Edgar narrows her glans when she sees me coming back with a swollen eye.

"The Eye of Yourself……."


He bursts into laughter as I look embarrassed. Then I tried to give her a handkerchief.

…… if only my brothers hadn't disturbed me.

"Put it away."

Ishaq and Henri appeared one day.

Ishak pulls out Shuhail's hand, and Henri hands me my handkerchief.

"My eyes are swollen. Who rang you?"

"Cry?! Why are you crying!"

"Who is it?"

"Why did you cry!"

Looking up at the air, I shook my head.

In fact, Edgar is Linda's son, and I couldn't say that Linda cried because she was sad to hide my identity for her son.

"What's in your eyes."


Ishaq ran a pearl, but soon Henri realized I didn't want to tell him why, and carefully wiped the dry edge of his tears with a handkerchief.

"The fort is windy."


"But why are there only two people in the garden? What about the audience?"

He asks me questions, but Edgar has eyes on him. Edgar shakes her head lightly with a trembling expression as she looks at the man who's going to tear him to pieces.

"That's terrible, really."

"Answer the question."

In Henri's words, Edgar sighed.

"She told my mother she wanted to play with me. I couldn't refuse my mother's request and followed her. Isn't that enough explanation, brother idiots?"

"Mom, where did the fool come from?"

Edgar protested, frowning as Ishak opened his eyes.

"Don't bullshit me."

"Hey, kid. Don't you know what a marshboy he is? I escaped from the dormitory last year for a reason."

Edgar hurriedly shut Ishak's mouth. Then he looks at me and smiles awkwardly and whispers to Ishaq.

"I'm not the only one who escaped the dorm. Wouldn't it be hard for you and me to open each other's mouths?"

Ishak pulls out Edgar's hand roughly and shouts.

"Why am I in trouble? I'm right."

"Shout with confidence, then."

"I missed the kid!!"

Stop it! Don't be fooled!

I took a step back with a frightened expression.

Are you crazy?

Why are you running away from the dorm because I want to see you?

The pathetic is Ishaq, and I was ashamed.

"I just wanted to hear about the ghost and see the scared kid. Right, brother? You said you wanted to see LeBlaine in the telegram that day because he was so obsessed with ghost stories."

"That doesn't mean I really escaped the dorm like you did. You don't have to make excuses because you're pathetic enough."

"Anyway, kid. Edger, he escaped with me that day. I want to see her."

Edgar once again hurriedly tugs Ishak and stops his mouth. To do this, he laughed forcefully.

"My mother was sick. There's a reason. Like you, it wasn't just a pathetic reason that my brother wanted to see you."

"As soon as I heard from the superintendent that the Marquis was sick without even applying to go out, I broke the window and jumped down, town! Town!"

"Be quiet. Please. I'll give you the money."

When I heard the story of the two of them, I remembered what Henri and Ishaq said a few years ago.

[Screaming] If it wasn't for that maraboy, I could have graduated early.]

[Anyway, you're the one who didn't make it first on the test.]

[Even though the bastard ran to live to die in training, I was number one! Son of a bitch, if we don't have enough points, we'll give up.....]

[Do you want to leave something good to do if you don't have enough points?]

[Crazy? If I can't do it, I can't do it.]

[That's it.]

[Ah, damn maraboy.]

Ah, Edgar is the one who stopped Ishak's early graduation from living to die.


"No, I'm just a little bit, a little bit effective."

"Ah, yes……."

Edgar sighs as I shake her head.

"I don't want to ruin any more images here, so I'll just go back."

"Get the fuck out of here."

"I'll see you after school."

"I only have one semester left. Idiot."

"You're going to the academy, too."

Edgar said to Henri with a handkerchief in her hand.

"I'll see you at the academy."

"By the time you get here, I might not be graduating."

"Your brother, the genius of tax evasion, also had a difficult early graduation? I'll make sure the poor second wins the first one this time."

"You don't understand your desire to fight with your brother because you can't defeat our brother."

When Henri laughed, Edgar said, "Dubled packs." We attack, we attack, "said Henri and Ishak," the Mamaboy of Schuhale. "I replied.

'Oh, you're getting along so badly.'

With that in mind, Edgar nodded and bowed politely to me.


"Be careful and go back."

Hey! Hey!

Henri and Ishak said, "You don't have to say hello!" I shouted.

* * *

That evening, Taylor's medication was completed.

"Can you save Marquis Schuhale with this antibiotic?"

"No way. That's not a universal cure. I can protect you from a secondary infection."

"Then it's no use. You tricked me into getting Maria grass?"

When I opened my eyes, Taylor smiled and shook the other medicine bottle.

