"Good pretend."

Emulin laughed ridiculously, but not with a dislike face.

'To overpower the air..... That's right! Fur, rain!'


Pur's talent is' Wucheon '.

He is a demon who controls a climate in which there are few demons, and he can rain freely.

That labyrinth looks like human magic.

Human magic cannot create something that does not exist like a demon.

For example, you can't make an umbrella without a cloth.

So people call magic "the technology of beating the providence of existence."

That labyrinth was the rapid growth of grass and trees through magic.

So if there's any unexpected elements, like rain or sunlight,

When you pull up the divine power, Etwal, who put it deep in his pocket, gets hot.

Soon, a cloud of food rushed into the sky, and huge showers only began to fall in the vicinity of the maze.

Then the branches of the maze stretched out into the air, and the top of the maze closed as if it were a kettle lid.

'This magic caster will not be able to control my magic.'

Mina, who was climbing on the maze, was pushed into the branches and twisted.



Mina crashes before Alan screams in a panic.

"Ugh... Ah?"

Close your eyes tightly, and the falling Mina opens her eyes.

The condensed air on the floor was supporting her like a 쿸 Sean. The starter shines on Sandra's hand lamp.

'Sandra protected you with magic.'

Students such as Sandra and Alan Mina Joe rushed to her.

"Are you okay?"

"Huh. Did you do this?"


"Thank you."

Alan clenches his head and stares at me, confirming that Mina is okay.

"Where are you doing this? Are you going to kill Mina?"

Then Emulin would spill the truth.

"What a hypersensitive reaction."

"Hypersensitivity? The student almost got hurt. Hypersensitivity?! Don't bullshit me!"

"It wasn't that high, but there was so much grass on the floor. Sandra wouldn't have been hurt if she hadn't saved him."

"Anyway, it's not right to mean to interrupt another team!"

"The professor said that the creature he had to save from the task was a hostage. So this is a training exercise in case there's a hostage in combat. Does the opponent sometimes take cognitive care in battle?"

"Well, that...!"

Alan blushes and stutters, and Emulin says, "Oh, my God." I said.

"Didn't the genealogy say anything like this? Is that why you panicked? You're not worried about Mina, you're worried about your half assignment, are you?"

"What?! How dare you!"

"I guess it's true that I can't argue logically."

Emulin said, "Isn't that right, LeBlaine?" I said.

I laughed in my mouth.

'I'll never beat Emulin with a horse fight.'

There was no one in the back alley who could beat Emulin with words.

'Anyway, now the high number of students in the other group is not an advantage.'

I can't communicate without a communication stone, and I'm the only one who's ever broken the shield.

If you know what level of shield is and how many manas are available to unlock, you should go into the herd and take care of one shield.

I grabbed Emulin's wrist and said,

"Let's go in."


As we entered the labyrinth entrance, the students who were on the right and left sides jumped into the labyrinth behind us.

After going deep into the labyrinth, I whispered to Emulin as I looked at the fundamentals of the students.

"Find the yellow shield that says you are weakest and destroy it."

"I can't see the center of the shield like you or Mina."

"Read the magic and dismantle it."

The color of the shield is three in total.




The shield I just destroyed is red.

"From that red shield, you'll never be able to destroy it at the student level. Even I, who have more manna than anyone else, destroy the center of the Red Shield and my hands and feet tremble."


"It was meant to fight another team in the first place. Battle with another team to take over the yellow shield. So I think....."

"Yellow is a shield that is weak enough to unlock during combat with the status team?"

"Yes. You don't have to aim for the center. You can read the magic and destroy it."

"It's only a matter of finding the yellow..... how do you find it, Lev?"

Emulin looks at me climbing up to the wall with his chin held.

I take out the sword from the sword on the side and cut off the labyrinth's roof.

Then I threw the Etwal in my pocket to Emulin.

"I have it. Can't you ever show it to others?"

"What are you going to do!"

"I'll see you up there. I'll scream, so run as I call you!"

"That's ridiculous. Then we won't hear another team!"

Gear laughs and shouts as I climb onto the maze roof.

"Anes costume!"

Emulin, with her eyes round, takes a breath.

Anne's costume room is on the left side of Max's nest.

Emulin starts running around the left corner.

'Fur, it rains only within a kilometer radius of where I am.'

It rained, and I was pushed into a giant tree stalk and the labyrinth occupied a visible position.

'The yellow shield..... is there.'

