The Empress Yvonne, standing in front of the window, asked with her gaze fixed on the sky as the snow began to fall.

"The second manners of the Arabel family."

"I went to Dublin with my father. It looks like Dubled didn't get an apology from the Arabel woman for not responding."

"Haven't you heard anything about me?"

"How dare you put the Emperor in your mouth?"

"A man in a palace loses his reason."

In the Emperor's words, the maid looks at the parchment on the bedside table.

"You put a safety pin in it."

The Emperor directed the work and invested a significant amount in Arabel through Marche's underwater Merchant Guild.

As soon as I became complacent about this, I had to pay the Emperor an amount that I could not repay, even if I was a noble family living in the Islands.

Arabel is a plank whose pillar roots will fly all over Dublin's business. Earl Arabel opened his mouth.

"My sister would never break her promise to the Emperor if she were a horrible Arabel infant. Above all, Arabel will not be able to take care of this without her big daughter, Francis, becoming Emperor. Somehow, at this time, we can't rest in need of the Emperor's help."

The Emperor's purchase went up.

"I need to see His Majesty."

"I'll be ready."

Things went awry for a while, but the original purpose was achieved.

It was Cecilia Olga and Dubled, and now it's time to pull them both out.

Imperial Palace.

When the Emperor enters, the Emperor looks at her with his glasses down.

"The sun has risen from the west. What's the matter with you, Jim?"

"Excuse me while you're desperate for duty. Your Majesty, we need your strength."

"What is."

The Emperor sits on the couch and looks at him.

"A hangover."

"Do you have a reason to put your horse in the barn? Housekeeping must be a connection between Mofu and the goddess."

Emperor's purchase has hardened.

It was originally the Emperor who governed the Mansion, and the worst case could be avoided if the Emperor was the Emperor.

I knew the Emperor was trying to create a new Emperor to stop Yvonne, but it wasn't a good idea to swing an old man.

However, the wedding of the goddess was involved, and the Empress lost her mind and began to support Cecilia Olga.

It was thought that the Emperor could somehow be curled, but the goddess, who was only a judge for equity, was also involved in the final screening.

I had to swing the Emperor and if there was a goddess like the other side, I wouldn't get the desired result.

That's why I stubbed the arabel and made the case. To somehow stop Cecilia Olga's imperial flight.

Emperor Yvonne opened her mouth after receiving a quick look.

"The atmosphere is disturbing due to the hassle. In Dublin, I had a formal protest against Arabel, and how could I stand by and watch my arch?"

"What do you want to say?"

"There was a problem between the families in the final house. Either way, they're moving for adoption. If you accept Dubled's protest and punish Arabel at this time, your righteousness will be considered to be in Cecilia Olga."


"If Cecilia Olga becomes Emperor, there will be those who doubt the transparency of the mansion. Your Majesty, your eyes are darkened. Those who crush cubs will come out."

"Can't you take Cecilia Olga?"

The Emperor snorts and shoots the Emperor.

"Is Francis Arabel the right thing to do? Arabel opened her back to catch a ride in the mansion. Even if you take Francis from the Arabel family, there's only one thing that makes sense."

"Turn the handmaid to blank."


"Neither candidate is qualified."

"You don't deserve Cecilia Olga because she's a bore? Do you think that's why it makes sense?"

"Because he's a fearful rumor. Don't you know the rumor that Miss Dubled is the loner of the Duke and Cecilia Olga? That is the reason for the formal protest in Dublin."

"That's not true."

"It doesn't matter if it's not true. It's important that the honor of the Imperial Court is likely to be lost in things that are not true."

I thought of the Emperor's face. The Emperor said, holding the Emperor's hands in a gruesome body.

"I also looked forward to seeing an opponent you can count on, but I cannot count on the future of the Imperial Court as the identity of the National Capital."


"I urge you not to ask for help from the Golden Temple (a meeting of imperial lineage)."

It meant pressuring the Emperor through the Golden Temple.

When the Emperor's face hardened, a jolly smile appeared on the Emperor's face.

After she left, the Emperor lowered her desk.


The Chamberlain nods deeply at the blunt friction.

The Golden Temple is an instrument to deter the Emperor from exploding. The gold temple will remain a disgraceful record for generations to come.

"Call in Duke Dubled!"

"I've been told I can't be admitted for a while."

"What are you doing in protest...!"

When the Emperor shouted, the Grand Chamberlain said:

"Yes, Your Majesty. I also preached the word of eternal love, preaching the news that I cannot enter Dublin. It was a strange word."


"What are you going to give me this time?"


"That's what the Eternal Love said."

