I was surprised and stared at the man with the head.

'If it's Heaven....'

In the first year of Dubled's adoption, Henri and Ishaq took him to the slave auction, Heaven.

It was illegal to enslave in the Empire, but there were still many slave countries in the other world, so you could easily see slave auctions like 'Heaven' in large territories.

And he was attacked by one of the auctioneers.

'What did the facilitator say then?'

[That's a really special item. It's called an anti-Semitic creature, born out of collision with an animal. Plus, it's younger than it looks. You'll be able to play with it for a long time.]

Yeah, a semi-annual. Besides, he said he was younger than he looked.

He's a Demibeast. Like East, West in Elicyano. '

Demibeasts are superior to ordinary humans and have twice the lifespan, but the growth of intelligence is slow.

So he was easily tricked and kidnapped by traffickers, and sold around to be raised as a slave warrior.

This guy was more like it.

'But Sur....'

In my previous life, four names were said to be the best knights in the Empire.

Duke Amitier.



.... And Surir called the nightmare of the battlefield.

'I knew Surir was a Demibeast, but he was from slavery.'

Surir was a crusader in his previous life.

He asked for the Pope, who was targeted by an infinite crowd on the occasion of a coincidence, and became the Pope's escort, and he was named in the Holy War.

'But what happened? I was fifteen years old when Surir saved the Pope from my previous life.. Ah, I see.'

If it had been originally, the slave auction house Heaven would not have been ruined. But the future changed with what I went to the slave auction with Ishaq, Henri.

Heaven is ruined, the slaves are freed.

It was a storm that changed Surir's life, just like the wings of a butterfly.

That's why Surir, who should have been the Pope's escort, would be in the Kuhelm tribe.

"Rice, chicks... chicks..."

"No, but why do you keep calling me a chick?"

"Rice, chick....."

"Do you need a chick?"

"Chick, give it to me. To the chick, Surir."

Sur laughed softly.

"…… yes. I'll get you a chick."

Then Emulin looks at me.

"Where's the time? If you keep your hands off me like this, I'm going to have to make you a long-distance mover. You don't know how long Chief Kuhelm will be waiting for you."

"That's why I need this guy."


The four knights considered Surir the strongest when it comes to strategies and comprehensive abilities, but only when it comes to personal attack.

It was a well-known anecdote that during the Holy War, when Neriad was swarming for centuries, Surir came alone and killed more than 200 hostiles and forced them to take their chances.

"Turning Surir on our side is not a good thing to get out of Kuhelm."

I laughed profanely.

* * *

"Give me a chick."


A young man, an escort given to me by Chief Kuhelm, looks at me with a strange look.

"What do you need a chick for?"

"Oh, of course, we're trying to build a long-distance mobile."

You're lying!

However, the Kuhelms were greatly delighted that they did not know how to make long range movers.

"Chicks! Look for chicks in the chicken field!"

At the words of a young man, the Kuhelm tribe ran around in a fuzzy place.

"There are no chicks, but there is a spiritual system that doesn't grow. Not in the spiritual world?"

I looked at Hilgum Sur.

"Chick, yellow, chick……."

He was muttering only a dumb chick.

The Kuhelm tribe thought I was referring to a chick and that Surir was unwittingly repeating the word.

'I guess not in the spiritual world. Would you rather have a yellow chick?'

I shook my head firmly at the young man.

"Not in the spiritual world. Must be a chick. With a yellow fistula."

"…… I'll look it up."

"As soon as possible!"

"…… Yes."

The Kuhelm tribe searched the town like catching a Fifth Yellow chick.

And the chief came to hear from a young man that I was looking for chicks to make a long distance camp.

"You made the right decision. Yeah, what else do you need with a chick?"

"A meal. It takes a lot of divine power to make a long distance traveler. And give me back my horse and my things."

This is also a lie!

You need health, food, and horses to leave town.

And he came here and snatched away what he had, and even Etwal, who hid it in the armor.

'I don't know anything else, but I can't go without Etwal.'

