When I saw the man in my sights, Princess Leo of Gahong said:

"He's my medical brother. Fourth grade A. The name is"

"Haiton Valois!"

When I yell, Hayton raises his tail.

"Long time no see."

I want to.

I looked at him with a grim face.

After the fall of Valois, I supported their brother in his dealings with Hayton.

Niels, Hayton's younger brother, is being supported as before, whereas Hayton has been out of touch and closed his tracks for just four years.

I didn't recognize him because he would live on his own. I think he was in this academy.

I spilled Henri and Ishak.

"Why didn't you tell me Hayton was here?"


"I'm trying to get angry."

Then Ishaq winked, looking at me.

"…… I don't want the word Valois in your ear."

My brothers who knew that I had been abused by Valois in my second life did not want to take out the word Valois so that I would not recall the memory of that time.

"… but tell me about it next time?"

When I squeezed out my lips, Henri smiled lovingly.


But it was weird.

The people of Elicyano class who were looking at me and Henri were terrified.

As if I were asking why, the camp of copper skin, the heir to the tribe of Atar, shed a laugh in vain.

"I know he really laughs."

"Our Henri always laughs?"

"I've never seen a real smile before."

"My brother laughs really well. She smiles so beautifully."

When I put my hands up and spoke proudly against the waist dance, Henri laughed at me.

The people of the Elicyano class were flustered.

"Two sisters are worth it."

"My brother is usually cute! I have a sister, and she's so cute. Want to see it?"

Jin said that the Princess of Gahong showed me a pendant on her neck.

"It's a pendant, not a sister."

"Yeah, she's a girl. A brave, glowing child. Uh-huh. And this sapphire is a boy. It's elegant, isn't it?"

"He's a pervert who handles jewelry."

In Ishaque's words, the Red Sea cherished the pendant and stared at Ishaque.

"I told you to be careful what you say in front of my brother! By the way, how the hell did you get that necklace? Huh? I put it in the last minute."

That necklace belongs to the Hope Merchant, and the Hope Merchant belongs to me.

In fact, I refused because the necklace was too high, but Seria snuck it in.

You might want to sell it or share it when you need it.

I asked Ryu Red Sea who touched the necklace.

"May I have it?"

"…… what?"

The Red Sea, which had stopped for a while, opened its mouth within a few steps.

"Come, come, come, wait. Ji, Ji, are you serious? Really?"


"I have a brother. She gave me this pendant to use as a brother-in-law. So there's nothing I can give you."

"Wouldn't this child be happier to be your brother, Princess?"

When I handed over the necklace, the Red Sea wept with great emotion.

"Dubled's youngest brother is different from the above brothers...."

"Yes, I'm nice, unlike my brothers. Would you like to get along?"


The Red Sea hugs me and rubs my face against my shin.

"I'll invite you to my mansion. Let's have tea with our brothers."

Jin Pick laughed.

"Good. The Red Sea is perverted, but she's the president of the Odyssey Women's Congress. It's a contact with a female alumni. Javelin is also in the Audis Female Alumni, right?"

'Right, right! Aunt Odyssey is a graduate.'

There are tons of famous women powers in the alumni with aunts.

'Through the Red Sea, you can build connections with students as well as graduates. Thank you, Seria!'

I thanked Seria deeply and held the hand of the Red Sea warmly.

"I have a lot of pretty sisters, too. Black Pearl Brother, Red Beryl Brother.... Let me introduce you."

"Oh, my God, I'm so excited!"

The Ryu Red Sea rolled to its feet and rejoiced.

'I liked Princess Gahong with one necklace. Khh, it's so cheap!'

I looked into it and said, "The Red Sea is shining."

"How about this Friday afternoon?"

"You decided to help me with my experiment on Friday afternoon."

This was a purple haired boy with black horn glasses.

He was seen with the camp in front of Elicyano's conference room last time.