A prize?

What's wrong with you?

"Was that all you said?"


The Emperor's expression became strange.

But that afternoon. Strange rumors began to drift.

"The Emperor used the second of the Arabels to blanket the house, right?"

"He threatened my sister. Wouldn't she be a great sister?"

"Oh, my God, you poor thing."

"The rumors are strange, aren't they? Because the rumors were so malicious."

"Yes. The question was, 'Miss Dubled may not be the child of destiny', 'The temple has disguised the ordinary people as the child of destiny and made Dubled adopt.' Why are there rumors of Dubled and Cecilia Olga's loneliness?"

"That's right, the rumors didn't go right in the first place. No matter how young they were, it would have been so difficult to spread the word."

"Did you hear? A distant relative of Marche attended the tea party of Emperor Emperor Dubled in front of the nobles with the intention of making things bigger."

"Miss Dubled is poor. How hard it must have been to get caught by the Emperor...."

As in the days of LeBlaine, rumours swollen quickly.

When he entered the Emperor's ear, he said, 'The Emperor speculated against Cecilia Olga and committed all kinds of chest injuries to ruin her manslaughter. The fall of the Emperor was also the work of the Emperor to stop the takeover.'


The Emperor's teacup burst into pieces with a sharp rupture.

"What are you talking about!"

"Anger, Empress, fix it."

"Fixed? Do I look fixed! Is that the second Arabel? Is she afraid and opens her mouth!"

"No, the beginning of the rumors was not arabel. There was no breach of contract with the Emperor in Arabel."


Then what the hell is going on?

* * *

I looked back at the shop with a humming nostril.

When only two people came together, they told the story of the Empress.

'Okay, okay. Good job! More buzz! Tons of buzz!'

When I walked with a cheerful face, Seria, who turned the robe upside down, asked.

"What the hell happened? Blake said he couldn't open his mouth because of his contract with the Emperor."

"Blake doesn't have to open his mouth, does he?"

When I opened my eyes and said in circles, Seria and the Chairman looked at each other with an incomprehensible expression.

I smiled at Count Arabel, who was just coming out of the jewelry store.

"Can you really repay that money this time?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Did you find any treasure islands? I can't believe you would repay such a large sum of money. Don't you buy so many jewels...."

Earl Arabel smiles and knocks on the merchant's shoulder.

"Think about it."

"Yes, yes. Go in."

When I heard the conversation between Earl Arabel and the merchant, Seria opened her eyes wide and looked at me.

"I see!"

"Yes. I told Blake to squeeze my father in."

[Can I tell Father Moore?]

[Dad, the Emperor won't leave us like this. I'm afraid of rumors right now, but I think I heard something from the Emperor's Palace the other day. If things go wrong, help us through the Marsh's Mind Merchant Guild.]

[.... You never said that?]

[I don't care if you heard it or not. It's important for your father to be reassured and spend his money.]

I delivered the money through the Hope Merchant Guild. Earl Arabel thought it was the money the Emperor delivered, and spent it with confidence.

"Dublin's blocking the funding line, Arabel growled and spent money. What do people think?"

"You'd think there was a corner to believing!"

"And I told Blake, 'The Empress won't leave us.' So, what do we think this time?"

"The corner of faith is the Emperor?"

"Look, Blake broke his contract with the Emperor?"


Seria shouts with joy as if she were running. Chairman Pic laughed.

"The fact that the Emperor's distant relatives had targeted the young lady, it would have been easy to guess the situation together."

"Oh, my God, my lady, you're so mean!"

I rejoiced with a proud face.

"Do you think I'm the only one who's gonna get rumored? '

And he looked at the palace, which looked so small, and hummed again.

'Now it's the Emperor who's getting rumored.'

Seria, who was smiling at me, asked.

"What if the Emperor asks Blake Arabel? If you know that the lady is the driver....."

"I don't care."


"I killed nine. Is this gonna come out of the head of a nine-year-old? If Arabel speaks, the Emperor will suspect Blake."


"The Emperor will never doubt me in the first place."


I said as I entered the tea leaf shop next to the jewelry store.

"Please ask the Emperor for a fine tea leaf!"

And the next morning.

I entered the Emperor's Palace.

As soon as I confronted the supernatural Emperor, I shook my hand and stopped my mouth.


"What did she find me for?"

I snuck out the tea leaves and said,

"My aunt says, maybe I can help you with this."


"I can help the Emperor. Because I like the Emperor the most!"

So give me some land.

Dubled needs to be independent.

'And don't get along with Mina? Get to know me better. I'll use it to your advantage!'