Mina, who was looking at me and Adrian alternately, asked.

"Do you two... know each other?"

"I'm from the Empire, of course. That's the prince, and this is the Dublin Bleed."

Alan answered on our behalf. Mina said "Ah……." I looked at Adrian, who grabbed my cheek.

I quickly grabbed Adrian's jacket and pulled it.

'What are you doing, get your hands off me!'

André, son of Empress Yvonne, is now a member of the Audis Academy.

If the tactile Alan rumors that I and Adrian have an intimate relationship, he'll be in Andre's ear. Then you will vigilantly guard me against the Emperor Yvonne.

At the time of the second fateful child's appearance, it was a bad thing to be restrained by Empress Yvonne.

Because the Emperor Yvonne is more likely to make a deal with Mina to stop me.

'It's a good thing you're only with Mina. If you work with the temple, it's a mess.'

When I opened my eyes and noticed it, Adrian reaped my hand.

"Aha, haha..... You're a prince, too. You're worried that my brothers will see the scars on my cheeks and get confused!"


"The Academy will be turned upside down, so you should be worried about the Prince on behalf of the Chairman! Yes!"


"People get the wrong idea when they catch a hot, hot face, no matter how young we are, even if we have a face."

I snuck Adrian's waist, poking her so she couldn't see Alan.


"…… yes."

Alan groaned when Adrian had no choice but to answer my compulsion.

"Brother Dubled's youngest love is famous."

Fortunately, he believed in my excuse.

'I'm glad my brothers are not normal.'

She sighs in relief, and Mina tells Adrian.

"If it's urgent, we need to talk. I want to ask you something."

"If it weren't for me, there would be a lot of people to answer your questions."

"You're the one who brought it. I want to go back...! I told you to resonate with that artifact and bring me in. Aren't you the one who can send me back?"

"I never tried to call you. I'm not even sure I resonated with the artifact."

"I want to see my friends..... and I want to see my mom... …."

Mina bites her lips and nods.

It's like a tough guy.

The memory of my first life came to mind.

That's when I was eavesdropping on the story that Mina and the young Shrine were talking about behind the pillar.

[Mina, isn't it hard?]


[Divine Power Training, Saving the Empire from Disasters, Extreme Pressure inflicted on the child of destiny……. I'm sure it's all a big deal, but you didn't say it was hard.]

[It's hard. Why not? But I don't want to talk. It's gonna be really hard to get out of your mouth. Not just me, but the people around me.]


[If it's going to be hard, I'd rather be alone. I want everyone else to feel safe. Mina is adapting so well, I will continue to go through it so hard..... so think about it.]

That's what Bassi laughed at.

'From the beginning, Mina was like that.'

The one who hugs anything alone.

But when you think about it, there's no way that the seventeen girls who fell into the unknown world wouldn't be anxious.

I've been hiding it all along, but it must have been scary, bumpy, and hard.

I saw Mina holding her tears and lost her words, and Alan looked at me.

"LeBlaine, why don't you give it up? Mina seems to have more urgent business."

"I didn't catch it, so I'm not giving it up."

"Is that why you can't let me go?"

'This is real.'

We don't know the line because we have to be patient.

Alan wasn't pushing me with the perfect favor for Mina. The look on Mina's face was like, "I'm thinking about you this much."


Alan frowns at me.


"Isn't it a disgusting thing to split up and buy Mina's favor?"


I reached Alan with a sigh, hook.

"If you really thought about Mina here, you should have asked Adrian to take the time, not me. But why are you biting me?"


"You really don't want Adrian and Mina to be alone. I hope I don't let Adrian go, even with my pride."

"I never thought of it that way!"

"If you didn't think so, you'd just ignore me. Isn't that right? Adrian, the prince of the Empire and chairman of the Elicyano class, is scared, so he's attacking me instead."


"LeBlaine pushing on a child of a new destiny. Elicyano class is not going to be able to manage the image properly. The Empire has been buzzing with rumors about a new destined child, so I'm sure you'd think you'd be injured together if you held Mina's rope properly."

I looked straight at Alan's shaking eyes.

"Even if I break your arms and legs, I'll just be kicked out of the academy. But..."


"Once I'm expelled, I'm just a Dublin, not a LeBlaine. Can you handle me that time?"

Alan's face is fresh.

I chuckled, chuckled and laughed at Alan's neck.

"Shall I give you my nickname in the Empire?"

