This was definitely Bune's voice.

I hurriedly turned the door, but the door didn't open as if it was locked inside.

Bang! Bang!

I knocked on the door and shouted.

"Boone! It's me, open it!"

[Baby, the door won't open without you... turn around... my...]

His voice was conspicuously cut off.


It was then.

Someone grabbed my hand.

"Here, what are you doing?"

A low voice dug into my ear to give me a creep.

I turned my head stiff, surprised by the sauce.


My face was dull with cloudy eyes.

"Joe, Chief, I don't like it. Touching the altar."


"This, this is Ku, the Altar of Kuhelm. A passage leading to the god of Kuhelm."

I took a big breath.

Behind this door is Bune. So the god of Kuhelm is Bune?

"Ah, yes. Nimphs brought Pur as a god, too. So it's not unusual to have a tribe that regards Bune as a god. '

It reminded me of the words of Bourne who said, '... the door won't open without you.'

'Maybe we should find the way to Bune.'

Thinking that Pur's Passage was at the Altar of Nimps, I hurriedly searched around the door.

However, I could not find any minerals or jewels that appeared to be the passage of the devil.

"Surir, don't you use jewels or stones to make sacrifices?"

"Poetry, the stone of God."

"Yes! Do you know where that is?"

"Joe, Chief, I always carry it with me."

"The chief has it....."

It was valuable to the tribe, so it would be kept in the safest place.

'I'm glad I didn't come to the place where the shield was broken.....'

I thought for a moment about how to get it.

No, you can't deal with that. Let's go back. If they find out I'm gone, it'll be harder to get to Bune's aisle. '



"Can you tell me a secret that I was here?"

"Tea, nice guy. Keep your promise."

"Yes, yes. Surir is a good man."

I smiled widely and knocked on Surir's shoulder. And I left the door with him.

After returning to the Stable, Emulin opens her eyes. It was how he came with Surir.

I first greeted Surir and handed him the chick I had entrusted to Emulin.

"Rice, chick."

"Is this the chick you want?"

Surir's buyer winks at the chick with a round eye.

I can't see my eyes because of the hot hair, but I seem to be happy.

"Thank goodness. We'll go then."

I waved my hand to Surir and left the stable with Emulin.

Emulin asked me only after reaching a rare place.

"What, how did you come with that guy?"

"I met him downstairs. Emulin than that."

When I explain what I was doing down there, she screams at the end as her eyes widen.

"What?! The evil you first summoned."

Emulin, who spoke to, stops her mouth with both hands and looks around.

When she was in seminary, she knew Bune because she had told Tree and Emulin about her ability to summon demons.

After confirming that there was no one there, Emulin shook his voice and spoke.

"He was behind the door?"

"Yeah, that's why I need a passageway with the chief. It's like jewelry or minerals, but that's the only way to summon a demon."

"No way....."

I howl at Emulin's murmurings.

"That's it?"

"The day I first came to this tribal town. You and Mina are trapped somewhere else with us."


"The chief came to see us that day. I saw it then. I saw a very mysterious color pendant hanging from the chief's neck."

"…… that's more likely. We have to steal it somehow."

"It would be dangerous. Wouldn't you rather give up this time and target another demon?"

"Bune's talent is necromancy. You can summon the dead."

"Then my mother or your mother...."

Emulin stares at me with a stiff face.

"Yes, your mother, too. And there are countless people who miss the dead like you or me. How many deals can you take advantage of with this ability?"

"I need to get the 'Passage' of the Chief..... But how?"

So that was the problem.

* * *

I went back to Oksa where the students were trapped with Emulin. While we were gone, the empty dishes were rolling clean.


Mina, who was talking to the students, called me.

"I talked to the kids in the gap where you left off, and now I think that's a good time."

"What's wrong?"

"Escape. You can't stay here forever. You need to eat and escape in a healthy gap. So I said....."

At that time, Alan intercepted Mina's words.

"You have to help me. Focus on Kuhelm's gaze. We're going to work in that gap."

Emulin shouts.

"Become a decoy for the Leveragers!?"

"Make some time. Take the gold out of that gap and we'll help you. In case you don't know, the fast one will escape first."

"That's what he said! What if I can't take it off? If you break your promises and leave Lev to flee!"

"Do you really believe what Chief Kuhelm said and help the tribe, and you don't believe what we say?"

"You don't think that comparison makes sense, do you? It's not supposed to be. If you're right, I doubt the level of school that accepted you."


Alan chokes, Mina lets him dry.

"Enough, Alan. It's a problem that we can't impose on LeBlaine."


"You have a subway."

Mina sighs and grabs my hand.

"We'll make all the arrangements. If we signal, let's escape together."

"What's the next move?"


Alan said, "Don't tell me!" I yelled and looked at me and Emulin with all my eyes.

"What if I confess my plans to the chief again because I'm bluffing?"

"Alan, LeBlaine is not that kind of person."

Only after Mina frowned. Alan kept his mouth shut.

I told Mina.

"Don't do whatever it is."


"I'm not sure how I can solve this problem, but I'm trying to escape. There's a shield at every entrance to town. If you do something wrong, you're gonna get yourself killed."

