Surir bites the throat of the takeover ( ), which is dependent on LeBlaine, then kicks the ground with his big forefoot and jumps up to block the front of the enemy.

There was a huge difference between the acquisition made by the hand of a man and the size of a beast from birth.

'It's like Chihuahua in front of Doberman, a cat in front of a tiger!'

LeBlaine covers his mouth with a sheep fist and kills him with an elongated knife.

Human beings and Demibeasts differ in intelligence. For this reason, man makes a mockery of the Demibeast, but he is the essence of the Demibeast if he is placed one-on-one.

Unique soft joints and the strength of the body that is ten times stronger than a human.

Surir was a very small number of strong men. Instead, intelligence is that low.

In other words, if there is someone who can control him properly, he won't be the opponent even if he has a proper guilt.

In LeBlaine's first life, controlling Surir was probably Jonathan the Crusader.

If you think about it, there was always Jonathan where Sur was.

And the person in charge of Surir in this life.....

"Number, 5 o'clock."

Surir's ears, which heard a low voice, moved away, and the blue hair was blown by the wind from above the tree.

"Trim the line. Dong Dong Jin!"

Dubled's soldiers lift up and wrap around LeBlaine in a circle. The man on the tree jumped down and blocked the front of LeBlaine.

Strategy is unmatched, Jakari.

In this life, he takes Surir.

The four knights are all excellent, but their strengths and weaknesses are clear.

Surir lacks intelligence instead of being physically capable. Zakari was the other way around.

'But if two people compensate for each other's weaknesses and make their strengths stronger...'

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!

There were countless zeros drawn in the calculator in the head that were valuing the two of them.

'I want to flatter you.'

The acquisitions did not become Surir's opponent. Rather, losing Izzie was a defeat for the enemy troops. He defeated the enemy troops he encountered while retreating from Surir like a match.

The time to maintain the acquired body was also immensely short. After about an hour of fighting, the soldiers of Amitier, Marche and Beryl lost their minds and were bruised.

It was Dubled's perfect victory.

* * *

Before the end of the simulation, I replaced the soldiers with recovered announcement tools and disconnected them from the lane.

After laying down Lane's nucleus, I sighed for a long time.

"Lev, are you okay?"

Tree looks at me sweating with a worried face. Cecilia quickly gave me cold water.

Adjusting Lane's body with the nucleus was also a major consumption of Mana. After Surir defeated the enemy army, he almost grew in weight.

"Shouldn't you be calling a doctor, aunt?"

Cecilia shakes her head. It's hard to have someone who calls people and then doubts me.

Serilia looked at me on behalf of the doctor.

"My body is a mess. I suggest you hurry back."

"No..... It's gross."


I rubbed my hands like a maple leaf and looked at Cecilia with an extraordinary expression.

"Am I good?"


"Before the gathering. How am I doing?"

Cecilia, with her eyes open, burst into laughter.

"You were so great. None of the people who saw the demonstration today will shout the name of the Immortal Love. The temple's plan was a complete mess."

I laughed.

'All right, then it's comforting to have a hard time.'

The Pope's plan to spread the name of Mina through the Seven Family Movement is a bubble. The temple only gave rise to the consequence of becoming morbid.

"Lev, let's go to the Imperial Palace before the demonstration is over. I'll carry you... Rv?"

The sound of the tree grows more and more distant as your head grows blurry. The field of view narrowed, and I said, "Rev of the tree! Aunt, Lev..!" I finally came to my senses with a voice.

* * *

When I regained consciousness, my whole body growled. Let's forcefully lift up the eyelids that won't leave...


I look at Taylor with my head blown out and scream.

"I'm going to fall deaf."

"What a surprise!"

"I was looking at you. In your father's name. As soon as I see my thankful uncle, he screams so much. I told you to keep it a secret that you were too young."

"…… a hammer will blow the prick."

When I sigh and sweep my surprised chest, Taylor looks at me with an absurd look.

After filling Taylor's body like that, I turned on the base with a roar.

How long have you been down? You look like a rock. '

As he shrugged his shoulders, Taylor twisted his legs and said,

"Two weeks. You should have seen how polar your father and brothers were."

"My dad and my brothers have been polar ever since. Two weeks of guronde? Two weeks of true malu?"


"The Seven Family Movement is Otoked?"