Adrian blurred his picks.

"Crazy dog."

Alan and Mina's eyes widened. I groaned, declaring Alan's throat twisted.

"My patience is this far."

Alan gazes at me coughing as if I were pushing my neck. His gaze was young, fearless.

He slowly steps back and turns around and flees.

I open, open, and rob my hands as I look at Alan's back, which is smaller than a nail.

"It's getting tricky."

Behind my back, I heard a little silhouette doing Cook's work.

I turned my head and looked at Adrian. Then he roars in the voice of Volmen.

"Don't smile, it's embarrassing."

"Why? It was cool."

"Hey, I wanted to be elegant in the academy."

"You're elegant enough in the Empire, my lord."

"In the Empire, when people face me, they run away!"

"It's because it's glossy."

Adrian smiled and said, "I snapped at his shoe nose and squirmed my lips.

"Did you just make jokes while you were gone?"

"I missed you."


I scratched my cheeks with a embarrassing look.

'He always comes in without a hitting.'

Adrians who are taller and thicker have a different adult scent than before.

I got a little awkward because I felt different from my father, brother, and the employers in the house.

"LeBlaine, you were like this...."

It was Mina.

She looked at me with a surprised look.

"If you have something to say to Adrian, will you step aside?"

"Er… then I like it, but"

At the end of the evening, the servant cried Deng Deng.

Mina looked at the distant bell and said,

"I have to go to the freshman's welcome party, so I'll talk to Lian later. LeBlaine, you have to get ready too, right?"


"I'll see you at the party. …… Liando."

Mina shakes her hand and turns her back on us.

After she disappeared, I looked back at Adrian.

"You're going alone, right?"

"I want to take you."

"You can go alone."

Adrian laughed unanswered. It was an unbearable smile.

"I've never seen a new stubbornness. Oh, where's that little trainer you were so worried about?"

As I was playing around and moving my steps, Adrian stood by me and said,

"I'll do that if you want."


"Little Master who was too kind to worry about."


For a moment, I shook Adrian's shoulder in a panic.

"I told you not to go anywhere and say that. Or I get it wrong!"

"It's not a misunderstanding."


"You knew for a long time that it wasn't."

I can't say a word and look at Adrian.

Adrian's Foot Love, the country's protagonist, has been noticing since I first brought her a birthday present in the shop's shabby alley.

But it was an admiration for the man who put out his hand during lonely times.

He was very young at the time, and I was too busy doing my job to care about his heart.

I couldn't stand the awkward air for a while and stopped walking.

"Why me! There must be a better person! Adrian, shouldn't you be so low on women?"


"I am. I can't eat, huh? Selfish! My job comes first."

"That's why I like it."

"…… I can't live."

"It's okay if I'm not your number one priority. My top priority will always be you."

It felt like my chest was shaking and my feet were going out.

I rolled my eyes and shouted.

"I hate this atmosphere! Look, Adrian. I am the daughter of Duke Dubled, and you are the son of the Emperor. We're dating, right? Then it's a mess!"

Go out with the prince of the Empire I need to free Dublin Red. If you borrow the words of withdrawal, you will become Romeo and Juliet.

"And what about Yvonne and the Emperor Marche? Huh? What about the nobles and the temple? You're the one who's trying to make me the Holy Emperor of the Temple, and I don't want to be afraid of the Temple! We can't. He can't be born."

"You don't say you don't like me."

"…… what?"

"I don't need your feelings for why we shouldn't."


"LeBlaine, I'm actually a very stubborn man."

Adrian came to me.

The shoe sticks to his nose, and his breath feels right in front of his nose.

My body was tense. The tremors of the head, the head, and the chest came closer and louder.

Adrian's hand turned to my head. He took off the leaves that were on his head and recited them low.

"Get down on your feet and kiss me."


"If you want, I'll do anything."

"..... must be crazy."

When I looked at him with trembling eyes, he smiled.

It was then.

"Hey, you like the painting? Damn it."

"Take your hands off my brother."

The Gauntlets have appeared..... No, our brothers are scarier than the Gauntlets.

Women's accessories, shoes and dresses, apparent to be mine on both hands and shoulders, said with their eyes open.

Eww, Ishaq who went through with it said.

"Out of the way. I'm the mentor who will be chosen by the kid at the freshman's reception today."

"No, I do."

Adrian raised his head and said,

"No, it's me."

…… Please save me.