I came down from the bed and screamed indifferently.

"It hurts!"

When I tried to save Edger, the shrapnel struck me.

Ishak shouted, as he was weeping.

"You idiot! Don't move!"

John quickly grabbed me and put me back to bed. Ishaq shoots at me with great courage.

"My back is torn. This much! You. If you don't think about yourself like that, you're so upset! I don't know how surprised I am."

"…… Ishaq."

Henri pulls the screaming Ishak. Then I looked at my father and gave him notice.

My father's expression was very bad. Ishak shuts his mouth, and I squirm my hands as I look at my father's eyes.

"That is……. Dad, you know. I didn't just jump in. I'll just open the shield first..... Pur, no, no, that's it. I asked for it, so I knew I wouldn't get hurt. I really wasn't hurt. I mean,"

"Is that all you got?"


"Now that you have all your thoughts and intentions, should I consider you so wounded?"

"That's not it……."

"LeBlaine Dubled!"

A thunderous shout burst out.

I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed the blanket.

It was the first time my father yelled at me. Often, though, my soul was shaky, but at that time my tone was very soft and I said, 'Be careful from now on.'

"You have to think, even if you jump into a fire pit, it all means something."


I can't help but shrivel my head, and Ishaq shook my wrist in a panic.

"Tell me you made a mistake!"

I thought I should, but I couldn't open my mouth because my body was frozen.

I wasn't even scared when I jumped into the falling wall, but my angry dad is so scared.



When my father looked at me, he stood up in the chair and turned around and left.

I quickly got out of bed and hung up on my father's leg.

"Wrong! Ugh! I did it wrong! Ugh!"

My dad, who was just in the hallway, looked at me crying in a hurry.

"What is."

"On the wall, hiccup! I jumped into the wall and got hurt... Hehe!"

"And you."

"I said I didn't do anything wrong, I excused myself... Ugh."


"Again... again... Ugh, I'm sorry. I don't know. Ugh! You did it wrong, you did it wrong!"

My father sighed deeply and hugged me. When I snorted and wept, he said.

"No one in the mansion cared about you."

When I turned my head, the people who had chased me all the way down the hall looked at me with a worried little face.

"I'm sorry..... I was wrong."

"I broke my promise to save you."

"…… I'm sorry."

My father would tuck his forehead, face to face.

"Promise me you'll never make anyone feel this way again."

"Yes... yes!"

When I burst into tears again, John, Henri and Ishaq laughed as if they had no choice.

* * *

I've been stable for days.

I ended up with my back torn because I jumped in as I told my father and asked Fur to make a strong shield in my own way, but I was not feeling well because Fur made a strong shield using my divine power.

Uni who put the medicine on her back said, "Ahhh... Ahhh!" And he rolled his feet in the east.

"What if the wounds don't go away! You sewed twelve needles, you know?"

"... I'm sorry."

"I thought you were going to die. You can't say a word without dragging a fallen girl. How sleepy you are in case your master dies first!"

As I gladly nod, Dalia knocks on Uni's shoulder.

"That's enough. I need to hear how much more sorry I am."

"But my heart almost stopped!"

Laura quickly nods at her side.

Uni closes the ointment barrel and spills me.

"You need to relax. No going out! Leah in the territory cries and communicates every day."

"I get it! But what about the Chairman?"

"You're here. You're going to be so upset again. You had a horrible look on your face?"


Everyone I met scolded me.

On my behalf, I came to Auntie Maj's mansion in the Imperial Palace to help Cecilia's maid.

I sighed and dressed. And I grabbed the doorknob to go to the greenhouse that the chairman was waiting for.

"…… Can we not go?"

"You should come with a lot of anger."

"You can't avoid it."

Uni and Dalia smile and kick open the door.

He sighed and headed to the greenhouse. As soon as I entered, I heard an old age.

"Young lady!!"

"You did it wrong!"

Seria, who was with the beggar in a hurry, smiled and dried him up.

"You got up okay. Stop it."

"You can't tell me how close you are!"

"Yes, yes. It's all my fault. Miss, have you slept well?"

"Yes! It's the best in Serbia!"

Seria smiled and gave me a pile of letters and documents.

I prepared the paperwork. What's the letter?

The sealing wax that sealed the letter was imprinted with Schuhale's emblem.


"At the top of the Hope Merchant Guild, Marquis Shuhail's request came in. I want you to send a thank you gift to the lady who saved my son."

Ask for my gift at my Merchant Guild?

I nod with a kick and a kick smile.

"So what's my gift?"

"Can anything ordinary be seen in the eyes of the Dubled Younger? I consulted with the Marquis and prepared something very special."

"What's so special about it?"

"There was something interesting in Schuheil's book."

Seria gave me the book.

