Hayton walked down the hall with me. Everywhere a man is seen, his gaze pours out on us like flies of fruit twisted.

When we look at the moaning crowd looking at us, Hayton moves fast and says,

"I'm the one you want to choose as your brother."

"Of course I thought you'd choose Elicyano."

"West fell in love with the second fated child. The second is that if you take your place in Elicyano, you won't have your place. Your good brothers can't really be as close as you and your brother."

"So, unfortunately, in the A-Van, did you choose Ryu Red Sea's brother-in-law?"

"Possible speculation in its own way."

As I was saying, I reached my destination.

Hayton faces his starter and the shield melts like a slime.

I grabbed the doorknob I saw in front of me and said,

"There's no possibility."


"Thank you for your work today."

And Hayton's about to go in the door, and boom! The road door is closed. I frowned and looked back at the look on his embrace, Hayton said.

"Then you shouldn't have come to me. Don't look forward to it."


"You know how I've hung up on studying over the years."

"You're shaking."

Hayton winked at me and said, "What?" I asked.

"Do you want to act like a miserable male protagonist? Then go somewhere else, dummy."

"I don't know you, but I love you!"

"I know."


Hayton looks embarrassed.

I turned around with my arms and looked at him.

"I don't know how you look at me like that."

"Then why so far……."

"What can I say if you don't tell me? Do you want me to stop liking you? So you'd be cut off like nothing?"


"No, you would have been more obsessed with me. I know you well. More than you think."

He was a sixteen-year-old boy who lost his place of first leaning. He looked at me like he was looking for a new nest, and the depth of his gaze changed over time.

I didn't want to be a patron, I wanted to know me, I wanted to tell myself, I was jealous of others beside me, and I finally found the name of my own emotion.

But I've lived with him for over a decade as a brother in my second life.

Even if he and the former Duke of Valois did not do this to me, Hayton, who lived as a brother, cannot reason with me.

"But I'll tell you what. Fold. There's nothing I can do to hold your hand. It's not because of you and your situation, it's because I don't even have you in my mind."

"You don't even have room."

Hayton bites like a chew and I answer decisively.



The hand that grabbed the door fell. I looked at Hayton a little further and said Zigsy.

"But I'll remember your heart, thank you."

Hayton raises his head a little and looks at me. His pupils were shaking.

"Be a good man, Hayton."


"A hundred times as good as I am so that I can meet someone."

At the end of the day, I opened the door. Behind my back, I heard Hayton's little murmur.

"I can't give up……."



I closed the sieve door I didn't hear. It was because I was not willing to give it back to him.

It was when I was sighing.

"Does Hayton like you?"


I grabbed my heart with astonishment.

"Don't be surprised. I'm just a prince."

It was East.

He glances at me with his arms and legs shackled.

"Ah, yes……. Prince...."

The prince was right, but I was embarrassed to hear it from him.

"Why are you here? West is looking for me? Mibdae?"

"Why did you do something to be hated?"

"West was bad."


"I was born a little earlier than West, and I have to give up everything to West. Because I'm your brother."


"West can sleep late at night, run around, but not me. Because he's my brother."


"Yesterday I was angry with Mama. West was hurt because I couldn't take care of him. Because I am your brother...."


"West did more watermarking, but I got caught watermarking once. I hate you!"

"That's why I'm here."


"When I look at East, I think of someone."


"My big brother. That day, the look on my face when I stopped trying to attack West reminds me of my big brother."

I squeezed in front of East, kneeling on my elbow.

"I'm a very selfish person, and I don't care about what's left of me. But I keep thinking about you."


"I don't see any papers in the house. Because my big brother will do everything. Me and Henri and Ishak go to bed at midnight, but my big brother only has 45 hours of sleep a day. He's the big brother. I think if I sleep one more hour, my brothers have to take care of the time they waste."


"Henri and Ishak are having a lot of accidents at the academy? Ishaq is a quicker fist than a horse, and even if Henri doesn't look like one, evil is a tenfold return."

"Henri looks like he is."

"Anyway, my big brother went to the academy very quietly."

"Because you're good at it?"

"Because it's the first. We should not do anything to be ashamed of as brothers and sisters. By the way, did your big brother get angry just once? When I first saw him because I was adopted."

"Why are you angry?"

"I knew I was sick. He didn't want to be seen because his eldest son had to be strong. But....."

I looked at East with a big smile.

"I'm not really angry. Just like East at the party hall, you look even more hurt."

"… because I lived like that."

"That's right. The first thing I always heard was that I had to take care of my brother and give him up. It's not a good thing to get angry."

East gives a hiccup to his lips. My chin is twisted and my eyes are depressed.

"But being angry..... is not because my brother really hates me."


