"One, we don't wander within a 30-kilometre radius of LeBlaine in the future."


"Neither 'Le' nor 'Le' of LeBlaine is in his mouth."


"Three, if I see you again in front of me, I will die."

"Dead, dying……."

I saw a man rolling hard in front of Ishaq and asked with an absurd expression.

"What are you doing?"

Ishaq and the man stared at me in the moment. Ishaq quickly hangs his arm over the man's shoulder.

"I was playing."

Ishak pokes a man in the side, Cook says, "Smile, smile." I whisper. The man raises his tail awkwardly.

I sighed and touched Ishak.

"Let the Confucius go and come here."


When I opened my eyes narrowly, Ishaq took his arm from the shoulder of Confucius with a trembling expression and approached me.

"You said that if you broke the bones of the Confucians, you'd run away."

"Looking for real parents? That doesn't work anymore."

He smiled and I smiled at him too.

"I'll find my husband and run away."


"Send me the Confucius."

"But that bastard has already come to the third territory..!"

"I'm packing?"

"You, get the fuck out! Now!"

When I saw Ishaq shouting, "Get out of the way," I shook my head.

Ishaq, who has grown unknowingly over the past eight years, is now the tallest of the Dublin Three brothers.

190 centimetres of accessories, a stubborn body, a slackened face, and dazzling silver feet on top of your neck. With twenty-three eyes, Ishaq smells like the scent of a finished corpse.

I heard a little silhouette inside the glottis.


Ishaq and one-year-old Henri Turul also grew up beautifully.

Henri, a delicately crafted doll, was still beautiful as a child, but became a handsome man with a different dangerous atmosphere than when he was a child.

"You're up early."

"Yeah, I have to get ready for graduation!"

When I spoke soberly, Henri rubbed his cheek lightly on my cheek and said,

"Congratulations on your graduation."

I graduate today from seminary the last time.

After graduation, he will attend the Academy of International Studies, Odyssey, attended by three brothers.

[But why haven't the brothers graduated yet?]

I heard the voice of the withdrawal.

"Johann's brother graduated early. Henri and Ishak haven't graduated yet. '

[So, second of all, isn't it time for your youngest nineteen to graduate?]

"In your world, you graduate in twenty years? Audi Academy usually graduates in twenty-three. Admission age is discriminatory. '

[Ah, similar to college. So you're a prestigious educator in your S?]

I don't know what the S is, but I'm right about being the best prestigious educator on the continent.

And since I received the title of Vatican Emperor, I also received permission to enter the Elicyano class of the Odis Academy.

All three brothers were in Elicyano class, so those who were educated in the Islands said diamond punishment.

'Dubled is ready, not to mention the land, the wealth, the continent's greatest military power. Now all you have to do is prepare for independence.'

My brothers have excellent grades, but I don't know how to date a butcher.

Auntie said to her brothers, "Because she looks like my father..... If it resembles a reset, the baby doesn't have to suffer." I filled my tongue.

"Lady, where are you? You should eat."


"Your favorite salmon is the breakfast menu!"

I heard the sound of my three maids looking for me from afar. I said, "Wow!" I rushed to them, shouting.

Henri's laughter and Ishak's voice behind him said, "Phew, Phew." I heard the sound of casting out the Confucius.

Today was also a good day.

* * *

The graduation ceremony that afternoon.

After receiving a diploma and a bunch of flowers from the principal, I approached my father.



I quickly jumped into his arms when I saw his smiling father. He grabs his neck and rubs his cheeks around his father's neck, and he taps his back kindly.

"Well done. If your mother had seen it, she would have been happy."

"You must have cried."

"It must have been the noisiest."

Having heard so much about my mom from my dad over the past eight years, I was able to guess what she would have been like if she had been alive.

'Take the picture! Don't miss a moment! It's my mother! Look here!' I kept laughing when I thought of my mother when I yelled.

It was Leah and Auntie who replaced her today. They dragged the magical troops to the Islands mansion before the graduation ceremony began.

