The uniform flows down like a sack turned upside down, the hands and feet are as small as they were when you were four, and the forearms are misshapen as if they were woven with sausages.

'I'm sure. It's hard.'

[Baby, are you okay? Huh?]

Bune's urgent voice rang in his head. When I saw the breath rise to the end of my chin and the cold sweat flow all over my body, it wasn't okay, but if I thought I was going to die, it wasn't.

I looked around. Mina was nude on the floor. I rushed to see Mina breathing, but she didn't seem to be in danger. It wasn't as difficult as I was.

Why did Mina fall? Holy power says Mina is much stronger. '

I looked at Mina's Etwal. Unlike her first life, Etwal's corner was empty.

"Did Boone protect me? '

[Yes, I was preparing because the waves were unusual.]

[Me, too! I protected you faster than this idiot!]

Bune said in a shriveled voice somewhere, and Fur hurriedly said my ball was bigger.

I could not faint because the tribesmen protected me, but Mina seemed to have been knocked out by the waves because she had no tribesmen.

'But why am I the only one?'

When I was looking at Mina with a stiff face, I heard a popular voice from a distance.

"Hurry up and finish the semester. These freshmen don't know how to clean up."

"I didn't grumble like that last year."

The maids were walking around with the laundry tugged away.

'Something went wrong. If I find anything difficult...!'

I jumped into the nesting bush.

And I was curled up and shaking, and I found a mina with other maids knocked down at the back door and I said, "Argh!" I screamed.

"You're a freshman!"

"No one?! The student has fallen!"

People are starting to flock.

'Mina will take a look at them. Then what am I supposed to do?'

I don't know what happens when it turns out I'm not that hard. The Hossages said that what I summoned in the last battle was a demon, not an angel, and that the curse of the demon had become difficult.


What is this? What is this, my mouth!

I twist my mouth with two hands like a little maple leaf.

'Ahhh, it's hard for an adult to think again because he's so young.'

I was starving. In this situation, if you completely lose your mind and become a child, things that cannot be done will happen.

I was bored with the blue.

'First... let's run away.'

After making that decision, I grabbed my cactus and turned around a bit.

* * *

High school dormitory, Henri's room.

Ishaq sits on Henri's couch with a grumpy neck.

"I'd rather tell them to come get some. I can't sit around making fun of myself for hours."

"It's a meeting, a meeting."

Henri looks at Ishak like a cockroach and hands him a cup of tea. Ishaq said, "Anyway." I used to answer lightly, and I got a glass.

"Chief Kuhelm doesn't seem to be willing to open his mouth. Isn't this how you torture him all the way to vacation?"

"That's not possible."

"Yeah, it's the kid's last holiday of the year!"

The Empire becomes an adult from its eighteenth birthday. So the seventeen are the last days of adolescence, and every time a rose is in the womb, it opens a great feast. This was called the Last Holiday.

"I'll tell you in advance. Kid's going to the last dance of the Last Holiday."

"Bullshit. That would be me."

"Damn it, I didn't think I'd hand it over. My father and big brother would be looking for the last dance, too, wouldn't they?"

"Usually the last dance of the Last Holiday is with the father or the eldest in the house."

"I can't take the last dance like this. …… Alliance?"


Ishaq and Henri lightly hold hands and glance at each other.

I heard a little knock.

"Who are you?"

I asked, but the answer didn't come back for a while.

Ishak narrowed his glans and asked again.

"Who is it?" he asked. "

I heard a little roar outside the room.

"I'm here to sit down. (I'm here to clean up.)"

"You look like a kid."

I have never heard of such a child among the maids of the school. When Ishaque and Henri exchanged suspicious sights, they heard a roar again outside the door.

"Tungsten……. (Cleaning…….)"

Ishaq got up from the couch and approached the door. Wow, I opened the door and I didn't see anyone in front of me.

"What a no-brainer."

Ishaq's expression was distorted as he looked down.

