Mina, who was staring at me, said, "Hmm..." I groaned and shook my head.

"You can't do that. It's not mine, so I can't do what I want."

"Are you avoiding me? Because you're scared?"

Mina's eyes widened as she returned what she had just said. Soon, however, he shook his hand.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I told you to accept a duel even if you feel bad, but I feel worse than I thought."

"By the way?"

"You're right. It was rude, yeah."

Mina nods and the maze bursts into flames.

"What are you talking about!"

"If you say so!"

Mina said, "Here we go." I dried up the same Joe's people.

"LeBlaine's words are not wrong. This is a deadly thing. Let's try our best. It is not right to take away the outcome of the opponent's team's efforts at once."


Alan raises his voice, but Mina shakes her head firmly and looks at me.

"I'm sorry. I was mean."


"And thank you for teaching me to do the wrong thing."


"Big deal. I'm glad you're getting better. Oh, it's hard. I'm just getting gum sticks."

"That's really hard."

It was Emulin's word.

Emulin climbs up the maze and shoots Mina.

"Emulin, let's get acquainted. I like you, too. I was very touched when you said it was broken. I realized I couldn't assess me and the rest of the world."

Emulin winks and looks at her, and Mina smiles and scratches her head.

"I'm a man of many shortcomings, so if you don't mind, I want you to teach me a lot in the future."

Mina, smiling, listened to the sound of the maze under her head and jumped into the maze.

Then I wave my hand down towards Emulin.

"Let's push each other!"

, and

First place didn't flip.

At the last moment, we dealt with one more yellow shield, keeping it first at 8 points.

And second place is…….

"Excellent. You've dealt with two red shields."

"A child of new destiny……. It's a different ability than a normal person."

After two red shields in the maze for 30 minutes, Mina's Joe finished second with six points.

* * *

About an hour has passed since the evaluation.

Southern professors and some professors in charge of semi-assignment evaluation came into the training ground with a bunch of parchment paper.

The professor in charge of the evaluation of the semi-assignment named the student with parchment.

"Rositra, Miguel, Hatan. It's D Van."

The children who were called to class D did not know what to do with their faces.

"Michael, Jody, Dvan. And Sandra, Chris, and Evan."

Students known as class A sighed of relief.

"Palpati, Alan is B Van."


Alan squeals. People's gaze was focused on Alan, whose face was reddish with excitement.

Alan's a "B"? '

Me and Emulin even look at the professor with suspicious faces.

The professor stares at Alan with a desiccated expression.

"Are you dissatisfied with the assignment?"

"Yes, I am! I was one with Sandra, Chris, who was assigned to class A. But why am I part B?"

"What did you do in the assessment?"


"Sandra discovered the red shield with a browsing spell, and Chris decrypted the shield's cipher to break the yellow shield twice. What did you do?"

"Well, I....."

"Not only did you not contribute to your Joe's score, but you were opposed to the decisions they made. Genealogy for a cause."

"Joe, I'm not the only one who got genealogy!"

"I don't blame genealogy. Nothing is as precious as information in war. Considering the map of another country, the status of the commander, and so on, how to come up with excellent tactics. The problem is that you trust information relentlessly."


"How can you be sure that this exam is not different from the information you have? Is the color of the shield different? Was it a test to break the shield and save the hostages?"

"Well, that....."

"You didn't take the lead in intelligence warfare, you were irresponsible."


"In fact, your genealogy is wrong. In the last test, the purple shield could be broken to your level, but now it's different. The purple shield withstood attack magic. If they attacked indefinitely, the hostages in it, as well as the attacking students, would have been seriously injured."


"From a personal point of view, most of these newcomers are lackeys!"

The professor gave a thunderous old age. Alan became dumb after eating honey, and even the other students panicked.

The professor looked at the students with a bitter look.

"A commander who was embarrassed by unexpected things and made his longevity anxious."

When I covered the labyrinth with the roof, the promoters were blamed for not knowing what to do and squeaking.

"Those who entered the battlefield without a plan."

Following me and Emulin, the students who came into the labyrinth were heavily killed.

"Someone who tries to take the other side's score by paying attention to the score rather than knowing the contents of the exam."

The assessment was an exercise in preparing for combat in situations where hostages were held in other countries.

Students who took hostages and fought became embarrassed.

"There was only one new student I could use."

The professor's gaze was on me. Nature students also noticed me.

The professor who was looking at me said,

"As soon as the exam was announced, he recalled the strategy, did a better job of breaking through the content than paying attention to the score, and correctly instructed the aide to take advantage of the limited time and defeated the opponent to support the aid in motion."


"Excellent, LeBlaine."

There was also a sympathy among the seniors who were watching the training ground.

"Clever. You've turned the tide upside down."

"It was amazing to have a monopoly on notices that restricted the visibility of the opposing team."

"I didn't see it for the freshman. It'll be worth it if you get into battle."

As I shake a little and touch my fingertips, Emulin pokes me in the side.

"What are you doing? You did good."


"I think you..... did quite well today."

Emulin was very gruesome with compliments. I can't believe she did such a good job in her mouth.

I looked at the professor and laughed bashfully, and the professor spilled the picks.

"It's LeBlaine, Emulin, and Ivan."

Me and Emulin take a big breath and look at each other.

Emulin tried to find a balance, but she also seemed very impressed when she saw her lips tightly bitten and covered her reddish eyes with her back.

'I was really nervous because there were only two of them.'

I'm so glad Emulin is dead.

The professor nodded.

"Last but not least, it's Mina A."

"Thank you!"

This led to the completion of the evaluation of half the assignments.

