Bear thought that even then, the request for participation in the simulation seemed to have grown incredibly long.

The Duke of Amitier, who was unwilling to participate, refused the Emperor's request and applied to participate in the meeting, which was just a few days before the opening of the meeting.


Engelot was not caught as a commodity at the time. In the first place, no one made eye contact to have Engelot.

'If you knew this was going to happen, even if the Duke hated it, I would ask you why.'

Duke Amitier didn't want to tell me a story of power. I didn't dare ask because I didn't want to be hated by him.

I groaned, moaned and regretted. However, it was the next day that I learned why regrets were so awkward.

The next day, John completed his application to participate in the simulation and returned. My father and I, the three brothers, sat around discussing the future.

Henri said.

"First of all, the urgency must be the creation and training of a list of participating soldiers. Other families were preparing for the demonstration three months ago, so we should hurry as well."

Ishak crouches his chin on the armrests while sitting stiffly.

"If you just put it in here, it'll be done in three hours. Who's the commander, Father? I'm gonna go out and sweep."

It was then.



North and Seria come running.

"Excuse me, sir. It's urgent."

"I beg you, miss. I have a story to tell you in a hurry."

At the same time, North and Seria, standing in front of the open door, looked at each other and opened their eyes wide.

"Are you talking about that too?"

"Did you hear that?"

What's the matter with you two? My father gave me permission to go to the two of them without saying a word. North and Seria, who had been strangely bored, said.

"Sir, the plains of Nathan, where the Emperor had lived as a mock victory before Engelot."

"Yes, miss. In the land that we only cleansed last year with abandoned land."

The two men shouted at the same time as they were talking.

"Elza tree sprouts have grown!"

"There was a mass of magic stones buried!"

And the two looked at each other with puzzled faces.

"No. Surely the Elza Tree sprouts..... no way?"

"No. A large amount of magical stone..... do you think?"

I opened my mouth. The Elza Tree sprout grew and a large amount of Magic Stone was found?

In my head, choke, choke, choke! I heard the sound of the ball, and all sorts of scents unfolded.

Nor was there such a nod.

The Elza Tree is a sacred tree that can get a little divine power even if you go near it. It grinds the fly and uses it for medicine. Its bark is the material of a long distance traveler. It grows Meria grass at the base.... It is a gift from a god who literally has nothing to throw away.

Then what is the Magic Stone? Blue Spinel can make Holy Horse Tool and Magic Stone can make Magic Horse Tool. Unlike the Blue Spinel, which needs to be charged with Divine Power, the Magic Stone itself has a deep magic sleep. It is the treasure of the wizards who charge themselves with traces in nature.

I raised my body.

'Ah, you did. That's why!'

That's why all five Dukes participated in the meeting. If there was a large plain with both of them as commodities, everyone deserved snow.

'Duke Amitier probably participated at the Emperor's request.'

Even if I was sorry for the Emperor, I couldn't change the merchandise. In addition, the emperor was being fingered with a machete. So I tried to bring Duke Amitier to win and return the prize back to the Imperial Palace.

'Somehow it's weird that Amitier won, not Dubled!'

Although Amity was a great Dagger family with excellent soldiers, it was nothing compared to Dubled.

The emperor who determined the way of the virtual war must have adopted the battle ground and the way the Duke was most confident in order to win Amitier.

Ishaq Tsk, his tongue is full.

"This is going to get messy."

It wasn't the wrong word. The Empire was really rotten. The emperor summoned the Duke of Amitier to the Islands, who was in Burinake territory, to submit an application for Virtual Warfare without you or anything else to do.

Most families were burning with enthusiasm, leaving a two-week mockery behind.

* * *

My family sat around the table and started preparing for the Virtual War.

"Did you know that you have applied for all three certificates in favour of Grimoaru? (Apart from Grimoire, all three Dukes applied to participate, right?)"

"Yes, I have completed my application to join the great warriors Shuhail, Marquis Beryl, Wiltro, Dimonte and Grand Duke Locar."

Even the Grand Duke, your son? Nathan Plain was a product that even a goddamned greedy woman deserved.

North simply explained the rules of the simulation.

"The commander of the Seven Family Movement is usually the heir to the family. It's not the case that a householder goes out on his own, but it's considered dishonorable. Whether it's from a family without a heir, the household will go out on its own."

The Duke of Amitiega personally participated. He had no children, and both of them were children of destiny.

