As soon as the sack was set on fire, the sack burned in an instant. Mina coughs and bites her body with a loud shout from the outside.


"The Supply Depot is lit……!"

'Here we come. We have to run.'

She jumps out of the barracks with a starter on her back of hand.

By the way.


The soldiers' appearance was strange.

During the Seven Family Movement, I ran a uniform to distinguish between the families. The Dubled soldiers were wearing black capes in golden armor, but the dresses of those who ran to the barracks....

Briveau? '

As she looked around with a puzzled expression, a brilliant Briveau figure just rushed to the barracks.

"What about our supply of looted..... baby?"

"How is Confucius at the heart of the Dublin Red Army?"

"What are you talking about? This is the real Briveau."

What? It can't be.

I remember Dubled's soldiers moving themselves here.

[Can I move the truth without getting ready? There is no proper shield.]

[But it's a role that can't be in the existing seriousness. It's like waiting for an ambush, even though it's already been spotted.]

[But it's not too soon. One person is building a warehouse in a stall that is unfortunate....]

I heard you say the Dublin Red Army moved the serious stuff in a hurry.

No way.

Mina quickly looked at Confucius Briveau.

"If this is Briveau's real estate, that supply would be....."

"Of course it's ours!"

I cheated.

Mina's face hardened.

* * *

Looking at the truth of Briveau's army through the telescope, I watched the fire burn and laughed.

'Yes, you did.'

So this is the order in which things went.

1. I found out the truth of Briveau through the sorcerers of liberty.

2. Raid to turn the eyes of the Amitier Coalition.

3. The Alliance took Mina to Brievo's serious position in the midst of the battle.

And Mina burned Briveau's supply.

The commander of this unit, who saw me laughing, asked.

"Is this really a good thing……. Neither did they release the hostages."

"Even though Mina burned down the supply, do you think Princess Briveau will let her go?"

"You might think it was us who burned the supply, right? And then we'll assume that the second move was our handbook."

"No, Mina would say she burned herself."

"There were no horse-drawn tools in the warehouse to transmit the video, and no one saw the lights go out. Why would you tell the truth to the misleading Briveau Army when there is no evidence?"

"I will. It's Mina."

"…… Yes?"

"He never cheats."

A virtuous and virtuous character. If I'm going to be foolish, that righteous character who can't lie will mislead the Allied Army.

* * *

"It was me who burned the supply."

In Mina's words, Princess Briveau looks at her with an absurd expression. Briveau's truth was covered in tranquillity.

Facing Briveau's bruised face, she bites her lips tightly.

"I'm sorry. But I only knew it was Dubled's supply…."

"What foolish commander would leave a hostage with a supply!"

A thunderous old age burst. Mina nodded her head, but Princess Briveau's height did not stop.

"What are you gonna do now?"

"Don't worry about that. Allied forces will distribute the supplies. Distribute as urgently as possible."


[Never make a vow under any circumstances.]

[Why, Jonathan?]

[It doesn't matter if you can keep your vows, but if you break them, the trust of the Allied Army will be broken. Dubled's soldiers are powerful. If the Alliance doesn't announce, Shy won't be able to win. Most importantly, the vows are made in the name of God. If breaking such a vow spreads through the horoscope, there will be a huge blow to the temple and Mina's reputation.]

[I don't make breakable vows.]

[Movement is a fictional war. Don't be sure of anything in the war.]

Jonathan cautioned that a few vows should not be made.

"Jonathan told me not to make a vow....."

"Are you avoiding responsibility?"

"I promised you first, not dodging. Jonathan told me..."

"Jonathan, Jonathan! You can't think for yourself!"


Princess Briebeau sat on the chair with her forehead grasped. Then he shook his hand, pointing to Mina, and the soldiers quickly let her out of the commander's barracks. After she left, Briveau's deputy commander asked.

"What would you like to do?"

"What to do. This is the Alliance, and we need to find out what it is we're living in."

"If we take the second one seriously, they won't be able to turn their backs on us. Wouldn't it be better to distribute supplies as quickly as possible and bring new supplies from the perimeter stations?"

