And the Red Sea said, "Come on, let's go!" He dragged me into the lab.

Juliet, who was outside, shouted nervously.

"Just smash it again, Red Sea!"

The Red Sea moved Lulurala's hand without any measure of hearing.


I looked at the Red Sea with astonished eyes. As a princess of one country, I would not have buried a drop of water in my hand, but my fingertips are surprisingly messy.

Robbing dirt, wiping desks and lab tools, and rubbing the floor. All of them were better than their employers, but this was good enough for a precious princess.

When I drew my eyes, the Red Sea said, "Why?" I smiled.

"Good job, Tung."

"I've done it a lot since I was a kid."

"You're a princess.)"

"I have to do something to survive."

I look suspicious and she shakes my cheek lightly.

"You don't know the baby because he's an empire man who took control of the continent, do you? Some countries. The king may be the weak one."

"The king?"

"Yes. In the country of the black-headed over there, sometimes there's a half-breed. If he is not a servant or a people, then the queen will change the king."


"As soon as my father was an adult, he became king as if he were taken to the royal palace. Taehu wanted a young king who listened well. Taehu said that he slaughtered the people who had the right to succeed in front of the scourge of sin. Be the one you need, Princess."

The eyes of the Red Sea, which said so, sank unconventionally.

"So he was frightened and became king over the lover he promised to marry. He became a parrot who had dozens of brother-in-law according to his will and repeated," Oh, my God, I'm right. ""


"When Taehu died, he became the parrot of his nephew's gift."


"Repeated horrors make a fool of people. Anyway, that's why you always tell your kids. I think you should be the one you need."

"Do you want to be the one who needs you, Red Sea?"

"Every time something happens in the country, we go out and work. pretend to love people without loving them, pretend their pain is my pain. With compassion, helping to clean up like a maid."

"And the other Lord and the Prince?"

"My half-sister and my brothers and sisters are different. I was a fisherman before my father became king."

'The man who was a fisherman's lover is the mother of the Red Sea.'

The slut was crumpled from the hands of the Red Sea without any reason. She looked at me and laughed as she once did.

"Now, let's get this over with. So you must tell your father and uncle to vote against it?"

"... No."

I nodded and began to tease my hand rashly.

* * *

After cleaning, I went back to Henri's place. Today, when I told my three brothers the story I shared with Sandra, the Red Sea, Ishak nodded.

"The family in the Red Sea is also complicated. Some say that the King of Gahong climbed between the bridges of the statue to bring her to the Red Sea palace."

"Eh? Really?"

When I was surprised, Henri said, shutting down the communication stone.

"I don't know if it's true, but it means that the crown is that weak. Is there anything you care about? LeBlaine, I recognized Sandra."

Dubled's rock. The coarse aristocrats of the western continent are all frightened.

"Sandra's brother. I've been suffering from lung disease since I was born, and it looks serious. A year and a half ago, he was unconscious. At least I feel like I'm breathing because of the healing of the new coffin."

"Even so, I can't refuse the Temple's request....."

"Yeah, I know he was famous. The Earl's Sleeping Prince Justin."



I raised my body and held Henri.

"Did you just stay?"

"Earl's Sleeping……."

"Me, me, Justin?"


Oh, my God. That Justin was Sandra's brother?

I twist my mouth with both hands like a maple leaf and scream without sound.


Henri called me with a suspicious expression, and I thought with a dazzling expression.

Withdrawal, is that it? '

Thinking of what he taught me one day, I shook my arms and shouted.

"Shimba! (I saw Sim!)"

My heart became a Simmani, and I trembled with a violent shout.

Ah, good to see you in Odyssey.

This was truly a golden field of connection. Ishaq alternated with Henri and John with a puzzled expression.

"What, why does the little brother look like he's making up the chest system?"

Hey, I'm thinking about the chest system!

I called Emulin immediately. After listening to my mop on a dark evening, she opened her mouth as she secretly arrived at Henri's place and looked at me.

