Emulin looked around and said with a nervous expression.

"What the hell happened? No matter how long you move, you won't be able to get through the shields of Odis' boundary gate..... I need to contact the school first. I have to explain that crossing the boundary gate was a mistake."

"Wait a minute."

"Why? We have to hurry! And then I said,

"Look over there, Emulin."

Emulin narrows his glans after turning his gaze along my fingertips.

I can see the school. It's quite a long way from the first gate, the farthest gateway. If you crossed the boundary gate, you wouldn't see the school.

"Let's double-check the coordinates. Do you have a map?"


We unfolded the map that Emulin brought to us to determine its location.

"You got it right. I was about two kilometers away from my destination."

"Alan, this garbage....."

"Why Alan?"

"He taught me the coordinates. Are you crazy?"

"It's profanity. I fed it once. And if we're really off the perimeter gate, we can't do that because we can take on the responsibility for misteaching the coordinates. I won't be able to escape the boundary gate shield again."

"You mean....."

Emulin kicks his teeth, tongue, and I shrug.

"Let's go. It's not that far, so you can walk away, right?"


We walked together out of the alley.

Wherever we go, we say, "Wow!" I burst the elasticity.

It's incomparable with a huge territory like Dublin or the Islands store, but it's incredibly spectacular in the hillside.

"There's a tavern, there's a scroll shop in the forge, there's a bakery!"

"It was a festive period. Lev, look over there! It's Piero!"

Piero walks twirling and juggling with four balls.

A toy railroad with winding tracks along the road. The toy train running on the railway carries the promotional flags of the shops.

Each stall sells stinging food, and at the end of the road, someone gives out balloons to godlike children, and the faint, glowing paper flies through the air.

We ran through the village with God's hand as if we had returned to our childhood.

When I woke up, there were tons of candy and juice in both hands.

"Ahcha, I have to find West."

When I scratched my head, Emulin, who was chewing marshmallows by my side, stopped.

"I have to find Juliet, too."

We swallowed our saliva and looked at each other.

'I'm scared, the festival..... You're driving us crazy.'

We took care of a bunch of crazy sweets for the kids who were passing by.

"I haven't eaten yet. How's it going?"

"Now, take this windbreaker. It's free."

Finally, the grumbling Emulin opens her hands with marshmallow powder.

"This is all because I'm young and I live without it. I didn't enjoy it when I was a kid, so I grew up and lost my mind."

"Admit it."

"Haven't you lived a full life?"

"Then do something. I have vivid memories of my past life. You lived as a beggar until you were nine, didn't you? I lived and died a beggar much longer than you. I never imagined a festival in my second life, in my first."

"It's you or me or the instruments of life. Oh, my God. I can't believe I forgot my purpose. It's pathetic. I can't talk to Tree about it. Rv, this is a secret for Tri."

"Absolutely. I've only been playing for a week."

We shook hands and turned our backs to find each other's targets.

"I'll see you at school."


I asked Mina's whereabouts for every freshman I met on the street.

"I was at the flower shop."

"I think I saw it in the souvenir shop."

"I was buying juice from that end stand."

The stall I asked for was near the slum where I first arrived. And I finally found Mina and West at the entrance to the alley.


Mina, who was holding hands with West, looked at me.

"What's going on here?"

"I have something for West. I've been looking for you because I think he's with you."

"To West?"

"To me?"

West looked up at me with a suspicious expression.

A Demibeast, he grew slower than an ordinary man, and was twenty years old, but one span smaller than me.

"I have something to tell you about East."

"Why, East……."

It was Channa who asked him in a crawling voice.

Wudang Bath!

In the alley, I heard a murmur with a blunt friction.

"Son of a thief!"

Mina and I looked at you at the same time.

A big man with a bad impression pushes a boy who looks about thirteen against the wall and is furious.

Next to the boy, there was a little girl who looked like her brother, and she looks so young.

"There! What are you doing!"

The screaming Mina leaves West's hand and enters the alley.

West says, "Mina!" I followed him, and I had no choice but to chase West.

"Let her go. What did you do to her!"

"What are you?"

A man frowned as he looked at Mina as a child.

"I thought you were an Odyssey student, but you were on your way."

"How do you turn it over when you see something like this? Hey, are you okay?"

