[God saw a young shepherd brother starving in the desert. It bears fruit on a delicate branch for the younger brother, but the younger brother carries only the hungry ship.

God asked his brother and sister.

"Why did you not eat the fruit I brought down? '

'The fruit of winter is for the crows.'

'Is your promise to the artifact more important than your life?'

'What difference is there between man and beauty if you don't keep your faith?'

God has reaped the starving brother.

The younger brother learns deeper wisdom from the side of God and realizes the benefits of nature.

God distributed his gifts to each of his brothers and sisters, so that they might be widely distributed.

The brother-in-law gave fresh water and bread to the hungry, and gave healing miracles to the bottled horses.

Man deeply admired a shepherd with the same wisdom and talent as God. I gave tribute to God and built a shelter where I could face my brothers and sisters more closely.

Brothers and sisters have long spread the teachings of God to the world.

At some point, however, the man became suspicious. Why does God love man equally? What is the difference between character and wisdom if man should be equal?

The man made a gift only for those who gave good tribute and deep confidence, and God rebuked him.

A man asked.

'Why does God, the perfect being, share the world with man?'

'Why is there a difference between God and man who share the world?'

'We need human faith for the existence of God.'

Man receives a man closer than a god who is far away. The shrine of human interest is infested with cobwebs, while the inner shelter is overflowing with wheat, barley, meat, vegetables, and gold treasures.

A man who realizes that the power that was only a part of God has flooded God asks:

For a long time they have preached the teachings of God, but war is endless, and those who have it persecute those who do not have it, and are called ships. '

'Why is it that God, the Absolute, cannot control a human being but a creature?'

'If righteousness and love save the world through the teachings of God, why did God not send only kindness and love to man?'

"Why did God give man greed, who always triumphs in the presence of kindness and love? '

At the end of the question, the man realizes

The reason why tax is greedy is because God is not a complete being.

The man was determined to do so.

'A greedy incense needs a complete god.'

so that those who have it can create a world that does not persecute those who do not have it.

Don't let your child send their parents first.

Avoid wandering the desert trying to starve.

So that there is nothing you can do but turn your head, looking at your hungry, crying sister.

Thus, the man is called God.

The man confronts the god by feeding on human greed. The 72-member leader divides himself and enters under the command of the god and the man.

Humans are sometimes sweet, and sometimes they call evil spirits angels or demons.

In the end, the war between God and man lasts a long time, and the day the sun is obscured by the shadows, it ends with the victory of man.

The god in front of the corpse trapped the 72-year-old in the pillar with his last breath.

Until the day when the heir of God's will opens a new chapter in the war.]

[Of forgotten records.]

* * *

When Storas closed the book, the fire seeds in the corner instantly covered the book. Looking at the ashes falling on the floor, I turned my eyes to Storas.

"The man is a Neriad God, and the evil one is the Creator."

"…… yes. The war between the two gods destroyed the ancient nation, and the records of the gods disappeared. The same goes for the record of the Clerk. So man, you call us merely demons or angels."

"You must be the demon that follows Neriad. Why are you showing me these records? Is that how desperate you are for revenge on Maria? After revenge, can it be extinguished? What are you going to do if the god Neriad wipes you out?"

"The god Neriad can't destroy me."


"The Neriad God won the war, but he was also badly wounded. Most of the power had to be exhausted in order to lose the body of the human enemy and seal the broken Creator."

"You can't interfere with the handover."

"You're clever, man."

The head was complicated.

God, whom man has always believed in and followed, was a man who took the place of the Creator.

The desire of man is the creation of Neriad God.

'God made of desire. That's what's evil.'

Ishak looked at me and said, "Kid..." I grabbed my shoulder.

I looked at my father with my forehead.

"If this book is true, I am the evil one who can summon the devil..... No, I am the progeny of the Creator and Mina is the progeny of Neriad God."


"The purpose of Neriad is to be a complete god…."

When I thought about it, I was flawed.