I opened my surprise eyes at the words of the Red Sea and looked at the boy, no, the girl Juliet.

"Is that the witch of the kingdom of Mohamed? '

I thought it was a boy, but it was a girl.

The Red Sea says, "Hmph." I groaned and looked at Juliet.

"I'll help you next time."

"It's already postponed the fifth time, man!"

"But you said you had a brother named Red Beryl. How cute can you be?"

"Do you want me to fold you up, down, left and right to make you cute?"

When the two men were striking, I quickly touched the Emulin.

Emulin, a few steps away from me and the Elicyano class, opens his eyes.


As my heart grows impatient, Emulin approaches me with a dance. I grabbed her shoulder and told Juliet.

"I've heard a lot about you. I was listening to my mandate and admiring it. Especially my friend."

'Introduce it quickly.'

Emulin said as I urged my eyes to tighten and tighten.

"Oh, it's Emulin……. May Princess Mohas be well."

"Not a princess. I got kicked out because I was a writer."

Juliet scratches Buck's head, saying nothing of the wounds from the wounds.

"Sin, sorry……."

"It's something everyone knows."

"Ah… yes……. Oh, shh, shh, shh. I have a mentor's prerogative. Well, I mean....."

"I don't like it."

"…… Yes?"

"Don't ask me for a brother. Because it bothers me to appeal. Red Sea, you want to have a party on Friday. Come and help me experiment."

Juliet, who said so, gave an empty cup to the passing servant and turned the steps.

"That's enough duty. I'm coming, I'm coming."

Juliette shrugs and shakes her hand. Around the time she was away, Emulin shouted.

"Why?! Why do you say no? Because I'm ordinary?"

Juliet, who stopped walking, twists her head and looks at Emulin.

"I just added one more reason for rejection."

After saying that, she turns her head again, and Emulin bites her lips tightly.



When I saw us quiet, Ishak toothed, filled my tongue.

"Juliet is usually an exomyeloid. If you want a decent, magical brother-in-law, recommend Jimmy to the fourth grade" A "class.

I'm going to say "……."

Emulin murmurs.

I said, "What?" When I asked her, she yelled at the whale.

"I'm not giving up! Even if I die, I'll make Juliette my senior sister!"

Juliet, who was just about to leave the door, burst into laughter.

"Let's do it."

With her crumbling hands, she completely leaves the door, and Emulin brags.

"I chose, LeBlaine. It's your turn. I'm going after Juliet, so you're good. Do you understand?"

She follows Juliet, who opened her eyes and wished her success.

'No, what should I do if I leave my eyes like this....'

People's gaze poured down on me like rain. My brothers looked at me with their shining eyes, and even the people in the Elicyano class focused on me.

"I, the one I want to ask for my brother's sincerity....."

And then it was.

"It's mine!"

"It's mine!"

"Why do you always covet my food!"

"You covet what I caught first!"

Waynes' Demibeast twin prince began to quarrel.

Jean said, "Enough, enough." I split between the two of them.

"It's an important moment, so let's fight next time. Huh?"

"You want to die, West?!"

"Die, you stupid East!"

"Stop it. East, you have to be a brother and give up on your brother."

Jin took the cup from his brother East and gave it to his brother West.

West receives a goblet with a puffy nose, and East's eyes glow yellow.

"Why do you always have to give up? Why do you have to give up on me every time?"

"Dude, what are you doing with a glass of alcohol-free champagne....."

That's when Jean mumbled.

Kugugua Palace

The glasses on the table are shaking, and within a minute, bang!! With a sharp rupture, the Urr window began to break.


Henri surrounds me, and Ishaq quickly shields me from debris.


"Run! It's a watermark!"

What is it?

Surprisingly, I looked to the East, where I began to make a difference in Henri's arms.


My brother West, who was holding a glass of champagne, said reluctantly.

"Bro, I'll give it to you. Don't be mad! Don't be mad!"

