Mina looked at me with a stiff face.

"Can't you trust me?"

"Out of the way. I don't have time to wrestle with you."

"I am!"

A screaming Mina stares at me with a stiff face.

"I trusted you. I trusted you, even if you make money on your colleagues and those who might hurt your friends, even if they might be the traitors who kidnapped us."

"Didn't you hear Vicki?"

"If you leave like this, we'll be in danger again to save you."

"It's because of who you've become!"


"From the beginning, I was planning something else. I told Dubled to let us know where we are at the top of the trade with Kuhelm! Just one more day and you won't be this dangerous!"

The students who heard me looked at each other with a perplexing look.

Mina also looked at me with a surprised face.

"If you had discussed the plan with us, no, we would have waited. But you handled it all by yourself."

"Trust you to tell me your plan to provoke the chief with useless words?"


I burst into laughter.

"I'd rather be honest. Do you believe me? No, you've been doubting me from the beginning."

"No, LeBlaine. I am"

"Yeah, I guess a few words were enough for the kids. LeBlaine is not that kind of kid. Let's believe it, but you're the one who didn't trust me the most. So you're gonna put the kids in danger for nothing."


"Understand? You're just a stupid hypocrite."


"How could you put Emulin there if one person, one person's life were so precious!"

"I wasn't going to let it go. I……."

"You're going back with Emulin by talking to the chief? You don't even know what war is."


"Odis had the honor of this battle, but they risked their lives with their parents, siblings, and friends. You want to put justice, phosphorus and goodwill on the table with them?"

I looked at the students and said,

"Alan, can you put morals and good deeds before your mother? Sandra, can you think of a reason before your brother?"

Alan and Sandra couldn't face each other.

Mina swallows the drool, and I stare at her.

"Don't hold me accountable. They're all in danger because of your stupid judgment."

I stopped moving, I looked back at Alan. And walk big and reach him, mate! I slammed my cheek down.

Alan blushes his cheeks.

"You, you, what are you doing...!"

"You're the one who decided to lock Emulin up, right? Mina was right about your plan, but it's funny you're not the only one. Don't you think?"

"You lunatic!"

I'm his goddess! I kicked it.

"Alan Guster. I remember your name."

"W-what do you mean?"

"Didn't Adrian say. My nickname in the Empire is Crazy. I won't let you bite me once."


"Where's Emulin?"

"Oh, near Oxa."


"There was a place behind Oxa that looked like a warehouse. It's full of pots...."

I grind my teeth, puck, push Alan.

Behind Alan, who was bluishly bored, there were students with an unavoidable expression.

"Last warning. If you want to live, don't be shy. Stay here."

Sandra, who was hitting on her chest, asked.

"Where is this place?"

"Where are you? Kuhelm Tribe Village."


"Every entrance to the village has a double and triple shield, and how do you get away with long distances? I'm the one who can stand it. Because you have divine power. But you won't get through it and you'll be a vent."


"Say it again. This is the last warning. If you're stupidly incited again, I'll never save you."


The students shrugged their shoulders, and I rushed out.

The place I travelled with my students was where the Altar of the Kuhelm Tribe was.

That's where I heard Bourne's voice.

'Kuhelm won't even know we're under his chin.'

I should be searching the town by now. Then there is still time.

If we had captured Emulin, we wouldn't have killed him right away to blow our position.

I climbed the stable and the stairs that led to it.

The stables were quiet, but the outside was noisy.

The warriors of Kuhelm with the torch were running wild.

I hid behind the stable post and grabbed Etwal.


In front of my eyes, I saw a blue deer.

"Keep your eyes open. In the meantime, I'll bring Emulin."

"Even if you bring her safely, you might be able to escape."

"If you hold on, the reinforcements will come from Odis. I told Hannibal to give me the location of the book."

"You still keep me busy. How are you going to defend those stupid things?"

"I'll take care of that, so you get your attention."

"What's wrong with being ugly..... I won't let you die. I'm gonna chase you to the end of hell and kill you again.

I stroked Pur's head and smiled faintly.

"Yes, I will never die."

Fur, who was bowing his head, disappeared within a week. And shortly afterwards, a loud voice came from afar.


It looked like fur was drawing attention.

I rushed out of the stables and headed to Oxa.

'Hurry……. We have to hurry.'

I was getting worse. From the inside of his wrist, a blue cord blew, and as time went by, he was coming up on his forearm.

Three years ago, when I summoned two new demons simultaneously from the jewelry the goddess gave me, it became this state.

This was a sign that the divine power was short of life.

I'll probably die, or go completely insane, if the bloodline rises to the end of my neck.

'Please hold on. Please.....'

I ventured into the back of Oxa with a poor breath.

There was a building that looked like Alan said it was a warehouse. Inside, the jar was full of dark antique, and I looked at the lid one by one and checked the inside several times.

"Emulin... Emulin..."


It was a small but obvious popularity.