An aunt who identified the Horse Tool that shot me from a distance approached. She had a large bouquet of flowers in her arms that could not be grasped by her hand.

"Congratulations, baby."

"I'm not a baby anymore."

"Even if they're all big, they're always sweet to me."

I smiled and hugged a bundle of flowers from my aunt.

"What about your brothers?"

"Henri and Ishak are waiting for you at the Odyssey Academy, and John is attending a State Council meeting on behalf of your father. You should have seen how much John and your father fought to come to the graduation ceremony."

"John's brother didn't feel well from the morning."

I opened my eyes and looked at my father, and my father, who fought a bloody war with his son in the line of forty, avoided his sluggish gaze.

Aunt Cook smiled and said,

"Let's go. I booked a restaurant."

I held my father and aunt's hands and looked at our employers who had filled the factory with tears.

"Let's all go!"

Everywhere I walked, juniors sprayed petals.

At the entrance to the seminary, a tree was sniffing and spraying petals.

"LeBlaine, go first……."

"Let's graduate next time."

"Emulin won't let me fight him because he hasn't passed the two-year graduation exam...."

Trey and Emulin went to theological school a year earlier than I did.

The Theological Academy is a school for divine children, and Trey is the nephew of Emperor Cecilia, and Emulin, the hidden daughter of the Shrine, was divine.

I asked my father not to know that Emulin had divine power, so that he could be sponsored by Dubled. And Emulin, who was originally brilliant, graduated early from an excellent academy of theology.

'And the tree…….'

I remember the last three times I met him.

"Tree, you tell me quickly. What happened?"

"Ew, Emulin……"

"Come on, tell me. I passed, I couldn't."

"Floating, falling……."

"You idiot!!"

I did not graduate this year even though I dropped out of the graduation exam twice…….

"Why the hell are you falling? Was the professor's interview a problem? I wouldn't have passed the test. Lev saved me a genealogy, and I've been teaching for almost three months."

"Poetry, I didn't get an interview beyond the exam cutline……."

"What?! Kaaaaaaah!"

"Save me, Lev!!"

"You come here! Aren't you coming?!"

The three of us went to the seminary all the time, and the school kids called us ordinary tripartites.

Every time, Emulin rushes to the kids and rips off a handful of hair, so Tree and I go around comfortably.

However, since Emulin graduated first and even I graduated, the gentle tree must have suffered among the evil children.

So Emulin somehow only wanted Tree to graduate.

The tree stretches its shoulders.

"Why am I an idiot."

"It's not stupid. And how about a bar? Tree is the warmest kid in the world. And you have Emulin and me."

The face of the tree is illuminated.

"That's right! I'm a little silly, but Emulin and you are smart, so that's fine. You were a senior in every grade, and Emulin went to the Audi Academy this year with a special class of civilians who only pick one person in three years. You guys are my pride."

When I saw the tree smiling, I smiled. and pointed to the tree behind the tree with a slight jaw.

As the tree turns its head, the tears behind the tree narrow its twinkling shoulders.

A tree with a sack of petals rushes to the tree.

"Emulin, you're here!"

"I'm not here for you. I'm here to see if it's Lev's graduation ceremony..... What are these clothes. It's all crumpled up."

"Oh, when were you crumpled?"

"Me and Leve are leaving for the Audis Academy, so I can't take care of you anymore."

Even if the horse is cold, you won't see the tree for a while, so I'm here to see it.

"If anyone bothers you, don't laugh and run. Shake your hair in a way that will flutter your neck and body. Do you understand?"


"I'm good at answering questions."

When I saw the two people talking, I laughed.

"If you're buzzing there, I'll leave you there!"

When I scream, Emulin and Tree turn their heads.

"Where are you going?"

"Where are you going?"

"My aunt booked a restaurant. Aunt, can I come with you?"

When I asked my aunt, she smiled and nodded.

The faces of the two men were brightened.

Emulin glances at her with a shy face as she approaches.

"Can I really go?"

"Well, my baby's friends are welcome."

"Thank you……."

