In fact, it was a good time.

I wanted to step up and shave West's reputation, but Mina asked West to bring her sister and even let her have this accident.

'Thank you, Mina.'

I saved time, I lost my hands.

I smiled as I looked where the screams were heard.

Afterwards, West was imprisoned as I planned. Of course, in the shield room in East.

Perhaps by now, the two brothers were having a deep conversation.

Mina had to be interviewed by the professors until the night.

The brother of the brother was paid by the buyer to steal the test paper, not the franc used in the school, but Sela.

Mina had no way to save Miles' money, so it was concluded that she was not the culprit.

I could dig deeper, but I stopped at the palace because the temple heard the news and shouted at Mina.

This was short-circuited.

* * *

The night of the commotion.

The brother-in-law's luggage was trampled on by the students who were fleeing West's handwriting, and Mina was carrying their luggage.

Next to him, the younger brother nodded with his hands together.

"I'm sorry, Mina."

Mina asked in a no-goose voice.

"..... Why did you do that?"

"Well, we, uh, we..."

My brother looked at my brother crying, and he bit his lips tightly.

"I can't believe it."

"You couldn't trust me for helping you?"

"There's Mina now, but when we graduate, we don't know when we're going to get kicked out."

"That wouldn't have happened. Even if that happened, I could start a new life with my salary."

"I had money before. There was a house she left behind when she died, and all her relatives took it. At first, they took care of us. We threw it away because it was annoying. But how do we trust people who are still alive?"


"I needed someone to protect us. Mina just helps us out with kindness, but if Mina changes her mind, she will be thrown away at any time, right? So even if we changed our minds, we needed someone to protect us."

"So I stole the test paper and tried to catch the weakness...?"

Mina's face was twisted. My eyes trembled and tears filled my pupils.


"Me, Mina. Please forgive your brother. My brother, just for me...!"

"Go away!!"


Her sister clasped in awe, but she left the correction after removing the child's hand.

[Difficult, no, so why don't you give it to an unprotected child? If someone doesn't help him, he'll have to repeat what's not right tomorrow.]

[Do you think giving money helps these kids?]

A conversation with LeBlaine came to mind.

"Did my goodwill ruin those kids? '

If I hadn't brought them in, wouldn't those kids have committed a bigger sin?

I lost my strength in my knees, and I suffocated. I heard popular noises around me as I was panting while holding my knee.

"I won't let you lose this time to your father or to your big brother or to your small brother. My gift should please the child."

[That, then, flowers and cakes]

"Goods other than withered, eaten or obliterated! Something that reminds me of me. What a youngest brother should be."

Ishaq, who was choking, frowned at Mina.

[If you do that, jewelry will be the best. You haven't known jewelry since a few years ago.]

"I'll get back to you."

After shutting down the communication, he stares at Mina, who looks at herself with tears in her eyes.

"If you see it, turn it off or say it. Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I was here, and you passed."

"What are you talking about? Short words?"

"I'm not wearing a tie and I don't know if I'm a freshman or a senior."

"You should know because you're not hanging. Did you see that freshman in Elicyano class?"

"Ah……. Anyway, I was here first....."

"Go away, though."

Mina frowns.

"I think we've seen each other before. Why do you hate me so much?"

Because you killed my boy. You're right, whether you cheated on the temple or not, and in the future, my boy will suffer because of you.

But I couldn't tell you why. Even Ishaq knew that this should not go into Mina's ear.



"He's too stiff to pretend. I see you're the one who won't think it's wrong to hit all kinds of accidents. Are you ready?"

"…… that's right."

Mina, who wiped her eyes with her back of hand, smiled.

[Ishaq. My son, come here.]

It was strange.

She wipes her tears and now she looks like a woman who doesn't even remember her face.

Snowflakes or smiles resemble her.

I met my mother who was stronger than any of those knights.

Are you out of your mind? '

Ishak scratches his head.

Mina stares at Ishak like that and narrows her eyes.

"It's too much to say, though...? People can reflect and move forward…."

"That's what you say elsewhere."

"I want to do the same....."

She laughed awkwardly while scratching the temples.

"Do you know where this is? I ran out of my mind, and I don't know where. It's dark... Why is this school so big?"

"…… turn around with an angel statue on your right."


"Your dorm's in there."

When Ishak said that, he left first, and Mina quickly followed him.

Ishaq frowned and asked.

"Why are you following me?"

"Where is the Angel Statue?"

"Left where you were just now!"

