And time passed.

I floated in the air as if I were a soul out of my body.

I, the girl, slept as if she had died after being swept by the river. The boy kept his brother's side without any lower back pain.

[Wake up, LeBlaine. There's tons of flowers in the field that you like. Bake some bread, pick up some fresh milk and let's go out. I won't break my promise this time...]

I was heartbroken by a pathetic voice. It's like I'm assimilated with a girl.

However, no matter how much time passed, I did not open my eyes. Spring's coming, summer's coming.

It was a day when it rained relentlessly. The sun is obscured by the feeding clouds and the day and night are vague.

The boy ran out of the house.

[Please save LeBlaine.]

The rainy boy wails before God, trembling less with his blue lips.

[Serga can save my brother...!]

[You can't twist your destiny.]

God reaches out to the cheek of a boy who has been whitened.

Open it!

The boy pulls out his hand and looks sharply at God. The pioneer who was by God [Neriad!] and shouted, but the boy was just a monster.

[Why does God exist?]]

[To lead.]

[Ulcer! Ulcer!! It's always an ulcer...!!]

The boy has done evil. The devil's eyes, twisted in anger, ran as red as it was.

[Humans call you Father. It's silly. What father would leave a child in pain?]


The merchant is aged, but Neriad twists the purchase.

[The one who leads? Don't be ridiculous. The only place you can walk to is in the end. War is endless, and swept children live more miserably than beasts! You are incapable of saving a child!!]


[LeBlaine walked your way from start to finish, but there's no one as innocent as I am stupid! She lost her parents as soon as she was born, and had to cross the desert to live at the age of only five. I've been starving for three days for a bad brother who can't feed me a grass root. She gave me what I got and smiled foolishly!]


[Every time you tell a lie for a few days, trust me, wait, wait... wait, wait again...!]

He hesitated to sit on the floor while he was doing evil. Gear crawls through the balmy floor and squeezes its head under God's shoes.

[Please save me…….]


[Please save me, please…….]

The boy clings to the bridge of God and cries like a child. Please save me, please save my brother. Repeat one word.

The boy looks up at God with soaked eyes. God opened his mouth slowly.

[Numerous precious souls shriveled. I cherish your brothers and sisters, but I cannot love only you. If your brother is still alive, he will find rest in my arms.]

[Why did you make man finite…….]

[Because finite is beautiful.]

The boy looked at the God's eyes and said,

[Curse you.]

At that moment, the thunder rang the heavens and the earth. An angry pioneer's voice echoes in the temple, and God closes his eyes.

The boy was taken to prison by others.

In a prison as dark as the palm of his hand, he gazes into the air without a glance.

One day, two days, three days, four days..... Time has passed without fail.

One autumn day the boy was released from Oxa at the mercy of God.

The boy twists the temple with a whimsical body. And what I encountered was...


"Me," smiling brightly.

The boy's pupils trembled greatly. "I" ran endlessly and jumped into his arms.

[My brother is an idiot. Do you know how worried I was?]

[You, LeBlaine..... how.....]

[I woke up earlier. But you don't have a brother!]

I stretched out my lips and whispered, and I heard Cook laughing beside me. It was Bune.

[Agatha appealed to Ser for you. All the pioneers pleaded with their unholy bodies to impress the baby. Don't put that nasty word in your mouth again.]


The boy groaned loudly. "I" smiled brightly with his waist tugged. Without realizing that his eyes were different from before.

That day, the boy's talent was expressed.

The boy saw Serge as before. After reaching the age of superior ability, he showed God's grace by looking around the handover without taking on the role of guarding jurisdiction like any other pioneer.

"I" waited for a boy to leave the house for a few short months and a few long years.

Göner grew up with me for a long time. Behind his back, Salang's hair lengthened to the waist, his rounded face curled up, and the womb of a weaned adult.

One day, God asked.

[Don't you resent me.]


[Oh, my God. I am a weak parent who does not save a man who suffers, but gives only hope.]

[It's like a parent teaching a child to walk. He taught me how to get up instead of stirring up when I fell.]

[I made human life finite, making eternal separation.]

[Endless beings don't know the value of life. But a flower in the field is limited, and the warmth of your hand is precious. Humans are beautiful for that.]

