I looked at the Chairman and said,

"Let's not go to the top, let's go around the shop. Chairman, contact Lane."

"What can I say?"

"Encourage the nobles properly. If you are a king, you will receive it not to a negligent degree, but to a great extent."

The chairman frowns as I smile.

"I don't know what else you're thinking.... I will preach the word."


And I looked back at the Rulurala store.

* * *

Less than a day, the social world was bustling. It was a rumor that a spherical joint doll lane received my name.

'It is a lie to say that LeBlaine Dubled is a child of destiny. The child is an orphan and the time of life is not accurate. In Dubled, he felt a subtle corner of destiny in Iragi, blocking contact with the child and the source of the temple. When the temple reassesses the child and changes its words, it has to give up all the rights it enjoys as a child of destiny.'

In addition, a flower dragon jumper.

'Lane has proof that he is not the child of destiny!'

Along with Marquis Shuhail's failure to heal, the story quickly swelled that I might not be the child of destiny. As always, Hosaga's rumors.

I find it suspicious. Why is she so wrapped up in Cecilia Olga? Maybe she's Cecilia Olga's daughter.

It's also suspicious that Duke Dubled wore a child of destiny from the temple. Ah, yes. LeBlaine is the son of Duke Dubled and Cecilia Olga.

No, I heard from his friend's nephew, Sadon's uncle, that the duc is cheating too. Cecilia Olga deceived the daughter of the Duke of Amman.

Oh, my God, that's terrible.

From the beginning of social life, rumors spread to the people. Urgent personalities camped in front of the temple and demanded clarification. Things have begun to spread greatly.

Then a man came to Dubled from the diocese.

It was Cardinal Reginald.

He dreadfully took the point to say hello to his father.

"Do you know how much damage the Church suffers from your early actions?"

"Premature behavior?"

The Reginald's purchase was twisted by pretending to be a bunch of shrivellers.

"Untested healing. The situation is still bad, but if Marquis Schuheil is called by God like this, how big a wind wave will he be?"

John, who welcomed the Cardinal with me, said with a cup of tea:

"Do it."

"…… Yes?"

"Enough with the introduction, say what you want."

"Today, I will take care of your education and the protection of your life in the temple."

"Not possible."

John's cold-blooded gaze and the arrogant eyes of the Cardinal hit him violently in the air.

"It's not Dubled's responsibility to act this way."

"Look at the weak in the arms of God. Isn't that a temple doctrine? As a child of destiny, my brother only followed the word of God."

"It's when he's capable."

Ishaq choked, his body rotted.

'No, no!'

Henri grabs Ishak's wrist when he hears from me that he should never step forward.

I pretended to be dead.

"I healed Marquis Schuhale. You haven't happened yet, but....."

"Baby, it's not like you don't understand what it's like to be with your family. But does that mean you have to put an excuse in your mouth?"

That's right. I knew you wouldn't believe me.

The Cardinal shoved his face at me.

"If you refuse the Pope's determination for the baby, we have no choice. I can only take responsibility for a baby who has blurred people's trust in the church."


"How difficult it can be for the families you love. The humble servant of God is waiting for the baby to grow up wisely."

Dad said, "Stop." Speaking low, I looked at the Cardinal.

"Don't scare the kid."

"Please make the right decision."

Cardinal Sue, who nodded in front of his father, grinned profanely.

I hid behind my father's back pretending to be frightened.

The Cardinal's visit to the mansion further inflated the rumors.

'I had a stab, so the Cardinal came and talked to Dubled in person.' It was a rumoured inflated goal.

The situation in Dubled has gotten worse.

It was probably what Cardinal Reginald was after.

I pressured Dubled to let me out eventually.

* * *

The next day, I went to an unavoidable party.

Lady Camilla, who came to the party with me, said with a worried face.

"I'm not going to lose sight of it. Why don't you go back to the mansion today?"

"If you hide, you'll look weirder. My rumor is that Cecilia's invitation to a charity party has been declined many times, so I need to defuse it."