"Just in case. Consciousness, which means I'm the sacrifice. That's....."

When I blurred my words, Henri said coldly.

"It wasn't a seal."

"What do you mean, little brother?"

John, who was listening to Henri and Ishaq, said:

"It was a ritual to be a complete god."

Ishak's face hardened.

"Was the first rite of life a failure in the shoes of Lord Neriad? The demon woke up, so it was a failure."

I narrowed my glans and put my forehead on.

Why did the first consciousness of life fail? '

The kingdom was prepared, and Mina, the descendant of Neriad God, presided over the ceremony, and the ceremony took place on the day of eclipse, as instructed by the faith.

'But why...'

I opened my eyes in circles.

"Because my power was sealed!"



Henri and Ishak looked back at me.

"You sealed the power before Adrian entrusted me with the care of a newborn baby. By my request! That's why the ritual failed!"

"Then, kid, no way....."

"Yeah, maybe it's not the power of evil that got me back."


"The Neriad God needs me again because I failed the ritual. So what if we regressed it?"

Henri and John exchanged cold eyes.

Henri said.

"If I were evil, I would have let LeBlaine die. That way we could stop the Neriad god's plan."

All the puzzles were matched.

I have been playing from beginning to end, until now, in the hands of the god Neriad.

"Regression wasn't a new opportunity. I was living to be sacrificed again....."

Evil God was once defeated by Neriad God. He fails to protect me, my progeny.

All of my life, all of my Valverdun, was to be the sacrifice of Neriad God.

The Temple was right.

[Evil in handover. The child of extinction. That's you, LeBlaine.]

I really did.

Even if I was alive, there was a big crisis in this world.

A life that shouldn't have come to life in the first place.

Villains that will lead the world to ruin.

'That was me.'


Ping's head twisted. When I sat on the couch, John hurriedly grabbed me.



"It's the youngest."

"…… what are you doing?"


"Where is this....."

A dark silence sank in the room.

Families looked at me quietly, with their faces wrinkled and their tears bursting like children, and said nothing of it.

"I was just a pig raised to be eaten...!"


"Where is that? Why should I do this? I just want to live, I just want to be happy...!!"


"Where is something like this.. Ugh...."

If I have to die, Neriad God will not be the perfect God.

The world can be at peace if I die. My family and my people are safe.

I have to die.....

"Me, I'm unfair. That's unfair! Oh, I didn't want to be a descendant of evil gods! Huuuuuuuuuch..."

Ishaq said, "Kid....." I reached out, but I sprinkled his hand and ran out of the room.


"It's the youngest."

I heard my brothers' voices behind me. And he said, "Leave me alone." The low voice of the father who does it also.

* * *

Entering a small dungeon in the garden, I curled up and wept.

I can't live because I'm unfair.

Knowing the story of both the evil god, the Creator and the Neriad God, I realized that the two people I saw in my dream were the Creator and the Neriad God.

[Poor kid. You're still on a solid mission. I have not given way for you.]

That's Neriad God.

[Go back…… to…… family…… baby, please…!]

That's the Creator.

'What did God Neriad call him?'


Yeah, I said Serge.

I snore as I recall the shabby god who stood in my way.

'Ser wanted me dead anyway.'

Why do I look like this?

I kept getting scared, so I learned to tear my nose red.

I was actually expecting a little. Maybe the evil god is actually a righteous god, and Neriad is an evil god, so I might actually be the child of a righteous god.

It would be worth my life.

I think I can make my family and my people happy.

'When I find out about this, everyone will try to kill me. I'll put my family in danger.'

I'm crying with my face on my knee. I fell asleep at some point.



I heard that voice.

When I turned my head, this was not a small dune. The boy next door is about 17 years old.

[Oh, my God. What kind of sleep is that?]


[Are you awake yet? Wake up. Serga calls.]

[No, who are you.....]

The boy with his hands on his waist grabbed my head.

[Neriad. Yes, brother.]

What did you say?

I looked at me and looked at the smiling boy.