"Hey, let go of this!"

As Ishak shouts, Mina closes her glans and bursts into a pick-up room within minutes.

"Maybe you don't have anything else... Ah, it means it's not different from my imagination."


"The hardest kid in the world is actually the kindest."


"What do you think? I was just right?"

It was then that Ishaq said nothing. Henri, who was one step behind them, kicked Ishaq's back.

Puck! Ishak, who was whispering with the sound, frowns at you with a close grip. Mina looks at Ishak and Henri alternately with her eyes open.

"Henry, it's dangerous."


As Mina spits out the sound of Volmen, Henri cuts her waist and turns to Cardinal Reginald.

"If you want the second time to take refuge in the Empire, you should teach them a minimum degree of courtesy."

"It's also hard to think of it as polite to ask too much of yourself in the Imperial Palace."

When Henri pinches Ishak's kick, Henri has a cool smile on his mouth.

"Excessively sassy."

Mina was the one who looked back.

"I agree. Please teach the second person literacy so that I don't forget any more manners."

Mina's face blurred, and Reginald's mouth became blurred. Henri, who was lightly revered, left his post leading Ishaque.

Henri glances at Ishaq.

"If you're not out of your mind, I think you've gone crazy."


"There is a wild dog that has not learned the manners of the nobility. If you wield it, a bad rumor will bite your tail. Please remember that you are the one who bears the family crest."

"I know, I know."

"Be careful when you know."

"Strangely enough, he can't sow. Aren't you?"


"Really..... Anyway, it's strange."

Henri pauses and stares at Ishaq.

"You, maybe."

"I don't know what you're thinking, so don't look like you're going to eat people."

"Don't even dream."

"I understand the sentiments of the sinner who just died."

When Ishaque looks unfair, Henri fills his tongue lightly. Now there was something more bothering me than a dumb brother.

[Maybe you don't have anything else... Ah, it means it's not different from my imagination.]

Mina's words were strange. The words added after felt like an urgent excuse.

'There is nothing else, La.'

Henri, who rubbed his chin lightly, lifted the communication stone. After flashing several times, the voice of Duke Dubois is heard.

"What about him?"

[If you are referring to Weasel, you have just returned from the mission.]

"Stick to the second."

[To what degree do you proceed?]

"Don't miss a lash."


If Mina's words were "first life," it was not enough to be prepared.

* * *

I spent the afternoon researching the library and sometimes looked at the wagons hanging from the windows. When I was impatient, Zakari, the escort commander, said.

"Even if you act like a little pig on a butt, time doesn't go fast, young lady."

"Why is it so late with Annie?.... Is something wrong?!"

"You would have communicated if it had been twisted. Sit tight and wait. Your energy will be exhausted before the Master comes."


I absolutely need Angelot. That means summoning Marcosias to get out of this boring child's body.

I felt my lips twitching, and I pushed my mouth with a scratch.

Look, a child's body is hard to hide when you put on a string of tension for a very short time.

"I don't think it would be bad to grow up like this."

I said, "Ying?" I asked. He shrugs.

"So after all, you don't know that the temple is LeBlaine, chosen by the evil god. You now go back to your former body, and you grow up to be quite a different face."


"So you just have to live a new life as someone other than LeBlaine Dubled? No matter how many of Audis and the Demibeasts are noticing your identity in the country, there's no way to prove you're LeBlaine."

"The point is not beggars."


I pointed my eyes at Zakari and said,

"Bar, my eyes were close to the sky and now they're blue. Yesterday, it got worse today. (Look, my eyes were close to the sky, but now they're blue. It's thicker today than it was yesterday.)"

"Isn't that better?"

"No! If you go like this, you will become a completely ancient Lebouraine, not a modern Lebouraine."

For the past seven years, I have been able to speak comfortably to my people within the Hope Merchant Guild and Zachariah because they told me that my former life was Neriad's brother.

As time went by, the body was becoming an ancient Lebanese. The brown hair was growing whiter and whiter.

