I look at Duke Amitier with my eyes shaking like an earthquake.


"What a child."

"The child followed you?"

The surroundings were noisy.

Even so, Duke Amitier was on the move with the investigators to find the golden caster, and his gaze was focused on the case of the Seven.

Take it off?

It is particularly suspicious that a child like this is being chased..... right. That's right. Suspicious.

Often I send Demibeasts who seem younger than my age to spy. It is because the target is sentimental and slender and cares about the appearance of a child.

Or the rubbish that kills children is used as a medium of gold to cling to the target. To borrow the word of withdrawal, it's like a human bomb.

I look like three or four. There's no reason for a three-year-old to go after the Duke.

'Whether it's considered a Demibeast spy or a human bomb, you will be investigated.'

Anxiety stretched out like a branch.

Investigate I know that there is a strong divine power in me. Go to the temple. Can you see the identity of the temple?

And when I thought about it, I became a thinker.

"Why have you been following me all morning?" he asked. "

Dry saliva slipped over. There was no other way to do this.

"... Par."




When he cries aloud, calling the Duke of Amity his father, the Duke of Amity hardens, and a sound of breathlessness bursts out around him.

"Dad? Dad?"

"No way! It's a proper bachelor...! I'm older!"

"Yes, very much."

"Son of a bitch?"

"The reason you haven't been married so far is because you had a baby?"

The surroundings were chaotic, and Duke Amitier burst into laughter as if he was stuffy, but I just wept.

"Dad, look, Siposo! Ouch!"

When I looked back, I saw Seria open her mouth.

* * *

As soon as me and Duke Amitier sit at the bakery table, their gaze pours like a rain of arrows.

He puts down a tray with a glass of milk and bread in front of me.

"You lost your father?"

I didn't answer, because I was so hungry because I was so nervous that I couldn't help but eat a heavy bun.

After looking at me, Duke Amitier sighed heavily. Then he covered his face with a menu board and told the investigators who were staring at him.

"That's not what you think. Don't turn a blind eye."

The Knights of the Flawless Investigation Squad quickly nodded.

In the meantime, I've been stealing Duke Amity.

'How do we get out of here?'

Oh, why are you crying?

I would have taken her to Mia Sanctuary if she hadn't.

He brings me to the bakery as if he can't help it.

'I'd rather be good.'

It's better to stick to it than to step behind it. I don't know if I can spray sand in my eyes when I see an opportunity.

"What's your name?"


"How old are you?"

Well well.

"How did you break up with your parents?"

Well, well.

When he saw me chewing bread without answering, the Duke of Amitier placed his forehead.

Even if it wasn't, the first time I saw it, I was astonished at the way the Duke of Amitier made a stillborn human being.

"I don't understand what you're saying. You should send her to Mia Sanctuary."

"Mom, go to work."

The Duke's eyes widened slightly as he answered coldly.

"Your age."

I stopped trying to say I was four.

'Aren't you too young? Maybe the conversation won't work.'

"Five years old."

I was too small to say I was five years old, but Duke Amitier was not strange to have ever raised a child.

"…… What's your name?"

"Name…… Name……."

I had a cold sweat.

'I can't say LeBlaine, and what do I do?'

"Name…… because name…… is old……."

[Right. Boo, you're doing great.]

I remembered the Duke Amitier of the first life, who called me 'Vu' and taught me the alphabet.

It was the first time someone ever called me that sweet. And a stroke of my head, and sweet compliments.

He was my first, so I had to be a good kid. I didn't want to lose his sweet voice that he called me Wealth.


"…… Vu."


"It's wealth……."

There was a time when you used to call me so sweet.


He strokes my head with a smile.

"That's a strange name."

Somehow, I felt like I was strangled. This place is getting uncomfortable, like it's not my place.

Like when I first went to Duke Amitier with the new coroner.

"All right, Boo. Do you know where your mother works?"

"…… child."

"Where did you break up with your mother?"

"I don't know."

The Duke of Amitier groaned with a distressed expression. At that time, a knight in the uniform of Duke Amitier came in.


"Has anyone seen this child?"

"Someone saw the shop with a woman near the front door."

If you're near the front door, this is where the Hoff Merchant Office is located. It was like someone saw me with Seria.

I'm glad you disguised Seria, just in case. As much business as the Hope Merchant Guild does with Dublin Red, it may be suspicious if she turns out to be a vice president of the Hope Merchant Guild.

The Duke of Amitier said.

"Take the child and find his parents."

"Yes, baby, let's go."

The knight reached out to me, and I said, "Go!" And he cried out, and took the arm of the Duke of Amitier.

'I knew I'd miss this opportunity.'

Duke Amitier won't be able to fall with me until he cries.

"Aza, Musher."

The knight had a wounded face, and Duke Amitier Cook laughed.

"Lord Oswalen is not a scary man. He's a good man."

"No, it's not. It's worth it with this Aza."

The article laughed awkwardly at him.

"Baby, it's the Duke, not you. You can't be rude because you're so tall."

"…… Princess."


"I'm going to work with the princess."

The article panicked, and the gaze that was pouring on us became more and more exciting.

'I knew you'd let me go.'

I recall the stranglehold pose Leonele, the grandson of the old goddess.

'If you don't, you'll fall to the ground!'

I think so, and the Duke opens his mouth.

"I will find the child's parents, so keep investigating."

"Yes? But……."

You sure about that?

The Duke stood up with me in his arms.

"I'll join you before sundown."

"Yes, I understand."

And me and the Duke came out of the bakery.

I felt a little strange.

It was the first time I walked with him in my arms. It's unimaginable in the days of Duke Amitier's infancy.

Duke Amitier was a hard man. Mina was somewhat, no, pretty much, but when she raised me, she never crossed that line.

I felt so frightened that I wanted to be the first father in my life.

* * *

That time, Duke Dubled.

Theodore returned from his solidarity with the Emperor. He gives the butler his jacket and looks around the middle.

As soon as I walk in front of the door, "Dad! 'I didn't see LeBlaine who should have run out screaming.

"Where's Lev?"

When asked, the chairman, who was waiting for him in the middle with the butler, coughed in vain.

The atmosphere is strange.

Theodore narrows his glans and looks at the Chairman.

"Lev is a genius."

"That is……."


"You're at the store. …… with Duke Amitier."

Who is it?

Theodore's expression became harsh.

Why is he with my daughter?

"Stand by the wagon. Go to the shop."

Duke Dubled has a fortune he never had before.

* * *

"Isn't it here too?"

On the question of Duke Amitier, I nodded coldly.

He took me around for an hour to find a place apart from my mother, but I had no income. Because I said no to every question he asked.

Then, at the request of Duke Amitier, the owner of the nearby Fruit Street came back.

"Sir, there were no parents who were looking for a child."

"No parent has ever lost a child."

My dad should be home by now. I didn't know I was someone else's son.

'You must be worried. I guess I should have told you why I left.'

The owner on the side of the fruit said in a disgraceful tone.

"Well, maybe you left it?"


"There are often such parents."

Duchess Amitier's face twitched.

It was then.


Someone came running to us with a familiar voice.

"Just because you're here...... I kept going to the mansion, but I couldn't meet you, so what?"

It was Mina.

She hardens her face when she sees me in the arms of Duke Amitier.