"Ah……. But why do you keep getting angry? If you'd kindly let me know, I wouldn't have thanked you more."

Mina with arms pinched her lips.

[Interest, bad.]

This time, it overlaps with the appearance of LeBlaine as a child.

"Are you really crazy? '

Ishaq once again threw out his head and said to Mina, growling.

"Get the hell out of here if you know."

"Thanks anyway. Next time you see me, say hello. Huh? Oh, but he's so handsome. You know what?"

"I know."

Mina bursts into laughter and nods.

And I said, "Hey!" I shook my hand and left.


[With interest! It's the best!]

"You're right."

It was when Ishaque groaned. I heard familiar footsteps.

"What are you talking about?"


"What are you talking about?"

"No. Something weird came up. But why are you here?"

"Don't you check the comms?"

As Henri frowns, Ishak pulls out the communication stone in his pocket.

"You communicated?"


"What's going on? Did you come to see me without waiting?"

"Did you check the assignment announcement?"


"I decided to replace the midterm transparency with a challenge because the brother stole the test paper."

"No way....."

"Yes, the freshmen are in battle, too."

In other words, LeBlaine had to go into battle and kill people.

My brother tried to look the most delicate and evil in the world in front of others, but in fact he was a weak man.

I can't kill anyone else.

Ishak's face hardened.

* * *

My brothers have been coming since dawn.

I sat in a chair with my pajamas on.

"What is the combat assignment.... I've been mistaken since I came to the Odyssey Military School?"

"LeBlaine, the battlefield is worse than you think."

"I suppose so..... but why is Ishaq so quiet?"

Ishak would have run quieter than Henri if it were usual. As I blink, Ishak sighs, holding my face with both hands.

"Yes, it is. It's this face. I've seen this face overlapping everywhere."

"…… what?"

When I look confused, Ishak smiles and rubs his face on my cheek.

"Don't! Ugh! Dirty!"

As I shouted, he smiled and rubbed his face harder. He liked playing games I didn't like very much.

"Dirty? Because I raised you all, you're afraid that puberty is here?"

"I was raised by my father! I raised Ishak!"

"What? Ugh!"

Ishaq, who was beaten by Henri, kicked his tongue and fell from me.

"It's not summer, but a flying fly is a ride, LeBlaine."

"That's it."

As I stretched out my lips, Ishaq nodded as if he was reassured. Today's Ishaq was really strange.

I lifted up Ishaq's forehead and touched his forehead.

"What, are you really sick?"

"Battle, will you be all right?"

"According to the announcement, the freshmen are on the battlefield, but they've been fighting since the third grade. We're backing up. A long time ago, I searched for sacred objects taken from immigrants."

"But there must be a sword or a spell, kid."

"I'll try not to kill people. My brothers are so worried that I won't be able to get a good night's sleep."

I smiled, and Ishak and Henri stroked my head.

At that time.

"How long do I have to see this scene?"

Emulin seems to be trembling.

"Oh, we slept together yesterday. '

The dormitory is separated from the male and female floors, and the stairs are blocked by the door after a period of time in case of an unknown situation.

Emulin and I talked until dawn about the assignment, and then the stairs closed and we slept together in my room.

I smiled awkwardly, and Emulin said, "Issue arms……." I struggled.

Henri took his hand off my head and said,

"Why don't you add your own family, if you don't know? It's only blue for assault. They say all the jewels received from the goddess are the passage of the devil. Do you have any demons to use?"

"Yes……. Almost. I don't know if I have any more aggressive demons, and I don't know if I can unlock more power than anything else, but what if I don't have a place when a really good demon comes out?"

"Yes, I do."

"Once I have the amendment, I'll call you if it's in danger."

The Devil of Amethyst, who was caught in the portrait of the St. Clair, has not yet been summoned.

There were no instruments to summon, and when I heard a voice from time to time, I kept it because it seemed like the ark belonged to a different power than the demon.

"If it's dangerous, it's a doctrine. You got it, kid?"


I nod.

And two weeks later. After a month of admission, we left for the battlefield.

I put my hand inside the armor I was wearing on the horse. And the part with the amendment pouch, it was when I hit it.

Eyes twisted, beep profit! A sharp tinnitus crossed my head.

"…… you…… Neriad……."

"Go, kid, come on!"

"Ishaq!! No! No!"

I gasp, I breathe.


I asked if Emulin was okay, but I couldn't answer.

'What is this?'

It felt completely different from usual. It's not like someone's calling me, it's like they're looking to the future.

It was then.


Screams burst out from the surroundings.