Bune smiled faintly and wrapped my cheeks lightly.

"You've grown up a lot. How can humans grow so fast...."

His face was very sharp. It was a 13-year-old reunion, so it was worth it, but I snapped his wrist and pulled it.

"Let's talk about it later, and first you belong to me."

"I haven't solved the reunion yet. You're still in a hurry, haha."

"Answer me first."

"Do you think I didn't want to see you...."

Bune had a gloomy face, but I couldn't help but look behind my back.

The chieftain will be after me. I stole and splashed even the precious jewels of the tribe, so this time I would be shattered.

I quickly urged Bune.

"Come on."


"Oh, I don't have time!"

Bourne flinched as he shouted.

"Evil God, no, Ser can make a demon under God into a kingdom if I want to, right? Bune must be on Ser's side. Right? It could be mine, right?"


"Oh, tell me quickly!"

"The baby's idea is right....."

"All right. Come in, Etwallo."

When I took out Etwal, Bune closed his eyes with a gloomy expression.

From his body came a sudden light, and within days his body disappeared, and a new jewel appeared in the corner of Etwal.

It was the moment I got my fourth title.

'Okay, now we have to run..... Aha, Emulin.'

I looked at Oksa with a stiff face.

"But why is the village so quiet? Make people uneasy……."

[What are you anxious about?]

I heard Bune's voice. I answered as I began to run.

'I think the kids are fighting the tribes.'

This is Kuhelm's home ground. It was like a protest to die in the middle of an enemy camp with a bunch of gold jewels on.

No matter how much Mina broke the golden rule, those who are not familiar with divine power control will not be able to defeat the Kuhelm tribe running in flocks now.

'It's also a very bad condition by forcibly destroying gold.'

[I don't think they know what the baby knows.]

'Yes, it can't be.'

After clearing my mind like that, I bit my lips tightly.

This is not the time to be so aesthetic.

I was getting worse. It was because he summoned Bune, who used the power of Pur, and made him a member of his family.

'First, we need to break the shield at the town entrance.'

I have to run away with anything like this.

* * *

Fruit and vegetables!!

As soon as the heat exploded, the screams were all right.



Odyss' students struggled with gold, but soon they were surrounded by the shamans of Kuhelm and bored with nothing like this.

"What should I do now, Alan……."

When a feeble student cries and asks, Alan swallows a stiff face.

'Damn it, damn it!'

I didn't know that the power of the barbarians would be so strong.

I thought the first abduction from Kuhelm was purely bad luck.

Hapil Kuhelm and his accomplices were beaten by traitors, captured behind him, and the wizards were unable to beat him.

It was thought that if they were properly attached, they would be able to overcome the savage minority.

For them, Mina, the child of fate, who forced Kuhelm's golden jewel, an ancient artifact, to be destroyed, succeeded in advancing Mina and finding a weapon to escape Oxa.

How can a barbarian be so strong? '

Alan fixes the sword by rubbing his sweaty hands on his pants.

"Kuhelm! If you stay back now, I'll put this on fire!"

Chief Kuhelm laughed in Alan's words.

"You've only lived with your mouth."

"What?! Nasty Barbarian Chief! Think rationally. If we die, Odis will pay for your tribe."

"I wouldn't have kidnapped you in the first place if I was afraid of it."

Chief Biton Kuhelm approached and grabbed the student's wrist right in front of him.



The chieftain laughed and recited it scarcely before Mina screamed.

"You will not be able to see the heavens and the earth for a few minutes, and will have to pay the price."

The Chief's Sword came into Sandra's eyes. Sandra closes her eyes tightly. My body trembled like a lion.

The chieftain shouted as he looked around the frightened students.

"Where is the first time? If you don't bring her before me right now, this bitch will be cut off today."

"You mean...! Let Sandra go!"

"Answer, you will know the whereabouts of the first time. Where is she?"

"We don't know. Really..!"


Chief Bitton said to Sandra, who is buzzing with bees.

"Take vengeance on your friends who do not speak of the first."

I want to feel the frozen pain on Sandra's neck, but the blood flows into the sword.

Sandra closes her eyes tight.

'Mother, Father.....'

It was then.


A stone flew from somewhere and struck the chief's head.

Just with the sound, the stone slips from the head. The chieftain turns his head in the direction in which it flew, staring at the rolling stone of Degur, falling to the ground.

"Did you find me?"

It was LeBlaine.

"I received a new stone with one hand," said LeBlaine, who was repeating.