"Weapons cannot be returned."


Weapons are useless. All I need is Etwal to summon Pur and turn him into a shy field.

I can't summon a demon in front of Mina and her students, but I have to summon Pur in the worst case scenario.

When the chieftain noticed, a tribe of women who had taken away my goods brought me a branch of clothing and Etwal.

I quickly hung Etwal around his neck and hid him in his clothes. Then he handcuffed his wrist with a golden ball.

"Release me."

"You can't release the money to the child of destiny."

"No matter how fateful I am, can I deal with the whole Kuhelm tribe alone?"

"You can burn the building down and call in your allies."

"I don't even know where it is. If this place is far from your friends' Jinjina school, they will die before they come."


"I'm a man who values my life very much. Don't you see that?"

"It looks too good to be boring."

"That's it!"

"…… I will create a gold space instead of gold. Do not let the force escape to the outside. I will release the gold ball only in the space allowed."

'That's fine, too. If it's your golden shield, it's one room anyway.'

Although the shield of the Imperial Palace, which has been strengthened for centuries and is close to completion, all you have to do is summon Fur.


He laughed.

"I'm glad you're a sensible man."

'All right. The bites of fondness are open.'

Then it was time to bend that chief in full.

'What do you do?'

The tribe came to the chief, as he was pondering.

"Someone from the Merchant Guild invites you to meet the Chief."

"I bet you're trying to cut the price of the manna again. Damn it."

"There's no Dory, is there? Because I don't approach the other Merchant Merchant Guild because I notice Odyssey."

It was when the two of them had just finished speaking. As the surroundings became noisy, a man in a big hat appeared trembling at the other tribes.

"Oh, chief, it's been a long time."

"I never gave you permission to meet, Hannibal. What disrespect."

"Forgive me, I was suddenly delayed from paying for the groceries I gave you the other day."

"Payment? Didn't we agree to give you what you need in exchange for a manna?"

"That's when you gave me a normal mannequin. The quality of the manaseat is poor, and there are fewer surpluses. I need to get as much money as the quantity of mannequins I need."

"Nonsense! It is true that the battle failed to match the quantity, but the quality is the same as before."

"Oh, chief. It's only because it's dark in the market.... Mass unraveling of excellent quality mannequins on the Acadian Peninsula. The market value of Kuhelm Manasuk has fallen, so we can't give it the same quality as before."

"Well, what...!"

When the chieftain looked embarrassed, a man called Hannibal smiled.

"We don't even know about Kuhelm's situation, but we have a long-standing deal, so we'll make the most of it. We trade for 3,000 francs each. What do you think?"

"3,000 francs?! Don't be ridiculous. 5,000 francs."

"Didn't I tell you? in the Acadian Peninsula, solving more quality mannequins than ever before."


"If you don't like it, you can't help it. I'm forced to cut a deal. It's us. There's nothing to be sad about. Deal with the Akhalian Peninsula. But, Chief..... Aren't you in trouble?"

Hannibal smiles indifferently, and the chief's face darkens.

"... not 3,000 francs. At least 4,000 francs."

"3,500 francs."


"I can't beat you any more. It's not just the damage."

The chief sighs as if he can't help it.

"This isn't a scam."

My words caught people's eyes.

The chief said, "What?" I asked, and I reached Hannibal with my arms extended.

"You traded Manatsuk for 5,000 francs per dog?"

"Well, what is it, you!"

"You bought four times the manna that deserves 20,000 francs?"


"And what, the Acadian Peninsula? It's true that Manatsuk was mass-released on the Akhalian Peninsula, but that's all fake, right?"

Hannibal's face changed, and the chief opened his eyes.

"What do you mean, Hannibal!"

"Well, I don't know. Bitch! What do you know? Bullshit!"

"I don't know why! I am the Hope Merchant...!"


Lago shook his head, pretending he couldn't.

"It's a regular."

Chief, I'll make you some money, so take care of it.

To take Surir and your sacraments and run away.

I laughed, one by one.