A month after my dad went back to the Islands,

After the final exam, I was resting in my room with Emulin, and I heard a bird outside the window. On the terrace, a white pigeon circled about three times in the air.

'You did it.'

That prelude was a sign that Dubled had been sent outside the Academy's Gateway to summon the Devil.

"I'm a preacher these days."

Emulin shakes her head and puts ripe blueberries in her mouth.

"Freshmen can't use communication stones."

"Why don't you lend it to your brothers?"

"School comms can be intercepted."

"Even so..... So, the devil is an angel?"

"I think so."

"Dubled is great, by the way. Continental scholars are pouncing on the forgery of a codex, and they're handling it so quickly. You must be Eugene North, right?"

"North is a brilliant man."

Good thing you're an ally. When I kill him, I shake my head like Emulin is bored. Then I put a grain of pure wine in my mouth.

"Sweet! Delicious!"

"Of course. It's the best fruit in the Countess Decal, who owns the largest farm on the continent. Count Decal thanked you for saving his only daughter. Eat hard."

Emulin glances at the stacked box.

I did. The parents and brothers of the students I rescued in this battle sent me tons of gifts and letters. It was enough to borrow the school's warehouse because it wasn't all in the room.

It was also a gift from the school that completed the first review. There was also a family that stacked gold bars full of crates.

"I'm really sorry about the gold bar. I would have bought a mansion in the Islands!"

In Emulin's words, I shrug.

"It's not a gift of gratitude, it's a bribe."

"Dear Dubled, 'Please take a good look at my family." A gift "?"


Me and Emulin are silent for a moment, staring at each other and at the same time covering their mouths with sheep's fists and laughing.

The kidnapping of Kuhelm or the subjugation of monsters was horrible, but in the end, there was a huge income.

"Kids who were joking about admitting to a special class of civilians can't see me anymore! I'm close to you. Is this the honeyed taste of connection?"

"If Alan sees me, get out of here! You don't even think about fucking it."

"I think it scares your family more than you do. I'm sure you're dead, too. I tried to lead the atmosphere with gross as usual, but the seeds were not eaten either. How can you take the lead when all the kids notice you? Alan's in the wrong line, very bad."

"Even the newcomers can't move."

"Even the professors said, 'Miss LeBlaine is not uncomfortable..?' I'm asking you."

"Ah, the taste of this glorious power!"

In the days of the world, we giggled wickedly. I sat on the couch rotten.

"All you have to do now is take care of one mina."

"You haven't talked about it yet?"

"I'm not even in class. I thought it was just a room. Professor Zebastian went to the dormitory and didn't open the door."

"That much?"

Emulin groans and crouches with her elbows in the gift box.

"You can't keep waiting for Mina."

"So I'm going to go see him today."

"Yes. If you take the final exam, it's a vacation. We have to finish the story before then."

I nodded and raised my head. I was thinking of going to see Mina after the words.

"Dinner first. I think I'm gonna be a little late."

"Goodbye. I'll go paragraph by paragraph."

I nodded and left the room. Mina and I have different dorms. The freshman dormitory was divided into 1 and 2 rooms, sharing only the underground restaurant and the entrance to the room was far away.

I stopped as I went beyond the central garden to the 2nd East with Mina.

'There's nothing good about seeing me and Mina together, is there?'

Recently, the most worrying thing about the Temple was that we were debiting it. The shrine is hidden all over the school, so if Mina and I talk, we'll get into the cardinals' ears soon.

'You'd better turn around and go to the back door.'

Having thought that, I entered a rare human trail. Then he headed for the back door and the road that led to it. It was Chalna who saw the back door from a distance.

"We'll just go. I hope you're feeling well."

"Yes, thank you for coming."

It was Mina. She smiled vigorously, facing the people she had never seen before. Given the situation, I was evacuating an outsider who came to see her.

I hid behind the bushes and carelessly looked at them. The outsiders were all wearing robes, white-haired elderly men and hooded men.

'That white-haired man is familiar.'

I feel like I've seen him somewhere.

"I'm afraid I've bothered you with the greed of wanting to see your precious one."

"No, I'm glad to see you."

