That afternoon, that Dubled.

"Wonderful, proud!"

"Dubled's belly!"



A fervent cheer was poured out by the wizards and administrators. I pretended to jaw arrogantly.

"I know."

I deserve this compliment today!

My audacious behavior burst out of laughter on the couch side. They were brothers.

"Because the people don't have land, I used to be a peasant for the nobles. Thank goodness."

"In the first year of cleansing the land, it's the law of abundance. Next year, you'll be really full."

Henri and Ishaq praised him, and John stroked his head.

Dubois and North were almost crying.

In Dublin, a great deal of compassionate funding escapes every year.

When the common people became the peasants of the nobility, they paid excessive interest to the nobility, so in fact, even if they were peasants, there was not much left.

Even so, it was not possible to punish the nobles who had harvested the peasants through legitimate procedures, and the number of peasants increased with the year.

The cause is the lack of agricultural land.

Dubled owned the largest territory in the Empire, but most of it was diseased by combat magic, so the farmland was scarce.

Addressing the shortage of farmland will only reduce the merciful funding, and many people will not have to suffer.

The troubles that Duke Dubois and North had wrapped around his head every year were solved.

'And there…….'

The Chairman approached me and whispered.

"I'm contacting Javelin. It's Cecilia's charity party."

"What about Francis Arabel?"

"As you instructed, Francis Arabel made sure to focus only on party delicacies and to dig up the bottle as an excuse. Well..... Even if it wasn't for the lady, Earl Arabel was like that, so the party couldn't have been a success."

Cecilia's adoption was the same as the confirmation.

From the Hoff Merchant Guild, the amount funded to Earl Arabel was 20,000 francs.

It is only 20,000 francs that confirms the forthcoming expansion of the land and the empire of Cecilia.

'I thought it would cost at least two more balls in this house, but the money was solid!'

I sucked orange juice with a smile.

And a few days later, there was a final caretaker announcement in the Imperial Palace.

The most recent sentence recorded at the bottom is Cecilia Beryl Louerg.

Cecilia holds a book festival with the name of her sister who loved her so much.

* * *

There was a party in Dublin. The party to celebrate Cecilia's adoption of the enemy in Dubled lasted three days.

I smiled as I looked at the first shipped fancy wreath among the wreaths.

"Where did that come from?"

In response to the Chairman's question, I replied with my fingertips.

"Empress Yvonne."

"Emperor? You must have had a big stomach. The Emperor is furious with this rumor."

"Of course I'm not angry, Emperor. You were blackmailed by Emperor Yvonne. But would you miss the chance to shoot her and hit her? The Emperor won't be able to avoid Cecilia's adoption in this case, so he chose another way."

"You mean the lady."

"Cecilia can't do anything without Dubled anyway. If Duke Dubled takes me into my hands, the daughter he loves, it won't be hard to stop Cecilia."

"I'll give you a discount. You got both Emperors."

I looked back at the party leader with a smile.

The invitees are so frivolous.

Dublin Red, which owns the most goods on the continent.

The Empire's finest group of knights. Come on.

Fleet acquired through Valois.

An exclusive spinel owned through the Hope Merchant Guild, and a source of water to keep you from any drought. A long-distance march that will be the basis of exceptional military power.

A child destined to receive the love of the royal family.

Everywhere I walk, the nobles nod.

Dubled's count has reached the top of the continent.

'The first preparations are over.'

I smiled as I saw the nobles coming out in flocks.

"Young love, long time no see."

"How difficult was it for those horrible rumors? Don't worry.I heard that the people who used to love me kept me from raising my head for a while."

"Honor, this is my son studying in another country. Delphasa, say hello."

It was then.

Storas rises up in the air as the Etwald in his pocket gets hot.

[Stupid girl, I'll be back when your body recovers, but you brought people together again.]

I knew you'd come, man! '

I clapped my hands.

As soon as I signal, all of the chairman's lights go out and the constellation-shaped lights outside the window shine brightly.


"Oh, my God, it's beautiful!"

As soon as all the people's eyes were turned out of the window, Fur popped out and blocked Storas from coming to me.

