[This is the social world! A fierce battlefield, without Serengeti!]

The voice of the withdrawal came into my ear. I don't know what the jungle, Serengeti, but it's a field of intense battle.

This was a space where power and sequence were more important than ever. There's only a sword. It's like a battlefield if you're fighting for your family.

You have to be perfect to protect yourself, and you won't even be allowed a step back.

Humiliation leads to defeat, and if you don't want to lose, you have to kneel down on your opponent.

Seeing that world through my parents' brothers and sisters, it was not understandable for me to come out so sleepy.

It was worth it without thinking about Dubled's power or status, and he was the first to attack me.

I've been obscured by the title of Dublin Red and the child of destiny, but there must have been a deep sense of nobility that I was ordinary.

It's time for me to win the battle with the power of the family or the plaque of destiny, the infant and the baby, and when I fall, I'm just a child.

After healing and killing a high noble named Marquis Schuheil, it was thought that he might be abandoned at the Temple or Dubled.

The Temple is making a huge spread of things that didn't heal Marquis Schuheil to pressure Dubled, and Dubled was not receiving any rumors.

'No matter how responsive I am. Starting to be so open-minded means there's a driver.'

I almost knew who it was.

The Emperor Yvonne must have stumbled upon the social world to prevent Cecilia's adoption.

The Emperor is in the back of the boat, so Blake is just as jumpy as I am.

Little princesses and princesses, this is the chance to bring down Yale Hatred, who triumphs over the identity of the common people, and he must be sympathetic to Earl or Blake.

"Miss, are you all right?"

Cecilia robs me of my skirt and looks at me with a worried little face.

"Yes, I'm fine."

With a smile on my face, Blake's pack twists the buy.

One of the crowds, a butchered boy, asked in a discreet voice.

"But why do you call Lady Olga the Dublin Young Lady?"

Blake replied.

"Olga put his name on Dubled's journal. There was a lot of what Bunga used to call a girl, Master, to a child in Bonga."

"No matter how busy you are, isn't Olga the final housekeeper? You're a girl who doesn't know how to be Emperor. Isn't that a little ridiculous?"

"Miss Olga was Dubled's seed, wasn't she? A tribute to the master's child."

"Will you pay tribute to Duke Dubled even after he's been taken? You call yourself a master, like an employer? The Emperor is the National Mother.To a people whose National Mothers are children, Master, Lady..... It doesn't make any sense."


Blake stares at me, blurring his words with a dull expression.

The buzzing boy stares at me as Blake's face moves forward.

"Wise spirits don't know anything, but why didn't you point out the title to Lady Olga? Haven't you enjoyed being treated like an emperor?"


"I was delighted to be airlifted by someone who is likely to be a commoner and a royal. Right?"

The boy laughed bitterly and Cecilia hardened her face.

"You've never thought of me that way."

I intercept Cecilia with one arm and stare at the boy.

"So... well, who was it?"


"I'm sorry, but people who don't need to remember don't know their names."

You're from a small family, aren't you? He's not even a talented kid. Isn't that right?

The boy's face turned red when he said that.

"My father is an arm of Duke Marche, and I am the nephew of Emperor Yvonne."

"My nephew..... Not your nephew?"

"The Emperor has always cared so much for me, and is still invited to the Imperial Palace today!"

"Duke Marche's nephew. Since the central nobility and the streets are machines, you are ignorant of the law. May I kindly inform you?"


"It's not just the royal family that's named the final hangout. I was given the title of Caution by His Majesty the Emperor. For me, the Joon-hyung people, Cecilia is right to do all the examples."


"Shouldn't you tear the limbs from the accent who dared to come from Cecilia, the royal planner, as you said?"

I said with a smile.

"You should know that Confucius is an idea. I didn't say it all came out of my mouth."

"You're rude!"

"I will!"

When he shouted, the connoisseur winked and shut his mouth.

"Don't make me really polite, Confucius. It's a nuisance for me to find even one line of precultural conventions to prevent the Confucians from sticking to the system again."

"What, what, what did you say....."

"To strike properly. Throw in your gloves instead of catching a horse's tail."

I walked past the contortion smiling and said, "Oh." and looked back at him.

"I don't want to face it anywhere in the future. This is a warning."

Noble boy, none of the girls surrounded him.

Sit still and say, 'Eh, how can you say that..! That's not what I meant...!' Waang, I want to see a little girl who will burst into tears, but Dublin's infancy is scary.

And the beasts of the Mediterranean didn't have the courage to condemn me.

I approached Blake and reached out.

She flinched and backed away, and I smiled and took off the thread on my shoulder.

"I'd rather go out with someone."

"What, what?"