"I didn't mean to hurt you..... I'm mad at West, but I know I shouldn't hurt him, but this time, because someone only wraps around West, I see him as a bad brother, so..... I did it wrong."

I stroked East's head.

"I know."


East burst into tears within minutes.

Why wasn't it circling? Fear of trying to attack my brother, guilt of hurting people, being trapped. I would have held on to everything.

After a long and careful scouring of his head, I opened my mouth after he had calmed down for some time.

"You know, East might be expelled."

When he spoke, he looked terrified.

"Oh, no. The officials will say that Prince Heilang needs to be destroyed. To make Prince Baek Lang a prince. Then she will cry...."

"So why don't you make a deal with me?"


"I told you, I'm selfish. A hyena that doesn't miss a chance."

East blinks, and I raise my tails.

"I'll help East so Queen Waynes won't cry. Will East help me, too?"

East staring at me smiled widely.

"Good. You smell bad, but you don't smell bad!"

"It's a deal."

We looked at each other and laughed bitterly.

* * *

After leaving the room where East was held, I was flawed to see the people at the door.


With a look on his face why he came here, Ishak said with his arms full.

"Have you forgotten why East is trapped? Young Demibeasts are sensitive to emotions and cannot control Demibeasts. That's why they keep you locked up in case it gets dangerous. Whoops!"

I swung Ishaq's mouth.

"The walls here were thin. I can hear everything from East."

"Oops! Oops!"

"Let's talk on the way, on the way."

I took a step, and Henri and Ishak sighed and followed me.

I left the building early and looked at my brothers.

"East is in good hands with emotions, and it's not dangerous."

"No matter how...!"

"I couldn't go because I had a big brother in mind. It's because the eyes of East who sees West in the hall are so similar to Johann's brother that they can't even reconcile us properly."


Hab Ishaq, shut up.

"... what if you make such an excuse cowardly! You're weakening your heart!"

"Anyway, that's why my brothers need to help me."

"What, how?"

Henri spills the pick-size when I kill him.

"You look like you're thinking bad."

"Henri is quick to notice."

"So, what can we do to help?"

"I mean....."

As I whispered the plan, Henri and Ishak's eyes widened.

The two people who heard the story looked at each other and said,

"The kid was a real weakling. I'm really your brother."

"Your brother is the only one who gets ahead."

Then the two of them hung my head at the same time.

"All right, I'll help you."


I covered my mouth with a sheep fist and laughed.

And since that afternoon, I've been on an operation.

I groaned, groaning as I went around the correction.

Where the hell is West? '

When I heard that I saw it in the first dorm and went near the dorm, I said that I went to the Elicyano conference room, and I said that I would go to the classroom in front of the conference room.

'I'll be with Mina. As you can see, Mina wandered around too well.

[It's sealed. Nuclear sealed.]

I heard the voice of the withdrawal through my ear, and I was flawed.

"Don't startle me, will you? Focus shouldn't be broken. Especially now! '

Henri taught me how to use divine power secretly in the school.

It was the interpretation of the shield on the campus. If you interpret this shield, you can use your powers.

[It's like how junior high school is secretly using Wi-Fi. You can use Wi-Fi if you sneak up on the password.]

'What's Wi-Fi? No, cancel the question. You're going to be so loud again, aren't you?'

However, the withdrawal that had already seized the opportunity poured out an explanation as if it had been a trumpet in its mouth.

[WiFi. It's wireless communication technology, using devices such as smartphones, PCs]

I gave up and walked less. Then, Emulin came running to me.



"You've found it for a long time. Why are you here? Everyone went out to the village below the mountain."

"You can go out to the lower village of the mountain?"

"Yeah, they're giving out tickets to freshmen from today. The outing range is limited to two gateways."

"..... Mina?"

"I went away a long time ago."

"Where can I get an exorcism? It's gonna take a long time, isn't it?"

Emulin raises her tail and puts out two exorcisms in front of me. One chapter had the name of Emulin and the other had my name on it.

"I got it."

"Emulin, cool! It's the best!"

I quickly grabbed my exorcism and rubbed the paper on my cheeks.

"Let's go. Juliet's in the lower village where I live, so I need to catch up. Oh, the gate says you can use the movers. It's a nuisance to walk."

This time I took the movers out of my pocket. It was, of course, a long-distance mover.

"It's an honor to be friends with the Dublin Dynasty."

"Let's eat well with each other."

"Let's go!"

Me and Emulin quickly leave the gate. And after tearing up the movement, let's open our eyes.....

"What, here. Emulin, did you give me the right coordinates?"


A shabby alley where all the houses collapse. It was a place that made the slums fire.

"Did you move beyond Gate Two? '

It's a big deal.

This made the expulsion of East not a problem. I may be expelled!