I looked down at my face with a dead expression.

A weary Juliet looks down at me with cold eyes and scratches her gritty head and asks Ishak.

"So? What do you want me to do with just soy beans?"

"I want you to hire me."

"As an experiment?"

"Are you crazy!"

Ishak shouts. Juliet then leans back against the door with her arms bent.

"So where should I use this little guy? Even if I hit you a lot, you're barely a step away."

"There are quite a few kids in your lab. Tell the school to hire your assistant."

"You do it."

Ishak said, "We don't want to do that either." I muttered to myself, and Juliet's face seemed incomprehensible.


I swiftly pulled Ishaq's sleeve straight back and twinkled my arms.

"No, I'm big!"

"Yeah, it's going to be huge."

I became unfair when she looked at me with her spiky eyes.

I'm real. Originally I was really big. It's because Juliette and the Red Sea are much bigger.

But I can't give up like this, so I hit Ishaq's leg. Ishaq, who looked at Juliet with a shaky expression, said as I had instructed him.

"It is the quarter of the Demibeasts and humans. Although the Demibeast's blood is mixed and the flesh grows slower, my mind won't be hard to fathom because I'm my age."

"Why are you asking me to do that? Don't tell me you feel sorry for a child. You know that doesn't sound like it's coming out of your brother's mouth."

"I'm not a kid…… but I picked up LeBlaine's. If our brother reaps it, it'll be compared to when the second fateful child picked up the orphan brother last time, which is annoying."

Juliette loosened her arms and tucked her tongue.

"He said he was off school. For what?"

"Are you asking, or is your king's father asking?"

"What if it's both?"

"Your father has a heavy interest in Segan, so I say to you... well, I'm not feeling well."

I feel really bad. It was so small.

Juliet shrugs.

"I don't like the color of your brother's body. He's not good enough to ask for good things."


'You can't answer that.'

I opened my eyes and looked at Ishak. Ishaq flinched, and said with a disdainful expression.

"Thank you…… all."

I looked at Ishaque with a proud expression, who had grown to thank him for his gratitude, and Juliet listened as if he had heard something wrong.

"Because of the last battle, right? Your brother."


"Didn't you get in trouble because you called in the Ghost Soldiers?"

Me and Ishak face each other. And at the same time he nodded loudly. I'd appreciate it if you misunderstood me.

"Let's do that."

"Well, answer so vaguely. Funny guy."

Juliet used to stare at me.

"Your brother owes me his life, so I'll hire him. But you know Elicyano's assistant gets knocked out of school, right? You're gonna have to do something bothersome."

Cancer, cancer. I know.

This was the way to live as a child I told my brothers. It is easier to protect those in Odis than to go to the Islands or Territories. However, there is no way for a child to attend school, so it is appropriate to work as an employer.

'It would be much more comfortable if there was protection for Elicyano students.'

"Follow me."

Juliet, who said that, opened the door for me and went in first. I looked at Ishak and shook my hand. Ishaq looked at me with a very uneasy expression.

"Don't bend. (Don't worry.)"

"It was only a small thing....."


I kept my mouth shut while I was grumbling.

Ying Ra! Ying Ra!

'What are you doing, body!' I wanted to shout.

'Ah, you filthy body....'

I followed her with a twinkle as a child. And I whimpered to close the door that was too big for a child.

'What, why is this so heavy?'

When I was embarrassed, Ishaq looked at me with delicate eyes and said,

"Look. It's too narrow to close the door....."

That was it. Right outside the door! I heard a sound. And then.

"Out of the way, out of the way!"

Somebody's making a fuss! Bang! I kicked the door. I almost flew with the door, and my heart rattled.

After hearing the commotion, Juliet raises her eyes in a semi-cylindrical shape.

"I have to tell you a few times to come in plain, Red Sea!"

The Red Sea said, "I'm sorry!" and came inside with a face that was not sorry at all. Juliet looks at the door and grinds her teeth.

Juliet's door seemed to know why it was so heavy. I think I left the duchon door hanging in case of crush again.

"Damn it, it's over again. What the hell happened to your body? How many times did you break the door?"

"But it didn't fly this time. Oregon's good, kid. Oh, this dust, but what did you do?"