If I had participated in the mina, the temple would have jumped, and I would have been completely nailed to nothing but plain people. It was not unusual for me to go out myself.

"Are we going to leave Johann Orabumi?"


"Yes, continue the explanation."

"Unlike the Virtual War, under the age of 17, there are no restrictions on the age of soldiers. However, the number of participants is limited to 40. and can be replaced during a match."

'It's like a real war if it's not just personnel restrictions.'

I flashed my hand when I thought so.

"Sunsami's question!"


"Can I replace the mock-ups?"

"That's a good question."

North stabbed me to the end of the baton, and said with feverish eyes.

The Cook family laughed when they saw us filming one play.

"All participating soldiers are wearing shoulder straps. If one person says they have been cut off, the number of soldiers will be reduced to 39 and only 39 soldiers can be replaced."

"Yes, I do."

"A family that has cut off all 40 soldiers' strings or taken a family crest is defeated."

"The last family to win?"

"You're a smart student."

North was so busy, I raised my jaw arrogantly. We immediately entered the ranks of participating soldiers.

And two weeks later. Simulations have begun.

* * *

Each family's household, nobles who did not apply to participate, and nobles from surrounding countries gathered in the Imperial Palace one by one. It was because of the massive horoscope that allowed for the observation of the simulation, as in the past.

The Red Sea walks in and out.

"Juliet! You're invited to the Empire, too, aren't you?"

Juliet nods, holding a glass of champagne with a nuisance to die.

"The king of my native country is very good at this kind of thing. The viceroy is over there with the emperor of the Empire."

"I've come with a gift."

"You and me are having a hard time."

"I came on behalf of the Jindo Atar tribe. East and West, too."

Jean, who finally found the two, approached with East and West.

"How have you been? It's a good day. His Majesty has a fight over there. Right, East, West?"

East nods, and West looks at my brother and leans down. This twin prince is completely distanced by the events of the past.

It was then that Duke Marche and Duke Dubled came in, and all the gazes in the chairman were gathered to them.

"Oh, the Dubled Ball."

Theodore walks with a desiccated face and looks back at Duke Marche, who greets him with a nice greeting.

Duke Marche said.

"You still look like a man. I guess it was nothing. I have to do it. I can't say that I've been so proud lately."

"The ball seems to be getting younger. I think you should live by age."

"Haha, you're still making public office fun."

"I'm not a notary. No more compliments."

The two of them had a very modest conversation, but the surrounding atmosphere cooled. Then it was Channa.

"This is Duke Amitier."

"Why is he not in the Mock Zone and he's in the audience?"

"Don't you know? The defender of Amitier's flag is the second fateful child in this simulation."

"Really? Oh my... What the hell did the temple do to you? That hard-ass man handed over my family's flag to someone else?"

Duchess Amitier, appearing with a murmur, gently saluted Duchess Marche.

"I'm encouraged."

"It's been a long time since you've been in the Islands."

After a short greeting with Duke Marche, Duke Amitier turned to Theodore.

"How are you?"

"Until I see you."

"You can barely learn manners when you're old."

"You're the only one who's made people feel as dirty as you've been since you were a kid."

Duke Marche laughed and cleared the mood.

"I haven't even started a simulation yet, but I think my father should go to war first. It seems that His Majesty has given us a great gift this time. To have this kind of spectacle."

The voice was pleasant, but the eyes were cold. Of course, the eyes of Dubled and the Duke of Amitier were not even multiplied. Emperor Suwon, who received the fierce snowflakes of his servants, turned his head with a fresh expression.

And shortly after, the screen came into the horoscope. It was the beginning of a simulation.

There was someone shining in the horoscope. Johann in red robe with the emblem of Dubled, and…….

"Is that girl the second fated child?"


"The second baby is... more than I thought."

I blurred the end of the word, but everyone understood what the nobleman said. The girl that came from this world was beautiful. Great black hair, big, sparkling eyelids like deer, clever nostrils and gorgeous lips.

There was a mysterious atmosphere, and a bright, cheerful smile made the viewer feel better.

Mina in the horoscope. Ugh! I was strangled with the sound of a long head.

[Then justifiably fight the pair!]

A sparkle flickers between Mina's collars with arms toward the opponent.


Someone screams. A treasure of the temple, a gift from God for the chosen one.

It was Etwal. Etwal, who didn't get the first shot, is in second hand? The chairman burst into tears.