As I held my fist lightly, the godmother sighed lightly.

"Sometimes I worry about you being brave.... let's go in."

I grabbed her hand and entered the party hall.

Today's party was organized by Countess Wiltro, one of the social gatherings.

The party where I first met Duke Valois and his son Niels in this life was also her 10th anniversary party.

Mrs. Wiltro was surprised to see me coming with the godmother.

"Oh, my God, I didn't know Miss Dubled was coming."

The goddess grabbed my hand and looked around the party hall where she started to drink.

"If you have an invitation to the godmother, you don't have to announce the attendance of the adoptive daughter."

"You can't follow the godmother's wits. I also have a lot of adopted daughters. I don't know. Did you ask him? I was delighted."

The goddess Wiltro smiles kindly at me and touches Isabella Hadeloro on one side of the party floor.

"Isabella, tell the glory where Rich Juice is."

"Yes, ma'am."

Miss Hadello, Mrs. Wiltro's adopted daughter, quickly approached me.

When I followed Miss Hadello, Mrs. Wiltro turned around and approached the goddess.

"I can't believe you brought Miss Dubled."

"Why is it so hard to say that?"

"It's a body that has been graced by the godmother. How could you think of the godmother's adopted daughter? Ms. Dubled's rumors are so horrible that she's worried. Ugly."

When she heard the whispers with me, she smiled awkwardly.

"YoungIove, I..... don't believe in false rumors."

"Where's Rich Juice? I love that rich juice!"

She stretches her eyebrows to Hadello, noticing that she is turning the horse on purpose.

"Over there."

I approached the table where the juice stretched with Miss Hadello.

The juice prepared by Countess Wiltro, who owns the largest fruit farm in the Empire, was sweet and delicious.

Rich juice was a glimpse and I grabbed the glass of juice.

I heard noisy noises in my ear and felt a little rich.

'You've recovered completely. Connected to Storas.'

There's a lot to worry about because of the rumors, but it's a day or two late.

'Ignorance. I'm ignorant now. I have no idea.'

I closed my eyes and thought like I was chanting a spell.

It's hard for Storas to read my thoughts.

'I don't think so. He's an idiot now. Don't think. Don't think.'

"Hail to Hadello!"

I heard a familiar voice behind my back.

A group of girls and boys were watching me and Miss Hadello.

An orange curly-haired girl in the herd touched Miss Hadello.

"What are you doing?"


The girl quickly grabs the sheep's forearm and pulls it towards the herd.

"Didn't you hear the instructions?"

"Ha, but that's a setback. I don't like that."

Blake Arabel, who was holding his arm in the center, opened his mouth.

"Miss Hadello is kind. But love, kindness and ignorance have to be distinguished. No matter how broken the engagement was, Confucius Shuhail was the fiancée of the Immortal Love, right? And how much did Marquis Schuheil help you to get to Hadello?"


"We have seen the love of immortality since we were children, so I would think so, but if someone doesn't know, it's a beast who doesn't know grace, so we'll crush the cub."

Then others sympathized with Blake.

"There's no such thing as purity."


"What a pity for Dublin's little connoisseur."

"Ah, I heard. You mean Miss Hadello was stalking Henri?"


When the truth bursts out, Miss Hadello's face is dull.

"S, stalking…… no! I, I……."

Blake smiles calmly and grabs Ms. Hadello's shoulder.

"Don't get me wrong. There is such a rumor that acting quickly was only a friendly advice that would not be helpful to Ms. Hadello."

"Well... ha, but, I...!"

I twisted Blake's wrist with Miss Hadello's shoulder.

Blake opened his eyes in an instant and threw out my hand.


With the sound, the back of my hand became hot as if it were on fire, and the party leader's gaze was all over me.

Blake frowns as he strokes the wrist that was caught by me.

"Didn't you learn that touching others without permission is a virtue?"

"I learned, but I thought that the Arabel infant had changed his manners to a bird I didn't know because he touched Miss Hadello's body without permission."