[Mary the Goddess of Mercy]


Seria nods as I hold the book and open her eyes in circles.

"As Marquis Schuheil's physical condition became more acute, he gathered all kinds of medical data. It was one of them. about the Mystery Herb Meria Pool."

"It's just a fairy tale."

When I handed over the book, Seria said, "I told you it's all sorts of data." I shrugged.

I sat in a chair, shook my legs, and read a book.

"Was Maria the one with the incurable illness? When she died as a child, she was resurrected by God? '

Storas said she was a pioneer, not a god.

'Well, if I was a pioneer empowered by God, I would look like a god in the eyes of the people of that era.'

The fairy tale book was so big that it was quickly read. When I handed over the Falang Falang paper, I stopped at some point.

When I burst into laughter, Seria laughed at her head.

"Is there anything fun?"

"... Storas, you damn demon."

"Do you have anything on Storas?"


I opened the book, covered it, and looked at Seria and the Chairman.

"So, by the way, I want revenge on this bird that turned me into this. Can you help me?"

Two people nodded at the same time.

"I have heard your humble words."

I whispered revenge to two people.

And I took care of it with my eyes sparkling.

"We need to proceed as quickly as possible. Storas will regenerate as his body continues to improve. Then I'll be able to read my thoughts."


"I'll keep that in mind."

I am a vicious child who pays twice as much for grace and grudge.

I won't stand still, bird head.

The next day, a visitor came to the mansion.

It was Marquis Shuhail and Edgar.

The Marquis's wife held my hand firmly and bowed her head several times.

"Thank you, Younger Girl. How do I repay you for saving my son?"

"I'm glad the Confucius is okay!"

"How could you have such a great personality.... The Hop Merchant Guild has asked me to send a book as a gift, but I am not comfortable with it. Please accept it."

Shuhail's porters put down a huge amount of jewels, gold coins, and clothing.

I said, "I'm fine……." I murmured, but honestly my body was already carrying a large jewel.

How much is this? It's worth saving! '

It's the best, Schuhale!

It's a big one!

"I'm glad you like it," said the Marquis. "I was delighted.

She said with a smile.

"I would also like to say hello to the President."

"Yes, I'll take you!"

"Thank you."

I glanced at the Marquis, putting down the treasure.

'I don't think Linda's here when I see her.'

I wouldn't have sent Edgar last time if I knew.

'Anyway, that's good.'

Last time something happened to Storas, Linda and Edgar didn't have time to talk.

"I'll take my dad. Can I play with Confucius?"

"Of course, Edgar."

When the Marquis called, he said, "Yes, Mother." I nodded.

I went down the hall with Edgar. And after I asked the butler to call my dad, Linda snuck him into the garden.

I felt good.

After I rescued Edgar, Linda couldn't even face me.

I must think I'm hurt because of myself.

"The Dublin people are so nice."

When I muttered, Edgar looked back at me with a distorted face.

"What did you just say..... yes? Who's nice?"

"The Dublin people. It's so nice. It's hard, it's hard."

"…… there are a lot of criminals."


"There are murderers and scammers....."

"That's right!"

When I made it clear, Edgar said, "Oh, yes…." Zec, "he turned his gaze.

As I was talking, Linda looked like she was walking with flowers in her arms.

"Young lady? You're not well. Why are you out there?"

Linda, who was in a panic, looked at Edgar next to me and shut her mouth.

Linda bends her back and Edgar nods.


Linda took that step to the end.

Seriously? You're leaving here? '

I panicked and I tried to catch Linda, and Edgar said, "Oh." I looked back at her.

"But do you have a child?"

"…… Yes?"

"Parents are equally unhappy to see a child of my child's age. The last time you saw me, you looked just like your mother."


I swallowed the drool, and Linda bites her lips.

After a while of silence, Linda raises her head.

"There is."

Yes, Linda! Turns out you're a mother!

As I was blinking, Linda looked at me and smiled very lovingly.

Last time, I saw Edgar who was about to get hurt with a deeper look than ever.

"A precious girl who loves you like a child."

I opened my eyes in circles and looked at Linda.

"Give me your life, your precious life. …… I saw you with the Marquis. You have a good mother."

"She's a good mother. Perhaps my mother is the best in the world."

Linda nodded deeply, and moved her steps.

I quickly chased Linda.

Edgar followed her all the way to the invisible and said,

"Are you okay? Linda, Edgar...!"

"The day of the accident. The Marquis has come to pick up the Confucius. She wore different shoes, fell off the wagon heavily, and even though she was bleeding from her knees, she looked first to see if the donor was okay. And you're saying,"


"Ah, thank goodness...... Thank God, my son."


"I came up with it."


Linda hugs me.

"I've got a lady, so I'm ready."

I grabbed her apron, answering a few times.

Linda had me, and Linda was really lucky to have me.