The dawn rises at dawn. The man who flipped the robe moved quietly. Past the trail to the preamble of the Academy, he stumbles across the stone wall.

Among the many stone walls, there was only one immobilized brick, and he looked around and pushed it.

Tuck, I heard a blunt sound of bricks falling on the grass shortly after.

"Did you bring anything?"

I heard a stranger's voice outside the front door.


"How was the first chapter?"

"I noticed that something was missing from my second hand. I don't think we've identified the culprit yet."


Rob pulls out a small leather pocket in his arms. I looked at the popularity again and pushed it out of the stone wall.

"There's nothing I can do to get in touch with you."

It was then.

An opponent outside the stone wall quickly grabs Robe's wrist.

"What are you doing?"

"I mean."

This was not the voice from outside the stone wall. Familiar voice. Familiar. This is familiar....

The man who appeared behind Rob's back smiled quietly and spoke.

"What are you doing, Red Sea?"

A hardened face of the Red Sea was revealed, with dark, dark hair that the man had not stripped the robe.


The Red Sea turned towards Ishaque, who had captured Robe.

"How could you not know it was me?"

"That's the most suspicious thing."

LeBlaine, who was hiding in the shield, reveals himself. Henri and Juliet were together.

Juliet glances at the Red Sea with a gigantic face.

"I couldn't have done it when I heard about these guys. That's why I helped track you down. I didn't believe you, Red Sea!"

The face of the Red Sea was dull and Juliet had a headache on her forehead. Then I looked at LeBlaine.

"If it is true that the Red Sea is the culprit, is it true that you are LeBlaine? No, but how do you know the Red Sea is the culprit?"

"The Red Sea knew who I was."

[Don't you know the baby is an empire that has taken over the continent? Some countries. The king may be the weak one.]

"How do you know I'm an Imperial when Audis is in Zhongniji? I said I was Annie's son. I never said I was an empire man."


"Because you sold my information to Waynes, didn't you?"


Ishaq, who looked down at the Red Sea, asked.

"Why did you do that? Why did you sell the kid's information, steal the passageway?"


LeBlaine shook his hand, blurring his words as if the Red Sea could not speak.

"Come on, they don't talk."

".... Are you forgiving me?"

"Child? (No?)"

"…… what?"

"Already, the Red Sea makes Duredu an enemy. Do you need me to tell you something I can't excuse? (It already happened, and Red Sea made Dubled an enemy. But do I need to hear a story that's just an excuse?)"

When LeBlaine looks at you, 'I'm asking you something natural', Juliet laughs in vain.

"Don't you have enough?"

"Did Red Sea really sell my information, which is the savior of life?"

"I don't... have anything to say about that....."

"Gourmet, Mo. Hey, Annie."

When LeBlaine calls, two people stare at her. Le Brain put a leather pocket in his arms and said:

"Lord Gong, take me to the other side. Julette, you don't have to tell me what to do wrong with your mouth."

Juliet said with a panicked look.

"But the Red Sea is the Princess of Gahong!"

"Are you a princess or a naval monk?"

LeBlaine looked down at the Red Sea and said,

"I don't think I can. Come on. I will show you how far Duredu, the first family, can go, even in the continent's strongest empire."


"You have to do everything you can to hit the referendum. You're not gonna end up as one."

When LeBlaine looks at the Red Sea with a cold face, she swallows the drool.

"Goodbye," said LeBlaine. "I shook my hand freshly and turned around, and Juliette said in a hurry.

"Red Sea, you idiot! Don't you even know what he was capable of in the last battle? That's not a bluff!"


It was when the Lebrels moved a few steps.

"I'll talk to you!"

The Red Sea shouted in haste.

"…… I apologize, so give me a chance to make excuses."

"Give it to me?"


I said, "Goodbye."


Hmph! LeBlaine, who turned into a snot-nosed fart, dances with both hands.

"Tell me where Gurom is."

The Red Sea looks at LeBlaine with a ridiculous look.

"…… did your personality always do this?"

"If you really were my personality, wouldn't you already be the man of the world?"

The face of the Red Sea is dull.