A little girl who dragged a cloth on the floor, even as if she had turned over the bed sheet, looked up at him with her hands together.

Frizzy light brown curly hair.

Small hands.

Mischievous cheek that looks dull.

Frightened blue eyes.

".... Kid?"


Henri approaches Ishak with a teacup urgently placed on the tea table. The child who looked beyond Ishaq and others was definitely a young Leblane.

When the two stiffened, LeBlaine pinched his hands and said,

"Younger again……. (It's been difficult....)"

* * *

Henri and Ishaq stare at me as they eat bread with a ridiculous expression.

I've already taken out four of Ishaq's one-handed loaves, but I can't even eat the heavy bread. What about them?

"Khh! Khh!"

Henri handed me a glass of milk as I was sober eating bread.

"Eat slowly, LeBlaine."

Ishaq, who was shaking his chin while drinking milk, said.

"So Mina's passage and your Amethyst overlap and it looks like this?"


It's not '...'! '

I quickly replied again with a solemn expression.

"Woo. (Yeah.)"

'… not anymore!'

It's serious, it's serious. It was easy for my brothers to understand what I was saying.

"How old are you?"

"Four years old."

"No, it's smaller than when I was your age."

"As soon as I was four."

"No, you were four years old, you were just a bean egg, and now you're narrow. No, you're not."

"Gurom Che Saringa……. (So he is three years old....)"

I think your pronunciation is worse than when you were four.

'I was originally late in growth, so it's hard to gauge my age.'

"So what do we do now?"

"It's gross... A rotten Autokazi? (That's the problem.... How do I attend?)"

"In the meantime, it's amazing to start worrying about school, I guess. What do you think?"



Henri was still looking at my hand, holding on to a glass of milk without answering.

"…… fox."



Henri sat next to me coughing.

"It's okay. There's a way."

As you know, Henri. Become more willing than Ishaq.

I looked up and waited for Henri's answer. Henri smiled comfortably and stroked my frizzy head and said,

"You just have to grow up like this."

"..... Mercer? (.... What?)"

"Now that I've done it, I have a second chance to grow better, LeBlaine."

"How strange!"

I'm banging a glass of milk! He shook his arms and protested.

"I picked it up and Harmon got in trouble. I don't know where to hide, but I want you to create Otokee! (If I say I've become difficult, I'll get in trouble. I have to stay hidden, but how do I make an identity?)"

Then Ishaq said,

"If I tell you to be my father's pupil....."

"Mitin Goya? (Are you crazy?)"

"Joke, Joke. I have another idea, kid."

I looked at Ishak again with my expectation. Ishaq said with a conscientious expression.

"Let's call him a little brother."


Me and Henri stare at Ishak with blurred eyes.

Ishaq said with a blunt expression.

"Not big brother. No one's going to believe you because you're living a life that's so straight. Your brother is perfect. He looks like he's going to sneak out the back."

"Interest. (Ishaq.)"


"Don't think like Apuro. (Don't just think ahead.)"

Ishaq becomes gloomy, and Henri nods.

"Once you are…… No, you must apply for a leave of absence at the age of 17. Suppose you're nursing in Territory."

"Guryaguchi. How do you make me feel, young Guryaguchi? (I have to. What am I supposed to do, young man?)"

"You can't send me to the mansion where my father and brother are. You two are so busy that you won't be able to see each other."

"What about sending a kid to territory?"

"If there is a seventeen-year-old LeBlaine in the Territory, there will be more people to contact, so the Territory is more dangerous than the Islands."

"That doesn't mean you can't hide the kid when he comes. All of a sudden, Dublin Red's soldiers ask you to look suspicious when they move to Ozzi."

I agreed with both of you.

'I can't help it.'

I sighed deeply.

"This is how I get to Nagante. Before that..... (I have a way. Before that.....)"

"What is it?"

"Tell me."

"Is this strawberry?"

…… I want strawberries first.

[Baby strawberries!]

If you're hungry, it's because adult accidents are hard. I don't want strawberries.

Oh, no.