"Yes. You must have been serious."

When I say it out of hand, Storas raises his head and looks at me.

"Meria also loves me....!"

"You. Well."

"Joe, a little..... maybe?"

For convenience, the ancient 'me' was not as interested as the new gathering of Las Stokes.

Meria was a man who didn't know the love of men and women, so she didn't give Storas any more.


When I speak decisively, Storas chokes.

"How do you know?"

'That's because I'm Maria, and Ser showed me the past!'

.. I opened my eyes narrowly because I couldn't answer.

'I can't tell you that I was Maria now.'

Until now, the demons I called could not communicate with each other, but some of the ancient pioneers I saw had the ability to move the world.

If it turns out that I am Maria among the demons, the Devil of Neriad will come after me.

There is no way I can defeat a demon, a human being. If you're an aggressive person, you can't even stop Puro.

'A cunning demon will come after the humans around me like Storas. Families are in danger.'

"Do you really think so?"

When I asked him, Storas said, "Of course...!" Scream and turn your head.

She actually knew that Maria wasn't interested in her. That's not enough to distort memory.

"Think carefully. If Las Stowe's innocence goes out to the Knights, the demons who will be summoned to the handover will know all about your first love."

"You, you filthy...!"

"Yeah, I'm a mean kid."

I shook my hand, and I shook my hand, and Storas hid himself again, grinding his teeth.

'Okay, I think it will be over soon to find out the way of the demons to Storas, and now.....'

As I turned my head, I saw my aunt, Cecilia, and my three maids, Dalia and Linda, and Uni.

I scratched my head and said,

"So, uh, um... that's what happened."




The maids and Cecilia, my aunt, asked with a firm face, and I laughed awkwardly.

"I am a child of demons who can summon demons."


Aunt raised her body, Cecilia stood on her forehead, and the three maids said, "Ahhh…." I sat down moaning.

* * *

I told Aunt Cecilia and the three maids about my abilities.

He regressed three times and was able to summon the Devil after touching Newit in this life.

What was surprising was that Aunt Cecilia and the three maids were only awkward for a moment and did not look at me strangely.

Scream, baby.

"I recognized it at first sight. My lady was special! You radiant, you disheartening! I couldn't believe he was a normal kid!"

The maids laughed in tears as they thought they would.

Cecilia understood the situation more easily than they did because she didn't know that I was only a demon child summoning demons.

And Aunt.....

"Must have been hard."


"I've done a lot of terrible things, and I've done a great job. It's great."

He said that, and gave me a hug, and I wept.

Everything that has been accomplished so far has not been worth anything. Having gone through so many things, I made so many precious people.

'This time, I will never die as a sacrifice.'

Here, you'll live happily ever after with my people.

I was able to make up my mind.

After talking to my aunt, I snore in the hallway and the chairman approaches.

"Are you still crying today?"

"A man must be like a woolbo....."

"Isn't it?"

"No! I'm crying because it's today!"

When I pinched my lips, the Chairman smiled and said,

"I'm really glad you're awake. Seria, Trigon, and Zakari were very worried."

"I think the chairman did, too."

"I slept a couple of times a week."

"Everyone else was more worried than that?"


Chairman Cook burst into laughter.

We walked to the greenhouse together. The Chairman told me what happened while I was asleep. It was the story of the Hope Merchant Guild and Cecilia who held the Emperor's inauguration three days ago.

"You must have done a lot of work while I was gone."

"I've done a lot of hard work. Would you like to enter the Imperial Palace? I heard from Yvonne Palace and the Emperor's Palace when she woke up."

"I want to think about it."

"Do you have any work to do?"

"Yes. I fell asleep because evil showed me ancient dreams. Turns out I was Neriad God's sister."


It was the sound of a thick book falling from the Chairman's hand.

He looks at me with his eyes as big as a brush and his mouth wide open.

"W-what kind of talk is like a morning menu...! Is it true?"

"Yes, and I'm the one that Storas loved. Meria was my old alias."


This was the sound of the chairman striking the wall as he stepped back.

I knocked on the Chairman's jacket.

"Can you stop freaking me out? I can't stop Storas from hearing it when the focus breaks."

"I'm surprised!"

"First of all, I know the Chairman. My dad and my brothers, I was worried about sleeping for two months, but I don't want to worry anymore."

Speaking in advance, the Chairman's voice was lowered.

"Because you don't want to worry about why you don't tell Leah and Javelin that she's a baby bird?"

After stopping, I looked back at him.

"…… I'll tell you when I'm ready."

"What are you prepared for?"

"Prepare to open the temple with Neriad."


"Think about it. If I find out I'm a baby bird, I have to tell you that killing Mom and Rayna is a temple. So how do you think Leah and Auntie are gonna get out?"

"If you're both personalities, you'll break into the temple of Philly."

"What if an individual confronts a temple?"

"I'm gonna die. Twelve-eighth century."

"Yeah, so I need to be ready."

"Are you sure you want to confront God? I don't know if it's a temple, but God...! Besides, you're the blood of your previous life."

When I looked at Chairman Zigsy, I twisted the buy.

"Maria, who only knew her brother, is dead. Now all we have here is an evil child who can be thrown into the dungeon of a god."


"Whether it's a god or a temple, you fight."


"I want you to know my article. I have to put pressure on him first."