"Don't provoke me anymore."

I whispered to the ear of the infant.

"Oh, I'll give you a minute. Get the fuck out."


A red-faced infant was appalled. But I couldn't talk any more.

All he knew was to hover within the safe fence that his parents' brother had built.

But I was at the forefront of more than this in my first life, and I grew up in the back alley in my last life.

This kid meant he couldn't be the nigger to deal with me.

Looking at the frightened Blake, I turned my gaze to the nobles behind her.

"Hello, ma'am. You saw her at her party the other day, didn't you?"

"Ah, that's right."

"It's so good to see you again at the Imperial Palace. Cecilia, I want you to say hello. You're Marquis Eshwar!"

When I spoke cheerfully, Cecilia came smiling.

Blake bites his lips tightly, staring at me as if he was going to tear me to death behind his back.

Francis, my sister, asked me to keep her quiet, but Blake, whose eyes were red, left the party hall.

Cecilia followed me and chatted with the nobles.

After a while, she whispered to me with a worried face.

"Is it okay?"

"What is it?"

"Threats……. There must be a buzzing mouth in the back."

"I don't think so. I thought it was time to reveal my personality."


"Emulin, it's time to stay in the back alley with the tree. There was a madman in the alley. Can't you really go out of your mind and fight with your fingers in the air or run when your eyes meet?"


"But you haven't really fought much? Do you know why?"


"Crazy guys can't win. If you think you're going to lose, whether you're a human or an animal, you're not coming."

Why don't the nobles fight the Dubled who's overflowing with provinces so far?

Dubled won't let me bite him once.

And so do I.

The children I met winked, nodded.

* * *

After returning to me, Arabel Blake burst into tears.

The boy around her, Blake, who sniffed at the girls, said a word.

"Don't cry so much, Eminence……."

"You think you're unlucky."

Blake clasped his handkerchief.

"Bad luck? No! LeBlaine Dubled is a madman. How can you be so disgraceful in front of the advancement of society..... so vulgar!"

"Because the skin is of poor quality."


The curly-haired girl shook her tongue.

"I must have lost my mind by making Marquis Shuhail do that. Young-goo, why are you telling me to get out of my way when crazy people and bulls pass by? Forgive rational love. What do you do against a madman?"

Blake bites his lips tightly and looks around.

"Why should we bow down to a civilian girl? I didn't believe the word" child of destiny "from the beginning. Trust, Patterns of God……. It's all about the temple, isn't it?"


"I don't know what the pattern of God is but the temple. What if the temple made a pattern for our fateful child?"

"…… It's horrible."

"She was adopted in Dublin because she was a child of destiny. What if His Majesty was deceived by the Temple and Duke Dubled was forced to accept the child at the gate?"

The young aristocrats who gathered at me in Arabel flagged me.

"The Duke is poor. What about the Confucius? You saved her like a child!"

"If you think about it, yes. You said in the trust that a child of destiny would bring light to the Empire. That's why all the people are going to leave him. By the way, did she show up and shine on the Empire? Did you make progress?"

"What progress has been made? There was a lot of confusion about her. The Duke of Valois will summon the Devil or the goddess will fall. Did Emperor Hu ever get sick after he came to the Islands?"

"Healed and nearly killed Marquis Schuhale!"

Blake nods.

"We have to step up as intellectuals. I can't let the people play in the temple's handiwork."

"Is there a way?"

Blake flips an empty teacup.

"It's almost a way of dealing with the distances in society."

Perfect disregard.

With a grin on the mouth of the boys and girls, Blake leans on his arm and leans deeply into the chair.

"We must defend the Empire in our own way."

From that day on, the struggle against LeBlaine began.

* * *

I looked around at the shop and stopped walking.

The nobles I encounter move their heads as fast as they are flawless.

It's been like this for days.

The spiral chairman frowns to go to the Hope Merchant Guild with me.

"This is a social protest."

"Handling Invisible Humans? It's the punishment of the losers, the infidels, the socialites."


"Where's Jinwon?"

"…… Blake Arabel."

"That's sleepy."

I turned my head, Zec.

Even the ordinary people nod quickly. The bullying that began in the social world began to spread to ordinary people.

"Young lady."

The Chairman swallowed a sigh and said:

"It's a charity party soon. This charity party will make the final decision. Bad timing."

"No one will come to Cecilia's party if I continue to be beaten. The Emperor Yvonne is holding Cecilia back."

"Seek help from the masters and trainers. At least give it to Javelin before it evolves."

I tucked, tucked, and tapped my toes with my fingertips.

"That's a big deal."

"I don't think you understand what your family is worried about."



"You really don't want to see this, do you?"


"I'm talented at dogfighting again."