When Mina looked at the boy and asked, the man snorted.

"This is the third time he's stolen anything from my store!"

As the atmosphere became noisy, deep in the alleyway, people appeared with their faces covered in dirt and looked at us.


When Mina asks, the boy shrugs, and a girl who seems to be the boy's brother bursts into tears.

"Oh, it's not your fault. I'm bad, Waaang! I'm hungry...!"

The only thing in the boy's hand was bread. Mina, who looked at the children in a panic, turned her head to the man who was the owner of the shop.

"No, I'll pay for it."

"..... you?"

In-house attitudes have changed when it comes to paying. He who coughed in vain said.

"100 francs."

Mina took the money out of her pocket and handed it to her husband. She stared at the boy once and took the money from Mina and disappeared.

Mina sighs and bends her knee and stares at the sister who stole the bread.

"Are you okay?"

"…… Yes, thank you."

"I know you're worried about your brother, but stealing other people's stuff is bad. Don't do that next time, okay?"


A smiling Mina looks at an answering boy and pulls the bill out of her pocket.

In a shabby alley like this, the cost of living was just a month.

"Take it. And now I'm looking for work."


I took the money from Mina's hand.

Nolan Mina stares at me.


"Don't give it to me."

"Oh, don't worry. This is my money. I decided to support me in a place called Temple...."

"Don't give it to me because it's your money."


Mina woke up frowning.

"Difficult, no, so why don't you give it to an unprotected child? If someone doesn't help him, he'll have to repeat what's not right tomorrow."

"Do you think giving money helps these kids?"


I walked out of the alley and bought food from a stall right in front of me. And I gave food to my brother and sister.

"Eat this today, go to the Slum Salvage tomorrow."

"I heard the Slum Salvage is at Gate 1. It's gonna take a day to get back to the kid's walk."

"Go to the Slum Salvage, though. Don't steal it away."


Mina shouted, but I ignored her and pushed her back.

"Go quickly."

The younger brother looks at us and disappears, and Mina looks at me with a hiccup.

"What the hell. Why do you even bother helping a poor child? LeBlaine, I don't think you really hate me for what they say."

"Yes, Mina. I don't like you."

"…… what?"

"I don't like your short thoughts. I hate arrogance for believing that doing good will solve anything. I hate your belief that you're just stiff."

Mina's gaze trembled, and West, who was looking at Mina alternately, shouted.

"You're being ridiculous. You really stink!"

"What do you think will happen if the kids go back there?"

West and Mina blinked at my words.

"What do you mean?"

"They're unprotected as you say. I lost a lot of money in those kids' hands. So what do you think's going to happen?"

"..... do you mean that people want money and hurt their children?"

Mina takes a deep sigh and sweeps her head. She looked at me like she was picking a horse and opened her mouth again.

"LeBlaine, the world isn't just that dark. There are people who have malice, but there are more who don't. Those who can't get past the difficult, those who volunteer, those who believe in the goodwill of people..... like that."

"Yes, there are evidently people with malice."

"That's not what I meant."

"The man with the malice!"

When I screamed, Mina's face hardened. I looked at her face and said,

"How can you be so sure that no one in the world has ever seen her get paid?"


"How can I believe they won't be in danger?"

"You're the only one who thinks there's someone with malice."

"Because I have to. You and I are the ones who have to think of the worst rather than the best."


"You have a duty to do what you say. Everything I enjoy has a duty. Nobility protects the common people! Those who have to protect must always think of the worst first. Just as parents worry about their children!"


"That's why we have to think of worse consequences than the bad guys. That's the same thing with you being supported by the Temple."

"..... you and I are really different people."

Me and Mina looked straight at each other.

Mina said.

"Don't do anything because you're afraid of the worst that hasn't happened? No, I'm gonna do something. If my favor can change the world, I'll do whatever it takes."


"I thought you were the destined child of this world. I'm the one who's going back, so you're the one who's going to protect this place. But now it's not. You're just a coward, LeBlaine."

"Now that you're done, just tell me the truth."

"I can't leave this world to you."

Mina, holding West's hand tightly, said decisively.

"I'm going to do my best."

"Then I'll do my best to stop you."

I twisted the purchase.

"You'll have to do your best to die, Mina."

It was my fourth life, the first time I and Mina turned their backs.