"What article do you refer to?"

"Well, the title is [LeBlaine Reset Dubled] waking up. Why did you fall asleep for two months because of the stress caused by the pressure of the temple?!] That should do it."

I threw the machete to the chairman.

"What is this?"

"The Cardinal came to me and recorded a blackmail. Release it together."

"Really, miss...."

The Chairman said with a laugh.

"You must be the most wicked child in the world."

"Thank you for the compliment."

'Yeah, I've been thinking too hard so far.'

You can smash it.

Let's do something this simple.

I hummed my nostrils while holding my back with my clipped hand.

"Ah, Chairman."


"I have a favor to ask Trigon. Call me."

The Chairman looked suspicious, but soon nodded.

* * *

The Empire was overturned by an article from Dubled.

Prior to Henri Dubled's negative, the chairman exquisitely re-edited the cardinal's intimidation and exported the article.

"The last case of Marquis Schuheil was a temple plot to get a destined child, right?"

"Isn't it because the Temple didn't heal Marquis Schuheil's condition?"

"No, I heard you deliberately made your legs rot."

"Oh, my God, it's horrible!"

"Perhaps those who bear the name of God are too wicked. I feel sorry for a child of my own destiny."

"How much emotional pain I wish I could get married....."

The emperor sympathized with the pagans around the temple and reduced the power of the temple.

The temple did not use another number because of the coldness of Segan's gaze, and he sent the Cardinal Reginald who threatened me to forgive me.

I spoke to Reginald, who was buzzing with disgrace.

"Hush! When I saw Cardinal, I couldn't breathe again...!!"




Then he pretended to be confused, and the innocent Reginald had to go back and forth seven times.

At the end, I knelt down and begged him to forgive me for being a fool.

But I never forgave the temple.

The temple once again suffered humiliation as the congregation's footsteps were cut off.

And I took the telescope from a distance of the temple and giggled and stole the flying chapel of Paris.

"It's getting tricky."

Seriado Ohohot, who has grudges against the temple! I enjoyed the situation with a smile.

'Now, then…….'

Looking at Etwal, I pulled out a long-distance mover.

It was the 'old plateau' when I tore the movers apart and opened my eyes.

'It was an ancient capital.'

Everywhere I looked, I remembered Meria, the pioneers, and Neriad.


As I looked around without saying a word, I held Etwal and lightly energized him.

The human type Storas appeared with a bright glow before his eyes.

"Now will you give it to me? The book in which the passage of the demons is recorded."

"You didn't fulfill my wish."

"Is it really your wish to remove the trace of Meria from the handover?"

"Of course...!"

Buruk, Storas, who was screaming, looked me in the sunken eye as usual and gave me a confused look.

"Of course, I, I am the woman....."

"Remember Maria?"


"Do you all remember what it looked like, how it smiled?"


He shook, turned his head.

'You don't remember what I look like, just because a man named Maria is tired.'

I gave Storas the Horse Tool I made to Trigon.

After looking at the little horse-drawn tool, he turned to me. It was a curious look.

"What is this?"

"If that's what you like, let's do it with your wishes."

"Whatever this is, I don't like it."

Hm, he turned his nose fart and operated the horse tool.

Moments later, the Horseshoe shines blue. And what appeared…….

[Ethiopia. Give it to me.]

Storas' gaze trembled.

In both his hands, the ancient Meria became a hologram and was shaking.

[Let's see your herbs, huh?]


[It's three eggs of Cornelian oil. Not two eggs.]

Storas' expression began to crumble. He bites his lips tightly and nods. 'Meria' smiled widely in his hand and said,

[Glad you're here.]

[…… Las.]


He raised his head in my words.

"How, how did you………."

"I saw Meria in ancient times."

"..... Sergaña."


"Why the hell would he....."

"God loves me, you, and everyone."

Storas spills the truth. Mary in his hand opened her mouth again.

[If your ribs are too tight, go to the doctor who looks after them.]

"The bones didn't hurt. You idiot."

[Why are you repeating the same thing?]

Meria smiles and becomes a butterfly within minutes, scattered in the air. Storas, no, Las Stores murmurs in his arms.

"I love you."


"I love you, Maria."

Thank you. Thank you.

Las sto's body felt like a wreck of light.

[I hated you.]


[Because it resembles Maria. But because I did.....]

"You don't have to tell me. Idiot."

He looked at me smiling. And I smile.

Like that silly man of his time.

Soon he was gone.

Before the fairy tale with Storas was completely cut off, a book fell out of the air.

When I picked up the book, his foundation was completely gone.

Alone on the old plateau, I began to move my steps.

Towards the dean.

* * *

Time passed quickly.

One spring full of flowers.

"Young lady, young lady! It's a big deal! In front of the castle again...!"

Laura looks around with a puzzled expression as she enters the Hustlecake Room.

"Oh, where is the lady...."

"Stay here."

Laura turns her head to the voice she hears from afar.

Beautiful curly hair waving from your chest. A slanted face. She grabbed her chin on the railing and asked Lora nicely.

"What happened today?"

"Master Ishak broke the bride of the solicitor."

She sighs and opens the base.

"Lady, please save me……! You're the Duke of Marquis!"

"Yeah, let's go."

LeBlaine, 17 years old.

The deacon's slogan has risen.