Emulin was a dreamy face. And I hold my hand tightly and whisper to my brilliant face.

"I want to be your friend for life."

Last time I saw an aunt's photo booth on the black market at Emulin's house, I smiled.

Trees who don't know anything say, "Me too, me too!" I shouted naively.

Auntie starts walking first, and Emulin follows her with a bell.

"Your name is Emulin?"

"Yes, yes! I dream of joining the White Horse Squad like Count Arije...."

"A sacred knight is welcome. You know how to use a little black?"

"I'm learning, but the bow is more comfortable than the sword. The bows are still not well handled."

"Next time, follow our baby to the mansion. I'll take a look at your posture."

Emulin, who stopped walking, shook her heart and groaned. Tree said, "Emulin, are you okay?!" I quickly grabbed her.

I looked at three people a few steps back and smiled.

"Is it time you had a better friend than your father?"

I said to my dad, "Yes? I looked back at him.

"I don't care. I'm already discouraged by the idea of sending you away."

"There's a long-distance mover. They'll come every day."

When I grabbed my grimace and put a jaw on his shoulder, my father stroked my cheek with a picky smile.

"Let's go."


The restaurant with my father, aunt, and friends was a very lavish place.

A small artificial waterfall flows to the left of our seat, and the visions of the wizards make the butterflies fly elegantly in the air.

The food was really good. I ate all the food my aunt and father gave me from Emulin and Tree, but I took care of it without leaving any dessert.

The last day before leaving for the Audis Academy was as sweet as a dream.

And that evening, Emulin and I boarded the wagon to depart for the Odyssey Academy.

Ishaq, Henri, and…….

'To where Adrian is waiting.'

* * *

Conflict areas on the continent.

The man with the armor flees with a bluishly bored broken leg.

When the hand of the man was about to put on the cloth of the barracks.


The sword was dug through the back of the corpse.

The veil of the jacquard burst into the eye. The armored man stares at the man in Robe's sword as he dies.

At that moment, the sand wind blew.

The hood of the man holding the sword is blown by the wind, revealing a beautiful blonde.

A key with a big sniff.

Yours, etc.

A firm body that doesn't hide in thick lobes.

Sleek eyes and sweet, radiant red eyes, beautifully situated lips.

The spilled hair shook at the edge of the eye.

At the end of the day, the communication stone in Robe cried.

[See you soon.]

A friendly line was given to the mouth of the blonde man who confirmed the communication stone.


The man with dark copper-skinned skin approached behind Adrian's back, smiling.

"Who makes you laugh at the prince?"

After returning to his expressionless face, he put a communicating stone in his pocket and asked.

"The back theorem."

"Finishing. Odyssey Military Academy exam. Who knew you'd put it in a conflict zone and ask me to bring some ancient artifacts?"

"The artifact."

A copper man threw a stone-like artifact at Adrian.

It was when Adrian took the Horse Tool lightly.


The seam of the Horse Tool twisted and turned into a full moon shape. That was a red glow.


Heaven and earth fluctuated.

Suddenly the darkness came. The students of the Odyssey Academy, who were walking between the barracks of fire, looked up at the sky.

Between the clouds that covered the sun, I saw a red circle shining like a coincidence. And there was a shining door before Adrian's eyes.

And what happened beyond the door...

"Sa, who? Are you a foreigner? Anyway, thank goodness..."

She was a woman with high hair and bright brown eyes.

A backpack with a skirt that rises above the knee, and a jacket in an unusual shape. She sat on the floor in a dismal dress and said.

"I don't know how scary it was to walk in the dark for so long. Where are you here? Is this the shooting room...? Surprise?"


"Oh, you don't speak Korean? Howal Yu?"


"I want to go to Seoul Station. Seoul Station, Well? Understand? Hey, man, you have to answer!"

The woman's face was freshened. It was because Adrian's sword was aimed at her eyes.

"Who are you?"

"Well, what is it? Do you speak Korean? Hey, this is a fake sword, right? Right?"


"Jung, Jung-mina."



Mina and Adrian's gaze hit in the air.