"Thank you for your concern. But you can't do anything like this. You know that if the chief's judgement is twisted, we can't pledge tomorrow."



"I have a plan, too. If you really believe me, don't do anything useless."

Mina sighed, and I looked around the students, paying attention once again.

"Don't be ridiculous. Stay still."

Students had an unpleasant expression, but had nothing to say.

I asked Emulin, 'Take a good look at them so they can't do anything stupid.' Then I went out to Oxa.

A young man, my escort, came running to the room that the chief had arranged for me.

"Where were you? It's been a while."

"I don't intend to escape, so don't worry. I stopped by Oxa after a walk."

"The chief is looking for you."

'Well done. I wanted to see Bune's passage with my own eyes.'

I nodded and followed him to the chief.

The chieftain who saw me coming into the room just woke up.

"Oh, you're our external advisor."

He laughs as he throws a joke.

It was a very friendly attitude, unlike when I first came.

The man who gave me his seat sat on the opposite side and took out the horse.

"I heard from Hannibal's Merchant Corps. He said he was making money this week."

"That's great."

"So I have a favor to ask of you."

"Tell me."

"I want to put in place clear precautions to prevent this from happening again. Will you help me?"

"Do you want to document your recurrence? I'm sorry, but I can't help you."

"Do you think the same thing that kidnapped you will continue to happen if Kuhelm becomes rich? I don't see much of a righteous person."

I nod with a smile.

"That's right. I'm not a righteous man. I can't help it because the same thing would happen again if I was promised in writing to prevent a recurrence."

"… why do you think so?"

"People don't change easily. The more garbage, the better."

"What do you mean?"

"I fooled the chief once. Without me, Kuhelm won't know the flow of the world, and they'll try to trick you again when they get a chance."


"So you have to create a new account. I can help you with that."

"Kuhelm defeated Odis and the back ship of Odis, Neriad Curriculum. What kind of merchant would want to trade with us?"

"Top of the Hope."

The chief laughed and burst into vain.

"You look at me in ridicule. The Hope Merchant Guild is an empire with a Neriad Curriculum. There's no way they can deal with me."

"There is."

"How can I be sure?"

I replied with a big smile.

"Because I'm the merchant of the Hope Merchant Guild."

"…… lie. You're lying."

"I can communicate with Chechet, the vice merchant of the Hope Merchant Guild."


The chieftain looks at my unshakeable eyes. After a long silence, he spilled the truth.

"Damn it. That's true."

"If we do it right, shall we start negotiations?"

"You want me to let you live? All right, I'll send you and your friend, half of Odyssey's students back. But not all of them."

I didn't think I'd give it all back in the first place.

As far as I can tell, they have kidnapped us by sweeping up all the remaining handful of silver coins in the warehouse.

No matter how coveted a new customer may be, I will not forget the purpose of this kidnapping.

"There's one more there."

"What is it?"

I pointed to the chief's breast.

"Lend me that pendant."


The chieftain raises his body with a loud shout.

"Bullshit! This is a gift from God to us and a testament from the chief!"

"I'm not asking you to be completely different. Just five minutes. Just five minutes. Let me take a look at that."

The 'Passage' loses its power when the demon is summoned.

After summoning Bourne, you can decentralize and return the pendant to him.

I squeeze my cheeky toes and look at the chief with his eyes wide open.

"Will it really take five minutes?"

"You can turn on the escorts and shields around my room."

"…… OK, then"

It was then.


There was a big bang.

The chief hurriedly hits the curtain and looks out the window.

Beyond the chief's back, a burning village was seen.

He squeals roughly at the door.

"What's going on?"

A young man who was my escort ran and shouted.

"Odis' men have attempted to escape!"

"What?! How do they know the code of gold!"

"I didn't find the code……."

The young man said with a firm face.

"The second fateful child forcibly destroyed the golden rule."

"Don't be ridiculous. Our gold medal is an ancient legacy. No matter how fateful a child...."

He whimpers with a blue face, staring at me.

"Did you take the time to stop us from looking at Oxa?"

What nonsense!

The chieftain pulls the sword out of the bayonet roughly as he mutters.

"Goddamn kid!"

"No! It worked out so well, why did I do it?"

Then, I heard a familiar voice outside the door.

"Hands off to LeBlaine!"

Like a dead body, Mina flies to Allan and Sandra as she exhausts her divine power.

"Don't provoke me, you idiot."

Before my words were finished, the chief pointed a sword at my neck.

Look at this. Stimulation makes it look like this.

"This is insane."

The blood begins to flow through the tip of the sword with a tingling neck.

'If this happens, I can't do it.'

I turned my eyes and looked at the pendant hanging from the chief's neck.

And you are.


After catching Etwal, the surroundings glow brightly, and a cloud of food rushes into the room. Urgh! It's starting to rain with thunder.

In the panic of the chief, I began to run with the pendant hanging around his neck.


'Boone, answer me!'

A white pillar of light appeared before my eyes as I shed my divine power.

"I am the twenty-second pillar……."


"I missed you, baby."

I missed you, too. My stupidest devil.