Edgar laughs in vain as she watches Mina through the telescope.

"The second thing you don't think about, is making fun of us."

The commander of the Movement has made my position clear, so I'm here, so I can't ask you to spill bombing magic right now.

Earl Wiltro's confucius, allied with Shuhail, laughed bitterly.

"Or maybe there's another idea. Just like that old Dublin infant used to bait himself in the Virtual War."

"Why do you mention what happened then?"

The Shuhail family lost to LeBlaine in that Virtual War. The commander was himself.

Confucius Wiltro shrugged.

"I'm reluctant to launch a preemptive attack anyway. First of all, we'd better clear up the perimeter. Are you sure you talked to Dubled?"

"Yes, we made a vow not to attack each other unless the family in the arena is reduced to less than five."

"There must be a second family, no, Amity, just like we had with Dubled. Do you have any information?"

"Well, security was very thorough."

It was then.


A large sound was heard at the mouth of the mountain, the encampments of Schuheil and Wiltro. With Prince Schuheil and Prince Wiltro blinking, each soldier jumps into the barracks.

"It's Duke Marche in the western shield!"

"Briveau troops have appeared in the eastern shield!"

"Dimonte's Horse Squad is in the sky...!"

All of them?

That couldn't have happened.

Other families may have allied with Shuhail and Wiltro Dubled, but Marche, Briveau and Dimonte were not able to cooperate with each other.

Marche was headed by Igor Marche, the forefather of the first prince Andre, and Dimonte was the blessing of Marquis Châtelet, the forefather of the second prince Adrian.

'Each one of you is trying to make the First and Second Prince Emperor, but you can't hold each other.'

Briveau is the epicenter of the new aristocracy. The old nobility and the old nobility have been holding each other back for years.

What the hell is going on? '

The last answer was the soldier who jumped in.

"Crusader Jonathan is commanding them!"

Whoever the Crusader Jonathan is. He was the first knight to defend the diocese and the leading man of the temple palace.

Wiltro Confucius kicked his tongue.

"Looks like you're holding the temple as your main object."

Crusader Jonathan was the one the Pope put on Amitier's military list to support his second fated child.

Then it became understood that Marquis Châtelet, who was the grandson of the Second Prince Adrian, had joined them. The Temple was meant to make Adrian the Holy Emperor. Earl Briveau was also a recent member of the Temple-friendly policy.

The two masters of Schuheil and Wiltro ran out of the barracks with their swords.

"Tell Dubled the situation."

"I'm asking for backup!"

But Dubled never supported them. Before the reinforcements arrived, Schuheil, Wiltro's flag was in the hands of the enemy.

Less than an hour after the demonstration began, two families disappeared.

Mina nods as she sees the flag of Shuhail and Wiltro coming out of the hands of Crusader Jonathan. He turned his head and looked at the successors of Marche, Dimonte and Briveau.

"I did a really good job. Your courage has become a great leap forward for us. Jonathan's balls are big."

Jonathan said, "You're exaggerating." I nodded.

"Now, let's continue to get the flag quickly."

That time, the Imperial Palace.

[I did really well. Your courage is a great leap for us.]

Those who saw Mina's garrison in the horoscope screamed loudly.

Mina's faction brought together the commanders of each of the families that had alliances with them.

Apart from Marche, Dimonte and Briveau, there are also enormous numbers.

The majority of the families participated in the meeting, no, it was the majority.

"It's amazing. How did the second baby convince the whole family to keep it under control?"

"The Pope empowered me."

"…… Your Holiness's walk is so different from your first baby's."

Mina's stock price rose without knowing how high the sky was.

The Red Sea, which was focused on the horizon with the Elicyanos of Odis, narrowed the glare.

"Why are you so excited? There's only a few words of praise for what Mina did, and all she did was be a paladin."

"It's important that the Crusader did the work for Mina."


"Your country is beyond the sea, but Neriad's counts on the continent are enormous. The first time, the Pope, who was carrying only his back, went to the front for Mina."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, now the nobles of the continent will be Aung San Suu Kyi to catch Mina's rope."

The Red Sea moaned and murmured.

"Why? If I were you, I'd be more focused on LeBlaine. The great Pope himself is a child who is so powerful that he can resist."


When Juliette and Jean stare at each other, the Red Sea stretches their eyebrows.

"What else did I do wrong?"

"... This guy usually sounds stupid, but sometimes he pinches a blind spot right."

"Well, it's not like the Red Sea came into Elicyano with luck."