"By the time we get to the perimeter, Dubled will have blown up. If it were that evil Dublin princess, I would have predicted all of this already."


"Don't you know? This is Dubled's hand."

The deputy commander opens his eyes with suspicion, and Princess Briveau lowers her voice.

"He sent us a precious hostage. Grab my hand."

"What would you do?"

"Look at the way it flows. At the time of the failure to capture John Dubled, the Allied army could not guarantee victory."

"If you……."

"You can't hang on to a crumbling ship."

Briveau's eyes sparkled sharply.

And shortly afterwards, Dubled and the Allies hit again. It was Briveau who was at the forefront, and he shouted at Dubled Erie's commander.

"Give her back!"

[If you ask for a second turn, it means Briveau will hold our hand. I have a Mina in my hand, and as you can see, it's our job to say that.]

'As the lady said.'

The poor gaze of Princess Briveau and Captain Erie was in the air.

Allied forces were shaking.

* * *

Over time, the Allied forces flocked for years. Earlier this morning, the sorcerers who regretted it were exposed to the truth, and several families were destroyed by the attack of Dubled.

Then, in the afternoon, Dubled knew exactly what the route was. The family behind him had their shoulder straps cut off and hid their tracks from the simulation.

The afternoons were the work of Prince Briveau, but the Allied Army was not even sure who he was. Just before the scam broke through the ground. The faces of the successors gathered in the barracks were dark.

Confucius Marche said.

"The only way to do this is to launch a gunfight."

Princess Dimonte, with arms, said.

"Haven't we done it because we haven't been able to pay our taxes so far? There's a Dublin princess over there who couldn't do it. I wonder if the princess will summon the Ghost Soldiers, as she did in the battle of Odis and Kuhelm."

Their original plan was to beat Dubled in a single breath after LeBlaine drove him around until he had exhausted his sacred power.

"The Dublin Princess does not see a single hair, but even the Dublin soldiers are beaten to death……."

"So the time should not be later."

Jonathan said. He looked around at the commanders and said,

"Let's use the last resort."


"There's a last resort?"

The other commanders were puzzled, but Princess Marche and Princess Dimonte glanced at the moment.

Princess Dimonte said.

"The magic isn't perfect yet. Failing that, we will be defeated."

"There's nowhere to stand down."

Princess Dimonte and Crusader Jonathan look at Confucius Marche, who is in charge of the coalition forces on behalf of Mina. Marche nodded heavily while moaning.

It was the moment when the last page in the simulation went over.

The day is at a standstill and the darkness comes. All the Allied troops with torches set their course for Dublin's truth.

At the moment of Dubled's encounter with the soldiers, Marche, Dimonte and Amitier's soldiers were at the forefront.

There was a big starter in the sky. When the Dublin soldiers grabbed the sword, the skin of the three families at the forefront began to wrinkle strangely.

Some have a mouth that pops and a beak, others have a mane in their neck, and some have scales in their skin.


Three families of soldiers, transformed into giant monsters, jumped into Dublin Red's army.

The number of last names created, assuming that LeBlaine Dubled participates in the meeting.

Holy water painting.

It was instantaneous for Hell to unfold.

"Back off! Don't stand in front of the Holy Water!"

Jonathan shouts, the Allied troops retreat. Princess Dimonte stepped back with a white-faced face.

'Well, what is it?'

It was a terrible sight.

The consecrated soldiers tore off the factions that found the human body, as if they had lost Izzie.

Dubled's soldiers were bruised around them with severe wounds such as tears in the neck or a piercing of the stomach.

"Jonathan, what have you done to my soldiers!"

"Didn't I show you in the demonstration? As you can see, it was the princess who chose this method to win the simulation."

"The paladin I saw during the demonstration had a reason!"

Jonathan laughed creepily.

"I said, It's incomplete."

Jonathan points to LeBlaine who stands behind Dubled's military. Then the eyes of the monster soldiers turned to her for a while.


The moment they ran towards LeBlaine.


Something gigantic blocked her front.

A giant wolf with a silver mane.

It was the appearance of Surir.

'Now, this is Surir's debut.'