"I can't be sure if it's a real child of God, so I have to take it in my hand……. When we do, there will be those who misunderstand the child's power. I wonder if Dublin Red is the only one who sees the benefits."

"For real or not, I need that child. If not, even more so. We must secure the sacrifice before the real child of God comes."

"No matter how Dubled is, it's not easy for a destined child to cut Marquis Shuhail's leash. Let's move quickly."

"I've released too many children so far. If we had been in our arms to teach doctrine and walk about, the nine-year-old would not have been so scared. Marquis Shuhail is the only one left behind."

"Yes. God's 'right grace' in the handover should not shine in the shadows. Shadows are too arrogant. No matter how much Dublin is under Dublin's blemish, we need to teach the line."

Blacio, who was watching the cardinals' conversation, put his words on the table.

"There's also the possibility that the child is real."

At the same time, everyone at the table looked at Blacio.

"Don't blur the thesis from Blasio. The Pope forgot to see the shadows!"

"But I've expressed a pattern. Has the pattern of God ever been announced? If the child has expressed a pattern that we only know, it's likely to be real."


"Think about it. If LeBlaine Dubled is the 'right grace', and the words of the Holy Father are wrong, we will offer the right grace by our hands to the altar. Where could there be a more painful guilt?"

The Cardinals groaned every time in a confused mood.

No cardinal has ever believed that LeBlaine is a child of real destiny. Not until that child expresses the pattern of God.

The beginning of this chaos began with the child expressing the pattern of God.

God's emblem that has never been announced before.

The emblem that only the faithful of the Pope knew among the Cardinals.

It can't be expressed by a demonic child.

The Pope, who saw the 'shadow' of evil as an enemy to the child's emotions, had been chirping since the child expressed the pattern of God.

"Are you doubting the Holy Father?"

"At this point, it means we have to keep all possibilities open. I deeply agree that we need to secure the child's defence on our side. Everything is for our god."

Silence sank on the table.

"…… for our god."

"For God."

Even a few shivering colored heads were drawn.

* * *

There was no such thing as chaos. The faithful camped in front of the mansion and shouted, "You must punish me for misusing the power of God."

"It looks like the temple is already spiraled."

Seria, who came to tell me the merchandise, looked out the window and said,

"You have a good chance. If I'm good, I can get it, and I can take down the status of Dublin Red like a thorn, so my feet are moving fast. How did Duke Marche react?"

"He's discreet. The nobles claiming the punishment of eternal love have asked for Duke Marche's support, but they are spared words."

"We know that the invitation of Marche was given by Ivan. It's the same with weaknesses, but it can't be easy."

When I got up in my coat, Seria looked at me with a suspicious look.

"Are you going out?"

"Yes. Our Cecilia's final exam is right around the corner, and I have to help."

"You have a plan, but it's not going too fast. Worried. No matter how important it was for your performance, you used your divine power during the horoscope relay. Keeping the Devil alive. Besides, he is not in good shape...."

"So even if it's hard, you have to move. If you recover more here, you'll be 'connected' to Storas again."

There is nothing more dangerous than being assimilated to him like this.

Even what I hear, see, and think is shared, but I don't know anything about the opponent.

My side was very disadvantaged.

"Seria, I'm leaving for the Imperial Palace, so take care of everything you've told me to do today. If I can't see my condition tomorrow, I think I'll be assimilated to Storas this evening."


I went out of the room saying that.

I got on the wagon and left for the Imperial Palace with the help of the employers.

After receiving the title of 'Vosges' from the Emperor, the palace procedure was simplified. I was able to pass through the gate with only a slight look on my face in the wagon.

When I arrived at the Imperial Palace and went to the gathering place, the atmosphere was strange.

It was a completely different atmosphere than before.

"Young lady……."

When I entered the garden, Cecilia found me and approached me. The look on my aunt's face with Cecilia was not good either.

"Honey, why don't you rest....."

"I'm fine."

People know that I failed to heal Marquis Shuhail, so I'm afraid I won't be shocked in the aftermath.

"Auntie, meet Emperor Hu. I'll be with Cecilia at the last resort."


"Is Cecilia more comfortable with that? Right?"

In my words, Cecilia nods a little.

Aunt left the garden sighing.

Cecilia, who was watching her back, asked a small question.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Of course!"

As I grinned, Francis Arabel, who became the finalist with Cecilia, burst into a heartless cough.

"Is it a problem that the infant is okay?"

Around a 14-year-old girl sitting with Francis sharply said:

Blake Arabel. She was Francis' sister.


