a slight beating, and the sphere of horsepower literally hit the wall.


A part of the wall collapsed with great noise.

"I avoided to the right!"

Next up, Henri.

A starter pops up on the floor and a small magic sphere spills in a row.

Storas sets up a light shield to prevent Henri's attack.

After leaping on the couch, Ishaq reaches the end of the sword towards the place where Mana condenses.

At this moment, there was a crack in Storas' shield. It was weak, but it was cracked enough to be seen in the eyes of ordinary people.

"I can see!"

When the knights came here, they shouted, and the archers threw their arrows.

As the arrow of Auror constantly dug through the small crack, Storas' shield disappeared with the rupture.

"Back off, 11 o'clock!"


"15 centimeters to the right!"

Fruit light!

According to my instructions, the blades carrying the auror and the condensed horsepower were intense to Storas.

[Good job, yeah! Attack! Kill that fool!]

Etwald, hidden in his clothes, warms up and the voice of God is heard.

I rub my cold, sweaty hands on my cheeky toes.

Just a little more.

We need to push back enough for Storas to attack. If the students go to the shelter safely, we can get the blue out.

'No, don't think about it....!'

Thinking that Storas' tails were bent when he saw me, a source of red energy condensed from Storas' hand flew to the corridor and the door leading to the evacuation bay.

The wall collapsed with great noise.

An enormous fragment fell towards Edger, who was moving under it.


I heard someone scream.

* * *

Edgar gently lowers her hand, wrapped around her body with one arm.


'It doesn't hurt.'

When I opened my eyes, there was a small shadow over my head.

"…… Immortality."

"Are you okay?"

"…… yes."

LeBlaine's forehead was covered with red blood.


The face of Dublin's men, who looked like monsters stained with desire, was freshened in a moment.

Theodore, Henri, Ishaq, Johann, the knights, and the workers who led the students against the devil came running without a bird.

I remove the heavy debris and lift up the little body under it.

"LeBlaine……. Wake up, please. You mustn't lose your mind....."

Henri, who was rational as he always knew the correct answer, repeated only that he should not lose his mind like a parrot.

"Oh, doctor, doctor…… who, please!"

Ishaq's screams dig into his ear.

Beautiful dress soaked in blood, the child's body stretched.

Edgar stares at LeBlaine, who is being moved in a daze. Everything felt unrealistic. Only the touch of blood is vivid.

Why did she save me?

And, why…….

"Ah, ah."

The maid, who covered her mouth with a trembling hand, checked her martial arts and sat on the floor.

That look was similar to that of Theodore Dubled.

His eyes are puffy and he can't even say a word while dragging LeBlaine.

That monstrous man, who confessed to being a terrible slayer, curled up the most humbly in the world, holding my growing daughter.

Without even groaning, like an idiot..... like an idiot.

That maid was like him.

On a dark day, it was like my mother who always kept me by my side, and in the middle of the summer, it was like my father who always gave me my share of cold water, and it was like my parents' eyes when they opened their eyes after three days of fever.

'Why are you looking at me like that?'

Enough to ask.

The cold fingertips barely touched the boy's cheeks and trembled.

Linda regained consciousness and crawled up to LeBlaine.

Leblane, who had just been laid on the floor, put her cold hands close to her, as if she had just fallen into a place full of tents.

"I saved you, Linda's precious....."

The child laughed bitterly.

"Linda always saved me, so, this time, I kept Linda's precious person."

"Young lady……."

"I love Linda. So....."


Linda, who caught the child with her eyes closed, howled.

[So, Rinda, to the Lord. Vimirinda, I'm Linda's best friend!]

Her routine was colourless.

He was betrayed by a man he loved, snatched away a child he had given birth to close, and all that was left was a nasty shell.

I didn't die. I lived. It was because I knew that living rather than dying would be revenge for those who took my life.

Saving her was a little girl of my own age.

A girl in a big outfit that doesn't fit her.

A child destined for the temple that helped the man who took the child from me.

A hateful girl who reminds me of my child.

It wasn't like LeBlaine from the beginning. I didn't want to remind my child.

Washed and fed as the owner told me, but that's it. I never tried to take good care of it.

I was taken from my cub because I was not a noble.How fortunate is that child who was born a commoner and sent to the Duke's family?

I hated it when I saw it, so that hatred for the world flowed to innocent children and sometimes I couldn't do it.

On the day I was in charge, I kept it in my room and sometimes I took it with me.

[Drink water and Cipher……. I was wrong. The water.....]

When I threw a glass of water at a child who saw it with cold eyes, I also had time to kill myself.

But when you see me all the time, you come after me.

I fell a few times because I was not able to follow the steps of an adult in big clothes, but I always followed me.

I'm sick of life, even when I want to end it all.

[Hey, there's a pretty flower.]


[Because Rinda needs flowers now.]

How can you not love a child like that?

How can I not love you?

This child was salvation.

I wanted to live another day because it was amazing to be different as much as to give affection.

I liked the look of a pony that looked a little different, so I wanted to braid my hair tomorrow, so I wanted to live tomorrow.

Everyday, I looked for colors little by little.

The color of the child's hair.

The color of the eyes.

Color of the ribbon.

And Linda said, "I love it. 'The colour of the wild flowers that I don't know the name of.

Then maybe you're so sweet. I already saved my life, but how can I be so loving in my secret that I throw out my body thanks to my love?

Linda snorted and cried with her hands in her arms. No lower salt, no lower salt.

* * *

I groaned and groaned.


I felt like my back was torn at the moment of twitching.

You think it's gonna tear? No, it might have been torn! Damn Storas! '

Argh, open your eyes while grinding your teeth.

"…… Ah."

The surroundings shriveled into people.


I looked at my dad in front of me and he laughed.

"Good night?"


Ishak, who was by my father's side, grinds his teeth.

"What's up? Did you say goodbye? You idiot!"

He grabbed my head.

"It hurts!"

"Someone's throwing! What kind of warrior are you? Are you a hero? You protect your body!"

Ishaq shouts with a stiffened face.

I've never seen you so angry, I said, touching your crooked forehead.

"I was wrong……."

"You know what? How much I...!"

"But not Sto... but that? What happened?"

Henri sighed and said, "I can't say demon.

"It's gone."

'Aha. My condition is not good because I am assimilated.'

I thought so, Tsk, I filled my tongue.

'If I thought this would happen, I would just stumble into the wall.... Ah.'

A light flashed in my head.

"Anyway, kid, you're so hot! I am. When you wake up, I will give you a very big punishment..!"

"I had a good idea.


"..... we must take revenge."

When I put my mouth up, people puzzled.