Juliette and Jean said in turn, and the Red Sea clasped its arms with a toothache.

"I'm the princess who survived a palace like Bokmae."

"Yeah, yeah, you're good."

Juliet, who said so, leaned back against the wall.

"Now the point is, how good is Dubled?"

Jean nods at Juliet's words.

"If we don't reverse the situation right now, Mina will push LeBlaine through the simulation."

"But that would be easy. As Dubled is almost isolated in one situation."

And some time later.

"Preemptive attack by the Amitier Alliance on Dublin Red!"

The Amitier Coalition led Jonathan, the Crusader, through Dubled's territory.

"Thousand Horse Squad……!"

If there is here in Dubled, there is a thousand horsemen in the temple.

Crusaders gathering sacred white horses with wings launched a fierce attack on Dubled's shield.

Quaguaguaguaguaguaguaguagua Cave!!

The heat burst in succession, and the cracks of the shield appeared in the eyes of those who did not have divine power and magic. Soon after, Dubled's shield was broken with a sharp rupture.


Amitier's coalition crossed the shield because Jonathan's voice resounded through the Horse Tool and the fraudulent destruction of Dubled's shield.

Dubled's rivals fought bravely, but it was a backlash. Dozens of enemies to deal with per person. Similarly, we must deal with the horsemen that express the Auror.

There, the Movement chose the terrain they were most confident in to push the Duke of Amity.

Dubled was outnumbered both mathematically and topographically.

Dubled could not stand the alliance of Amitières coming from all sides tightening and pushing towards the centre.

But in that charna bang!! Some of the soldiers who crossed the border with violent heat were pushed back.

Someone who was watching the horoscope resilied.

"Count Dubled!"

John Dubled.

The youngest graduate of Audis and the eldest son of Dubled, who was given the title at the age of eighteen.

A huge camp rises above his head, and the mist begins to fall in it. The foggy enemy turned into a whirlwind, groaning. It's like I'm strangled.

"Yes, here we have the Count to give! Only the Count can deal with Jonathan there, right?"

When the white-haired nobles shouted, others also watched the march with an exciting expression.

It was then.

John in the horoscope opened his mouth. A line of red adenocarcinoma flows between the fingers that block the mouth. Moreover, his fingertips were turning strangely like wooden terraces.

The people who watched the demonstration through the horoscope drank loudly, and the faces of Duke Dubled, Henri, and Ishaq hardened.

"What, big brother...."

When Ishaq mutters with a embarrassing look, Theodore shouts.

"Contact Veronica Dubos!"

"Yes? Father, why Veronica...."

Ishaq asked with a puzzled expression, but Henri quickly understood what his father meant.

"Is it gold?"


"Did someone buy you some gold outside the simulation?"



Theodore's fist blew a bloodline.


When he lived as a dog to protect his children from the hands of his generation, he witnessed it. The one who went outside the eyes of the Sunbae became like John.

The culprit was his father-in-law. He hired a goldsmith and assassinated a psychic.

"We need to summon Big Brother now and destroy the gold. I don't know what will happen if we delay."

Henri chewed on Ishaq's words.

"If you do that, the commander disappears."

"Is that the problem now?!"

"You and I don't have names on the replacement military list, and the other soldiers are being pushed."

"Then we'll replace those who are registered with someone we can command."

"There's Mina over there!"


"The second."

Henri looked around and killed his voice.

"The second thing you can't use is Etwal, not even the divine power. Holy power of the Pope's salary.You 're the only one who can stop him when he's the second of the enlisted soldiers."

Although LeBlaine has been listed on the replacement military list, it has been deceptive everywhere. The hard one can't go forward.

As long as Mina was out of the simulation, if LeBlaine wasn't registered as a soldier, she was only registered in case she had any doubts.

'If I replace you, I will lose.'

If defeated, you will not get the demon that nullifies the talent, and LeBlaine must live as an ancient figure for life.

If LeBlaine can't summon the Devil, it's impossible to fight the Temple.

'.... the child will die.'

I can't do this either. It was when the Dublin family's face collapsed.

[Replace the military.]

I heard a voice telling me about the replacement of the horseshoe in the air during the simulation. The shoulder strap of one of the Dublin soldiers lost its light.

And what has emerged is this.

"Look over the mountain!"

When someone shouted, people's gaze remained at the end of the horoscope.

A wiggling brown hair. Shoulders across the cape with the emblem of Dubled.

"LeBlaine Dubled……."

It was the opening of a real mock war.