Then she bit her lips tightly.

"Between Miss Hadello and me, we've been interacting from my mother's womb."

"Can I touch my body without your permission? Can I just touch a slave who was illegally bought by Marado, Butler and Count Arabel from another country?"

"What...! Stop catching vulgar horses!"

"Is it more vulgar to catch a horse's tail than to make a rumor out of it?"

Blake bursts into laughter as I open my eyes and ask.

"What the hell are you looking at us for?.. I'm so cranky."

I glanced at the watch on the wall for a moment.

7: 54. '

I slowed down and looked at Blake.

"Then why are you ignoring me?"

It was shameful to talk about my position in society. Blake's hordes could not hide their laughter.

Blake shrugs and looks back at my pack.

"Are we?"

"Yes. You just took Miss Hadello. You said you were worried about her."

"Young love, I will teach you as an advance in society. I don't think she's aware of the situation. The infant follows a very vulgar rumor. It may not be a child of destiny."


I twist my head and look at Blake in a jigsaw.

"I am nothing but a child of destiny, so nobles with noble blood cannot deal with me? You know, Ever since I came to the Islands, I've heard a lot about that commoner."

"Oh, poor thing."

Cook laughs with a face that is not pitiful at all. It was a close act of ridicule.

I said nothing.

"Do you know why?"

"It must be the origin. Younger Girl, don't be so upset."

"No, because there's no other way to attack me."

"…… what?"

"Dubled infatuation, the child of destiny, the title of the precaution. Everything is worse than me, so there's nothing more to attack."

"…… you have great confidence."

"So tell me. What could be better than me?"

Blake mutters as I pretend to be naive.

"I don't want to make that inferior comparison!"

"When I was gone, did you ever say that you were nothing but ordinary behind me? Didn't you say anything else?"

The look on the faces of the noble children who heard that from Blake became subtle.

Blake's face turned red.

The stinging gaze that spills at a time when you think you have an upper hand embarrasses people.

When you panic, emotion precedes reason.

Withdrawal was a sufficient condition for fourteen and fifteen girls to be excited about what they called a moderate illness.

"This is why I came from……!"

"Look at that. That's all I have to say."

And I pushed her to the cliff with an exciting attack.

"I understand. She has divine power. She's a child of destiny? Burn solved the accident and got the title of caretaker, didn't he? If you peel off a pack of nobles, you're just a poor little boy who's going to fall if I hit him. You're afraid of me, aren't you? Right?"

Then someone laughed at Cook from a distance.

Blake with a red face said, "Profit!" I raised my hand.

Blake was originally a bad handyman. It was true that everyone around her knew that it was a bad day to seduce an employer.

It was a habit that came out of the palace.

I twisted her wrist and whispered.

"You blew the buns. Everyone here is a witness, huh?"

"…… what?"


With his cheeks raised, Blake twisted and stepped back.

"Me, did you hit me? How dare you! How dare you kill a nobleman..!"

"Well, it's not even ordinary."

"Everyone does. You're ordinary! You're not a child of destiny! You killed Marquis Shuhail! You murderer! You're not a child of destiny, you're going back to normal!"

At that time, Deng Deng Deng's watch announced 8 o'clock.

I looked at the Chairman's door, and someone jumped in the door with a good timing.

"Marquis Shuhail is awake!"

"…… what?"

Blake stares at the screaming man with his eyes open.

The man said:

"The rotten legs have fully recovered. The child of destiny has healed successfully! It's a futile ability!"

Then Blake and the crowd who mocked me blushed.

"Did you heal successfully? So you're really a child of destiny?"

"But Lord Lane has proof that he is not the child of destiny……!"

"Blake, what happened?"

One last shot.

A group of Dublin administrators poured in as chairman.

Then I shoved a piece of paperwork into Earl Arabel, who was approaching Hudson's Blake.

North, the chief administrative officer, said in a low voice.

"Blake Arabel formally accuses the Imperial Palace of spreading malicious rumors against the Dublin Princess."