* * *

Accommodation in Henri. The Red Sea takes out a crumpled note in its pocket.

[Steal LeBlaine Dubled's pendant. If you refuse, your surroundings will be destroyed one by one. Eventually, even the most precious thing to you.]

'If it's a pendant.... Etwal?!'

Surprised, I looked at the drawings at the bottom of the note. Star of Manhood, this is definitely Etwal.

'Then it must be the temple that threatened the Red Sea.'

Because the mediator of the demon summon is Etwal, and I know that I can summon the demon.

I looked at my hardened brothers.

"Why did you make such a threat to the Red Sea?"

"I told you, Jean is in charge of boys, Red Sea is in charge of girls. So each one of them inspects the embargo on girls and the embargo on girls."

"Before the vacation, the Red Sea will be examining my shipment."

Etwal wouldn't have left it in his body, so it wouldn't have been meaningless to leave it to the employers. You thought the Red Sea was a good place to go for a body search.

"At first, I ignored it. But there was an uprising in my home country..... This note came before the uprising."

Another note from the Red Sea reads:

[This is a warning.

The next one doesn't end with a simple warning.]

The Red Sea sighed and spoke.

"This is Etwal, isn't it? I know that much. If you have something like that in your hand, you don't know what's going to happen after stealing it."

"Because it's frozen?"

"But I looked around you because I was anxious. And I saw you being a kid while you were talking to the second one."


"And I made a mistake, but there's an unfair side to it! You don't think I gave up on you being a kid? I'm not the only one who doubted you were Lebleyne! Neither Jin nor Hayton...!"

The Red Sea opened its mouth again with a fat face.

"Instead of stealing your Etwald, I tried to sell you the information you all know. But there was another warning sign, and then I found it in Mina's hand."


I opened the leather pocket held by the Red Sea. What was in it.....

"Etwal of Mina!"

When I quickly handed it over and shouted, she nodded.

"Yeah, this was in her room. That's why I tried to hand it over instead of yours. So I'm unfair!"

Juliet grabs the head of the Red Sea.

"Isn't it a sin to steal the second one?"

"Well, still."

"Yes! You thought it would be safer to steal Mina's without a back ship than Dubled. But that's bad, too, man!"

"I know……. But I did it in my own way. You can't steal the precious things of a life benefactor."

I quickly grabbed the Red Sea.

"A jewel? Was the jewel in Mina's hand hard?"

"... this?"

The Red Sea takes out the little crystal and the turquoise pearl of light from its arms.

"I want Amethyst to be my brother, and pearl to be my niece! Oh, but did you pay the right price? I left the money in her room."

Juliet shouts again.

"You idiot! What do you do if you bring it like that! How many did you steal?"

"This isn't that expensive. Look, it's small. I've given you ten times more than the quote."

The pinched red sea mourned, and Juliet ran down the street.

The Red Sea roars, rubbing its cheeks.

"Anyway, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

"…… do it."


"Good job!"

I knocked on the cheeks of the Red Sea and made fun of it.

"Great, great! '

The Amethyst and the other passage, as well as Mina's Etwal, came into my hands.

What the hell is this?

Red Sea and Juliet looked at each other with suspicious eyes, and I quickly entered the room and contacted Emulin.

[What? You want me to clone Sandra's son? Sandra, can your son clone it?]

I also heard Sandra's voice when I was with her.

[I know how to use magic when my child starts flipping. If you don't buy a toy, you get thrown up and you copy a few dozen of the toys you used to copy and confuse the maid.]

[Well... then it will be replicated... but what the hell are you trying to replicate?]

"Etwal of Mina."

[Et...! Is that possible?]


I remember the five-year-old boy who was called to trial after replicating the sacrament of God.

I asked Sandra to send Etwal to her hometown, and the duplicated Etwal came into my hands the day before the vacation.

The Red Sea handed over Etwald, replicated according to my command, to someone.

'Let's get the hell out of here.'

I laughed viciously.

* * *

At that time, the second dorm.

The janitor in Mina's room drops the broom in surprise.

"Mee, Mina! Hey! Anybody?! Mina, Mina...!"