In ancient memory, Neriad had white hair and dark blue eyes as if they were changing.

After I died in ancient times, I expressed my ability as a pioneer, so regression. And after being born in modern times, I gained the ability to summon demons as children of destiny.

In other words, modern power becomes weaker as we go back to ancient times.

I can't even hear the voice of the ruling party that was heard very occasionally last week.

'Mina's Etwal is with me, but Etwal is just a magazine that facilitates the ejection of power.'

Just as I summoned Bune before I could get Etwal, so can I summon the Devil without Etwal.

Of course, summoning without Etwal won't last a day like I did when you were four. Then it was either dead or insane.

'I may not be able to decentralize there, but I'd rather be able to summon demons than not.'

If Mina is the Devil who chose Neriad, if she is favorable to her, if she gives orders to attack me.

"I'll die without a hand. '

I didn't feel it when I was in Glasgow. It is difficult to defeat a demon, even if he was arguing first and second place by force in the handover.

Zakari sighs, groans and nods.

"It must be hard to grow up with that body."

"Oral, because I'm old, I'm sure Engelot will pay for it. And most of all……."

"What is it?"

"If I use this body, I will destroy all the family's food." (With this body, I think I will destroy all the family's food.) "

Only today did I have a huge appetite. Enough to tell my dad to pick me up and clear the plate like he was gonna eat until my stomach explodes.

It was then. Through the open window, I heard Hihin crying. Looking out the window quietly, I smiled.

"Hey, Annie!"

Henri and Ishak looked up at the second floor room where I was, and I hurriedly came down from the window drawer and went down to the first floor of the hurricane.

I put my hands together and glanced at Ishak.

"What about Engelotu?"

"I stopped taking it from the temple. My father and big brother flipped over the center tower, and we were perfectly supportive."

Ishaq sighed, and I twinkled my arms.

"With Mr. Mercer, that's amazing, dazzling!"

"That's right. I'm dazzling."

"So, Engelotu, do we take it?"

"That…… thing……."

Ishak stares at Henri.

"This is what my brother says."

"Why don't you tell the glamorous?"

"You have to do something bad."


When I look at Henri with an uneasy expression, he bends one knee and looks at me.

"In the great drought, I handed the water to the Imperial Palace, and I want Engelot in exchange for imagining Spinel every year." "


"But the refusal of the temple was stronger than I thought, so His Majesty pondered. You know the Temple has been setting up salvage houses since last year and sending healing priests all over the place, right?"


"If they close the salvage in time, the people who have already begun to lean on the salvage will be hit hard. So……."

"Because it's frozen?"

Henri blurred his words in distress, kicking his tongue as if Ishaq had no choice.

"I walked away with the merchandise."


"You have the Seven Family Movement this year."

Seven Family Mock War.

It was a festival to commemorate the founding of the Empire by the late Emperor Fried I, who joined forces with the Seven.

Briefly, the Virtual War between Families.

Unlike the virtual warfare of boys and girls aged 17 and under once every four years, it is only different that adults participate.

There are only three of the seven families that survived through various incidents. With the support of the Duke's Count, they choose seven families to fight a fictional battle.

The Seven Family Movement is held once a decade on the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. Hold still, this year is the 10th year and the anniversary of the founding..... '

As I counted the calendars, I looked at Henri and Ishak.

"Two weeks later. When you finish your application, Autokazi?"

"The Emperor gave me as much time as I asked. At the temple, Mina was temporarily named after the family. I don't know where that family is."


Henri, Ishaq and Zakari's eyes were focused on me.

'Yes, I remember.'

It is true that Amitier participates in the Seven Family Movement this year.

"Amitier? Well, a knight named Amitier in an article is more likely to win."

"It's not so old....."

I stretched my eyebrows and looked at three people.


I saw it in my first life. I don't know why, but before this meeting, all five Dukes, including the lost Valois, participated…….

"Amitier won...!"