I look at Mina with a confused face.

You saw it in your dream? '

If you had a sister, would you feel this way, Rani?

[John makes me think, 'What would it feel like to have a brother?' And he said to me, "How does it feel to have a sister?" I always enjoy being with the Dublin Three brothers.]

The first Mina of life came to mind when she was jagged to the knee of Duke Amitier and rattling the stallion egg.

You saw the first thing in your life in a dream? '

Where did you see him from?

Did I know that I was a child of evil gods who had no power before, and that I had to be sacrificed in the end?

I felt the power in my hand with my cheeky toes.

"It's the youngest."



I looked at John in astonishment.

"Ah… yes."

"What do you think?"

"... No. Just.... Ah, what about Ishak and Henri?"

I thought you two were gonna get there first.

If you have a long-distance mover, the distance is not a problem, so you can't pick up the antecedents, but unlike Dublin's soldiers, it will take less time to prepare.

"I kidnapped you and Kuhelm withdrew from the battle."

"From the beginning, the purpose was children of destiny."

"Of course I am."

"So did you two go back to school?"


I stopped listening to John's answer when I asked him unreasonably.

I felt ominous about why.

"Or what?"

"I encountered a pack of monsters while searching for you. And there's no news."


When I shouted, people's gaze came out and focused on John.

John grabbed my shoulder and said,

"I came here to save you, me, my father, and all of Dubled's livestock to Chairman North, but I have to search for Henri and Ishak."

I twisted my mouth, and the look on the faces of the Audis students who heard about me and John was fresh.

Emulin rushes towards us.

"And Juliette? Are all the seniors gone?"

"Yes, Elicyano class, of course, all the students who competed."

I held on to John and cried frantically.

"How..... when did the news break?! We're being kidnapped, right? That means they don't even know if they're alive or dead!"



"Calm down. Odyss asks the surrounding country for a search. The two princesses of Wigggentra, the princess of Gahong, and the leader of Atar, a tribal coalition, are all missing, as well as the restraints of families called to the continent. You will find them soon because they are turning on the lights in each country."

".... If you ask for a search in Odis, there's been a lot of fighting with monsters."

At that moment, I remembered something I felt anxious about before I entered the competition.

'It was because of this....'

My whole body was creeped out and my head was shattered.

Henri, Ishak, and..... Adrian's face was twisted and mixed.

'This has never happened in my previous life.'

It was in my previous life that Odis fought frequently with Kuhelm.

John, Henri, and Ishaq entered the Odyssey Academy and went to battle.

But I've never been missing since I met a pack of monsters.

Why has the future changed? Me and Mina went into Odyssey? '

The future of man can become entangled with me. But monsters are different.

'I can't make a pack of monsters, but how..... can a man make a pack?'

When I thought about it, I naturally came up with a few questions.

I was overwhelmed by a chain of magic and looked at the head on my knees.


"How did you end up with Odyss's student?"


"Don't tell me you've never been in charge. We already know that the only reason they were able to kidnap us was because there was a traitor in our unit."

"Well, I paid for it."

"No, I saw the book you made with Hannibal. You don't have enough money to bail out a student of the prestigious Audis."

I grabbed his collar and asked.

"Who is it? Who made me kidnap Mina? Who created the monster pack!"


The chief swallows dried saliva with his face.

I shouted with my hands full.


Duke Dubois, the leader of the Dublin protégé, approached me.

I looked straight in the chief's eyes and said,

"There's nothing my family wouldn't know if it were in the hands of Duke Dubois. He's a torture pro."


"Shall I bet? I don't know how long you're going to open your mouth."

I stood up pushing the chieftain and looked at Duke Dubos.

"Viscount, show me your skills."

Dubois grinned profanely.

"I won't let you down. Never."

Soon after the chief was taken into the hands of Duke Dubois, a desperate scream rang out in the village.

* * *

The sight, the mouth of a mountain.

"Jin, Jin...! Wake up....."

The princess of Gahong, Ryu Red Sea, grabbed the camp, the successor to the Bloody Tribal Federation.

The camp with the abdomen pierced by the monster's teeth exhales and grabs the wounded area.

"I don't want to go first. Take care of me unconditionally. It's a precious body."

Ishaq laughed in vain, looking at him joking with a dying voice.

"Even in this situation..... All right. I can't leave you anyway."

Monsters are everywhere. One of the seven battalions in this battle has already been annihilated. Even the corpse was not recovered and the monster was eaten by flesh.

Those unnamed monsters were different from ordinary monsters.

No magic, no flying. Even where those monsters were, they couldn't use auxiliary magic tools such as long-distance moves.

The only magic you can use is one shield. It doesn't work unless it's someone who uses super-high magic, like Henri.

Even if you can attack monsters, it only contains Aurora. However, since the users were only students of Elicyano, they were also busy protecting other students who had become useless.