"Do it."

The old man bows his head, and Mina looks at the man who turned over the hood deeply.

"I..... was it true a little while ago?"

"Of course."

The inside voice of the man who flipped the hood was a very hard to hear basin.

'It sounds like the voice of my father or Uncle Taylor's feud.'

Mina greeted them with a bright face, and they left shortly after. Mina stares at their missing seats and pulls something out of her uniform pocket.


Shocked by the familiar vibrations, I came out of the bush. Mina, who found me, opened her eyes.

"LeBlaine? Why are you....."

"What is that?"

"…… It was sent from the temple."

'Certainly. It's the Devil's Passage.'

When my face hardened, Mina used to sweep over her head like she was tired.

"Let's talk next time. I'm having a hard time."

"You know what that is?"

After staring at me, Mina bites her lips tightly like a horse.

"Yeah, you should know. I don't want to fool you. This is a passageway."

"No! That's..."

"You want to say" The Devil's Passage "?"

"…… what?"

"I know. I know the temple. You used the power of the devil. But in this world, the distinction between demons and angels is uncertain."

She's right.

Some regard the devil as an angel, just as the Duke of Valois regards Glachalabolas as an angel.

It seems that the temple intervened in history and defined the pioneers who chose Neriad as angels and evil spirits as demons. So it was not difficult to decorate Dubled Bune as an angel.

"Send him back to the temple."

"… I don't like it."

"Mina, you don't know what the temple meant to you."

"Are you trying to make me and you hold each other back? I know."

Mina shrugs her head.

"I know. I know...."

"There must be some kind of trick. But the biggest thing."

"Am I scared?"

"…… what?"

"Are you really trying to scare me, like the Temple said, into becoming an opponent when I have the power of divinity over you?"

Mina grinds her fist tightly as she bursts into laughter.

"The temple, he said, was sorry to give me this power. This will make sure you carry the burden of God. Nevertheless, I have no choice but to give you this power because I can't be sure that you are the Savior of God. I'm going to lose my strength in a single incident."


"LeBlaine, I saw you in a dream. I couldn't tell because no one understood me like this in my world, but still, I still do."


"I love you."

[I love you. Thank you for being my family, LeBlaine.]

I recalled what I had heard from her in my first life.

LeBlaine, a fool in his first life, said nothing, but he turned over the blanket that day and cried all night.

It was nothing, because my worthless life meant a word to her. I remember that day when I was so happy and so moved that I could be her sister.

Why she was so dizzy. But that's why I couldn't really hate it after all.

I truly loved you, brother.

"That's why I'm asking you to give it back to the temple, Mina. Did you know that the temple really gave it to you to stop me, in case I was a fake? No, that's your shackle."


"The unclear distinction between angels and demons means you can turn them into demons even if you summon them!"

I looked straight at Mina and said,

"If you defeat me for real, do you think it's over? Those who use the angel you summoned as a demon! You're just being used to the world they want you to be."

"I know it's stupid. I've heard a lot about being a delusional fool in my world. But LeBlaine....."


"Even if I'm stupid...... I like this world. Loneliness and solitude have all endured that dream. The most righteous father in the world, loving brothers like blood, loved ones, friends who share the same beliefs as me…… Everyone was here."

On her cheeks, thick tears began to fall.

It was weird. I'm the one who understands her best. This life was so precious to me, too.

"The temple did. That's what you're trying to convince me of."

Mina wept and grabbed my hand.

"LeBlaine, please let me trust you. I love you."

"What would you do if there was peace that they believed I had to die?"

I shone a calm expression on Mina's pupil. Her expression frowned on her lips.

"I would happily die for this world. And so will you. I believe so."

I realized that our beliefs were on the verge, and that we could never hold hands.

Suddenly she pulled my arm hard, and I lost center.


An amendment popped out of my fallen pocket. The passageway in Mina's hand fell in surprise, and the two passageways staggered and overlapped.

At that moment.


The surroundings glow brightly and the vision darkens.

And when I opened my eyes, I.....

"Apo!.. Ying? (It hurts!.. Huh?)"

…… I was a child.

'What is this!!'