In my words, the Cardinals could not hide their confusion. When they notice with a embarrassing look, Blacio smiles and takes a step forward.

"Long time no see."

"Aha, you know that face. Long time no see, Blasio."

When I lightly nodded, the faces of the other Cardinals rotted in.

Why. Well.

The Cardinals, except Blacio, laughed awkwardly.

"You were joking about a bird you haven't seen."

"Should I be joking?"

"Oh, baby."

"If you ever come to Odis like a bean in a drought, you always go to see Mina and pretend you don't know each other, I thought."

As I murmured in a nonsensical tone, the cardinals sweated. Really, when they come to Odyssey, they always go back to Mina.

I deliberately discriminated against me and Mina to focus my attention on Mina for three years. To educate me as a well-listened dog.

"I guess the local governor is here to see your baby sometimes. Did you do something like that?"

"No, not even the Cardinals."

"No, we....."

"He only communicates with Mina. Connecting to the principal's office."

"Well, that...!"

"Huh, that was real. I was joking."

In my words, they became deaf and ate honey, and Blasio alone twisted their purchases.

One of the Cardinals. Hm! He coughed in vain and said,

"Baby, I've seen this through the horoscope. I have something I'd like to ask you, so let's talk for a second."

"I'll get back to you if you give me a call."


"I'll talk to you later. If I give it away."

"Oh, baby!"


I smiled and passed the cardinals. Mina looked at me with astonished eyes, but I entered the school without speaking to her.

* * *

Besides the Cardinals, there were many who wanted to talk to me. All the powers in the country who watched the monsters defeated through the horoscope, and all the students who saved their lives thanks to me, asked for a conversation.

I exhausted my divine power and took them apart on the pretext that I was unwell and headed to the dormitory.

There was a nice man waiting in front of my room.

"Chairman! Brother John!"

John stroked my head as he ran with a big smile.

"How did you get here? I heard the emergency was lifted, so they couldn't get inside the correctional facility except for the students."

"Because of you, Dubled became Odyss' benefactor. Received the privilege of the Silver Man."

"That's great! What about Dad?"

"In the principal's office."

"I see. Oh, go in."

When I opened the door, two people came into the room. We sat around on the couch and the bed and talked.

The Chairman asked.

"How did you know where the monster is?"

"Thanks to the amendments."

"If it's an amendment, are you referring to the passage of the Devil that was kept in the portrait of the Invited Gaza?"

"Yes. I touched the amendment before the competition and I saw a strange sight."

[……, you…… Neriad…….]

[Go, kid, come on!]

[Ishaq!! No! No!]

In that scene, the armor worn by Ishaque belonged to Odis. So I wanted to see if this was the future that the Devil of Amethyst showed me.

When he said that, the Chairman looked strangely.

"You saw the future? But that happened...."

"That's right. It didn't happen. So I was thinking, maybe it's like this."

"What is it?"

"The future has changed."

The Chairman and John looked at each other. I leaned deeply against the couch backrest and said,

"If I hadn't seen this scene, I wouldn't have been so impatient in Kuhelm's town."

"Yes, because Hannibal had already requested rescue."

"Yes. If you wait, the rescue team will come. The sacraments that were the task of the Academy are enough to find after that. But the sight made me impatient, so I searched the whole town."

It was to leave Surir, the strongest swordsman by his side, even a little sooner.

"And I found Bune."

"From there, the future has changed?"

"Yeah. So this is what the future looked like? Dubled's Rescue Squad arrived and then found a location with a pack of monsters, but Bune's Phantom army was not the enemy without it."

"That's a good guess. Who is the Devil of Alternate Amethyst.... If you look at Storas' records, you can tell, right?"

"There are demons with speculation. All I want to know is who the man who called Neriad was in the sight of the Devil of Amethyst."

"Most likely a demon."

"Yes. And I think the Devil of Amethyst and the Devil who called Neriad have ancient memories."

The Chairman was flawed.

Having an ancient memory meant knowing that I was a child of evil.

"I think the Devil of Amethyst was a pioneer of evil. Besides, the Devil's Passage, the Amethyst, is in my hands. So it's okay, but the demon who called Neriad...."

"Once in the hands of the temple, it will be revealed to the whole world that you are a child of evil."

"Yeah, so we have to find it first."

Get that demon in my hands, get rid of the corridor.

"You must never go into the hands of a temple."

"I'll search around the mountain where the monster pack appeared."

"Hurry up."


After talking to the Chairman, I looked at John.

"I have something to tell my brother."

The time has come for me to tell you that I was the brother of the ancient LeBlaine, Neriad.

* * *

John, who was still listening to my story, sighed.

I looked at him with a slightly nervous expression. Dubled was struck by a storm because of me. We must deal with the imperial incarnation, not with any other opponent. I was afraid that my family would burden me, my destiny.

John put his hand lightly on my head.

"Must have been a lot of trouble on my own."

"…… I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault."


"When will the habit of worrying about ourselves and worrying about us getting in trouble because of you disappear?"

"I'm sorry……."

"If you're sorry for us, don't be afraid."

"…… Yes?"

"You have to remember that there are families behind you, anytime, anywhere."

I pinched my finger and laughed.

Now I know that I am burdened and that there is no one to throw it away, but I always become a coward. And the family always held hands without bothering me as a coward.

'I will never lose this time.'

I once thought that regression was a curse of God, but when I look back, it was a blessing.

Getting a chance to start again even if you fall, break, and completely screw up.

It'll be different next time, not to lose hope.

So your precious blessing that I can be a little better than yesterday.

I look at the statue of Neriad that looks out the window.

'This life was different than before. I finally had happiness, and that's because I'm different.'

Then Mina could be different.

I don't think I need to be more modest, less wary, and more proud of the loss of my man.

'Let's talk to Mina.'

If he can be different, if we can really hold hands, there might be no trials.

Knowing that day was a turning point for me and her destiny was a thing of the future.

* * *

Mina was sitting on the uduckerney bench.

A dark shadow fell over the child's head, staring at the sky.

It was Cardinal Reginald who turned his head.

"Why is your face so dark?"

Mina said, "Ah……." I used to groan and scratch my forehead.

"Like, a little…… I thought it was stupid."


"In fact, I've been dreaming about this world a lot. A wonderful boy who tells me I'm like a sister, my first love, and a precious new family....."

Reginald narrows his glans with an incomprehensible expression. Mina smiled awkwardly.

"So I guess I was arrogant. I came back to my own world, so I may really be the child of the destiny of this world. ….. Stupid. Actually, it doesn't help."



"You can."

He pulled out a pendant in his arms.

Silver hexagon.

When Mina saw it, Reginald blinked.

"It's Etwal."


"I believe you are a hero our god has not betrayed, Mina. Please save the world with this."

Mina reaches out carefully to Etwal.

At that moment.

[…… I. Mina, what are you thinking?]

[Ishak, Henri! When did you get here?]

[When you're staring at the sky. What's wrong with your face? Who's bothering you? Who is it?!]

[It's not like that.....]

[It's his sister again. What kind of accident did that idiot have to do with you this time?]

Strange memories are pushed into my head.

[Hello, Mina.]

[…… I miss you.]

Even the silver-haired boy and the blond boy reached out to her.