I looked at the Red Sea with a shivering face, which became dusty after a narrow, soy egg. I also felt it as a seventeen-year-old body, but the Red Sea is really big.

'Almost like Ishaq.'

With the Red Sea more than 180 centimetres, the pressure on the child's body was great. The Red Sea squeezes the bare lace ribbon over my head, then squeezes it and grabs my head.

"I can't believe it!"

I was scared enough for an apple to pop out.

"Cute! Juliet, what is this? Give it to me!"

Juliet hugs me with a hug.

"Are you crazy? If you take him, he'll be a jerk!"

"Kid. I don't dent people. Steel, maybe."

Dent the steel?

I swallowed the dried cucumber with the talent of Juliet. Then the Red Sea took me away.

"So give it to me."


I heard that Juliet had left me between the Red Sea and the sea and tried to take me away from each other. I was a frown with two eyes.

'Please save me!'

Someone took me away from her.

It was Jean.

"Hey, princesses. He's fragile. He'll be dead soon, so leave him alone."

"Yeah? You can't stand this? You're really weak."

"You are so strong, Red Sea."

"How do I know that the child I grew up in the royal palace was so fragile? But how do you know? You're roughly a prince, Jean."

"We are different from you. Now, stand still."

Finally, out of both hands, I sighed. And when I saw Ishak, he stiffened. I didn't know what to do because I really thought I was going to die when I got there.

"I don't think so. Come on, narrow it down."

"You're leaving it to me?"

"What, did Ishak leave it to Juliet? Leave it to me!"

"Who can Ishaq ask for himself?"

Ishaq and Juliet, the Red Sea and Jin roar loudly. I stepped back.


"Just leave it. How do you see a kid?"

"It's better than what you see. Let's go. It's narrow."

"Stay here, bean egg."

This time Ishak and Juliet started arguing. The two of them looked at each other and I pinched their fingers.

It was then.


One of the students jumped.

"What? I'm busy. Come back later."

"Chief Kuhelm has fled."


"I found it early and it's still breathing, but it's dangerous."

Ishak kicked his tongue, said to Juliet.

"I'll pick you up in a minute, so leave it alone."

Juliet shrugs, and Ishaq and the student rush to the basement oxa where the Kuhelm Tribe is in custody.

After Ishaque was far away, the Red Sea told Juliet.

"Why do you say you'll take care of him?"

"The Demibeast and the Human Quarter. The Demibeasts didn't get a chance to investigate because of East, West, and so on. We should look in between the two of you."

"To experiment with a child like this?!"

"I'm just trying to get a little bit of magic."

Magic Detection?!

I have now changed my face a little with Henri's magic. By detecting magic power, Juliet could have seen what I looked like. I got tired of whitening, and Juliet turned on the base and said,

"Stay calm. I will only draw the blood of the Red Sea. Let's go, Red Sea."

The Red Sea says, "Give her to me. Huh? That's cute." I chased after Juliet, and the rest of the time at the door, I was grumpy.

'I thought Ishak wouldn't do the investigation. What do we do, what do we do?'

I can't help but hear a soft voice next to me.

"Do you want me to save you?"

I looked at him, and he smiled.

"Save me? I have a question for you."

I said with a gloomy expression.


It's the weekend and Juliet has time to investigate, but on weekdays, it's Elicyano's job, so she won't have time. Next weekend is a holiday, so you only have to avoid it today.

Gin laughs and hugs me.

"If the princess so wishes."

"I'm not Gonju."

Jean spills the picks and tugs them on my forehead.

"So, what do you like about snacks?"

Among Elicyanos, Jean has the most love rumors, and he seems to know why.

* * *

I hugged Jin and headed to his place.

"Hold on a second."

He sat me on the couch, and he grabbed the shirt that was on the couch.

And I took off my top, and I found a beautiful back with smooth, coppery skin.


I quickly blindfolded with my palm. Gin saw me like that, Cook, and I heard a laugh.

"That's really cute. Isn't that right, Adrian?"

What, is Adrian here?

When she lowered her hands, she saw Adrian in a robe, who was making sure she was out of the shower.


Plenty of open breasts, firm breasts, plummets of water, plummeting fine hair, bright eyes, red lips that stay awake.

'It's Mom.....'

I think I need to close my eyes, but why does this feel so bad?