"He lost his reason and lost his goodwill in exchange for the power that man should not covet. It only existed as a ritual for a long time, making it more monstrous than in the past. Now all he remembers is the goal. To be a complete god and to kill you and resurrect you as his doll. He only remembers these two things."

"The pioneers are the ones who have received wisdom from God, and why are there those who follow Neriad?"

"They're human, too. Greed exists for any human being."

"Why on earth does Storas hate Maria, calling me a traitor? Because you didn't tell me I was Neriad's brother?"

"Love occasionally blurs reason. The one who loves him before his eyes jumps into the bosom of another and dies. His long-suffering love became resentment."

"Neriad's purpose is to be a complete god, isn't it?"

"Yes, it swallowed me up."

"No, if you swallow the gods, you swallow them! If so, why should I be sacrificed and devoured by God? You don't think I have the power of God, do you? What is the power of God?"

"I've been asleep for a long time. I could only see the world with the eyes of the child I chose. How could I keep an eye on you like that?"

"Were you asleep in me?"

He smiled. He stepped back and stroked my head.

"I don't have much time left. I'm going to keep asking questions."

"How could Adrian, a mere human being, seal the power of God?"

"He's a clever kid. It does not seal the power of God, but it blocks the passage through which the power of God can be ejected. Plus, they have a very special line of blood."

"A special blood line……. Do you have anything to do with the Shaman tribe, the Invited Emperor?"

"Shaman is a tribe of beginners. I'm the first human descendant I owe you. It's special."

"Why did you choose me? I'm Neriad's brother. You didn't think I'd sympathize with Neriad's will? Besides, I'm not exactly a pioneer..."

"The existence that guides man is a pioneer. You have traveled in ancient times, saved countless lives, and led them on the right path. You cannot be a blind man."

"But you didn't express merit."

"That's what I think."

He stops walking and looks at me.

"Yes. I haven't been able to express my talents in the past."

"At the last moment, you expressed your talent."

"What's my talent? Calling out demons?"

"That's the power of God."

"I don't have the ability to do that or anything. You should return as much as possible.. Huh?"

He smiled, and I realized it.

'God didn't give you regression? My ability was regression?'

"Where is this? I'd rather summon a dead soul like Bune or look at the record like Storas! This is discrimination! Neriad has shown similar merit to the power of God, why am I...!"

Wax, wax, wax, wax, wax! When I screamed, God stroked my head.

"Profitability is the most precious value that a pioneer thinks. That's what you value the most."

"Regression is the best value I can think of?"

"I'm sorry you didn't tell me. Humans should all have a chance."

"Opportunity……. Is regression an opportunity?"


I sighed deeply.

I seem to have pinched the seller with my hand in ancient times.

"Last question, then. Why doesn't Storas know I'm Maria? Bune, Pymon and Fur don't know I'm Neriad's brother."

"It's a price for taking a human."

"... you don't remember because you became a demon and drank human blood?"

"The pioneer must protect man. The drunker you take those you have to keep, the more your memory as a human being will be erased. The lost memory is distorted as you wish. Like Storas distorted you as a traitor to wish you were the object of a grudge."

"Forgetfulness is a punishment...?"

"And sometimes they tore their flesh and bones without recognizing the soul of a lover, or of a child, or of a keeper, or of a neighbor. Then we lose our humanity. To never be saved again."

Oh, my God.

Where are those bees?


God's face is blurred.

It was then. The space was broken and the voice of God blurred.

I looked around the blemishes. I felt the power of Neriad that God had shown me in the past.


"Sweetheart, you saved my children…… a special being…… you……."

Serga turned into a very small lump of light as her voice was muted. The light, which became smaller and smaller, disappeared completely.

[I love you.]

I just want to say one word.

Then I realized.

that he had spent all his remaining strength to meet me.

I thought I was only being used by God. I'm actually very loved, too.

I sat in the light. I kept crying.

* * *

"…… Blaine."



I looked around with a rough-eyed breath.

I saw the faces of the families who were white and bored.

'My room…….'

It looks like Serga has returned from God's space.

"I…… how…… sleepy……."

No, what's wrong with my voice!

The voice is locked and the body does not move properly, as if the speech is not speaking properly and the muscle is hardened.

A much drier Ishaq stares at me than I saw last time.

"Ike. It's more like chaos. '

It was when I cried.

Ishak hugs me.

"In case I don't keep my eyes open like this, how…… how………."

I've never seen a cheerful Ishaque float like this before.

I looked around my family, drawn to Ishaq.

Henri, John, and his aunt's face were also painfully distorted.

Henri barely opened his mouth, holding his tears by biting his coarse lips.

"It's two months. I've been asleep for two months."

What did you say?

John sighed as his eyes widened.

"Doctors don't have a problem, you don't open your eyes."

I turned my head.

My father looked at me with a stiff face.

"Well, I..."

I trimmed my throat with a colicoloc cough.

"I didn't do it on purpose. It's all God's Gate. Really!"


"But, I'm sorry for worrying....."

As I nodded and murmured, my father covered my elbow with a large hand.

"Now that I'm up, I'm ready."

Tears spun.

An ancient family I wished for. This life, I have that family.

'I don't think my ability is bad. After all, the opportunity gave me back my family.'

I held him in my arms, and Ishaq, who took me away, said, "I held him first!" I shouted.

And a while later.

The door opens with a shocking voice, and Cecilia, who puts Tiara on her head, comes in.

"Lady, no, just because the infant has moved, I'm so worried...!"

I fixed my eyes on Cecilia, who looked behind my father's back.

Fancy dress. Tiara.

"Did you get married? You became Emperor?"

"Young lady……."

I guess I had a lot of work to do while I was asleep.

'Wait a minute. What about Storas?'

Turning his head, Storas looked wealthy in the air.

"You deadly bastard."

Las Stokes, a pioneer traineer I first saw in ancient times, was a much cooler man.

A traitor who distorted a woman who loved her because she had no object to resent.

I also helped you become a pioneer in traineeship.

He expressed his merit, but the humans in his previous jurisdiction, ruled by his predecessor, almost remained trainees because they had not followed him at all.

If I hadn't healed people and spread the rumor that he was saving people with herbal medicine, the arrogant would not have trusted him.

'But do you distort your memory that I'm a traitor who stole the cure?'

When I open my eyes slowly, Storas screams.


"When did Maria betray you? You were betrayed by yourself."

[What nonsense...!]

"Give me the records of the pioneers now. It's written about what the demon-extinguishing passage is."

[That's after the article was exported. You're on hold because you fell.]

"Meh, Maria. I have to tell you today. I look at you and my ribs are puffy."

[How could you...!]

Storas' face was furious.

"Meh, Maria. It doesn't mean that your ribs are aching, so I'm looking at you..."

"Stop, stop!"

Storas, who reveals himself to the humans, rushes to Hudadak and stops my mouth.

I pushed and laughed like a bad boy.

"When I write the story of Maria, I will also go out with the story of the Purity of Las Stones."

"You filthy little man! How can you be so pure of a man...!"


"I meant it....."

He cried when he said that. I don't even know if Maria's in sight.