The giant wolf East, who was staring at West with its bright yellow eyes, opened its mouth. Surprised West was flinching, backwards.

"Stop it!"

Mina wraps around West.

I felt a very slow view of the mess.

East running towards the West.



A scream burst out.

The blood flowed to Mina's shoulders, embracing West, and at the same time students and faculty of the Elicyano class defeated East with a chain of magic.

Among them was a male professor who oversaw half the assignment today.

"I'm disappointed, East."

Easter, who had just returned to human form, groaned while revealing his fangs.

"East Waynes. Elicyano disqualifies."

This year's freshman party ended in such a mess.

* * *

The following day, the Waynes twin incident made the school noisy.

"It must be crazy. Even if the Ammann Demibeasts are late for their race, they're not even rational, are they? But you attack your brother with a glass of champagne? Even the child of destiny was injured."

"If it weren't for the child of destiny, it would have been chaos. I heard you sent an envoy from Waynes to say thank you."

"I'm sure he is. The country was divided into a whole bunch of white and black and white, and Prince Heilang killed Prince Heilang. I don't think it's a mess."

"In Waynes, you think the white wolf has extraordinary power. So, isn't White and Prince West at the top? West said he was a white prince born in 500 years."

"First of all, my eldest son is Prince Heilang East. That's why Heilang's nobility and the bloodline of God were divided into the congregation of Heilang that should be crowned."

As I was passing by the road, I sighed and Emulin, who was walking with me, filled my tongue.

"I couldn't even get a mentor for that yesterday."

"…… How is East?"

"He's trapped. He might be expelled."

"Where's West?"

"You must have been terrified of what happened yesterday. It sticks to Mina and doesn't fall off..... There he is."

I saw Sandra walking with her, and West chasing after her like that.

"Ah, LeBlaine."

Mina shakes her hand brightly towards me.

"Have you slept well?"

"Are your shoulders okay?"

"Yes, thank you for your concern. Look, West. I'm fine."

"But, but....."

West twitches his hand with a palpable face.

"But we'll still be together. Meals are the same."

"You said you were dining with Elicyano class people."

"Mina can come with me. If I give you permission, Mina can get through the Elicyano Shield!"

"But I was with my friends……."

When Mina looks up, Cindra and the freshmen shake hands.

"There's a great opportunity like this, and we can't miss it!"

"Yes. Dine with West."

Mina said, "I can't help it." I would sigh and say to West,

"What's on the menu?"


"I love the meat."


Meena smiles at me.

"LeBlaine, would you like to come with me? There are brothers there, right?"

"It's a bit like being invited by a brother."

"So why don't we invite LeBlaine West, too? You all right, West?"

"If Mina's good, do it!"

"Come with me, LeBlaine."

In Mina's words, I shake my head.

"I'm scheduled."

"Yes...? I wanted to talk to you.... Well, I can't help it."

As I walked past Mina, Emulin, who followed me on the bell steps, asked.

"Where are you going?"

"To the East."

"What am I going to do? Besides, I can't go. The Elicyano Classes are in charge of East. This time with the help of your brothers, we'll talk."

"You don't have to help your brothers."


"You go and eat. You're going to Juliette, aren't you?"

"That's right..... Oh, I don't think I'm going to tell you. All right. Bye."

After stopping, Emulin waves her hand, and I nod and head to the destination.


I went to class, and I knocked on the door and said,

"Hayton, come out."

"…… what is it?"

"I need your help."

"I didn't even know you well yesterday, and you asked me to help you? Do I look like a hobo, you?"

"If you take that much money from me, you should see it."

Hayton frowns.

"Who knows you as an aristocrat. Let's look at it as a lookout merchant."

"You're the brother of Princess Gahong, the Elicyano class, so you can go to where East is trapped, right? Take me."


Having opened his eyes and looked at me, Hayton sighed.

"Yeah, let's go. How can I beat you?"

And he said,