Since the shield emitted light, the position of the shield could be determined between the branches.

'I also feel Etwal's position. Now we can see where Emulin is.'

I spoke to the withdrawal as much as I could.

'Withdraw, tell me what you see in Etwal.'

[Intercepted in front of 2 km!]

You throw Mana's condensation source 2 km ahead of Emulin's direction of travel.

[The wall has been destroyed. Emulin player, panicked, but soon surpassed the destruction!]

"Aria Salon!"

Aria Salon is at 8 o'clock at the Max Guy Paddle den. Emulin runs in the 8 o'clock direction.

I used Pur's power to propagate the branches as close to the Emulin as I could because I couldn't communicate with the tribesmen if I was too far away from Etwal.

[Yellow Shield, Found!]

Is Emulin decommissionable? '

[I think so.]

About five minutes later, a signal came from the withdrawal.

[Decommissioned! The hostage is... cute...]


[It's a puppy.]

"Emulin! I'll protect you, so send him up!"

"I get it!"

I cut off the top of the labyrinth, and Emulin climbs up to the wall and flickers the puppy over the roof.

The puppy shook his tail and jumped into my arms.

"Oh, yeah. It's dangerous here, so let's go somewhere safe over there."

The blue food cloud was moved to the end of the maze. The raised tree trunk is sharpened with a knife to prevent the puppy from being stabbed.

He leaves the puppy well in the cage and turns his head, with other students coming up to the maze roof.

Do you want to follow me? '

When I saw Alan coming up, I smiled.

"You want to use me as a genealogy this time?"

"Shut up. Sandra, run to the front. Yellow!"

While I and Emulin are rescuing the puppy, the team seems to have dismantled a different color shield. And you know it like we do. The only thing the students can disassemble is yellow.

I knocked, knocked, knocked on Alan's shoulder.

"Excuse me."

"What? I don't see you busy!?"

"Get the hell out of here, because it's my place."


"Fuck off, dummy."

I kicked Alan and knocked him down.

'Idiot, why would I break the shield to an Emulin weaker than me and come up here?'

Because we know that after a while there will be a team following us.

"Emulin, Anes Costume Room!"

[Intercepted in front of 3 km.]

"Send the puppy up!"

And crashing every student that comes up.

Me, Emulin, the withdrawal, and the blue-footed hands were good.

There's already been a fifth dismantling of the Yellow Shield. We've also dealt with a two-point Red Shield, so we're on our way to a 7-point lead.

In the meantime, other teams are fighting inside the maze.

I realized it was easier to find and secure hostages hidden by other teams than to find a moving yellow shield.

'Okay, we've got about 30 minutes left.'

Now I have to go under and deal with another color shield.

But it was then.

"Wow, this is real."

A man came up on the maze with a familiar voice.

As Sandra did, Mina, who condensed the air, floated in the air.

"Sorry, LeBlaine. My team is running out of time."

"We don't have time, neither do we."

"Alan and Sandra must be in class because of the family. I'm a promoter, so I have to do something for my team."


Mina pointed the sword at me said.

"Let's fight! The winner takes all the hostages he's saved. How's it going?"

"Why would I?"


"I don't like it. My Joe scores better than yours. Even if this is the end of the assessment, the first place is Joe, so why fight?"

Alan, looking up at the maze, squeals.

"You bit a duel request!? You don't know knights!"

"So you're going to take all the hostages that other Joes have suffered because of the Knights at once?"

"What, what?"

I didn't confront Alan. The moment I just turned my back, I heard Mina's voice behind my back.

"Are you avoiding me? Scared of losing?"

I turned my head and looked at Mina.

"You know, Mina."

"Yes, tell me."

"You die if I just bounce one finger."

"…… what?"


With my head tilted, I approached Mina in one step.

"Even if all the power of God is heard in you, you cannot overcome me. Because you don't know how to use that power."

"That's your idea. We have to fight."

"Thirteen years."

No, I can't even imagine how many years I've had to add to my previous life.

"I've trained you to die for years you can't imagine."

"I am."

"If you want to compete with me, don't take these assessments and bet on something more valuable."


"That way, I won't be laughing at the years I've spent risking my life."

Mina and my gaze hit in the air.


I said with a smile.

"What if it's Etwal?"

"Et..... what?"

"Sacraments kept in temples. It's to be given to a child of real destiny."

Mina opened her eyes, and I smiled.

"Do you want Etwal?"

And he said,