'I knew you'd be looking for a place to meet again.'

I anticipated it, I prepared it.

Get out of Pure Body, Grizzly! The spark blooms. Pur smiles, who fills with a lot of power, along with the sacred power from Adrian in the far reaches.

[Hey, hey... how!]

It meant how he was able to drive power by specifying one of the summoned demons.

'I must have known the Cardinal that I was crazy. They're all strapped up for this.'

I learned to control the divine power from Cardinal Blacio while I was absent from Storas.

Of course, I followed the divine training developed for me by the wizards of Dublin. However, the training method developed by the temple itself over a thousand years was different from the Wizard's teachings.

And okay, the lesson I got from the temple in my previous life was actually just a watermelon lick.

[You devil...!]

'Thank you for the compliment.'

Then another piece of shit I prepared for Storas was revealed.

"Oh, what's that mushroom?"

"Mushrooms in Dublin Gardens?"

When people started chatting, Taylor said,

"This is Meria Pool."

"Legendary Herb? But that's not grass....."

"Meria Pool according to the full name of the goddess Meria. A gift of God that can make antibiotics by upgrading with the help of a child of destiny."

The moment Storas wanted to erase the trace of Maria was revealed in the heavens and the earth.


A loud voice filled with malice resounded in my head.

Then Pur's purchase was twisted.

[Stupid guy, do you know how dirty he is? She's the one who robs her teeth when she hits her cheek!]

I felt strange because it seemed like a curse, but I shook my head.

'It's getting tricky.'


* * *

The party broke down.

Me, my family, and the chairman stared at Owl Storas, who was trapped in a cage made of Pur's power in my father's office.

"This is the son of a bitch who attacked the kid, right?"

"How dare a human being...!"

When Storas shouts, Ishak hears the branches with an evil expression.

Ishaq started stabbing Storas with a branch, and Storas wept. And the deer blue laughed as she watched Storas being harassed by Ishaq.

"Woman, I will not forgive you! The fear of hell is your blood, flesh, soul.... Stop stabbing! It hurts!"

On one side of the village, the chairman shook his head cleverly in the same view.

"What do you intend to do, young lady?"

"Huh? What?"

"Even for revenge, I was unable to fulfill the Devil's wishes forever. The author will not return unless he reaps in Etwal. If you do....."

"I didn't say I wouldn't listen to your wishes."

Pickup cried, Storas, and his family and chairman, Fur, looked back at me.

Storas stares at me with his fist-yellow eyes.

"How much more do you intend to destroy me? This is how I can erase Maria's trail!"

"I can do it. because this article will be published soon."

I heard a parchment with an article written by Seria for this moment.

The title is [The Truth of the Goddess in Myth, How the Witch Became a Goddess].

"Meria Pool is a name in myth. The proper name will be" Storas. ""


I said, grabbing the cage.

"Meria's fairy tale says, Meria, a good medic who repeats her training for all. And her assistant, Lars."


"Las stos. That's you, right?"


"One of the pioneers. A man who loved Maria and made her everything, but eventually betrayed. Las Pioneers like her."


"Ancient pioneers have become demons now."

Storas' body shines white and the cage bangs!! Broken.

Storas, who became a man, stared at me. Soon, however, he nodded his head.

"Tell me, Storas. Gods and demons and demons. It is the end of this war that has continued from ancient times."

Storas nodded his head a few times and shook his lips. Then a low voice flowed out.

* * *

[In ancient times, God and man lived together.

Humans were at peace under the protection of God, but in places where God's eyes could not reach them, God gave wisdom to some people to protect them on their behalf.

This is the 72-person pioneer.

Hundreds of years of peace followed. But wise men soon learned greed and ruled over men.

God sent down the good and made a refuge for those who were sacrificed to human greed. He sent down a language to accuse the unrighteous.

This was the beginning of the temple.

After the advent of wisdom and language to man, the handover prospered.

He learned how to harvest crops, teach them how to harvest widely, and teach them how to hunt and gather in the winter when God is resting.

And time flows to the night this all began.

A starry winter night.]