At that time, Henri, who was laying the shield all day, fell.


Bloodless face, dark red blood line all over the body. It was a sign that Henri's magic power was running out of time.

Henri's shield disappeared naturally.

Immediately, the monsters began to appear around each other.

Knng, knng, the smelling monster stares at the shield.

Come on, let's run for a breath, boom!! Juliet choked and vomited blood with a blunt friction.

The Red Sea is a delight, he said.

"I'm going to die, but don't break the shield. Don't let go even if you die...!"

The 1st unit was annihilated against two monsters. Jean has a hole in his stomach.

There's no way you can deal with five monsters right now.

Juliet yells at him maliciously.

"That's a friend...! What about Henri?"

Henri Salfin Ishaq said, "Tsk, kick your tongue.

"I'm glad I'm not dead."

"Damn it……. Take the Red Sea, Jean and Hayton, and Adrian. The other kids are getting ready."

The Red Sea looked at the bloody, unbearable jeans, and the many students who came into fear with the unconscious Adrian.

"To loosen the shield? No, how do you get away with this? If it weren't for Adrian, it wouldn't have been possible to get away from the two of them...."

It was Adrian who got rid of the two.

Had it not been for his power to differentiate between man and the ark, all Odyss' troops would have been destroyed.

Juliet murmured.

"I'm not loosening, I'm loosening. Quickly."

"Uh, how long?"

"…… should be 30 minutes long."

"What?! When the reinforcements come, we have to hold on."


Bang, bang!!

Monsters threw themselves into the shield.

Juliet barely stops them, but she starts to have the same bloodline as Henri.

"I can't hold on for five minutes."

Ishaq hastened to support Henri.

"There's no way out, is there?"


"If you get out of the monster pack, you can use the Long Range Mover. There's no way out, really?"

"…… not with the power of man. I don't know if it's the power of a non-human."

Eventually, we had to face a pack of monsters.

Bang! Bang!

The shield shook violently, so it went straight to sunrise! Juliet sat down with a sharp rupture.

The gaze of a giant monster hovering in the air slowly moved. From the temple to the bloody juliet.

At that moment, the creepy throat sounded low and rushed towards her within.


The food-duct crow flew up terribly before the screams of the Red Sea echoed.

At that moment.

"Fur. Boone."

The voice was heard, and a huge starter came to mind over the students' heads.

'This voice…….'

When Ishaq's gaze touches, the inconvenient light gathers in the form of a man.

At this time, the light faded, and the brown hair was swollen.

"Fur, Bune...!!"

Once again, the sound of the mountain rang, and strange smoke blossomed from beneath the ground.

There are countless soldiers in iron masks with horns.

Historically documented ghost army.

It was the first moment the Phantom army appeared on this land.

* * *

Audis Academy.


Empress Yvonne opened the door of the Academy competition.

The principals and professors who were already at the table, and the prestigious parents of Odis, all over the country, aroused themselves.

The harsh Breath Emperor shouted at the principal.

"What happened to Andre's news?"

"That is……."

"I don't ask what happened to my son!"

As the Emperor screamed, the Principal shifted his gaze to the horizon.

"I found the location of the missing students in Dublin Red. However, Dubled's soldiers are not opposed to that monster.... Once you connect the horoscope to see the situation, calm down……."

"Calm down?! She's got a cub on her limbs, so why don't you calm down!"

The principal sweated with a fierce face.

Monsters that are not opponents of Dublin Red.

He supported the military in different countries, but was unable to confirm his students' lives.

Even the Cardinals of Neriad Temple arrived, and Professor Dubled started the Horseshoe, which was ready to be shipped.

I caught a bloody student on the horizon.

In Dublin, the authorities of the country who arrived at the Academy with only a few long-distance movers on the market groaned loudly.

"Ah, ah, red...."

It was the 13th rain of the Red Sea and the weekly fee of the Red Sea that prevented her from speaking with her trembling hands.

Vishar's fist, the son-in-law of the Atar Tribal Federation, has a thick bloodline.

His son was not in good shape.

It was then.

[Fur, Boone...!]

At the same time as a familiar voice was heard, Emperor Cecilia stepped in to look at the situation instead of the emperor Alexandre.

When she saw the horoscope, she muttered.


At the end of her speech, the people in the meeting were gathered.

"LeBlaine? Dubled infamous?"

"Wait, what is that?"

The smoke gathered under LeBlaine's feet turned into a human form, and an iron-masked army appeared.

"Long Range Movement? You called in the troops to the Movement?"

"Well, didn't you say that humans don't fight those monsters? I'd rather move the wizards..."

"No, look!"

When someone shouted, people's eyes regrouped on the horizon.

Phantoms in the horoscope jump into the monster.


"Didn't you say humans shouldn't be opponents?"

"I heard that...."

"What's that?"

The Phantom soldiers are defeating that giant monster like they're dealing with a belly button.