The first scenes rushed in and quickly escaped.

'First time…?'

It's really the first time. Tears fall on my larynx, and my legs relax.


Reginald hastened to support her.

"Are you all right?"

"It's not okay. I don't think it's okay, me."


I kept crying. The undefined sadness pushed him like a tide, leaving his head as empty as a sled.

Reginald buries his face in both hands and looks at Mina crying with an incomprehensible expression.

* * *

In the evening, I had dinner with my family for a long time. Having had a hard day, it was the school's care for me and my family who saved the students.

As always, I piled up food on my plate, and Henri removed the crumbs that were on the edge of his mouth, and Ishak stabbed me with an elongated cheek. My father and John looked at us with such sweet eyes.

After the meal, I became very sorry. When I peed with my father and John with the principal and faculty at the school gate, my nose turned red.

"It's a vacation soon. I'll see you when you take a vacation."


I hold my tears while I squirm my lips, and Ishak laughs and teases me.

"Woah? Huh?"

"No, I'm not."

"No, baby, baby."


I rub my eyes with the palm of my hand, and I roar.

'Why are you crying and making a fuss.'

This is why puberty is a problem. Why does his puberty make people emotional every time he comes back?

If you're good at adult accidents, do something. When puberty comes, I become a lonely animal.

This lonely beast thinks he is the most grown-up on his own and is incredibly emotional.

At that time, my father opened his arms.



"Come here."

I hugged my father and his tears burst into tears.

"Argh..! I'm sorry to see you go! It's not a baby! Ugh!"


"I was just so surprised about the other day, and now I'm crying, okay? Ughhhhhh!"


My dad says' yes' lovingly, while others shake their shoulders violently with their heads down.

I said, "Mr.……." North, "he said, staring at his brothers and sisters.

Why am I so late in developing that the second sacrament only comes at seventeen? Embarrassing people.

'I can't eat all this until I'm four years old.'

"It's because of puberty. It's because of the second sacrament."

"That's just a psychological effect."

".... It's not accurate?"

Ishaq and Henri bow their heads again and shake their shoulders like crazy.

My dad smiled and said,

"I'll see you soon."


"Stop crying. My heart hurts."

The principal and the people at the school listened to my father's kind words and opened their mouths.

Those who were embarrassed by the first sight of the villain of the century that piercing would bring out blue blood only swallowed dried saliva.

I broke up with my father, John, and the family people and returned to correction with tears.

Henri, I walked with Ishak, and they made fun of me all the time. I was returning to the dormitory less turbulent, and I saw a familiar figure from a distance.


I couldn't see well because it was dark, but I could only see that it was as superficial as a sick person.

"Where does it hurt?"

When asked, she pressed her cheek with her back of hand and replied.

"It's okay."

"You look sick, you."

When I just got out of my mouth, Ishaq offered his back head with his uncut hand and said, "Don't be shy."

"It's okay. I'll take care of it if it doesn't work out. Let's go back."

Then I swung my forearm and grabbed it. Henri followed us with an expression he didn't want to care about.


I heard Mina's voice behind my back.

My brothers kept walking without saying anything, but I stopped walking.

[That's why cookies. Oh, Cookie is the nickname I gave Ishak.]

In my first life, I recalled the conversation that Duke Amitier and Mina had had with me.

I squeezed my cheeky toes tight.

'You heard me wrong.'

I barely moved and looked back at her.


"Cookie," he said. "

At that time, the lights of the correction were lit in unison. The lights were switched on automatically after eight o'clock.

I saw a pendant hanging around her neck as the sunny surroundings became brighter.


That was definitely Etwal in the temple.

Mina asked as I stiffened.

"But LeBlaine."


"How do you know that?"

"…… what is it?"


Mina bites her lips and approaches.

"That's a word I've never seen before. I used to call Ishaq.... like that...."

Mina's voice crawled in.

I've never seen Mina's face like that. A sad face I never even saw when I lived as a sister.

"As soon as I caught Etwal, a strange memory came to mind. It's not mine, it's my memory. I'm so confused."


"How do you know that word? Huh?"


It was then.

Henri, who stood in my way, said:

"Some people don't know that word."

"…… huh?"

"It's a dough made of flour."

"It's not like that…… Hey, Henri, how do I know your name? I saw it in that memory, and we're very good friends."

"Let's get some counseling. Don't bother LeBlaine."


Henri pulls me and says, "Let's go, LeBlaine." I said.

I looked back at Mina as I was drawn to him. She remained alone in the correction, buried her flint face in her hands and trembled finely.

"Henri, let go of me. Henri!"

Henri said it was only when Mina was invisible.



Henri rarely turns his head to a cold face.

"It's the first memory of life. Cookie."

Henri, noticeably fast, likened him to a conversation with my face and Mina.

"…… that's right."

"Then don't ever tell her. And what would she do if she remembered you were a child of the devil?"


"Everyone in the world will try to kill you. Temples, neighborhoods, and empires will all consider you our source of misfortune."

This was the look on his face when he found out that Henri was being abused.

Ishak looks at Henri and me, who are hardened.

"Brother, don't yell at the kid like that. The kid would understand. Isn't that right?"

"Answer me no, LeBlaine."

I looked at him with my shoulders extended.

Then he clenched Henri's cheek with both hands, and struck him lightly. Henri and Ishaq opened their eyes wide. I smiled faintly.

"I'm not afraid of anything like that. I have a brother who holds fear on my behalf, and I'm afraid of something."


"And Dublin pride, to deceive the world with a petty lie that I don't know his memory?"

Let me put my hands up on my waist, and let's just play around and let Henri and Ishak say, "What?" I asked. I raise my head with an arrogant expression.

"If you're going to cheat, you have to cheat more viciously. Opening a poll to make sure no one believes what Mina said, huh?"

Henri and Ishaq stare at each other in astonishment. And within a week, Pic bursts into laughter.

I held both hands with a smile.

"Just as I believe in my brothers, so do my brothers."

"Then you'll never believe it. Kid, you don't trust us, do you?"

"I break nobles' legs all the time. I'm not accustomed to such accidents."

Ishaq said, "This is it." I rubbed my head, and Henri smiled and lowered Ishaq's back.

"I'll talk to Mina. Believe me, when have I ever done anything stupid?"

"No, my boy doesn't do that."


In response, I nodded with a satisfactory expression.

"If she reacts strangely, she will never provoke you."

Ishaq snapped his chin at my head and said, "Yeah." I muttered small, and I held Henri's hand tight.

* * *

Empire, Central Tower.

When the Four Dukes of the Empire entered the Chamber, the nobles in the hands of the Central Tower raised their bodies.

Dubled, Amitier, Marche, and Grimoire.

As they sat at the table, the nobles bowed their heads and sat down.

Valois has fallen and a new aristocrat has taken refuge in the Islands. Earl Briveau, who became the prefect of the temple nobility, lost his fortune.

"I've heard, Duke Dubled. I refuse, and I ask you, that your honorable friend called you to save Odyss' students. Is it really a spirit? There was a saying in the Old Testament that it was a demon."

The chairman spoke loudly.

Duke Marche and Duke Grimoire glare at Theodore Dubled.

Duke Dubled opened his mouth.


"What are you doing, a source of such great power!"


"…… Yes?"

In his mouth, called the villain of the century, a fantasetic, so good word came out, whining at the chairman, and the wind blew.

"What, what?"

"Is it strange that my daughter, as cute as an angel, called an angel?"

My father's side was strange.