God kissed the essence of "me."

Time has passed like oil. One day, a big and small event took place at the beginning of the handover.

The rift began in a country far from God.

Those who named themselves kings divided the identity of man. Nobles, commoners, and slaves.

Those who lost the war were bought and sold.

The ark was different from the war we fought together for grain.

When the handover was divided into more than ten countries, the pioneers realized. Of those whom God has given wisdom, there are those who are swallowed up by desire.

He was Neriad, my brother.

I hold Neriad and shout.

[Why? Why, why!]

[You can't save everyone, so why is it that you're making a difference?]

[God gave you wisdom to save the hungry!]

[Even the gods can't save them properly. But when you have a king, when you have a noble, it's different. When it enters under their control, it is at least melted. Nothing starves to death.]



Neriad yells at me.

[Don't think of God as the Savior! All the clouds of this earth were born from the hand of God. Because time is finite, because wealth is finite, they take it away, they fight.]

[…… what do you want to say?]

[LeBlaine, you never thought of it that way. We need a stronger god to save humanity. If I let every human being be born in my rightful place with more power and obey, desire will be lost in this land. War is also a crime.]

[That's taking advantage of the opportunity for humans. A chance to be happy on your own. It's no different from a livestock if God sets all his destinies.]

[Look. Livestock and humans. There's a difference between species. But isn't it strange that there shouldn't be a difference in humans?]

I look at him with an unreliable expression that I am far from Neriad.

[……] It's crazy.]

[All is for the poor man.]

He kissed my forehead and recited.

[LeBlaine, I want to give you a world without desire.]


[A world where you don't cry anymore. A world where you don't have to be afraid to lose yourself.]

[If you don't give up your will, I will.]

[You'll understand me one day.]

That's when I realized. The cogs were contrary, and the wheels were already out of the way.

There are more humans following Neriad. There are more shelters in the land in honour of Neriad than Serga's temple.

The land was constantly turning into a mountain hell of desire.

Over time, there were pioneers who sympathized with Neriad's will. God's wisdom was as easy to cast a shadow as the light.

I asked God.

[Why don't you stop your brother?]

[Because it's also his destiny.]

[Does God also have a destiny?]

[How is the man who is mixed with man different from the man who is alone?]

[Is that so?]

Why do you not grumble against God? Why do you not consider that you do not save as the teasing of God, but merely accept it?]

[Nevertheless, we know that God loves us.]


[It's hard to know that a little unnamed life hides in tears. so that God knows that every day is a cloak and a pain. I know you're not involved, so I'm giving you a chance.]

Serga stroked my cheek.

[How can this be a precious soul?]


[Make sure you don't give up on me.]

God was as sweet as ever, but the world was getting darker.

I picked up Rob, who was in trouble for a few days in the house.

[Where are you going? If Neriad knows..... LeBlaine!]

[I should get rid of your cheap shit.]

[What such vulgar words...!]

"I" traveled. Focused on reaping those who cloak like they are immersed in work to forget their troubles.

Most of them worked to heal the sick. A few months after the sickness was harvested using the mysterious herbs learned by God.

People called me the healing goddess.

[I don't think so.]

[If so, please give me a name. Mr. Edelhoff said he has a statue of the goddess in town, and he is upset that he doesn't even know her name.]

[Frostbite means something.]

[The goddess took care of all the children of Lady Edelhoff. What? Please give me a name. You're not gonna sneak away like you did in the last town, are you?]

I, who was pondering, sighed.

This town was abandoned by Neriad's followers. If Neriad's brother, LeBlaine, was revealed to be "my brother," it would all be confused between resentment and gratitude.

When I looked around, I saw a blurred sign from a distance. Meriandurias. The name that appears to be blurry with other writing....

[Maria. I'm Maria.]

Hearing what came out of the mouth of 'I of this hour', I was astonished.

What did you say?

Maria was "me"?

You, behind your back! The old age popped out.

[Who dares to blaspheme God!]


[The pioneer on behalf of Hügart, whom I immediately entered the scene! Las Stoda in training to become…….]

"Oh, my God."

That idiot, Maria, she loved me?

I betrayed her? That's ridiculous! '

Because I wasn't as interested in him as beans!