At the same time as my father was aiming for the bow demonstration, the wizards set off a starter at every entrance to the village.

The bombardment of the town entrance shield began without a chance for Kuhelm's shamans to cast.

Bang! Bang! Bang!!

It continued to widen unrelentingly.

A dome-shaped shield wrapped around the town in the air soon appeared.

Cracks were most pronounced in the shields of the East Gate. My father's arrows were scarcely crushed and scattered in the air with blunt cracks.

As my father raised his hand lightly, the soldiers came forward.

A navy blue cape, with a vivid iridescent inscribed on it.

The elite Dubled boasts, and here it comes.

They jump under the cliff at the same time. The place where they appeared disappeared from the air....

"I'm here to serve you, young lady."

The torn long-range movers fall beneath their feet, and the chief, who pointed a knife at my neck in the blink of an eye, rolls off the floor.

'I live. I live now....'

I heard familiar footsteps around me.


His face was twisted before his eyes were terribly confronted.

I cried like I did when I was four years old when I first went to Dublin.


I thought I was gonna die.

He put a knife in my neck.

I had a lot to say, but all that came out of my throat was the buzzing, childish cry and her name.

"Leah, ooh, Leah...!"

"Yes, miss. Leah is here. Don't worry now."

Leah bent one knee and looked at me, looking at me like Mia had met her mother.

Then Leah's eyes turned cold so that she saw a warm bloodstain on my neck.

She turns her head, pack, and looks back at the Kuhelm Tribes.

In the meantime, the chieftain was walking back to the palm of his humble hand.

I quickly swallowed up the cry and grabbed Leah's clothes.

"It's him!"

He did it!

Leah rushed out of the ground and pointed her sword at the chief.

A young man's swift sword stopped her.

Leah lowers her body. Hold the center of gravity firmly with one foot and walk the young man's foot with the other leg, and he swung and collapsed.

Leah, who had not missed the gap, jumped up to support the young man and pressed her face with her elbow.

[How did a teacher who was weaker than a man become the head of this place? There's no one to beat with a dog fight. Come on, you're the strongest dog in my fight. Your first-rate maid.]

Zakari came to mind when he said,

I forgot to cry and said, 'Oh...' I admired it. Even if I had a little more stamina, I would have clapped my hands.

A young man burst his nose and fell, and Leah's eyes turned toward the chieftain.

"Oh, don't come, don't come...!"

A sword falls before the chief's nose to step on the ground with his hands and flee fearlessly.

The chieftain who saw the blade shining like a cypher in the ground said, "Hick!" I screamed.

"State, Shaman, Shaman!"

His pathetic cries swarm with shamans.

Leah was pushed by the starter, whom they all agreed upon.

It was then.

"Prepare for daylight."

A man of jewelry appeared before his eyes with a familiar bass.

Wiggling cloak of here, dark, dark, dark, reddish hair. I came to the end of the window.

Zakari, who was now a real user, threw a two-handed spear at the starter of the void.

Fine!! The spell was broken with a sharp sound.


When I cried out, he grabbed the window that fell on the floor and asked me wonderfully.



"Is this him, my lady? The one who cut his neck."

"Er…… Er! That's right! It's him!"

Jakari's spear is plunged into the back of the chief's hand in a single breath.

"Turn it off!!"

With a desperate scream, the Magicians of Ireland jump into the warriors of Kuhelm.

Odyssey's students, Kuhelm, who has fought only children yet, cannot face the strongest marshals who have grown up in bloody cradles.

They were quickly pushed, and the shields of the Northeast Gate were completely destroyed in the gap.

I mean, now

"You. The one who kidnapped my daughter."

It's Dad's turn to show up.

Dubled's soldiers rushed through the doors and looked at the chief with their father, Johan, and the chairman blocking me from entering the village.

Leah and Zachari raised me.


I snorted and cried and approached my father, and he was staring at the chief.

"What did the author do to you?"

When I stare at the chief, the chief swallows the drool with a dull face. It was also a poor face.

I have a weakened heart.....

She said, "Three tongues, no fear," and she said, "Go to hell. At first, he just called me a priest. That's what he did to my neck!"

I gave it to him all.

The faces of the Dublin people have become harsh.

It was the moment the threshing began.

* * *

Me and the Kuhelms became completely opposed.

The Kuhelms were all kneeling down and begging for my life, and I was armed with an arrogant face.

Chairman and Leah had no intention of looking into my body.


Leah leaps, and Zachari grabs the chief's head as she groans for the ointment applied to the wound.