When I opened the lid toward the origin of the sound, I saw Emulin biting the ashes with his wrists and ankles tied.

The jar is so deep that it can't reach Emulin's ankle.

I stretched out my hand to Emulin and unleashed the ashtray.

"Alan, you son of a bitch. I'll kill you..... What's wrong with you?"

"Let's go."

After loosening the cloth that tied the wrist and ankle, Emulin crawls out of the balmy jar.

"I don't have time. Let's turn around Oksa and go to the stable. The kids are at the altar under the stables."

Emulin grabs my wrist roughly. Emulin bites her lips tightly, looking at the bright blue bloodline.

"You summoned the Devil. Isn't that right?"

"Let's go."

"This fool……. Why don't you come save me until this is over?"

"The Horn will fly after returning to school safely. So please, let's go."

"…… stupid."

I grabbed Emulin and left the warehouse. I'm going towards Oxa, and I hear footsteps.

"Not this way!"

"On the warehouse side. It's a good place to hide, so scour it."

Under the command of a young man, the warriors were narrowing their siege.

'I can't go to Oxa.'

I quickly looked around. There was a small fistway opposite the road leading to Oxa.

Before the warriors arrived, they quickly left for the Fifth Path.

The pavement was folded into a square, and the square was noisy. I saw a light wrapped around my body.

Fur is getting caught in the magic chain of Kuhelm shamans and is playing roughly.

The chieftain was looking at the blue like that.

"That's your demon. How did the demon get hit by a human?"

"Because my divine power is only keeping the blue. You can't attack or defend yourself just by showing yourself in handover."

"What are you going to do? You can't even go out to the square."

I bit my lips tightly and looked around.

There are chiefs and numerous shamans ahead. After that, Kuhelm's warriors are full of young men.

'What do I do?'

If I am caught like this, the chief will not treat me with kindness as before.

Favor may be able to defeat him now and use the shamans to dominate the mind.

If he becomes a puppet, he will not escape their spiritual control at this time without divine power.

"Let me draw your attention."

I frowned at Emulin's words.

"I came to save you, and I asked you to use you as bait? That makes sense, doesn't it?"

"So what are you going to do? There's no way."


"I'm going to take my time, so share the mana with the kids. You said you could replenish your divine power with a human Mana."


It was then.

"Here you are. Bugs."


I heard a creepy voice behind my back.

Emulin and the young man who stood close to me twisted their purchases with bloody eyes.

"Here you are, chief."

As he shouted, the gaze of the Kuhelm tribe was focused on us.

* * *

Me and Emulin had to kneel before the chieftain and watch as the students were drawn to Kuhelm warriors.

The students became bloody, having fought with the Kuhelms once at the altar.

"Damn it!"

Alan, who seemed somewhat healthier than the rest of the students, spat out his greed and yelled at me.

"You sold us out, LeBlaine!"

Then Emulin turns her head, pack, and looks at Alan.

"I told you."

She was right.

The chief asked me where the students were, and I didn't answer. When his shamans pointed the starter at me, Emulin shouted.

[Tell me! Are you going to die like this?!]


[Let go of Lev. I'll tell you. They're in the basement of the stables.]

"What a good thing this is!"

"You tried to run away from me, and you proceeded with your work without the consent of LeBlaine, and then you ruined it. That means we have to defend our loyalty to you."

When Alan opens his mouth as if he was trying to scream something, the young man kicks his knee.

Wheezing, Alan stares at Emulin with his collapsed blue face.

Even the students fell on their knees in front of the chieftain with their ropes tied.

The chieftain who looked at me with a thin face said,

"Nasty bitch. You mocked my tribe's favour.

"It's not me."

"Do you want to trust you again?"

"You wouldn't know if you had a head. We were talking. But why would I hit my back? I'm the one who got hit in the back."

"Ha! Now without fear....."

The chief, who grabbed my collar, put a knife in my eye.

Hot blood from the neck began to spill out with the pain of the siren.

"Yes, we don't need two children of destiny. Wouldn't a stupider, stronger woman be more useful than a well-haired one?"

The chieftain smiles and looks at the mina behind me.

"Yes, kill him. Kill him."

As I turned my nose farting, the chief's glance was distorted.


"Kill him, man!"

If you return this time, I will find you and kill you first.

'It's okay. I can see my family again. I can do it. So...

"Fall into hell, first."

I closed my eyes tight.

And then it was.


Something passed beside me with a sharp sound. It was an arrow.

I turn my head slowly. And what I saw.....

He is pointing a bow on the mountain....

The black cloak is scattered by the wind, and the crest of Dubled engraved on the armor shines brightly beneath the moon.

The man who pointed the bow at the chief said,


I want to.

In an instant, his eyes became red.

In fact, I wanted to live a huge life.

I called out to him, bursting into tears like a child.


Dubled's soldiers filled the mountainside. And my father, John, and the Chairman arrived here.