Two months ago, the continent was ravaged by news of the discovery of massive quantities of mannequins on the Acadian Peninsula.

The Hope Merchant Guild immediately made contact with the Acadian Peninsula after receiving news. It was a golden opportunity for me that required a large amount of manna to keep the devil alive.

However, the confirmations show that Manaseok was artificially made by injecting magical power into minerals.

At the moment, the great Merchant Guild of Wenzhong is discovering that Manasuk on the Akalia Peninsula is a fake.

"Manastone on the Acadian Peninsula was a fake made by storing magical power. They don't use sacred powers like magic stones, but the magic power they inject leaks into the air."

I rinsed, snorted and stretched my arms.

"By the time you move from the Acadian Peninsula to the continent, you'll be a useless rock."

The chieftain frowns and looks at Hannibal. Hannibal excuses himself with a stuttering expression.

"Well, we don't know."

"Yes. Let's say you didn't know about the Acadian Peninsula, but what dealt in 5,000 francs of Kuhelm's mannequin, which deserves 20,000 francs?"



When I speak the metaphor between the merchants, Hannibal's face is fresh.

I approached Hannibal and said,

"You didn't mean to make the right deal in the first place, did you? You thought it would be easy to cheat Kuhelm on the outside, didn't you?"

"Hey, this bitch....."

"Is it true that the contract for 5,000 francs has been fulfilled? Let's see the book. I don't know if I've had an absurd fowl with groceries."

"Chief! This bitch is coming out and insulting our Merchant Guild! How dare you...!"

Hannibal looks at the chief with a loud shout. The chieftain said with a cold expression.

"What are you doing? Kuhelm's external advisor asked for a book."

At that I realized. That the Chief of Kuhelm is halfway into my hands.

I smiled, and Hannibal's face turned blue.

* * *

When I handed over the book without castle, I looked at Hannibal trembling like a mouse in front of a cat.

"I wrote it down fantastically once. It's the perfect novel if only the unicorns show up here. Huh?"

"W-what! That means that the largest region of flour has been heavily affected by the flooding, which has reduced prices."

"Mister, what's wrong with the players? Amman still doesn't raise the price with this landscape, does he?"


I looked at the chief standing at the door and lowered my voice.

"Just settle for a million francs. I'll give you the rest. And in the future, even fake books are about the right quantity. That's one of the basics, right?"

".... What the hell are you?"

"What is it? Don't stop the tax-exempt guy."


"LeBlaine Dubled. No matter how incompetent you are, you know my name, right?"


With his mouth open, he hurriedly stops his mouth. When he saw the chief again, he whispered.

"How can I believe that?"

"It's my portrait, so check it out."

After writing something in the imperial language on the ledger head, I covered the ledger, and said to the open chief,

"A deceitful meal of 880,000 francs and 120,000 francs as a pardon. They pay a total of one million francs. Why don't you forgive me at this point?"

'Kuhelm is not Hannibal's Merchant Corps, is he?'

Let's look at it with those eyes, big chief! I coughed and looked at Hannibal.

"Tell the Merchant Guild. Once again, when this happens, the warriors of Kuhelm will not forgive you."

"Yes, yes…… Chief."

Hannibal nods with a white face, and I throw him a book.

"One million francs. You'll be ready in a week, won't you?"


"It will work."


Hannibal greets the leader in the Straggler's Molgolo and leaves the Twist Room.

I raise my head with an arrogant expression.

"Look, I know how to make money."

"Am I not so precious to you?"

When I twist my legs with an arrogant expression, he laughs and nods.

"One million! One million francs! Thanks to this nobleman, I can turn off the fire in a hurry."

"You must have written a lot about kidnapping us?"

"I had to rob the warehouse of a handful of barley. How expensive you are."

We left the room smiling.

The chief paid a million francs, and he was very fond of me for pressing the snout of an arrogant merchant.

Just down the stairs, Odis' freshmen were returning from the workplace.

The sweat in your clothes is shaking and your hands are black and your face is black.

It was a difference between the blurry sky and the blue sky.

"Emulin, are you okay?"

When I ask Emulin, the chief approaches.

"Is he a particularly good friend?"


"Don't send her to the workplace in the future."

In the words of the chief, a young man who was my escort and was watching the students' labor bowed down.

"Yes, chief."

"Prepare a meal for the nobleman and his friend."

"Excuse me."

It was Mina's voice.

Mina looks around the exhausted freshmen with a sad look and looks at the chief.

"Give us a meal, too."


"I haven't eaten a single loaf of bread since yesterday and have suffered from hard labor. I might die like this."

"What did you do?"

"…… Yes?"

"The first fateful child made money for our tribe. Thanks to you, we can have the next season at ease. How are you asking me to share food because you helped our tribe?"

"You did your homework."

"Yes, slavery. Labour is literally just labour. You are the enemy we have captured, not the workers we serve. There is no reason why I should give you the food of our tribe."

"We're all going to die. No matter how hostile the army may be, without this recognition."

"When I heard the sword to kill our warriors, was there any recognition for you?"