"I found it interesting."

Then I took out a glass. It was a chick whose wounds were rotting. Only my eyes are barely open without moving.

When I frowned at the horrible sight, he picked up the glass next to it.

I heard a chick in it, but it was clearly better than the chick in the first glass. I cut my legs off, but I'm done walking.

"A chick who injected her second pill constantly. She started moving on day 5."

"Is this also a medicine made of meria grass?"

"To be precise, I used the Meria grass, which did not fall from the Elza tree."


He showed me an Elza tree stump with Meria grass.

This was an elza tree that I brought to the garden for Taylor's experiments.

"The ingredients changed as soon as the Meria grass fell from the Elza tree. A medicine made with Elza Tree can restore the rotten area."

"Then Marquis Schuheil....."

He nods.

"The possibility of recovery is sufficient."

It was then.

North jumps into the annex.

"Lady! Your permission to join the goddess has been withdrawn from the Emperor!"

"What was the goddess's reaction?"

"I was told that I would help Cecilia if I asked her to take care of her."

The preparations are over.

I nodded and told Taylor.

"Marquis, come to me tomorrow."

The lyrics of the metaphor have risen.

* * *

Marquis Marquis, a marvel was installed in that annex. It was LeBlaine and Taylor alone who were asked to relay via horoscope in case of smoke.

The first healing of the child of destiny.

The first miracles performed by the Daughter of God focused the attention of the entire people, from gods to nobles and ordinary people.

Marquis Schuheil wails in my parlour for the nobles who invited him. In the name of preparing for a problem, there were several cardinals of the diocese and a healing priest in place.

LeBlaine in a white robe appeared in the horoscope.

Cardinal Reginald, who came to observe the first healing in the Pope's name, swallowed up the laughter.

"God's emblem on his back, Robe of the Pioneer. You look like a god lion."

The Cardinal Blacio, who came with me, looked at the Beaton Reginald for a buyout.

"You're not the daughter of God."

"Since last time....!"

He felt the gaze of the nobles he was shouting and lowered his voice.

"Why do you take the girl's side here? We must not forget the tearful high land responsibility of the Pope for the Church that she announced as a child of destiny."

"On February 29th, the one who expresses the Crest of God. He will be the messenger of God who will bring evil upon him. A child who meets all the conditions of the trust. It's okay if you think it's real."

"When he was' emotional ', he said that chaos permeated the Pope's consciousness. Have you forgotten what you said about seeing a child wrapped in a black mist on the other side of the ceremony?"

"That is only the word of the Holy Father...."


"Isn't that right? At the time of the emotion, he had a very low sacred power. If the Holy Father's emotions were wrong, the Empire would be overturned. Don't forget the words of the Second Priest (Cardinal's Representative), who called him an excuse for the Holy Father."

"How dare you say the words of the Holy Father...!"

It was then that Reginald shook his shoulder in anger.

"I started praying!"

When those watching the march shouted, the cardinals stopped talking and focused on the child.

The light shines from the child's body, and a strong wind blows. The robe is peeled off and the pattern of God clearly emerges from his forehead.


"It was calm. It was the pattern of a true god...!!"

A roar exploded in the annex.

Trigon, the chief court wizard who came to observe the 'miracle' of LeBlaine in the name of the Emperor, secretly swallowed up a laugh.

'He asked me to move the pattern to his forehead, and that's why.'

The statue of that god is a command of LeBlaine, which I took from my footstool to my forehead.

The wind would have been helped by the blue, and the light of the whole body was made of divine power.

If you watch closely, the Cardinals will soon notice, so they must have thrown a flock of animals into the Marquis' room alone.

LeBlaine in the horoscope was special to anyone.

I had never seen Mina before, but I was sure that even if I was a child of real destiny, I would not be able to compare it to my specialty.

The hand of LeBlaine shines. He gathers light to Marquis Shuhail's chest.

"Ahhh. I shouldn't forget what to do either. '

The Emperor gave the order to observe, but the Trigons came here for no other purpose.

He spills his magic power, causing the horoscope's screen to sag.


"What happened!"


When people yelled, Trigon said, "Oh, my God!" I was surprised and made the screen of the horoscope clear again.

In the meantime, LeBlaine would have fed Marquis Shuhail Taylor's medicine.

The horoscope became clear again.

Marquis's expression noticeably improved.

"Ah, ah……."

When the Marquis's wife sighs of relief, Edgar supports her.


"Your father... Ah, Edgar."

But then.


Marquis began to tremble violently.

LeBlaine clings to the marquis with a frantic expression.

[Sir! Now, wait, what is this... what is this...!]