I rushed to Ishaq and Henri.

"Kid, how did you....."

"My dad and my big brother saved me from the Kuhelm tribe. What happened to Henri more than that?"

"I've exhausted all my magical powers because I've been working on the shield all day."

Henri's neck was thick with dark red blood strings.

I hasten to retrieve the Manatsok who has been robbing the Kuhelm tribe village.

Kuhelm's manaseat was much better quality than a normal manaseat.

I had enough for a hundred other mannequins to recover my divine power.

After restoring Henri through Manaseok in Kuhelm, I looked around.

"Quite a lot of students. Ishak, leave Henri to me and command the students. Defeat monsters in bulk. You must include a wizard or someone who has divine power."

"They can't beat monsters."

"No, I can do it."

"That monster is stronger than you think."

"Monsters aren't strong."


"Students are weakened. Don't you know? We've had this situation once."

When Ishak looks confused, Henri looks at me with a firm face.

"Mt. Nimp....."

"Yes, the monsters are not as strong as they were when the water source weakened Dubled's soldiers."

A tribe that worships demons as gods.

The most powerful monster I've ever seen.

Horse Tool unavailable area.

It was something everyone went through on Mount Nimp.

Ishaq said, "Well!" And they shouted, and the eyes of the people were gathered unto us. Henri twisted his mouth and whispered to me in a very small voice.

"I had to get permission from the owner of the mountain, Nymphs, so I could use horsepower. LeBlaine, how did you use the Movement?"

"Obviously, because I got a permit. From the Master of the Mountain."

When I smile, Henri looks strangely.

It was then.


The sharp cries of monsters spread.

I looked at a bunch of monsters with my students back.

"Let's deal with these first."

And I grabbed Etwald in my pocket.


When he shouted his name, the morale of the phantoms surrounding the students was raised.

Let's shout the one with the X's on the Iron Mask, the Phantoms are thumping! Kung! I started rolling my feet.

When I retreated, smoke came under the feet of the knights of the front, and they became horsemen within.

The Phantom of the X Character first mounted on the horse. Once again, smoke rushed into his hands, and this time he became a great sword.

Phantom quickly digs into a flock of screaming monsters. His Great Sword cleaves the air.


Immediately, the monster collapses to the ground.

At that moment, a pillar of light came up beside me. And what appeared…….


Siridicirin silver hair is scattered in the wind.

Kneeling under my feet, he said.

"Give the order."

Countless phantoms bend at the same time towards me. An iron mask that struck monsters.

Maybe it's because of the resonance with Bune. Emotions rose. As if possessed by a demon, I cried out for annihilation.

* * *


The look on the horoscope's face was strangely stiffened. Scare and admiration, a little fear. One undefined emotion swirled into the conference room.

Monsters who weren't even Elicyano's opponents rolled around like a leaf when they went through the hands of those phantoms.

"Who said that the first child of destiny was no better than the second?"

The chairman calmed down on someone's question.

Some of them raised the Cardinals with blue faces.

Cardinals whispered in haste.

"That, that, that is definitely not the darkness."

"Yes, the darkness."

Darkness, the secret of Neriad's school. So the demon was revealed.

That too, in the presence of the powers of different countries.

Cardinal Lidalante grabbed his forehead.

'Why did that get into the hands of that bitch!'

Darkness was a gift from God to be handed over, but not Etwal.

Sometimes the darkness is summoned in the same way as the former Duke of Valois, but the power of man cannot control the power of darkness.

So Etwal kept what was needed in the temple.

'The Pope must be keeping Etwal. But why...!'

The second Etwal exists?

And the first thing that got it?

How the hell?

The Cardinals' faces were blushed.

"Either way, you have to bring your baby."

"What baby are you talking about?"

I heard a glorious voice. It was Cardinal Blacio.

A man who almost lost his authority by losing the 'passage' he had difficulty gaining the other day, but who only preserved his place thanks to LeBlaine's interpretation of the trust. Among the Cardinals, he was the only man of the Chin LeBlaine family.