"Though I heard it got smaller, you really..... only do rat shit."

"Mr.……. Anyway, meet Emulin Sandra."

"... what do you want me to do?"

"If you do as I say."

I graciously laughed at Henri for handing her a communication stone (which ignored the doctrine).

* * *

With the communication stone in his ear, Emulin heads to the bench with a shivering expression. There was Sandra, who had been contacted beforehand by Henri's men.

Sandra's face hardens when she sees Emulin under the lantern.

"This letter, Emulin, was it from you?"


[That's what I sent. Tell him you sent him.]

Emulin swallowed a sigh and replied.

"Yes, it's me."

"What do you mean you know my secret?"


When Emulin panics and stops, she hears a voice again from the communication stone.

[That's what I wrote. Tell him you wrote it.]

'This is really...!'

When Emulin bites her lips tightly, Sandra rushes.

"Isn't that the letter you wrote?"

"Oh, I wrote it. Yeah, I wrote it."

'I'll see you later, Lev.'

Sandra curls her jacket with a restless expression.

"I don't know what you're trying to blackmail me for, but this doesn't work for me. There's no secret."

[Follow me from now on.]

Emulin followed the words flowing from the communication stone.

"Do you really have no secrets? Anything to do with your brother who has a pulmonary disease and needs to be cured by a new coroner?"

"What are you talking about? No secrets."

"In fact, he's Sandra's son. What?!"

Emulin screams in astonishment, and grumbles at the comms.

[Why are you cutting off the flow?]

What are you talking about? '

Sandra's brother was her son? Really? It was very pretty, but it can't be.....

Emulin raises her head and looks at Sandra.

Sandra's face was pale.

'..... for God's sake.'

"I don't know what you're talking about. If you're calling me a prank, I'll be going."

[No, no! Hold on, and tell me again!]

Emulin hurriedly grabs her wrist and shouts.

"Wait, I have something to say. I understand Sandra's mind. I know I had to."


"Now that I have a godfather's child..... the godfather's child....."

Emulin's face hardens. Because she was also a hidden child of the New Testament. Sandra sprays Emulin's hand, steps back and mutters.

"I've been lying a lot. You're saying it's not true, and even if it's true, you'll never understand my mind."

"..... if you don't understand Sandra, your son will."


This was not what LeBlaine said. To this end, Evil Moon Emulin sighed and asked in a cold voice.

"What about you? Did you know that you had a child?"

"He's not my son."

"What did he say? Soon you and your son will be welcomed. What nonsense? So you want to listen to me? Don't you want me to do the temple's job well?"

"What do you know...!"

"I know! I'm a godson too."

"…… what?"

"Don't get me wrong if you're trying to abandon him because of him. It's never for your children."

"…… Yes?"

"I can live well without my father. She's irresponsible, and she has a good mother, even if she doesn't have a father to pass all the risks on to my lover."


"I want to tell my mom if I go back. Please don't give up happiness because of me. My life's misfortunes were unhappy mothers. That's why I'm obsessed with my father."

Emulin sighs and pulls out the communication stone in her ear.

"You're in the same position, so let me tell you something. Grab LeBlaine's hand."


"He never avoids responsibility."

Emulin, who said that, turns his back. And murmured at the comms.

"I'm sorry. My temper is dirty, so I missed work."

[No, very well.]


It was then.

"What can I do?"

I heard Sandra's desperate voice.

* * *

After shutting down the communication, I laughed. Ishaq, who was shaking his jaw, asked.

"What the hell is Justin doing, trying to catch him like this?"

"The youngest stable candidate. The specialty is the replication of goods."

A genius who replicates the sacrament well, and it gets caught, but whose abilities are so outstanding that it ends up entering the stable tower.

"Etwal of Mina. What happens if I clone it?"

"If you have an amendment, you don't have to duplicate it, right? He said the passageway was one that he received from the Shrine the other day."

"Amendment is strictly for Sandra."

…… The culprit is separate.

'Then let's go get revenge on the culprit who stole my Amethyst.'