A timid Francis drowned his brother, but Blake broke the deal.

"Am I wrong? The Imperial Palace is on the verge of final adoption. A reluctant man who kills a person at this time is not good for you either."

"Stop it……. What a commotion in this place."

Blake peered at my sister with thinned eyes.

"Why should we be careful? You're a finalist, too. That's not even a complete noble.Why did you notice that?"

Francis holds his hand tightly, without knowing what to do.

Francis Arabel was a wise man. I was aware of exactly what was going on back then.

Francis was named to the final two on behalf of the Eminence of Angoise, whom the Emperor pushed because he was timid and quiet.

Who wouldn't dare fight the Emperor Yvonne.

The Emperor was unable to avoid the final adoption, so instead he scooped Francis against an easy wiggle.

'But I don't know what Earl Arabel's propensity is.'

Earl Arabel was always less shaky than a mouse in front of a lion in front of Duke Marche, but he was actually very arrogant.

Bow your head in front of the strong, and for the weak, you are the most ferocious and despicable of all.

It's obvious how he raised his little daughter Blake.

It's been a long time, Blake. '

It resembled my father and behaved like a tongue in front of Mina, but it was an eternity that tormented me badly.

Look. As soon as my aunt disappeared, she saw me spit out a lot of sharp words.

"Blee, please stop. The child of destiny tried to help Marquis Shuhail as much as he could in his own way...."

"You really don't see that, do you? She just wanted to be noticed. I wanted to get your attention."


"I would have expressed God's emblem, and I would have wanted to show it to people who call it a fake. I really believe that I am a child of destiny who has inherited the power of God. It's ridiculous."

Blake tries to kick me.

Cecilia frowns at Blake and says, "Hey, Young Love." I quickly stopped Cecilia.

"It's okay."


"What's the last hangout?"

"…… It's a charity party."

"When do we start?"

"I sent out an invitation. I asked Javelin for help and sent him to those who know him well, but I don't know if he will come...."

I think you'll notice Emperor Yvonne.

I said, "Well……." Cecilia nodded as she groaned and said,

"I was invited to a tea ceremony with His Majesty King Arabel today. Javelin said that he should go and meet people in person...."

If it's a charity party, it's probably a charity fund from the invitees, or the number of people attending the party.

'Yes, Cecilia has never participated in a social event, so you should go and see her face.'

If those invited to the Emperor's Refreshment Assembly decide that Cecilia is a great means of restraining the Emperor Yvonne, those who oppose Yvonne will move.

If you have to see the Emperor Yvonne, you better target them.

"When's the tea party?"

"It's about to start. I was going to go to the Emperor's Palace."


I held Cecilia's hand. When I was about to leave the garden, I faced Francis, who was about to go to the palace of the Emperor.

Francis hurriedly nodded, and I went out to the garden first after the crow and the rosary.

The Imperial Palace has been fascinating ever since.

There were many reapers in society who had good relations with the Emperor.

'My aunt must have had the Emperor beforehand.'

The Emperor's Refreshments are always a small number, but this time there are quite a few guests. It was also attended by light-mouthed people.

I whispered to Cecilia at the entrance to the party hall of the Emperor.

"You don't have to be arrogant, but you shouldn't be timid. I have to show you that this will be a great deterrent to Emperor Yvonne."

"Javelin listened carefully."

"Luckily, there are quite a few nobles who have ties to my godmother. I greeted you with my godmother the other day, and now that you've taken good care of her, you'll also be kind to Cecilia."

"Thank you."

"Now get in there!"


Someone pushes my shoulder and enters the party hall.

When I smashed my butt on the ground, I heard Blake's balmy voice.

"Good to see you. I can't believe you're invited to this position. Spirit and glory... Oh. Without caution."

Blake stares at me with contempt.

"Are you okay?"

.... This is the real thing.

In addition to the old nobles, there were other princesses and princesses, such as their grandchildren, daughters, and sons.

Blake and everyone who regards the social world as an impostor approached her to see if there was a face.

"Oh my God……."

A glance of mockery poured down upon me as I sat down.

I swallowed laughter.

The social world is a world of medicine, no matter who it is.

I think I've failed to heal, so many people are trying to eat when the status quo falls.

"Miss, are you all right?"

Cecilia looked at me with a worried expression, and I woke up holding her hand.

The young beasts, who knew whether their personal excitement prevailed over Dublin's power, could not hide their laughter as they looked at me.

This is how it comes out, isn't it? '