"Of course it's a Dublin Red win. Allied troops have been hiding without raising their heads for some time."

I said, "Otokee, Otokee!" I jumped out screaming.

Now that the Seven Family Movement is over, I should have gone to the Imperial Palace to get hurt! I was the commander, but I didn't go, so how strange people must have seen me.

When I cried, Taylor used to press my forehead and lay on the pillow.

"I know what you're worried about, but Henri handled it well. John was struck by gold, and in the latter part of the simulation, you also informed the Imperial Court that you were not well with gold."

"Who's the culprit outside of Guromon by now?"

"Yes. The Emperor dared to capture the one who bought the gold in the sacred assembly. It was your father's pressure. But....."

"How dare you?"

"The investigation team is Amitieh now."

What did you say?

No, Amity's allied forces and Dubled, and the two Dubled commanders were struck by gold, so why is the Duke of Amity in charge of the investigation?

Are you crazy? '

When I frowned on the arrogance, Taylor spilled the real picks.

"You shouldn't know you're the only one wearing the Emperor's Blessing. From before you were born, Amity was the Emperor's sword and shield. That was the last time I saved the Emperor who had to meet countless assassins in his bedroom."

"Even so, I'm sure the Investigation Group will be the most dangerous writer in Amity."

Theodore Dubled will never miss a chance to defeat Amitier.

The Dublin Empire was almost paradoxical. If Amitier, the few families that could not resist in this situation, disappeared, Dubled's wish would flood the Imperial Palace.

'Breaking the balance of power means you won't be left alone.'

Emperor, this Yellow Lang....

I filled my teeth, my tongue.

"I understand that Duke Gradu Amity is the Investigation Commander."

When I left, Taylor smiled.

"Honey, your father's fine. More than you think. In fact, the Duke of Amity had been working underwater to get him down before he became Chief of Investigation."

"Why do you tell me what's natural?"


"No, we have a chance to bring down Itsumon! Bad notice from the guy who gave you the chance, bad dad who took the chance?"

"Do you know how to bend your arms inside? You're very badly baked."

"Your arms are bent inside out?"

Looking at Taylor like I heard some bullshit, he bursts into laughter.

"Who would think you're not Theodore Dubled's best friend? Now, here's your brother's injuries from the simulation."

What he gave was Engelot. I quickly hug Engelot with a bright face. Taylor said, "How do you like it?" Bite and I nod a few times.

Good, then.

Hey, hey, hey, hey! It was time to part with the ancient body and come to my present body.

I quickly expelled Taylor and gave Engelot the sacred power.


The heavens and the earth trembled, and a pillar of light appeared before their eyes.

[I am the thirty-fifth pillar, Marcosias. [The one who called me]

"It's me. Me! Me! Me! I'll call you!"

[……] It's not over yet.]

"Oh, I don't know what's important. Get rid of the talent of Angma I have left!"

I'll give you my wish.

Let's take care of it quickly. You got it?

[If you want to gain my talent, pay for it. What I want…….]

I'm getting darker and darker as he listens to me.

There's no such thing as world history!

* * *

The next day.

After I found the shop with Seria, I hid behind a pillar and stared at a man's back.

"Young lady, you're not well, but you should go back to the mansion."

Hearing Seria's worrying words, I shook my head and said in a melancholy voice.

"No. Because you have to listen to Anma's wishes."

"What was your wish?"

I was evil at it.

[All I want is the tears of the most just. God's child, if you do what I want, I will also fulfill your desires.]

"Seria, who do you think is the most just man in the world?"

"That's him."

Seria nodded and replied.

"Might not be the Duke of Amity."

"Because it's old...!"

I will answer the same question if I catch the man who was on my way. So I've been chasing the Duke of Amity since morning.

'I can't tell the knights to beat the Duke of Amity and bring only tears.'

What if I was by Marcosia's aisle while she was crying?

'If so, I can't use Etwal because I am an ancient body, so I can't control Marcosias....'

I sigh deeply, rubbing my face.

"Uh, uh! Lady, the Duke is entering the building."

I rushed to Podadadadak, grabbed the building's exterior wall and shook my head.

At that time.


Someone hugged me.

I stare at the opponent who holds me with a stiff face as my waist is shaken.

The Duke of Amitier opened his eyes and asked.

"Why have you been chasing me since morning?"