Me and Emulin entered class A, and were rated as the best Zoe, earning mentor prerogatives.

* * *

"But what's the mentor prerogative?"

During dinner, I put the spoon down, as if Emulin heard what I muttered.

"You idiot! How do you not know the mentor of the Audis Academy! As soon as I came to school, I was so noisy about it!"

"Living as a noble princess..... I didn't think I should know that because I was pushing all the information around. What the hell is that?"

"Didn't your brothers tell you?"

"My brothers don't talk about school at home. I like asking questions rather than telling them what to do."

[What did you do today?]

[What did you eat?]

[Who didn't bother you?!]

Emulin shakes her head like she's tired of thinking of her brothers who have been nicknamed LeBlaine's arms for the past eight years.

"Yes, if your brothers..... Mentorship is simply a" sibling of school designation. ""

"Brother-in-law of the school designation?"

"With brotherhood, you will lead the junior. Some get a penalty for each other's wrongs, and some get into battle in pairs. So for you, the golden connection is a precious institution without two."

"Mentor prefix is……!"

"Starting tonight's freshman welcome party, freshmen can ask you for a mentor, and we can identify you before anyone else, and you can be a mentor unless you formally disagree with the school. Of course, you can ask students in the Elicyano class for a mentor."

"That's amazing!"

I shouted after God.

Who am I supposed to be? Who am I going to be? '

I like the princess, and I like the Crocus tribal chief candidate.

'Tribal Leader candidate has a trade route in hand with other continents, so is it that way? No, it's better to use military force than to build a merchant's country.... Then the twin prince will be fine.'

When I gripped the fork in excitement, Ihihee grinned bitterly and Emulin smiled.

"Emulin, have you appointed two senior mentors?"

"I've only been looking at one person since the beginning."


"Witch of the Elicyano class, Juliet!"

Emulin wraps around her cheeks with a dazzling expression.

"If there is Javelin in the Empire, there is Juliet in the Kingdom of Mohas. You've heard of it, right?"

"Witch, Juliet……. Yeah, famous. It is notorious that in the battle of Robes, the entire area was wiped out……."

"It's not so cool. Become Juliet's mentor and enter the white cavalry that Javelin was in... Argh! Besides, Juliet was the first person from West Africa to enter Elicyano class."

"You have Adrian, right?"

"Prince Adrian is second. Oh, don't talk about it! All you have to do is think about the car."

"Are you trying to seduce Adrian?"

"The shame of childhood."

Emulin grumbles and shakes her head, and I burst into laughter.

'My brothers wanted to see me at night because there was a freshman's welcome party.'

The mentor system is also important, but I realized one thing.

'I need someone to ask me for information.'

In the Empire, Dubled's rock clan, the Hope Merchant Guild, and the lazy nobles and strapped chairs had a lot of information, but now it's different.

'Here I am the most vulnerable to information. I don't know because I didn't come here before the regression.'

In contrast, Mina from this world already had all kinds of information.

I glanced at Mina's table, where so many people were gathered.

Mina was introduced to all kinds of people because Sandra and her siblings, who had good relationships with people, had Allen next to her at the Odyssey Academy.

"You're just gonna leave it?"

Emulin asked me, "Huh?" I turned my head.

"She's got people like that."

"Is it a person's thing? Let's get it in hand."

"You know I'm just saying things that aren't like you lately, right?"

"That was a fair word, right? Oh, it doesn't suit me. Mina reminds me of Amity's childhood."

I put a fork in my mouth and smiled.

"Dubled spirituality must be vicious. Right?"

"What are you going to do...?"

I smiled, staring at Alan, who was hitting on Mina's side.

"Out of the way."

Alan just got up with a plate and I got up.

Emulin grabbed me and asked.

"What are you going to do?"

"I should get one of my informants."

I ended up cleaning the dishes and following Alan.

Alan, who was sitting alone on the bench on the campus, took something out and began to buzz.

"Oh, well, you just have to trust me. The second fateful child fell in love with me. Think about having a second father-in-law. Oh, she's arrogant, so she's not my type. I don't know how much Dublin counts as an infant."

'That's a comms stone.'

Are you crazy?

Do you use communication stones that aren't down at school?

'That was the purpose of being friendly to Mina.'

I like Mina for being hostile to me and trying to take a second fateful child as my wife.

"Uh, class B. Professor, because of that lunatic, I said,"


Alan twitches his head as he buzzes with the comms stone.

"You, you...!"

"Why don't you shut down the communication?"

Alan coughs in vain and shuts down the communication. He said he put a communication stone in his pocket.

"You left this to me for a while. It's called the school's communication stone."

"I didn't ask."

"Then why did you come after me? Why are you bothering..... You don't like me? Because you want to be together?"

This is some bullshit.

"That's not going to happen."

It wasn't what I said. A blond man in the dark looks at Allen with a zig-zag look.


The wind blows. A glimpse of the beast's eyes glimpses through the fine blond that scatters.

And then.


I heard Mina's voice behind my back. The lad, who came running, breathed with his knee held.

"It's so much. Do you know how much I've been looking for you? Where is the man who dragged me here to leave me like this, LeBlaine?"

Mina looks at me and her eyes widen.

"Why are you here…… Ah, wait. I'll talk to Lian later."

And then it was.

Adrian came to me. Carefully put his hand on my cheek, he said.

"Why are you hurt here?"


"You're hurt."

"Uh, Mina said she had something to say."

"Is that more important than your injury?"

I rolled my eyes and looked around at the circled Mina with my eyes open, Alan looking at such a Mina, and Adrian focusing exclusively on me.

'What is this atmosphere?'