"It's foolish to find recognition in war, number two."

The chieftain did not give eyes to the students, but to the tribe.

"The first time is our friend, my noble. If you need anything from the first one, don't be afraid to give anything away."

"Yes, chief."


The Kuhelm tribesmen nodded in a moment.

My position in Kuhelm was a moment of vertical uplift.

* * *

The freshmen were again imprisoned in Oksa. Soon after, I went to Oxa too, and the atmosphere was different from yesterday.


"Miss LeBlaine."

Students were very pleased with me.

"How did Chief Kuhelm roast his life? Oh, my God, that's amazing."

"You've had a lot of trouble, haven't you? Ah, sit here."

"No, come next to me."

"Miss LeBlaine."


Students who saw my position change in the Kuhelm tribe were anxious to like me.

"Do you want to share the authority you've gained from subjugating the enemy army? Don't lose your pride! We're Odyssey's students."

"Please shut the fuck up, Elon!"

"What, what?"

"Don't you have any pride in Miss LeBlaine? Miss LeBlaine gave up her pride for Ui. Don't you know how noble a sacrifice that is?"

Others shouted aloud at Alan. Alan clenches his head with a malicious twist.

Meanwhile, Mina and Sandra said nothing, and the students murmured at me.

"I..... Can't I get even dry bread?"

"I'm weak. Working hard, I got all my hands.... I'm not going to rest forever. If you can take away your labor even this evening...."

Emulin bursts into laughter.

"Yesterday, you didn't say a word to Alan, and now you're defending Lev? The Noble Pride Canal is here, and there are all those who have no pride!"

Emulin, who's been looking for people, grabs my hand.

"Go, Lev. Not in a creepy place."

"I will ask the people of Kuhelm for food."

Emulin's face hardens. On the other hand, the students cheered and said, "Thank you, LeBlaine!" I'm sorry, "he cried.

"Let's go, Emulin."


"You can go out with me. Let's go?"

Emulin, who came after me with a trembling face, said.

"What do you give away the food you've worked so hard to make them so pretty?"

"There's no way I'm going to give it away because I'm pretty. I hate them as much as you do."

"Then why."



I looked at Oxa and said,

"Find out who gave you the bread and who you need to follow to earn a coin."

As I smiled, Emulin shook her head with a big smile.

"You're gonna get stuck in the heads of those migratory birds."

"And when you go back to school, you'll realize. The first is better than the second. Then the temple won't make it easy to plan to use Mina to pressure me."

"It's a huge advantage if you can make it with Kuhelm's food."

We walked with an evil smile.

A young man, who was my escort from afar, approached me.

"Noble! You have saved the chick you spoke of."

Then he showed me the chick in his hand.

'That's it! Now we can go to Surir.'

"Where's Sur?"

"Write. I haven't seen you since this afternoon."

"I have to go look for....."

"Noble, I'll tell you just in case, don't think about escaping because the chief let you wander around town. Every entrance has a shield, so if you try to escape, you will die."

"Of course. I have faith in the chief, but would you run away?"

You're lying!

I will never run away. Of course I have Surir.

I took care of the chicks and looked for Surir. However, I searched the town for two hours, but I didn't see Surir's hair coming.

"Hey, kid."

When he grabs the passing Goma, he turns his head.

"A nobleman?"

"Haven't you seen Sur?"

"I think I saw it in the stables……."

"Where's the stables?"

"Over there."

I saw a shabby building when I looked at the direction the kid was pointing. I greet you and head to the stables with Emulin.

But there was no Sur there either.

"Where the hell are you....."

It was time to mutter.


I felt a strange sensation.

'This is definitely.....'

I hurriedly looked around.


"Devil's Passage……. It's a sense of passage."


I found the source of the heavy vibrations. I feel vibrations on the floor of the stables.

'Why do you feel it on the floor?'

I can clearly feel the vibrations from the floor on the haystack. I removed the heavy hay and stabbed the floor.

"I feel the wind……."

"Wind on the floor. I don't even have a passageway, but I don't think so."

After looking at each other, I and Emulin quickly looked at the floor. While I was stabbing the floor, something like a tiny button stuck to my fingertips.

Let's press…….


Blunt friction and cramped floors open and stairs appear.

"Rv, this....."

"You're here. If you think someone might be coming, just keep it closed and open it if I signal you downstairs."

"Are you going to be okay on your own?"


I leave the chick to Emulin, then go down the stairs carefully.

There was a corridor at the end of the stairs, and there was a torch in each corridor, so it wasn't hard to walk.

What I found at the end of the hall was a huge door.

I was just about to grab the doorknob, but I heard a familiar voice through the door.

[…… Giya.]


[It's a baby.]

I put my hand out of the doorknob, and my voice did not sound as if the communication had been disconnected.

'This voice…….'

This voice is clearly…….

I looked at the doorknob with trembling eyes.

An unforgettable voice. From ancient times until now, this voice that always calls me kindly....

I put my hand on the doorknob, and once again I heard a sweet voice.


"…… Boone!"