The other Cardinals sharpened their heads.

"Are you kidding me in this situation? It's the first crab."

"Excuse me. I only need a second. Neither of you were in Odyssey, but you only contacted the second time."

"Come on!"

"And I didn't pay much attention. The first and second are both children of the trust. There's no big difference in divine power, so you don't know who's real. But since you were so discriminated against, how frightening was your first time."

"…… Three, God worshipped to save the world. If you turn your back on the temple for such a minor reason, what difference does it make to the Apostle?"

"Didn't you discriminate against Dubled for the second time over the first time?"

"Stop it."

"Those of you who wanted to take the first one, and also me, are now seeing LeBlaine."


People narrowed their glances as the cardinals' voices increased.

Cecilia opened, lowered the table and said,

"What's the fuss about this urgent situation?"

The Cardinals shut their mouths, and the people watched the march again.

Soon after the swarm of monsters flocked, LeBlaine destroyed the injured students.

The phantoms moved quickly in line with the heat. The condition of the students was distinguished between upper and lower, and those who could not afford it were accommodated, and those who were in pregnancy were treated by LeBlaine himself.

A student with a bandage asked LeBlaine.

[G, isn't support coming?]

[I sent Phantom to the reinforcements, so they'll be here any minute. Middle-aged students go straight to school through long distances, and then the next ones go to the distracted.]

It was then.

Andre was hiding in the corner. I yelled.

[I'll go first! Give me the movers now!]

[You can walk. You can walk back with the reinforcements. By wagon.]

[If you give it away, don't bullshit, give it away! I know who I am...!]

LeBlaine raises her body and looks straight at Andre.


[…… what?]

[Only senior and junior in Odis. Isn't that right? You look so energetic. Let's walk back.]

[How dare you...!]

[So shall I go back?]

[W-what are you talking about?]

[I have to go back because I made planting uncomfortable. Can I go back? I have a senior here where monsters roam.]

Andre's face rots when LeBlaine smiles.

I cannot survive this mountain without her. If it wasn't for that power that defeated those monsters who weren't even Elicyano's opponents, it would have been defeated with the food of the monsters.

Students stared at Andre.

Those who were looking at the situation through the horoscope looked at Yvonne.

I would never have left behind a man who threatened my precious son if I were Yvonne.

Yvonne looked at the principal with a smile as she rolled her hands.

"I will stay in Odyssey until Miss Dubled returns."

"…… Yes?"

"Aren't you the thankful child who saved the Imperial Crown Prince? I want to do it myself, so be considerate."

"Ah…… Yes, I understand."

There was no one here who could not have guessed the insides of Empress Yvonne who was smiling.

The man who threatened his precious son was a coveted man named LeBlaine Dubled.

Why not?

A solo victory.

If I became an ally, there was no one as strong as me. On the contrary, if you become an enemy…….

'That's a disaster.'

There's only one word in the minds of the powerful right now.

LeBlaine Dubled Reset.

This was the moment when the flow of the world came into the hands of LeBlaine.

* * *


The petals and roar poured out on me after I returned with the students.

The parents, brothers and sisters who were waiting in front of the school door ran to the returning students.

"Oh, you have to be red. My son...!"

"Oops! Hahaha!"

"Sister! Sister Sandra!"


I saw familiar faces as I shared the joy of the reunion.


Doya, the students of this power and Mina are in crisis, so they couldn't have run.

Mina said, "Ah!" I shouted.

All the freshmen who were abducted with me returned to the wagon. It was much better than those who fell in the monster den.

The students who were hugging their parents' brothers and sisters, and their families, all looked at Mina and the Cardinals.

Mina laughed and said,

"You're here. I'm fine..... There was something I wanted to tell you. I've learned a lot from this battle."


Throughout my time in Odyssey, cardinals who didn't care a bit came running to me at a time like a dog shaking its tail.

"We will reduce your return."

"How magnificent this is...! Your Holiness was greatly impressed."

"Do you have any wounds on your precious body? I've put all the healing priests on standby."

I said with a smile.

"Who are you?"