I knew Mina's sacred power was enormous.

'But I've never heard of surpassing the Founding Emperor.'

It was Adrian who heard the story of the greatest divine power in his first life. If Mina's power had surpassed Adrian, she would not have talked about it in the temple.

'It's different.....'

I held my fist tight.

It's because of me. Neriad gave Mina more power than ever to absorb me. '

A world of immense divine power.

It also appeared with ancient artifacts, and was born on February 29.

'The Temple is going to spill blood.'

So far, the temple has not risen because of me. Burn was distressed by an incident involving me.

But he couldn't get rid of me because he announced me as a child of destiny.

However, a foreigner from February 29th, with divine power beyond me, appeared.

It doesn't matter if Mina is real or fake to the temple.

It is only important that there is a person who can make me calm by taking away my authority as a child of destiny.

'It's better if it's real.'

So it was clear from the announcement that the second fateful child had appeared in the gap where the news did not reach me.

"But why did Mina go to Odyssey? You don't want to be protected at the temple."

"He's stateless, so he's coveting all over the country. That's why we decided to protect it in the Neutral Zone and in the Odyssey Academy."

In Henri's words, Ishaq twisted the purchase.

"Only the temple would be happy. You're the one who owns the sacred power. You have to get him out of the temple. You need the help of the Empire to do that."

Henri nods.

"If the Temple brings her to the Empire, it will be a tremendous ball, and the Temple's influence will grow again in the Empire."

"My head hurts."

At that time, a man in the student council room put out his face.

"How long are you going to float there? Don't you have a meeting? Your sister is dead. Only Elicyano class is available here."

Ishaq frowns and hangs over my shoulder.

"My brother is a bonjour! I'll be in Elicyano class soon."

"That's what I need to know about my first semester."

Only the top 1% of Elicyano classes are available in the Audis Academy, which has only geniuses.

In particular, the highest lineages of the royal family, the royal family, and the tribal chieftaincy can be brought in. In their case, however, if the first semester grade does not exceed the cutline, the entry will be cancelled.

"My brother is a genius."

When Ishak opened his eyes, a man with purple hair with black horn glasses over a man with copper-skinned skin put out his face.

"You're the only genius here."

"I was the head of the seminary every time!"

"Has anyone not done it here?"

Ishaq lowers his head with his waist held, sighing and slowly raising his head.

"Let's keep saying I want to die, huh?"

And then you say, "You're dead, you bastards!" I jumped to the door.

I blinked with a dumb expression. Then Henri stroked my head nicely.

"There you go. I'll go to dinner."


After reaching Henri, I left the building. When he just came down the stairs, Emulin said, "Lev!" I came running, shouting.

"What happened? Is that the girl you were talking about?"


"Uh," means something. The day I thought it was strawberry juice on my New Year's vacation. Because you told me about your drunken previous life. "

"Was it....."

"Is that right? Is that so?"

"No, well……."

When I blur my words, Emulin shrugs.

"Do you want to fool me? Students are a mess, too. The Empire will do more. I've already been told I'm going to push you away."

It was then.

"LeBlaine! Emulin!"

Sandra waves her hand among a group of students and approaches us.

Seeing that the ties of the students were all heavenly, they were also newcomers like us.

'Exactly. We were supposed to have dinner together.'

Emulin seemed to want to talk more with me alone, but I pulled Emulin's arm and told Sandra.

"Let's go eat."

Sandra said, "Here we go." He guided us.

"The school is very spacious, isn't it? If I'm wrong, I'll get lost."

"That's it. It's bigger than the castle...."

I found Mina sitting on a bench while I was heading to the restaurant chatting with the students.

She fingers me and says, "Oh!" I shouted. Then Hudadak approached.


[Hello, LeBlaine!]

At that moment, I felt the same illusion that I had only returned to my first life.

Surprised I can't answer, Emulin snaps my hand.

Then I woke up and said, "Ah… yes……." I said.

'Wake up. This is a school, not a temple. My family name is Dubled, not Amitier.'

Mina smiled brightly.

"I'm sorry, you're surprised that someone you don't know is talking to you. I know you. The priest? Newlyweds? People in white let you know. A child with pretty brown curly hair and jewel-like blue eyes is destined to be like me."

And he said, "I actually saw a portrait." and whisper cheerfully.

"I was a little anxious because I only knew people, but I'm really glad to see you like me."

"I see....."

"This is a restaurant. Are you going to eat? If you don't mind, can I come with you?"

Emulin opens her eyes and says, "No. 'and muttered.

Mina, who hasn't seen Emulin, looks at the students with a slightly nervous expression.

A big boy replied.

"Absolutely. Let's go together."

"Alan, what if you answer as you please? Miss LeBlaine."

"The purpose of coming to this school is to build connections. If you know two children of destiny, it's good for us, and if we get to know each other, it's good for them. What?"

"No matter how...!"

"Right, LeBlaine? He can go, too, right?"

People's eyes were drawn to me.

After a moment of silence, I slowly nod and Mina's face brightens. On the other hand, Emulin sighs.

Mina went into the restaurant laughing in a crowd of students.

Emulin and I are a few steps away from the students, and Emulin spills me out.

"What if I already called you a new fateful child and asked you to join me for a cold meal?"

"If you do something real in this situation, you won't know I'm holding Mina back. Then I'll crush the cub with more God. They say it's a child's fight of destiny. If this rumor flows to the Empire, it won't be easy."

"That girl, I really don't like her. Why are we approaching you? Like you're trying to make it more noisy."

"You fell into this world. You'll be anxious, and I feel like I have something in common with her. And Mina..... is not a bad girl."

[Why don't you mix a drop of blood. LeBlaine is my sister. I won't stand by if I mock him for a fake one more time!]

[Rev, I know you're trying. So I admire you. So you don't have to die. Okay?]

Thinking of the memory of my first life, I nodded.

I would have hated her as much as I could if she were a bad person, but she was a good person.

A very good man who was just a child of real destiny.

Emulin said with an impression.

"She's not a bad girl, is she offering you up?"

"If he had been opposed, he would have been a heartless sacrifice. She's like that. Righteous, sweet... So he was like a real Duke Amitier's son."

Mina, who went into the diner first, said, "Come on!" and touched me.

In the dining room, we took one large table and started eating.

"I'm Sandra. Aptitude is magic."

"It's Emulin. I told you in advance, I went to special school as a regular. I don't intend to hide anything ordinary, so you should know. Aptitude is administration."

"Ah…… plain……."

An awkward laugh erupted among the students. Emulin eats the salad with a fine expression. This response seems to have been expected.

I was proud of such an Emulin.

'Emulin has grown.'

In the days of the beggar, the goal was to find a father and become a nobleman.

Even in seminary, I was ashamed of my identity, so I turned my eyes and ran.

Here, however, they say confidently without being ashamed of being ordinary.

I tried to introduce myself to turn my attention to Emulin, but Mina opened her mouth before me.

"I'm Mina. You said you were all different in the same grade. I'm seventeen years old, type AB, fish."

This mourning cheerfully speaks to silence the gaze that is drawn upon Emulin.

One student asked.

"A fish seat?"

"Is there no one here? Constellation?"

"There's no constellation, there's protection. Few people are the same, depending on the day, time, and region they were born."

"Ah, I think I heard."

Mina pulls the identity badge out of her arms.

Withdrawal is like a passport!] It was a proof of identity badge that stated the country, the time of life, the patronage, and the name.

Mina's nationality was empty as a foreigner, but other parts were recorded.

"This is it?"

"The star of God……!"

Students who saw Mina's identity badge shouted aloud.

"The star of God, I've never seen it."