I heard a loud breath.

It was where Odyss' students flocked.

"Leah, look at Emulin, too."


When I touched it, Emulin asked. I shrugged and said, "Of course." I said.

Even in seminary, I often leave my house, and even after graduation, I still feel uncomfortable with Duke Dubled eating with my father.

As she approaches the dance floor, Leah smiles comfortably.

"Long time no see."

"Even if you let go. I am not a noble infant....."

"If you're a friend of the lady, you'll never be in the family again."

Leah looked at him like she was checking.

My father nodded.

"You can share Dubled's with my daughter's friend."

Leah smiles and takes the pain out of the little bag bare at her waist.

"Taylor's ointment works."

"Te, Taylor's kite?!"

Tailor's special ointment. Students were flattered by the appearance of a drug that they could never afford, no matter how much money they carried.

The Chairman also made a small contribution to Odyssey's students.

"Come with the others. Medical Officer, take a good look at Lady's East Gate."

Odis' students were greatly moved by the Wigggentra Empire, which held the conquest of the continent, under the care of Dubled, who reigned on the top of the pyramid.

John, the chairman, and the students who were looking at North were quietly speaking to them.

"Cismoa Bureau, this is Earl Weighe Rockson. Well, the last time the empire included my mother in the Apostles, you know."

"It's called Heartre, Confucius! Le Roy, he's nice to Miss LeBlaine. Miss LeBlaine asked me about the assignment a month ago..!"

This situation has been familiar since seminary. People would turn out to be the kindest person in the world, as if they were just joking behind my back.

So I was listening, and one person was amazing.

"Hey, Alan Guster, sir!"

Others hover over Johann, Chairman and North, and Alan reaches out directly to his father.

"This is the youngest of Viscount Guster. My father always says that he is more willing than his brothers, but haha."


"A long time ago, my family also invested in Dublin's new weapons business. I told my father that I must invest in this one. I have been flattered ever since I was a child who heard of your reputation."


"It's not fate to meet you like this."

"Are you close?"

Alan's horse-cut father looked at me and asked.

Alan laughed awkwardly, haha.

"So much for a minor quarrel. I probably had the most conversations with my daughter among the Audis students."

"Let's get to the bottom of it. I asked if you were close to my daughter."

"That's him."

My dad was rubbing his slippery chin with a hand and he said, "Yeah." I looked back at Alan.

"Yes, I remember, your father."

"Ah, yes! My father is involved in a business like this with Dublin. You're a good person, so you should remember."

"I begged you to slow down the reimbursement."

"…… Yes?"

Alan's face turns red. I can't stand that pride because the students would have listened to my father.

My father opened his mouth before he even said Moore.

"The money your father borrowed from me is pretty big. At least one son of a bitch has to be sacrificed so that interest can be settled. Let me ask you again, are you close to my daughter?"

"Well, that's... that's, I'm..."

When my dad turned his eyes to me, Alan said in a mouthful, 'Please.' I said.

My father stroked my head. I twist my purchase at the look on Alan's face, the blue bird behind his back.

"I don't know any of them. I hate Alan Guster, Dad."

"Yes?.. I see."

My father's gaze became darker.

It seems that at the earliest opportunity, Duke Guster will have to chase us down to our mansion.

My father stroked my head. It was very reassuring. I smiled in a good mood, and I asked my dad.

"But how did you get here earlier than school?"

"Hannibal told me the news first."

"Did you contact the school?"

"North would have taken care of it."

"Thank God."

Then it was Channa. I heard a voice behind my back.

"Thank you."

It was Mina's voice.

She smiled awkwardly after leaning down on John.

"Thank you for saving me. Thank you very much to LeBlaine. I lived because of her. But, you know... Do you not know me?"


"I know it's weird to say this. By the way, I... I know you."

Mina looked at John slippery and said,

"I knew it before I came to this world. I've always seen it in my dreams. I called her" Mina. "'This is what it's like to have a sister.' You laughed at me."

"I know you."

What is it?

I opened my eyes in amazement, and Mina's face brightened.

John came to me with a glance from Mina.

"A second fateful child who attends the same school as our youngest."

"That's not it, we...!"

"It's the youngest."

John, who turned his gaze from Mina without foolishness, said to me,

"Hey, are you close?"

I asked you the very same question as my father.

People looked at me and said, "Uh…." I was moaning and rolling my eyes.

"No, I don't know any of them, brother."

"Then we don't need to talk anymore."

That was the end of the conversation.

This rich man was a plank, no matter what.