"Now that I'm here, let Sandra go."

"That bitch is going to tear it up...!"

"If you don't release Sandra, will you destroy this?"

As LeBlaine flashes something, the eyes of the chieftains and tribesmen tremble.

It was a pendant that belonged to the chieftain, a jewel that belonged to the 'Passage of Bune'.

"It's God's legacy, Chief!"

"What the...!"

The tribesmen shake their feet without knowing what to do, and the thoughtful chieftain shouts.

"You, you...! Can't you quit now?!"

"So if you want me to quit, let Sandra go. And send the kids this way."


"I can't do this? Okay, then I will throw away the legacy left by your god..!"

As soon as LeBlaine really gives strength to her hand, the chief yells bluntly.

"Wait! Calm down!"

"Calm down means something. I'll throw it away...!"

"I'll send you! I'll send you, so don't be stubborn about God's legacy!"

The chieftain who pushed Sandra raised his hands.

LeBlaine nodded at the students.

"Come here."

Students who were looking at the perceptions of chiefs and tribes began to move slowly.

As they stepped cautiously, they quickly ran headlong and turned to the back of LeBlaine.

The chief, who was watching the students' movements, said.

"You let me go! Come on, give me back the pendant!"

LeBlaine takes a step back and hands over a few cards to Mina, Sandra and Alan. And I murmured to the students, and when they heard her story, they opened their eyes, and immediately they got together.

LeBlaine, who received the pendant, threw it lightly and said to the chief,

"Give it back?"

"Well, yeah. Don't smash it, give it back to me."

"Yes? Then..... take it!"

She swoops into the middle of the tribe! I threw a pendant.

The Sausages staggered to receive a pendant, and Kuhelm's line collapsed at that moment.

LeBlaine takes the gap and shouts.


Students and LeBlaine tore the cards at the same time.

In an instant, a light gushed out from the surroundings, and the surroundings began to distort.

And when the light faded, the students of Odyss disappeared without coming.

* * *

I gasp, gasp, gasp.

'It's a good thing I hid the Long Range Movement....'

If it wasn't for the Movement, I would have been caught by the Kuhelms.

I looked at the students looking around with a puzzled expression.

"Hey, is this a long haul?"

"You really don't have the burden of moving……."

"I'm using a long-distance mobile."

"We escaped more than that!"

Students soaked in cheer!! and shouted.

I didn't feel like talking because I was choked. When I shook my head, I looked at the students in a convincing way.

'Where is Emulin?'

I can't see Emulin.

In a moment, an ominous aura rises on his ankle, smoldering.

'Yeah, it was weird. Mina and Alan's pack are trying to escape, but Emulin can't have done anything.'

She would have tried to give me the news somehow.

I was anxious that Emulin could not give me any news, and that I could not see him even after this mess.

"Where's Emulin?"

When I asked them, they said, "Huh?" I looked at each other.

Alan said, coughing in vain.

"I put it aside for a while to finish what he felt was oppressive. I was going to pick you up when the job was done, but I was in the wind....."

"In the wind?"

"…… I couldn't get it."


Alan shrugs.

"Now that we've escaped, we can send a soldier and bring him back. Where are you from? We have to contact the school... Ugh!"

I hold Alan's collar and shoot him.

I haven't been this angry since I was ten. My hands trembled and my head felt empty.

"Where's Emulin? Where did you lock him up!"

Mina grabs my wrist and tucks into it.

"Calm down, LeBlaine. I'll save Emulin at any cost. Don't worry, I'll save you, even if I go to the chief."

"How can you save Emulin?"

"Our original plan was to talk to the chieftain. The chief wants me, he wants my strength. So I can't touch as many students as I can."

"You're crazy."

"…… what?"

I took off Mina's hand and turned my back.

"LeBlaine. The chief and you are so excited that we can't see the situation properly. We can work this out with a conversation. Even though things have gone wrong."


Mina's face turns and my palm burns.

The surroundings sank coldly. The embarrassed students looked at Mina and me alternately without knowing what to do.

Mina, wrapped around her cheeks, looks at me with an unbelievable look.

"LeBlaine, you....."

"Shut up. If Emulin dies, we'll send everyone here on the road."

"LeBlaine, I was so excited. Calm down."

"What are you? What did you say? You risked Emulin's life for all of you!"


"What can you do here! Have you ever done anything right so far? You're neither just nor rational. I'm just a fool to overestimate myself on a subject I don't know anything about!"